September 10 02

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September 09 02
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Britney's 'diva' rating>>
Just how demanding are divas? Carina Trimingham knows - she's spent two years as a publicist on Top Of The Pops. She spills the beans here. Britney: She's always flanked by loads of her people but she keeps herself to herself. She always works hard but doesnt socialise or make demands on anyone at the show. She's very punctual and polite and always says hello. When she is performing, her minders are in the wings and out of the way. When she's not made up you wouldn't think she was this huge star. You wouldn't really recognice her. She's pretty but just like a normal girl. But she has an amazing body and works hard to keep it in shape. Rating: 1/5.

Christina Aguilera Tracks>>
I found some new songs that might be included on her new album. First there's one called "Lullaby" written by Christina and Linda Perry (whom she's working with on the new album), then there's one called "Makeover" also written by her and Linda, and another 2 called "Move It" and "Believe Me" written by Christina, Robert R. Allecca and Michael Martin Brown. I don't know if these will make the cut for the new album, or if they'll be used on singles or even soundtracks, but I guess we can all agree Christina's been writing a  lot.

B.I.G and Tupac>>
Last weekend's Los Angeles Times story that accuses the Notorious B.I.G. of having had a role in the 1996 killing of rival Tupac Shakur has angered not only Biggie's family but also his friends and others in the hip-hop community, who deny that he was present in Las Vegas during the shooting or had any other role in Tupac's death. In fact, the family of Christopher ''Biggie Smalls'' Wallace, who was slain six months after Shakur in a similarly unsolved case, is contemplating a lawsuit against the paper. The Wallace family issued a statement, saying '''We are outraged at the false and damaging statements'' of what the family called the Times' ''irresponsible journalism.'' The Times, however, stood by its story, saying it had spoken to eyewitnesses from the Crips gang who claim to have seen Wallace in Las Vegas that night, registered at the MGM Grand hotel under a false name, and claimed to have been with him when he allegedly agreed to pay $1 million to Crips member Orlando Anderson to assassinate Shakur and gave Anderson the murder weapon. (Anderson had been assaulted by Tupac, Death Row Records chief Suge Knight, and Shakur's Bloods-affiliated bodyguards hours before in the hotel lobby, in retaliation for Anderson's alleged attack on a Bloods member weeks before.) ''Christopher Wallace was at his home in New Jersey on the night of Tupac Shakur's murder, with friends who will continue to testify for his whereabouts since he is unable to defend himself,'' the statement said. The Times responded that it had requested an interview with Wallace's mother before publication, but she had declined to comment.

Rambo 4>>
As President Bush prepares to go to war against Iraq, egged on by advisers from the Reagan era, another '80s warrior may be coming out of retirement to fight America's enemies: John Rambo. Sylvester Stallone said on Saturday that he hopes to return for a fourth installment as the commando. ''We're talking about doing another 'Rambo' because I think it's time to combine action with politics,'' the 56-year-old actor said at the Deauville Film Festival. Speaking to, Stallone publicist Paul Bloch confirmed the actor's remarks and his interest in starring in a possible ''Rambo IV.''It's not the first time in recent years that the long-hitless Stallone has talked about reviving one of his two blockbuster franchises. A couple years ago, there was talk of a ''Rambo IV'' that would costar Jackie Chan. Last November, as American soldiers were fighting in Afghanistan against the same U.S.-trained forces alongside whom Stallone's hero had battled the Soviets in 1988's ''Rambo III,'' Stallone was reported to be working on a new script idea for Rambo. In January, he elaborated, with the London Mirror, who quoted him as saying, '''What I did suggest was to have Rambo go into Afghanistan and rescue five girls.'' He added, ''It would have been too much to have Rambo go in and kill Osama bin Laden, I suppose. It would be an insult to every military guy. This time I don't see Rambo going it alone.''

September 08 02
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Left Eye's new album>>
When Lisa ''Left Eye'' Lopes died in a car crash in April, she left behind a number of unreleased tracks, recorded both for TLC and for her solo project. At the time, that music seemed trapped in limbo. But now that the two surviving members of TLC have announced a Nov. 12 release date for a final album by the trio that will include contributions by Lopes, Suge Knight has followed suit by announcing the release of Lopes' solo album a few weeks earlier in October, MTV reports. Lopes recorded an solo album last year for Arista, TLC's label, called ''Supernova.'' It was released throughout the world but, inexplicably, not in the United States. The frustrated Lopes turned to Knight and his revived Tha Row label, recording an album for him under the stage name N.I.N.A. (New Identity Not Applicable). It's not clear how much of the album was finished before her death, or how different it will be from her TLC work.

