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Nelly Launches Energy Drink Called "Pimp Juice"
Riding on the success of his hit single "Pimp Juice", Nelly has now launched his very own brand of energy drink named, you guessed it, "Pimp Juice". The bright green drink, made with ten percent apple juice, contains vitamins, taurine and guarane.

It also "mixes perfectly with numerous vodkas," according to Nelly's Team Lunatics company. Portions of the proceeds from Pimp Juice sales go to Nelly's not-for-profit organization, 4Sho4Kids.
Christina/Eminem Performing Together At VMAs?
New rumors have sparked about the upcoming MTV VMA's reporting that Christina and Eminem might preform together. Sources say they heard on the radio that the two were going to perform together. This will surely show the world their beef is over. This is unlikely but anything can happen at the VMAs.
Neptunes, Bow Wow, Jessica Make Top 10 Debuts
The final numbers are in the Neptunes, who produce hit albums for other artists, produced a hit for themselves with 'The Neptunes Present... Clones' which debut's at #1 this week shifting 246,000 copies. Last weeks #1 spot, country star ALAN JACKSON, falls to #2, declining 53% with sales of 156,000. Bow Wow's new release, 'Unleashed' debuts at #3 selling an acceptable 129,000 copies.

Other debuts in the top 10 include T.I. (#4), the Chicago soundtrack (#5), Juelz Santana (#7)and Jessica Simpson (#10).

An impressive showing for Shania Twain this week. After her televised NBC special last week, her album sales jump a whopping 99% sending the album back into the top 20.
J.Lo's Ex-Manager Set To Manage Mariah
The New York Post reports J.Lo's ex-manager Benny Medina, who hadbeen fired by the demanding diva, has possibly signed Mariah Carey. Carey met with Medina Thursday night and a spy in Carey's camp said "Mariah needs to reinvent herself and she was convinced Benny was the only man to help make her over". Medina already manages r&b artists Brandy and Mya.
Britney, Madonna Not Preforming At 2003 VMA's
Sources close to Wild Writings say Britney Spears and Madonna will not be preforming together at the 2003 MTV Video Music Awards. In fact, they are only "presenters" for the event.

The New York Post reports new rumors are indicating that Courtney Love, Mariah Carey, Lil' Kim and Kelly Clarkson will perform at the awards show.
Kelly Clarkson: Trouble in the UK
For Kelly Clarkson, being crowned the American Idol wasn't enough. She's been doing well in America, with her album selling 1.3 million copies, and her third single, 'Low', soaring high at #2 on the MTV TRL countdown. But now, she's going over to the UK to try to make a name for herself over there. While Miss Independant is #2 on the UK version of Trl, she's still having a little bit of trouble. Kelly is being referred to as just 'The Winner Of The American Idol Contest' instead of Kelly Clarkson. But she isn't worried, with time they will learn to accept her as an artist just as she has been here. Kelly is currently performing on her 'mini-tour,' and it's been getting good reviews. Rumor has it she'll be performing at the MTV Video Music Award's, and it's been confirmed that she will be performing September 3rd at the Latin Grammy's with Spanish star Alexandre Pires.
J.Lo's 'Gigli', A Bigger Flop Then 'Glitter'
Mariah Carey and Jennifer Lopez's music get compared, but has thathappen to their movies 'Glitter' and 'Gigli'.

We, as movie goers, have our own way of speaking out and thats whether we pay $8.50 to watch these multi-million dollar production movies. Both 'Glitter' and Gigli' flopped with critics and movie goers but the biggest flop is the money loss the production companies had to face.

In the mean while, questions have arose about these two movies. Was 'Glitter' really that boring or maybe it just flopped because of it's release date. Was 'Gigli' really the worst movie ever or did it flop because of too much negative press. Below is a in-depth comparison between these two movies:

'Glitter' (Starring Mariah Carey) (Release date: September 21, 2001)
Production Cost: $22,000,000
Marketing Cost: $8,000,000
Theater's: 1,225

'Glitter' box office:
Week 1: $2,414,596
Week 2: $945,287 (-61%)

'Glitter' overall total: $4,274,407

'Glitter' losses for the production company is just over $25 million.

