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Justin Timberlake Will Be Part of 'I'm Lovin' It' Campaign
McDonald's Corp. is close to signing pop-music star Justin Timberlake for a role related to its global "I'm Lovin' It" campaign, said several executives close to the situation.

Specifics were not disclosed, but one person pegged the deal to be worth well under $1 million. The European leg of the singer's "Justified" world tour is in synch with the McDonald's branding effort's post-Labor Day timing, and one executive speculated the deal could include partial sponsorship of that tour.

Others said Mr. Timberlake could possibly provide the vocals for the campaign jingle. He earlier has worked with McDonald's for a 2000 compact disc promotion while with the pop band N' Sync for McDonald's World Children's Day.

In June, the fast-food giant unveiled a new global marketing theme behind the "I'm Lovin' It" tagline that replaces "Smile." The new slogan will be the "strategic glue" of a two-year integrated global marketing calendar.
Mandy's Love Scenes With Trent Ford Were 'Awkward' 
Pop Dirt
When it came time to shoot Mandy Moore's love scenes in 'How to Deal' with co-star Trent Ford, they were as awkward as all actors will tell you their love scenes are. "Trent's a pretty confident guy. I'm a pretty shy modest girl in many ways, so it's always awkward doing a scene," Moore told ComingSoon.net. "Especially because at that point in time you've become friends and you're friends with everyone on the crew. It's just an awkward time for everyone because the crew guys don't just want to watch you seeing what you're doing and the director doesn't want to have to give you direction like, 'Um, don't kiss for that long' or 'Are you adding tongue?' There's just so many weird elements that go into being romantic on screen and it's so choreographed too. People don't realize it's like my cheek has to be in this position, his head has to be tilting this way, we have to linger couple inches apart before we actually kiss so any sort of romance is long out of the way before you actually get to do it."
RIAA Goes After File Traders With Hundreds Of Subpoenas
Thought the music industry was bluffing when it threatened to sue Internet pirates? Then maybe you're one of the 871 file traders hit with a federal subpoena this month.

And with 75 new subpoenas being approved each day, according to a U.S. District Court spokesperson, the figure is expected to crack four digits any day now. The court orders, levied on Internet service providers and colleges, are one of the first steps in the Recording Industry Association of America's promise last month to sue the most fruitful file swappers.

"This should not surprise anyone," an RIAA spokesperson said. "Filing information subpoenas is part of the evidence-gathering process that we announced a few weeks ago in anticipation of the lawsuits that we will be filing against people who illegally make copyrighted music available on P2P networks. We're doing exactly what we said we'd do."

The first wave of lawsuits, which can carry penalties as high as $150,000 per infringement, or shared song, are expected to arrive at defendants' doorsteps in mid-August.

An earlier court victory for the recording industry compelled ISPs to surrender the names and addresses of subscribers suspected of illegal file-sharing, pursuant to the 1998 Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

The flood of subpoenas is so overwhelming that the U.S. District Court in Washington, D.C., has called in administrative reinforcements to handle the paperwork. Other civil suits filed with that court are likely to be transferred to another jurisdiction.
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Mystikal Pleads Guilty
Much Music -------------------------------------------------------------------
Mystikal pleaded guilty yesterday to charges of extortion and sexual battery. The charges stem from an incident in Baton Rouge last July when his hairstylist accused him and two associates of rape. Mystikal, whose real name is Michael Tyler, allegedly accused the woman of stealing from him before assaulting her on camera with two other men. By pleading guilty Mystikal will not face charges of aggravated rape, which would carry a sentence of life on prison. Instead he received five years of probation for the extortion charge.

Mystikal will be back in court on September 25 to be sentenced for the charge of sexual battery.
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Nelly to tour, open music label
Teen Music -----------------------------------------------------------------------
World-recognized hip-hop artists Nelly and the St. Lunatics are set to kick-off their 25-city "Up Close & Personal Tour," introducing Murphy Lee, on July 10th in Dallas, Texas.

Nelly and the St. Lunatics have sold over 20 million albums worldwide. In appreciation for their fans' support and devotion, the "Up Close & Personal Tour" will offer performances in smaller and more personal venues than the typical 20,000 seat amphitheaters in which most multi-platinum selling artists perform. The venue capacity will range from 2,000 to 6,000, with an average of 3,200 seats. Nelly and the St. Lunatics want to offer a more special one-to- one experience for their fans.