America Idol: Biggest show this Summer>>
Nearly 9 million people may have voted for Kelly Clarkson on Tuesday night, but more than 40 million voted with their remotes to watch at least part of Wednesday's ''American Idol'' finale, according to Nielsen. Some 28 million viewers tuned in for the last half hour, when Kelly's victory was finally revealed. About half the teenage female viewers in America were watching that climactic half hour, Nielsen reports. Over its two hours, an average of 22.8 million viewers watched the program, making it the most-watched show of the summer and one of the highest-rated non-sports evenings in Fox history.

Mandy obsessed with Ben and Jen>>
Asked which Hollywood couple she was obsessed with, Mandy Moore responded, "Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez. What's up with that? All of us on the set clamor to the drugstore to buy the magazines when they come out, so we can read up on all the gossip."

VMA Run-down>>
To complete our live coverage of the 2002 VMA's, here is a run-down of the show! It was 2 hours and 15 minutes.
The show begins
Jimmy Fallon performs MTV VMA jumble mix
Britney Spears steps on stage to announce Jacko's b'day & to present an award
No Doubt wins!
P!NK performs
Enrique Iglesias & Kylie Minogue presents
Mary J. wins!
Ashanti & Ja Rule  performs
Eminem wins!
Jennifer Lopez & Ja Rule wins!
Avril Lavigne wins!
Linkin Park wins!
Eminem performs
Carson Daly presents
TLC wins! (in tears)
No Doubt wins.. again!
P.Diddy performs
P!NK wins! *announcement she won b4 earlier*
Eminem wins.. again!
Justin Timberlake performs
Kelly Osbourne & Nelly presents
Eminem wins.. yet again!
Guns & Roses performs
The show ends

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September 06 02

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9.  4.  02>>
Newsflash: Kelly Wins American Idol!>>
One of the more talented singers on American Idol has won the show! Kelly has sang songs like Mariah's 'Without You,' and 'Don't Play That Song For Me,'  'Respect,' 'Natural Woman,' and many more! We will be posting her songs in our media section, so stay tuned! Do you agree with the chice America made? Vote on our new poll! [Scroll down, to the left.] Kelly sang her new single, ' A Moment Like This ,' which comes out September 17. Congrats Kelly .. But if you liked Justin, don't worry - he will get a record contract from another company.

New Poll>>
Our last poll results are listed here:
     What high-buzz movie do you want the most?
1.)  Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers  3%
2.)  Wise Girls                                         25  83%
3.)  Spider-Man II                                      10%
4.)  Star Wars: Episode III                        0%
5.)  T3                                                        1  3%

Total Votes: 30
The winner was Wisegirls, starring Mariah Carey, Mira Survino, and Melanie Walters. It will be airing on HBO in November.
Vote on our new poll now!

Legally Blonde II>>
Variety reports today that Reese Witherspoon will be receiving $15 million to star in "Legally Blonde 2: Red, White, and Blonde," which is far more than the $1 million she received for the first film. The sequel will once again be distributed by MGM Pictures. "Legally Blonde 2" is hoping to get a November production start in time for a July 2003 release. The sequel will follow Elle Woods, a dimwitted blonde out of Harvard Law, who is now running for political office.

Avril Lavigne Really Excited About Second Album>>
Suchin Pak of MTV News caught up with Avril Lavigne for a TRL news segment today and asked her if she's even thinking about her next album. "Oh, yeah. I write all the time," Avril said. "Writing is how ideal with my feelings and my emotions. It's, you know, if all this came to an end, I would still write and still, you know sit down on my laptop and record my songs, you know. It's very important to me. I'll really excited about the second record." 

Backstreet Boys Taking Time From Making New Album>>
Backstreet Boys star Nick Carter was interviewed on Radio Canada earlier today, where he talked about his new solo album and the status of the group's album. Asked directly if the group was breaking up, Nick said, "No, not breaking up, but we're taking a little bit of time for, you know, to do individual things. Some of the guys are getting married. Umm some of the guys areactually Brian's having a baby. So I think they wanna take time in their personal lives and this is really personal to me." Could this mean the Backstreet Boys new album will get further delayed? 