'Gigli' (Starring Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck)  (Release date: August 1, 2003)
Production Cost: $54,000,000
Marketing Cost: $20,000,000
Theater's: 2,215

'Gigli' box office:
Week 1: $3,753,518
Week 2: $678,640 (-82%)

'Gigli' overall total: $6,077,000

'Gigli' losses for the production company is $68 million.

In the end 'Gigli' is the bigger flop and one of the biggest movie flops of all-time. 'Glitter'... well it's just a flop.
Clay's Album Set To Release Before Ruben's
NEW YORK (AP) -- "American Idol" runner-up Clay Aiken's album will arrive in record stores about a month before that of winner Ruben Studdard's "Soulful."

Aiken's album, not yet titled, will hit stores on Oct. 14. Studdard's album will arrive on Nov. 11. Studdard told The Associated Press on Thursday that Aiken's disc is already
finished, while he's still working on his.

"He got his album done fairly quickly; with me, I had my own press junket, so studio time was very limited," said Studdard, who is on the "American Idol" national tour along with Aiken and other stars of the Fox television talent show.

"It just don't make no sense for Clay to have his album chillin' when he could just do his thing," he said. "I just want to be able to do the best possible project I possibly can. I don't want to just come out with an `American Idol' souvenir album, you know what I'm saying?"

Studdard narrowly beat out Aiken in May to win the "American Idol" contest. Since then, the 24-year-old Aiken has gotten plenty of attention. He got a Rolling Stone cover before Studdard, and his first single, "This Is the Night," sold more copies than Studdard's "Flying Without Wings." Both songs were released in June.

"When you think about it, both of us have sold upward of 900,000 (copies of)
singles. Should I be upset that I sold 951,000 singles, and he sold 961,000
singles?" Studdard said. "I can't be anything but happy with that."

Studdard is working with hit-makers such as R. Kelly and Missy Elliot on his disc, which also will include guest appearances by rapper Fat Joe and gospel star Fred Hammond. It will be released on J Records, while Aiken's will be released on RCA Records. Both are part of the conglomerate BMG.

The 24-year-old Birmingham, Ala., native is the second winner of the "American Idol" competition. Kelly Clarkson won it last year, and her debut album, "Thankful," released in April, has sold more than 1 million copies.
Justin, Metallica Go Clubbin'
Justin Timberlake will cap the evening of the MTV Video Music Awards with a club appearance at New York City's Roseland Ballroom on August 28th. The 'N Sync star has been making surprise club appearances while on his Justified and Stripped tour with Christina Aguilera, showing up on smaller stages in New York, Boston, Chicago and Philadelphia.

Metallica, who will close out the VMAs with a live performance, will also drop in on a smaller venue next week, taking the stage of the Bowery Ballroom on August 29th. Tickets for the show will be available to the band's fan club (metclub.com) and through K-Rock (92.3 FM) promotions.

The VMAs will be held at Radio City Music Hall starting at 8 p.m. (EST) and hosted by Chris Rock. Timberlake received seven nominations, second only to Missy Elliott's eight, including Video of the Year for "Cry Me a River." Metallica are up for one award, Best Rock Video, for "St. Anger."
Britney Vs. J.Lo
Jennifer Lopez and Britney Spears may soon be competing on television in addition to the pop charts. Both are kicking around the idea of launching syndicated talk shows that would begin airing in fall 2004, according to experts in that market.

In both cases, the stars are lending their names to projects but wouldn't commit to full-time involvement, much like Barbara Walters, who only appears certain days on The View, said Bill Carroll, who follows the syndication market for the Katz Television Group, a media buying firm.

Spears would be executive producer of her show and occasionally appear on videotaped segments, according to an executive at one of the companies that's been pitched the idea, and who requested anonymity.

The show would be a combination newsmagazine and talk show focusing on modern lifestyles, the executive said.