"We want to feel the audience. We want to be wit them -- get crazy. We want to go out into the crowd, hear them singin', feel them dancin'." -- Nelly

Nelly also will take this opportunity to announce the launch of his record label, Derrty Entertainment. The label's first release is the youngest St. Lunatics member, Murphy Lee, whose debut solo album Murphy's Law will be distributed by Universal Records in mid-September.

Murphy Lee's debut album includes the new hot single, "Shake Ya Tail Feather," a collaborative effort between Bad Boy and Derrty Entertainment which features P. Diddy, Murphy Lee and Nelly. The single is included on Murphy's new album as well as the "Bad Boys 2" soundtrack. Murphy's Law also includes cuts produced by Jermaine Dupree, Jay E, Jazze Pha, Mannie Fresh, Wally and performances by Lil' Wayne, Lil' John and Snoop.
50 Cent to flim a movie
Dot Music  ----------------------------------------------------------
The life of rap star 50 Cent is to be chronicled in a new feature-length movie, according to reports.

Though production dates are yet to be confirmed, the biopic is being developed by writer Terry Winter ('The Sopranos') and is expected to trace 50's remarkable journey to international superstardom.

Having experienced an impoverished upbringing in Queens New York, 50 - real name Curtis Jackson - suffered the death of his mother when he was just 8 years old and allegedly began dealing crack just four years later.

Most famously, the rap star has been shot nine times during his adult life, and all this before his debut LP 'Get Rich Without Tryin' blitzed the US album charts in February 2003, becoming America's best-selling debut ever.

According to MTV, 50 Cent decided he wanted to make a film based on his life after witnessing the success of Eminem's semi-autobiographical movie '8 Mile', which made $116 at the US box office.

Meanwhile, 50 Cent was named Best New Artist and Best Male Hip-Hop Act at the Black Entertainment Television (BET) awards last night.
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'American Idol' Ruins Paula Abdul's Album Plans
Pop Dirt ------------------------------------------------------------------
Paula Abdul complained to Globe magazine that while serving as judge on 'American Idol', she was worked so hard that the show was ruining her attempts at a music comeback. "Ever since I started doing 'American Idol', I haven't had a single moment to work on my own stuff," Abdul sighed. "I was working on my own record, but they won't give me a single day off to concentrate on it." But with 'Idol' in the off season now, Abdul says, "I'm going to take time off now to work on my album." 
Bruce Tells Ashton To Behave
Teen Hollywood ---------------------------------------------------------------
Hollywood tough guy Bruce Willis has hit out at ex-wife Demi Moore's new boyfriend Ashton Kutcher - following reports the young hunk's cheating on the actress.

According to Scotland's Daily Record newspaper, Die Hard star Bruce warned the Just Married star to treat Demi with respect - otherwise he'd have the Hollywood hardman himself to answer to.

An insider says, "Bruce told Ashton he should be so grateful to have the chance of dating a class act like Demi.

"When Kutcher protested it wasn't his fault 'if bimbos chase me', Bruce is said to have warned, 'Kiddo, if you don't behave you'll have me chasing you.'"
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Lil' Mo's Security Demands
Teen Music------------------------------------------------------------
Rapper Lil' Mo has hired a team of proper security guards as she promotes her new album Meet the Girl Next Door after a maniac attacked her with a champagne bottle after a performance in a club.

The Superwoman hitmaker, real name Cynthia Loving, needed 23 stitches in her head following the unprovoked June 2001 attack - and takes no more chances when it comes to her safety.

She says, "That made me think that I can't get caught slipping no more."

Her then husband-to-be, real estate developer Al Stone, was the man who chased her assailant down.