9.  3.  02>>
Updates O Updates>>
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Christina shot video at Universal Studios?>>
A fan of Christina has reason to believe that her new video was shoot in Universal Studios. "Hey. I was at Universal Studios today, and the backlot was closed due to Christina shooting a video there. Not the whole backlot but a part. And i asked a man and he said a video was shooting. Then i asked someone else and he said it was a Britney Spears video shoot. (Britney is definitly not shooting a video. im assuming he meant Christina.) Again, this is not confirmed or official, I can't tell you for sure if it was really Christina, but it does sound possible. It is also said that MTV was there to film ' Making the Video.' Check out the song in our media section!

Fans give Mariah Award>>
A top Mariah Carey site,, is gathering Mariah fans to take part in an exclusive award that will be presented to Mariah by the fans.  Click here to join the list. Only the first 250 fans will get in, so hurry! Aren't Mariah Carey fans the best?

Watch out Britney!>>
Pop stunner Britney Spears has graciously responded to fellow singer Avril Lavigne's chastising of her sexy attire, by declaring a "respect" for her style. The singer, 21, has been slammed numerous times by 17-year-old Complicated star Lavigne because of her preference for skimpy clothing she's even branded her "a Barbie doll". Outspoken Lavigne has said of Britney, "The way she dresses... I mean, would you walk around the street in a f***ing bra? She says she's a virgin. Y'know, it's just not clicking." She adds that there's no way she'd ditch her skateboarder-inspired style in favour of revealing garments, stating, "I don't go around trying to sell sex like a lot of artists do." Now Britney has responded with a full understanding of Lavigne's stance, saying, "If Avril Lavigne tried to be like me, she wouldn't do well. She has to do her own thing if she wants to stand out. I respect that." Whether such diplomacy from Britney will stop Lavigne's shooting her mouth off is doubtful, apparently Avril doesn't take to well to be being dissed. Talking about a recent incident with a girl she recalls, "Some chick started mouthing off at me. But when she started messing with me, she found herself on the ground saying, 'Sorry'." Surely Britney would be shaking in her boots.

New Lord of The Rings on the Internet>>
The Drudge Report is reporting that bootlegged copies of "The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers" have hit the Internet already, despite the film not even being released until December 18, 2002. "I have serious question about this, I am not sure we even have a finished product yet!" said an AOL Time Warner (who owns the studio New Line Cinema) executive from New York. "I don't know what this is, but if it is the movie, or any portion of the movie, we will impose strict criminal penalties against anyone and everyone that downloads it!"  While the movie's distributor has no legitimate report of a leak, file traders were convinced they had the real movie, which is set for release in December.  Some prereleases that have hit the net recently include the first 3 episodes of the new SOPRANOS season and DVD rips of STAR WARS Episode 2 and SPIDERMAN. Ready for the new movie? Vote on our poll to the left!

The Simpsons hit the big screen!>>
UGO recently chatted with Harry Shearer and with all Simpsons interviews, threw a question at him about the "Simpsons" movie which has been talked about for a long time.
- So is The Simpsons feature film going to happen? I heard possibly in 2005.
Harry: There's a deal for one, the contract is in place. Intentions are hardening.
- Will the show end at that time?
Harry: Well, right now, there is a deal for another year right after this year. After that, there would have to be another negotiation. If FOX finds another show that they could put on then, who knows? For instance, when The Chamber premiered in The Simpsons timeslot, it did well. When the second episode followed The Simpsons, it did well. When it moved to Friday night, it disappeared. When they find another show that can do what The Simpsons does, they will be delighted to cancel The Simpsons. I'm sure they're avid in trying to find one, but they haven't.

Wedding Bells!>>
Freddie Prince Jr and Sara Michelle Gellar said 'I Dooo' this weekend. The wedding was held at an undisclosed location. Scooby Doo II is said to be called, Scooby Too!

American Pie 3: Wedding>>
We just received word from a scooper (who has been reliable in the past) that the third "American Pie" film is going under the name "American Wedding" for now. We've told you in the past "American Pie 3" was going to involve the theme of weddings, bachelor parties, and such. The third Pie film begins shooting in January for a Summer 2003 release.

Carson Daly chatted with Eve on MTV's Total Request Live on Tuesday. Asked about her collaboration with Christina Aguilera on her new album tentatively titled 'Stripped', Eve said "It's hot. A hot, hot song like a girls anthem, talkin' about how people run their mouths." Asked if anyone specifically is called out in the track, like Eminem, Eve said, "Not really. Not really. Most of it is talkin' about guys." She later performed her hit 'Gangsta Lovin'.'  We have a review of Eve's new CD, and we will post it tomorrow!