The California agent who is pitching the show didn't immediately respond to a request for comment.
VMA Rumor Alert
Wild Writings
Madonna celebrated her birthday earlier this week with a "backyard barbacue" with such invited guests as Britney Spears and J.Lo but now rumors are surfacing that Madonna, J.Lo and Britney will open the 2003 VMA's with Madonna's "Like A Virgin".
Note: This is only a rumor and has not been confirmed as of yet.
Mariah Never Bonked Eminem
Mariah Carey is about to tell all about her relationship with Eminem in next month's Maxim magazine.

The thing that will be most embarrassing to the Rap Superstar is that Mariah is about to tell the world he never got to first base. "Did I have a sexual relationship with him? No, I didn't" she admits. "I knew him, I hung out with him a few times, but nothing sexual occurred. I'd admit it if it did, but it didn't. And that's why I was so upset about the whole thing, because I was like, `Look, if I had an intimate relationship with the person, that would be one thing, but...' Maybe he thought because nothing happened he'd look bad or something."

Eminem took at swipe at Mariah in his song 'Superman' with the line "What you Mariah? fly through twice, / But I do know one thing though, / Bitches they come, they go".

Mariah says her sexy image is a total contrast to reality. "I know I have this image that's sexy. But I'm basically like Mary Poppins" she says. "That's my nickname! I'm prudish. It's like playing dress up. When you go through difficult stuff as a kid sometimes your childhood stays with you. I've hung onto that. There was a period when I was in a relationship that was confining, where I had to wear turtlenecks and long pants and that wasn't me. I broke out of that - around the same time of the "Honey" video, where I jump out of the water like a secret agent - everybody was shocked. But that was the real me coming out."

Mariah Poppins, um, I mean Carey, doesn't rule out another marriage even though her past relationship with former Sony chief Tommy Mottola ended in a bitter break-up. "I would marry again if it were about having kids but other than that I can't see myself doing it" she says.

The full story will be in the September issue of Maxim.
J.Lo Turns To Diddy For Help
Wild Writings
Wild Writings reports "Latina lovely Jennifer Lopez is so upset about fiance Ben Affleck's controversial strip club visit, she's turned to the one man she can still trust - former lover Sean 'P. Diddy' Combs.

Gigli actress J.Lo's relationship with co-star Ben took a nosedive after the  National Enquirer tabloid alleged he'd had sex with strippers after a wild party in a Vancouver, Canada bar, with some pundits even speculating the showbiz wedding of the decade would be called off.

And while the superstar couple have been putting on a brave face in public, heartbroken Jen has turned to her bad boy rapper ex for solace and a shoulder to cry on.
A source tells Heat magazine, "They have been on the phone constantly since the scandal broke.

And watching the way she smiled as she talked to him, it was clear she was really pleased to hear from him.

"She is crying on P Diddy's shoulder. She's far more upset about this whole incident than she would ever let on."

The claims of Ben's infidelity have driven miserable Jennifer to ask for Diddy's support - but now her increasing friendship with him is putting her
future with Ben at stake.

When asked at a recent party where his lady was, the Armageddon actor
reportedly snapped, "She's probably with P Diddy."
Tara Reid Has 'graduated' From Partying
Teen Hollywood
Sexy actress Tara Reid is so proud of her self-imposed ban on hard-partying, she compares it to graduating from college.The American Pie star, 27, has become the butt of many jokes for her late-night lifestyle, but insists she's now embarked on a quieter existence.She says, "I've had my fun times of parties and playfulness. It's almost like I've lived my college years in the press. Now I'm graduating and going out in the world."You can only go to so many parties. I'm older and I'm tired. I like staying home and hanging out with my friends."I want to let people know I'm making an effort. I have my act together."
Irv Gotti Arrested
Much Music
Murder Inc. CEO Irv Gotti was scheduled to appear in court Tuesday facing charges of possession of a controlled substance. Gotti was arrested backstage at an R. Kelly concert in California Friday when his pockets were searched in a routine backstage security check. Ecstasy was allegedly found in his pocket as well as prescription Viagra tablets. Gotti was taken to Oakland's Alameda County jail and was later released on bail.

