Cali on her debut album: "My album is self-titled Cali because every song is about a different situation in my life. It's my story of who I was and who I have become. My goal was to give my audience something real that they could relate to, hopefully forming a connection between the two of us. All the songs sound completely different as well."

Paula DeAnda on growing up in Texas: "I loved growing up in Texas, its really a great place to live. Music has always been a very important part in my life; I’ve been singing as well as playing the piano since I can remember. At the age of six I started piano lessons but realized that my passion would be singing and I capitalized on it."

Karen DeBiasse:"Songs just write themselves.  I never ever once have ever said I'm going to sit down and write a song about this subject.  The hooks come to me from the riff or melody and then I compile a lyric from that.  Never know what I will come up wit"!

Nicole: "I was adopted into a large family when I was just a baby, I grew up with lots of love and support. I was always encouraged to do what I love. Singing has always been a huge part of me."

Carol Plunk: "Most of my lyrics have been written while driving down the road in my car.  I'm not sure why, but that seems to be when I'm the most creative.  Anything can trigger the feeling to write, it could be a certain chord or word that I hear in a song on the radio.  I've also written many songs that have come from my own experiences as well too."

Pink Spiders: In response to what was the toughest part about singing with Geffen Records: "Getting attention in the current musical climate... It took a lot of hard work to get the name out on the Pink Spiders."

Jenny Beck: "I get inspired by everyday life and most of my songs are based on my own experiences or are about people I've met or know. Meeting new people inspires me, as do other songwriters. Going to live gigs is a major inspiration and I often end up writing several songs after going to a concert."

Cookie Cutter Girl: "Girl Power Pop Superhero, Cookie Cutter Girl, is a strong, feminine role model who grew out of my  personal experiences in a string of abusive relationships. My own success in rising above the negative feelings, and in refusing to remain a victim, led me to CCG."

KT Turnstall on growing up: It was brilliant. I grew up in a totally sheltered town by the sea, I had very little outside influence creatively; my parents weren’t into listening to music and we spent loads of  time outdoors, camping every summer, skiing every winter.
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