Mariah Wins>>
''Thank God I Found You'' was a hit for Mariah Carey in 1999. Now, she can also thank a federal judge, who ruled last week that she did not plagiarize the song, the Associated Press reports. The ruling in Carey's favor ends a lawsuit filed by songwriters Seth Swirsky and Warryn Campbell, who filed a complaint two years ago that said the Carey track was a copy of one of their songs. The composition of ''Thank God,'' which appeared on the singer's ''Rainbow'' CD and on a cassette single, is credited to Carey and producers Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis. She recorded it in collaboration with boy band 98 Degrees and R&B singer Joe, who included a remix of the song on his 2000 debut CD, ''My Name is Joe.'' Swirsky and Campbell claimed the song stole from their composition, ''One of Those Love Songs.'' But U.S. District Judge Christina Snyder said there was a ''lack of melodic similarity between the two songs.'' She said she failed to find any ''similiarity in key, harmonic structure, tempo, or genre'' between the songs. MC's  next album is due Dec. 10. It will be the first album on her new MonarC imprint, the product of her signing earlier this year with Universal's Island/Def Jam group after being dropped by Virgin in the wake of ''Glitter'''s flop. The new record will feature more songs cowritten by Carey, Jam, and Lewis.

New Music>>
Check out our media section [or click here] to see new, hot songs! Christina's 'Dirrty,' Daniel Bedingfield, Nelly & Kelly, Avril Lavigne, Britney Spears, plus Europe Xclusive videos!

Free Music>>
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9.  1.  02>>
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September 11 02

In Honor>>
As America reflects on September 11, 2001, there will be no news today. Check your local newspapers for candlelight gatherings, special ceremonies, and other community activities.
New Craig David>
Craig will be releasing his brand new single entitled "What's Your Flava?" taken off his upcoming album due to be released this end-year. He was spotted shooting the music video for his new single in Praque yesterday.. The video seems to portray the old fashion neat-British look. Craig enjoyed shooting the new music video as there was a huge crowd of fans standing outside the studio, awaiting their idol. He told the reporters that it was definitely the sound of screaming fans that he missed most.

Lance turns to acting>>
Lance Bass is reportedly to be appearing in a new musical film called "Nose Pickers From Outer Space." Lance apparently hopes to appear in the film as one of the Nose Pickers, an alien race that carry computers up their noses. This shows that Lance definitely would do anything to go to space..

Guns 'n Roses tours North America>>
The famous rock band, Guns 'n Roses are reportedly to be lining up the dates for a massive North American tour, which is currently slated kick off November 18th in Rosemont, Illinois. This tour is apparently part of the promotion of their long-awaited awaited upcoming album entitled "Chinese Democracy". The tour dates announced so far:
18.11.02: Rosemont, IL, Allstate Arena
02.12.02: Boston, Fleet Center
05.12.02: New York, Madison Square Garden
06.12.02: Philadelphia, First Union Center

Lil' Kim's new album update>>
As you all know, Lil' Kim will be releasing a new album entitled "Hollyhood" on the 26th of November. She explains that the reason for the name "Hollyhood" is because she lives in 'Hollywood' & she's from the 'hood'.. She also is reportedly to be naming her new clothing line "Hollyhood" as well..

September 24 02

Mariah Carey Video>>
Reports show that Mariah Carey spent today and will spend tomorrow taping her new video in NY for her new hit single, 'Through The Rain.' You can request the amazing song on your local radio station. The video is suppose to hit the tube in mid October.

New Whitney Houston album updates>>
Whitney Houston will be releasing a new album entitled "Just Whitney" in November. Yesterday, Whitney's official website announced 2 new tracks on the album: "Tell Me No" & "Unashamed". They also reported that the 1st single to released from the new album is entitled "Whatchulookinat". Hear 'Watchalookinat' in our media section!

Reebok signs Shakira>>
Shakira has been signed by Reebok to promote a new line for Spring 2003. The new line is reportedly to consists of basically footwear & general apparel for youth. 