Gotti is currently under investigation for money laundering and fraud charges relating to his Murder Inc. label, home to Ja Rule and Ashanti. Murder Inc. is the self-proclaimed "Most Dangerous Record Label".
"Britney, Mariah & J.Lo Make Hooter's Countdown!
Wild Writings
www.WildWritings.com reports VH1 has hooked up with the world famous Hooters restaurant chain to help celebrate it's 20th anniversary by counting down the 20 sexiest videos of the last 20 years. They include sexy video's from such superstars as Mariah
Carey, Britney Spears, J.Lo and Ricky Martin. Check out the full list below.

20. Crazy - Aerosmith;   19. Smooth - (featuring Rob Thomas) - Carlos Santana; 18. Soak Up The Sun - Sheryl Crow;   17. Honey - Mariah Carey;   16. Centerfold - J. Geils Band;   15. Livin' La Vida Loca - (English version) - Ricky Martin; 14. Gett Off - Prince;   13. Girls, Girls, Girls - Motley Crue;    12. Escape - Enrique Iglesias;  11. Untitled (How Does It Feel) - D'Angelo;  10. Wicked Game - Chris Isaak;   9. Girls On Film - Duran Duran;   8. Hot In Herre - Nelly; 7. Hot For Teacher - Van Halen;   6. Thong Song - Sisqo;  5. Lady Marmalade (from "Moulin Rouge") - Karaoke Party;  4. Freedom 90 -  George Michael;   3.  I'm A Slave 4 U - Britney Spears;  2. Justify My Love - Madonna;  1. I'm Glad - Jennifer Lopez.

You can watch Hooter's 20th Anniversary Countdown on VH1, August 21 at 1:00pm ET
Bow Wow Blasts "Big Brother" Dupri
Teen Music
A new unlikely rap war has broken out between teenager Bow Wow and his former mentor Jermaine Dupri.

Bow Wow is "hurt" that he was one of the artists "dumped" by the Atlanta, Georgia, hip-hop mogul when Dupri moved to Arista Records at the end of last year.

The young rap star is still confused as to why his former "big brother" didn't tell him of his plans.

Bow Wow says, "Jermaine was my producer. He wrote all my lyrics. He was a father figure, a big brother I never had. I would go months spending the night at his studio.

"I was heartbroken at first because nobody told me what was going on. I felt that there could've been a way that we could've resolved it so that all of us could've still been close.

"Me and Jermaine don't even talk anymore. I always thought that friends and family come first between work, money, business, interviews, photo shoots and everything. I guess he saw it a different way."
Ashanti has plans to quit the music industry
Ashanti has reportedly warned fans she may quit the music industry sometime in the future - because her tiring schedule is wearing her out. Ashanti, is currently busy promoting her new album "Chapter II," but finds the constant stream of interviews and photo shoots very demanding. Ashanti complains, "I don't think I necessarily want to be doing this until the day I die. (Fans) see the glitz and the glamour and they think the money is it, but there's a lot of hard work being put in. There is no day off. I'll be right back here tomorrow. There's not a lot of days that I just get to chill."
Justified/Stripped tour tragedy
The North American tour of pop music stars Justin Timberlake and Christina Aguilera might have ended Saturday afternoon when electronic and other equipment the tour's crew was raising for an evening show came crashing down inside Boardwalk Hall.

The estimated 30 people working below were able to move out of the way as the large steel rigging structure on which the equipment was being raised buckled violently and lurched downward before collapsing completely, authorities and members of the crew said shortly after the 12:45 p.m. incident. Authorities said three unidentified people sustained minor injuries as they scrambled to avoid being struck. Two were taken to the nearby Atlantic City Medical Center, City Division, for treatment of cuts and bruises, authorities said. The rigging structure had hung from a false ceiling, which apparently sustained some damage in the incident.

