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- Bryan, Nemesis Records

"Your website is informative, fun, teen-friendly, fashionable, and savy. You certainly have a great foundation for what aims to be a long stay at the top of the internet world. Good luck with everything you do and in the future if you need anything, I would not hesitate to ask me."
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"This site is AWESOME. An overall entertainment site, WildWritings.com began in 2001 as personal site called Jimmy's World. In the years since then, it's evolved into something much more, featuring reviews of all forms of entertainment and encouraging fans like you and me to join in and comment on just about everything. It's very cool and FULL of content. Check it out today!"
-Fanscape Webmasters

“..you were a great help to us-mostly because you kept in contact and were very reliable. Thanks again for everything.”
- Kelly Casey, VH1
On April 28, 2001 Jimmy Tickey started Jimmy's World, a three page website featuring Home, Quotes and About Me. On New Years Eve 2002, the site was relaunched with a more detailed design featuring reviews on books, movies, CDs and  Hollywood gossip. The goal was to inform the reader about reviews, Hollywood gossip, world, music and movie news.

Due to the popularity of the site, Tickey had to make a new site -- the name couldn't be Jimmy's World, because the website didn't focus on Tickey any longer. On the one year anniversary of the site, the name Wild Writings was created. The website evolved into a more user-friendly, magazine-style site. The goal was for visitors to speak their mind in chats and editorials. As the website turned just two months old, Wild Writings began to include contributing writers, and the site was redesigned.

In July of 2002 Wild Writings added new pages such as Fashion, Celebrity Tracker, as well as a Photo Gallery and received the 2002 - 2003 Golden Web Award. This marked the first of over 2 dozen web awards that Wild Writings would win over the follow years. As the fall of 2002 approached, Wild Writings received it’s first interview, and had some great contests including winning 2 Broadway Tickets and getting a chance to be a part of the Project: Mariah Fan Book 2002. Jimmy Tickey, President of WildWritings.com, met Mariah Carey and gave her a fan book made by Mariah Carey fans from WildWritings.com.

In 2003, Wild Writings created another user friendly design  and more writers joined the team. WW became more celebrity oriented, eliminating the poetry page. Spring of 2003 brought many new interviews with American Idol stars and actresses. The addition of the "Introducing.." page connected fans to new artists and independent movies! WildWritings.com began to collaborate with VH1 on an Ultimate Album Special that would air later in the year. The rest of 2003 brought weekly interviews, a new Member's Club, and a message board.

2004 and 2005 brought a simpler domain name (now accessible without the www.), a brand new design  and printer friendly pages.  Wild Writings also began to collaborate  with Universal Music Group and Warner Bros. Pictures on various online promotions.  By fall 2004, WildWritings.com was officially included as a part of the Jimmys World Network, LLC, a company that provides official websites and marketing techniques. While WildWritings.com kept it's respected identity in the entertainment industry, more contests and interviews provided by entertainment companies were featured on the site.

In early 2006 pages such as Media were removed from the site, and popular pages such as 'Introducing' and 'Speak Out' were expanded. WildWritings.com listened to it's visitors and delivered what they wanted: a clear, crisp site that brought news on celebrities and access to upcoming singers, actors and Hollywood personalities.

2009: With hundreds of thousands of visitors behind it, WildWritings.com thanks you for your interest in the site! It's been a wild ride and we were glad to share it with you. Thanks for the memories...
Wild Writings is not affiliated with the 'celebrities' mentioned on the site and does not own any photographs on the site. WildWritings.com is a fan-site.
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