Gladiator II>>
Now that the box office and Oscar success of ''Gladiator'' has spawned a host of ancient-world epics, the film's creators are hopping on their own bandwagon. According to the Hollywood Reporter, DreamWorks and Universal, the studios that teamed up to produce the 2000 Best Picture winner, have hired John Logan, one of that film's three Oscar-nominated screenwriters, to pen a sequel. Of course, ''Gladiator 2'' (what, no Roman numerals?), set 15 years after the original, will be missing Russell Crowe and Joaquin Phoenix, whose characters were among the many casualties in the first film. Plus, the Crowe-less sequel will be competing with several other sword-and-sandals epics due out in the next couple years, including Leonardo DiCaprio's Alexander the Great movie, Vin Diesel's biopic of Hannibal, and Brad Pitt's Trojan War drama.

Emmy Ratings>>
During Sunday's Emmy telecast on NBC, at about 8:50 ET, host Conan O'Brien approached a stack of TV sets and said he was going to switch them over to HBO's ''The Sopranos'' in 10 minutes. Later in the ceremony, in a taped segment, ''Curb Your Enthusiasm'''s Larry David griped that he shouldn't have to describe his nominated sitcom for Emmy viewers when they could be watching it at that very moment on HBO. Maybe the folks at home took them at their word. According to early Nielsen estimates, ratings for the Emmy broadcast were up slightly from last year but still below those of two years ago. According to Nielsen, this year's show drew an average of 19.8 million viewers, with as many as 40 to 45 million watching at least some of the show. That's an improvement on last year's CBS telecast, which drew 17.2 million, but that show had been postponed twice in the wake of Sept. 11 and related events, and it ended up airing opposite Game 7 of the World Series. An average of 21.8 million watched the 2000 telecast on ABC. The O'Brien-hosted show was the third most-watched awards show of the year, after the Oscars (41.8 million) and the Golden Globes (23.5 million) and ahead of the Grammys (19 million).

September 22 02

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Big night on television>>
I thought  I would fill you in on all the great shows that are on tonight, why did they have to put them on all at once!?
Emmys                    8 PM -  11 ET    on NBC
The Sopranos         9 PM -  10 ET    on HBO
Ana Nicole Smith   10 PM - 10:30 ET on E!

September 21 02

American Idol CD>>
The new American Idol CD comes out Oct. 1, and here is the track listing:
''(You Make Me Feel Like A) Natural Woman'' (Kelly Clarkson)
''Respect'' (Kelly Clarkson)
''For Once in My Life'' (Justin Guarini)
''Get Here'' (Justin Guarini)
''Piece of My Heart'' (Nikki McKibbin)
''A House Is Not a Home'' (Tamyra Gray)
''Lately'' (RJ Helton)
''Ain't No Sunshine'' (Christina Christian)
''If You Really Love Me'' (Ryan Starr)
''My Cherie Amour'' (AJ Gil)
''I'll Be'' (EJay Day)
''Easy'' (Jim Verraros)
''California Dreamin''' (all performers)
''A Moment Like This'' (Kelly Clarkson)
''Before Your Love'' (Kelly Clarkson)

New Craig David album to feature duet with Sting>>
Craig David will release a brand new single titled "What's Your Flava" on October 28. His new album "Slicker Than Your Average" is set for a November 11 release date. David has been working on his new album for a whole year. The album features a duet with Sting.

'The Simpsons' premiere to feature all-star lineup>> reported that Lenny Kravitz, Tom Petty, Elvis Costello and Brian Setzer have joined the lineup of guest voices for the season premiere of 'The Simpsons', which will air on the 10th of November. They join previously confirmed guests Mick Jagger and Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones. In the episode, "How I Spent My Strummer Vacation" which kicks off the animated series' fourteenth season, Marge sends Homer to a rock & roll fantasy camp to fulfill his dream of becoming a rock star. Later in the fall, Blink-182 will visit Springfield in "Barting Over," the show's 300th episode.

Simon Could Get $3 Million In 'American Idol' Deal>>  
Star magazine reports a snitch at Fox tells them that 'American Idol' judge Simon Cowell is "guaranteed $1 million" for part two of the series next year. The source adds, "But he can triple that with a string of bonuses that increase with the ratings. They want him to be even more outrageous than this year. Let's face it: Simon was the real star."

J.Lo pregnant rumor update>>
As you all know, J.Lo is rumored to be pregnant by her fiancé, Ben Affleck. The couple have been working together on 2 movies: "Gigli" & "Jersey Girl". The couple plan to get wed on Valentines Day in Puerto Rico. But the update on her pregnancy is that J.Lo is apparently is in her 2nd month. And, she is also rumored to have already been seeing Ben while married to Chris Judd.. Some sites have also reported that Chris may be the "biological" father of her child and not Ben.. 