The ceiling and the structure - called a "supergrid" - were added as part of the nearly 75-year-old historic hall's recent $90 million refurbishment. Federal, state and local officials were immediately summoned to the scene to begin an investigation. The cause of the crash remained uncertain Saturday night, as did how officials would remove the mangled supergrid, which remained partially suspended several feet above the ground amid substantial amounts of smashed equipment. The next 4 tour dates have been postponed.
Automatic for the Princess
"Princess" is the word du jour for Mariah "Butterfly" "Glitter" "Charm Bracelet" "Rainbow" Carey. The New York Daily News reports that the diva who launched her own record label last year (Monarc), has now set her sights on designing a television cartoon series, books, records (performed by a 7-year-old singer named Sadie Dat Baby), and accessories collection for 'tweens. According to Carey, "Automatic Princess" is the name of a character with a positive message. It is also the chanteuse's favorite catchphrase: She recently wore a 24-karat gold belt emblazoned with the words in a recent music video. Girls may be able to buy similar items, but hopefully Mariah will steer clear of halter-tops and hot pants!

In the meantime, producers of the next James Bond film have approached Carey to sing the 21st 007 film's title song. Ananova.com reports that Mariah also wants a part in the new flick, but that possibility remains undecided. We wonder why... stay tuned!
Spears Slams Timberlake
Teen Music
Pop beauty Britney Spears has lashed out at her ex-boyfriend Justin Timberlake for gossiping about their break-up.

While many theories arose about the reasons behind their breakup - including accusations Spears cheated on Timberlake - the pop hunk spoke about their failed relationship in interviews and used a Britney lookalike in his Cry Me a River video.

And Spears, who recently admitted to having slept with Timberlake, is not impressed with her former beau's conduct.

In an exclusive interview with Britain's Elle magazine, she rants, "Freakin' horrible. You know what I mean? It was hard for me that he was so exploitative. Every interview that he did, he was talking about us in such an open way and I just felt, 'Is nothing sacred any more?'"
Matt Leblanc To Get Big Bucks for Spin-Off
Teen Hollywood
Actor Matt LeBlanc will reportedly receive $16 million for his Friends spin-off show Joey.

The solo show will continue the adventures of Matt's character Joey Tribbiani when the 10-year-old show draws to an end next year, but no other Friends characters are thought to be involved.

An insider reveals, "The 16 million is for one year and that is not all he gets. Matt will also have an ownership stake in the show."

Exact plans for the series are yet to be confirmed, and Matt simply says, "There have been some rough ideas thrown around but it's at a very, very, very infantile stage.

"I would imagine it takes place in Los Angeles, with Joey's acting career out there."
Hilary Duff moves on from "Lizzie McGuire''
Teen Music
On a recent hot summer's day, as hundreds of children waited anxiously with their parents to meet the latest, hottest teen star, one uninformed parent asked who all the fuss was about.

"It's Lizzie McGuire!'' another adult proclaimed excitedly. Not quite. Although Hilary Duff became a multimedia sensation based upon the hugely popular Disney Channel TV series ``Lizzie McGuire,'' she made a very public break from the character in May.

Although the 15-year-old knows it will take some time before people stop calling her "Lizzie,'' she's confident that a spate of new projects - including a debut album due out next month - will help carve out her own identity.

"It doesn't really bother me that people call me that,'' she says of her TV namesake. "But my music is kind of what helps, I think, for people to get to know me better.''

Fewer and fewer are needing an introduction. Hilary recently landed on the cover of Vanity Fair magazine, along with Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, Amanda Bynes and others, as among the 20 "hot teens'' in Hollywood. She will appear in two upcoming films, including "Cheaper by the Dozen,'' with Steve Martin and Ashton Kutcher. She's set to star in two WB music specials in the fall. And her music videos have been among the more anticipated by the MTV set.
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------The Eminem Puppet Show
Wild Writings
Eminem is building on his acting career by voicing a puppet on TV show 'Crank Yankers'. 'Crank Yankers' is a show which features prank phone calls, screened on the Comedy Central in the U.S.

The first episode featured puppet versions of the Wu-Tang Clan performing 'In Da Hood'.

Eminem, who has written a number of crank call skits on his albums, is such a huge fan of the show that he once parodied it in an MTV Movie Awards acceptance speech. The rapper approached the show itself asking for a guest spot, according to MTV News.

Eminems puppet character is as yet unnamed, but this will be his first acting gig since '8 Mile' last year. Since then he has been working on albums for Obie Trice and D12, both due out before Christmas on his label Shady Records.
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