Sum 41's new album>>
Sum 41 is reportedly to be releasing their new album entitled "Does This Look Infected?" on the 26th of November.. they will first release the 1st single to be taken off their new album entitled "Still Waiting" on the 8th of October.

September 20 02
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September 19 02

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September 16 02

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Sprano Wedding>>
oMost people might think twice about getting on a boat with a member of the Soprano family -- just ask the late Big Pussy. According to People magazine, however, ''Sopranos'' star Jamie-Lynn Sigler's manager and boyfriend proposed to her during a Mexican cruise over Labor Day weekend. Like her TV brother, his name is A.J. (last name: Discala), and he plans to make an honest woman of the TV Mafia princess next summer, according to E!.

Billy Joel to go to NY>>
A lovelorn Billy Joel will be apartment hunting in Manhattan, complaining that his isolated existence in the Hamptons is hampering his social life. ''I'm not going to meet anyone out here,'' Joel said, according to the Associated Press. ''The happiest times in my life were when my relationships were going well -- when I was in love with someone, and someone was loving me. But in my whole life, I haven't met the person I can sustain a relationship with yet. So I'm discontent about that. I'm angry with myself. I have regrets.'' Joel, who has been inducted in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, has a teenage daughter with former wife Christie Brinkley. 'You can't go home with the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame,'' he told The New York Times Magazine. ''You don't sleep with the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. You don't get hugged by the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and you don't have children with the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. I want what everybody else wants: to love and to be loved, and to have a family. Being in love has always been the most important thing in my life.''

Beatles will release new tracks>>
Paul McCartney will release a Beatles track unheard for 35 years, according to London's Sunday Times. The paper says it will be used as the soundtrack to a film montage of McCartney's late wife Linda's photographs. ''Carnival of Light,'' the 14-minute track, was recorded at the same time as ''Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band,'' and was last played at a London avant-garde festival in 1967. The paper quoted Beatles producer George Martin as saying: ''It was one of those weird things. It was a kind of uncomposed, free-for-all melange of sound that went on. It was not considered worthy as issuing as a normal piece of Beatles music at the time.''  The Beatles are the #1 selling musicians ever, with 20 #1 hits. Elvis comes in at #2 with 18, and Mariah Carey at 3 with 15 #1 hits. Mariah's new song, 'Through The Rain' is out now!

September 15 02

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American Idol Photos>>
Instead of me putting hundreds of images of American Idol here, I figured I would show you a page that has all the final photos! Just click here.

Kelly Roland at work on slasher flick>>
Now Kelly's set to appear in a new Freddie Krueger horror flick - though, by her own admission, she's no good with blood 'n' guts thrillers:
"It's entitled 'Freddie Versus Jason'. Let me tell you, I'm terrified of scary movies. I don't know how I'm gonna do on the set. But when the offer was first given to me I was really excited about it. I can't wait."
But music fans fear not, she's not deserting the pop world just yet. Kelly's also about to release her new solo album 'Simply Deep'. She gave us a little insight as to what to expect:
"The song that I did with Nelly is actually the first single off my album and I'm moving on to the second single which is entitled 'Stole'. The song is amazing... I'm really excited about the song. It's a little different to Destiny's Child, which is a good thing. I'm really excited... I can't wait till it comes out."

Charlie's Angels See P!nk>>
P!nk will sing the theme song for Charlie's Angels 2: Halo  the sequel to the 2001 film starring Drew Barrymore, Cameron Diaz and Lucy Lui. Filming is currently wrapping up in Los Angeles and P!nk (real name Alicia Moore) will soon head to the set to film the videoclip with the movie's stars.
P!nk will also be one of the many big name stars making cameos throughout the film. The film is still at least 9 months away from release with a mid-2003 release date pencilled in at this time. 

Blood In The Sink>>
My friend Orin is producing a new, amazing straight play called 'Blood In The Sink.' It is written by Josh Ben Friedman, and Directed by John Gould Rubin. It is presented by Stars include Florencia Lozano, Damian Young, and Geoffrey Arend. It starts September 18 - October 12, and is showing in New York. For Tickets call 212-352-3101 [mention!] The play is amazing, with deep messages inbedded about our society and world. Click here for more info.
' In the Suburb of New Essex
In the kitchen of a house
In the pipes of a sink
Something is stuck .. '

Introducing .... TARYN!>>
Taryn is a brand new singer whose name you will get to know soon enough. She sings the theme song off the movie Wisegirls, which airs on  Cinemax on October 19. Her CD is out now, but only through her website. []  Here is a breif bio:
A native of Washington State, Taryn says her interest in music emerged at an early age. "My dad is a songwriter/musician who owned his own studio. Whenever he had sessions or rehearsals I was by his side as a" not so silent' observer. Eventually I became bold enough to participate and I haven't stopped."
As a young teen Taryn spent most of her time on the road performing. It was during this time that she began writing her own material and developing a definite style of her own as a vocalist.
Taryn took her affinity for music a step further when on a fluke she met writer/producer Chris Landon at a local club. "I don't hang out in clubs too often. I'm more of a stay home, drink a glass of wine and write a song kind of girl. The very fact that we met the way we did must have been destiny." Chris is a recognized songwriter and long-time producer who has worked mostly the L.A./Toronto areas. After trading demos and having their first writing session, their creative relationship quickly took root evolving into a true partnership and the formation of a production company, Naked Lounge Productions.  During the creative process Taryn recalls her first conscious attempt at writing an autobiographical song. "Almost Sorry" was the result of that effort. A powerful, intense ballad about taking a stand against everyday discrimination. "This is my favorite song. The vocal we used on the track was the first take because I felt every word of it." If this song is any indication,Taryn has mastered the art of making her music a diary with entries we can all relate to. With a wide range of influences such as Mariah Carey, Fiona Apple, Jonny Lang, and Stevie Nicks it's easy to hear why Taryns lyric's and delivery are so believable. Boasting a bevy of songs dripping with emotion, attitude and artistry, she will no doubt make music fans around the world instantly familiar with the name Taryn.
Wild Writings supports Taryn, and we will have some surprises concerning her coming in the near future!

Mariah Mania begins>>
Mariah Carey is finshed recording her new album, and is back in NY. She is resting up for some 'promotional stuff' as she said a week ago. Mariah is taking it easy this time. A new record label, Album, and her own Entertainment Company called MONARC - it's just another day in Mariah's world! Her new song, which happens to be a ballad, premiered on Z100 and other top radio stations last week. As I heard 'Through The Rain'  my mouth dropped, request it on your local radio stations, as they have the promo single already!

Britney smoking and drinking at VMA after party>>
Tricia Romano of the Village Voice reports Britney Spears puked while partying hard at the Tribeca Grand Video Music Awards after-party. A source says Spears "wasn't feeling well" and after purging, an assistant helped "put her face back on" before returning to the party. Meanwhile, in addition to drinking too much, spies say Spears was "chain-smoking" throughout the evening.

September 13 02

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New Mariah>>
Z100 and a few other radio stations leaked Mariah Careys new, amazing song on the radio yesterday. We are not sure if we will get a media file of it, and if we do it will only be a clip. So to hear this full amazing balled request it on your local radio station or Z100 [NY]

Fall Music/Movie Preview>>
We will have a full fall preview of some great music and movies coming this weekend!
September 26 02

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New Christina!>>
Here is Christina Aguilera's new CD cover, titled 'Stripped.' If you would like to win her single, click here, Click to enlarge.
New Mariah Picture>>
Mariah Carey is starting to make some buzz, or is that the high - c note she can hit? Her label, Island Records/MonarC released this new, beautiful picture! We plan on putting her new song, 'Through The Rain' in our media section soon. In the meantime, request it on your local radio station. Her song is also streaming at MTV worldwide, BET, and VH1. Her video has been pushed back to next week. She will also appear on a popular German television show tomorrow, and she will be in NY for the greater part of October. Click photo to enlarge.
September 28, 02

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>> Check out media for two Wisegirl Trailers, and New Mariah Videos!

VH1's 100 Greatest Women in Music>>
On Monday, September 30  and Sunday, October 6 It's handbags at dawn as VH1 launches the great debate: who is, or was, the greatest woman in music? Denise Van Outen wades through padded bras, false eyelashes and diva demands to chart VH1's 100 Greatest Women In Music, as voted for by the fans.

Christina Aguilera 'Dirrty' Video>>
Here are a few caps of Christina Aguilera's Video, 'Dirrty.' You can hear the song in our media section! If you would like to win a Christina single, join our chat tomorrow!
Kelly Rowland New CD>>
Here is the new Kelly Rowland Offical Album cover! Her new CD is called 'Simply Deep' and will be out later this year. You can hear 'Dilemma' in our media section now!

Exclusive Mariah Video + Interview!>>
Mariah Carey was on a popular German TV show yesterday [Screen cap to the right] I'm not going to post the whole interview because it is hard to understand with the translators. However, Im the media section I have the first few seconds or her walking in, and the last segment which shows her singing 'Through The rain' in the studio!
Also, if you aren't a Mariah fan you might have some questions for MC, a magazine called R & R caught up with her and asked her:
R&R: Discuss your experience recording this album.
MC: I started recording it before I did the Super Bowl. I never stopped writing. I was feeling very prolific. I have 21 songs for this record, and that is more than I can use. I'm trying to decide which tracks to use, which to save, and which to maybe give out to my fans as bonus tracks and those kinds of things. I'm not really sure.
Writing this album was, in a lot of ways, a very cathartic experience. I've been through a lot personally and professionally. I actually lost my father this year, after we had reunited and become close. It was very hard for me, and a lot of that emotion is on this album. There's a song that I wrote for him on it. The experience of recording this album is almost like the experience of my life - going through it dealing with things and trying to be hopeful. It's not an album filled with woe and misery. There are some songs that will give you that melancholy feeling, but I try to always go to the uplifting even in a situation that seems that it could break you. I try to always turn to the positive rather than drown in the negative.

Two words: "Glitter" and "Why"?
MC: It was a project that started out one way and, because of the political situation I was in and the incestuous nature of what was going on at the time, became a watered down version of what it was intended to be. I'm not going to apologize for it. It came out on Sept. 11, 2001, after one of the worst tragedies in history.

R&R: After leaving Virgin Records, you could have gone with a number of labels. Why did you choose Island Def Jam Music Group?
MC: From Day One after that whole situation exploded with Doug Morris and Lyror Cohen were so supportive and in my corner. They were such beleivers in me. Even though I met with a lot of other people, I felt that their passions was so strong that I almost didn't want to meet with anybody else. I knew and felt in my heart that it was the right place to be.
Before I signed with Virgin, I was going to sign with them. After living through that experience, I understand you can't do things just for the money. It's not about that; you have to be with people who are driven, passionate and young-spirited. I really believe that they helped reinvent pop music.
To win Mariah singles, click here!
For the last week I have told you that we have a surprise for you all! Well here it is! We will be setting up a new contest within a few days, and the winner will win 2 FREE tickets to The Tony Award Winning Show, Metamorphoses!
Plot: Witness ancient Greek myths re-invented and brought to life while you surround a 30-foot wide pool of water. King Midas and his golden touch, Cupid and Pandora are among some of the characters you'll see in Time magazine's "#1 show of the year." Hailed the most beautiful show on Broadway, Metamorphoses is inventive and told with humor and surprising relevance.
For more information on the show, click here.  More details on this amazing contest coming later!
September 2002

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September 29 02
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>> I am getting in more details about the 2 free Broadway Tickets I will be giving out, All you need to do is go to contest and read about the play. How you can win will come in a few days. Click here.
Whitney Houston Films 'Whatchulookinat' Video>>
Whitney Houston's official site reported earlier this week, "Over the past weekend, Whitney completed work on the filming for her next video, 'Whatchulookinat,' the first single to be released from 'Just Whitney', in stores this November. The video was directed by Kevin Bray, who directed Whitney in her last video, 'Fine,' a single released from her Greatest Hits compilation. Faith Evans, Whitney's friend and Arista Records label-mate, makes a cameo appearance in the video." 

The Hulk & Troy>>
In the 2003 film version of ''The Hulk,'' Eric Bana plays a guy who gets angry and turns green. After that, he'll play a guy who gets angry and turns against the Greeks. According to the Hollywood Reporter, he's signed on to the Warner Bros. epic ''Troy,'' where he'll play Trojan prince Hector, chief rival to Brad Pitt's Greek warrior Achilles.

New Nicole Kidman Movie>>
Thought Nicole Kidman had a creepy relationship with her kids in ''The Others''? Wait 'til you see her in ''Birth.'' According to Variety, Kidman is close to signing on to the thriller, in which she meets a 10-year-old boy who explains his crush on her by claiming to be the reincarnation of her late husband.
Connecting  Entertainment & Teens!