Stone, now Lil' Mo's business manager, says, "Security was partying and smoking weed."
Queen Latifah Hails 'Taxi'
Wild Writings ---------------------------------------------------------------
According to the Hollywood Reporter, Queen Latifah is set to play a cab driver in 'Taxi,' an English-language remake of the 1998 French hit of the same name. 'Barbershop' director Tim Story is in negotiations to direct the 20th Century Fox project. Shooting is set to start September 15th.
Jewel the Featured Artist
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Jewel was chosen as the Artist of the Month for June! Jewel's new album, 0304, is out now. Her new single, "Intuition," is steadily rising on Billboard and now-turned pop songbird will be hitting the road this summer.
Clay Aiken's Single Looks To Outsell Ruben Studdard's
Pop Dirt ---------------------------------------------------------------
HitsDailyDouble.com reports that 'American Idol 2' winner Ruben Studdard looks set to sell around 250,000 units of his first single 'Flying Without Wings', not enough though to beat out runner-up Clay Aiken's 'Bridge Over Troubled Water', which may clear as much as 300,000 units. 
Mariah Carey: A 'Save The Music' Hero
Wild Writings ---------------------------------------------------------------
Mariah Carey, helps 'Save The Music' on The CBS Early Show before kicking off her first world tour in three years. She told the show's host Harry Smith earlier today, "I really wanted to do what I like. What I loved was music. When they take the programs out of the schools, you might be missing an opportunity to get one of the most incredible talents that could emerge out of a school or whatever area. So I feel it's important to support Save the Music." You can win Mariah's single at our new summer contest page!
Kylie Minogue Lands $58 Million Deal With EMI
Pop Dirt ---------------------------------------------------------------
Kylie Minogue has signed a $58 million deal with EMI, the largest the record company his given out since Robbie Williams' deal. An insider said, "Kylie's camp have been working on three separate aspects of her contract - record sales, DVD and video sales and merchandising, which for her is phenomenal and they're trying to sort it. So every penny goes to her."
Christina Aguilera Comments On Weight Gain
Pop Dirt ---------------------------------------------------------------
Christina Aguilera is on the cover of the Scottish Daily Record's '192' supplement this week where she insisted that she was "anything but romantically involved" with *NSYNC star Justin Timberlake and opened up about her recent weight gain. "Before they were saying I was too skinny and now I've got hips," she said. "I have no problem with it - it's part of my Latina side, but what are my girl fans supposed to think when I'm being slammed for having a little bit of thigh? My body changed while I was out of the public eye making 'Stripped'. But when a girl gains weight it becomes a big deal but when a guy does it, it's okay. He can be the sexiest guy out there, but he doesn't really have to be in shape or anything."
J.Lo's Career-Maker With Ja Rule Almost Didn't Happen
Fox news/Wild Writings -------------------------------------------------------
Roger Friedman of FoxNews.com has more details on the contentious lawsuit which TVT Records recently won against Def Jam, including how the 'I'm Real' track Jennifer Lopez did with Ja Rule, much to Mariah Carey's ire, happened. Def Jam president Lyor Cohen revealed in court testimony, "Irv [Gotti] in the middle of [recording a] Ja Rule album went and was asked to do a record for J.Lo. And then he put Ja Rule on it, stripped Ja Rule on it. And I said, you know, this could be devastating to our release. I don't think you should do this. He went ahead and did it anyhow. I did send Epic [J.Lo's label, overseen by Tommy Mottola] a letter not to allow them to do it." After presumable pressure by Mottola to release the track, the project proceeded, and Mariah had to scrap everything she'd done at the last minute. Mariah and Ja Rule had recorded a track on Glitter titled 'If We,' which was alittle too familiar to "I'm Real Remix." It hasn't been the first time that J.Lo has stolen ideas from other artists, she is currently being sued by Paramount Pictures for her latest video, and last year she was questioned if she stole Mariah's 'Firecracker' sample for her 'J.Lo' Album. Why aren't we saying if Mariah stole from J.Lo? Simply because Mariah had all her material done first, Ja Rule has been quoted saying Epic wanted him to redo a song for Lopez that he had worked on with Mariah, and from what we understand, Mariah is not as desperate as J.Lo.  ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Avril Lavigne's song to made into a Movie!
Wild Writings ---------------------------------------------------------------
Avril Lavigne's hit song, "Sk8er Boi," is reportedly going to be made into a feature film. , Paramount Pictures have optioned the anthemic track about a snooty teenage girl who turns down a scruffy 'sk8er boi' even though she likes him, only to find out that he turns out to be a rock star. Paramount have hired ER writer and producer David Zabel to adapt the lyrics of the tune into a full-length movie, which will be produced by MTV Films and Alphaville. The 'Hollywood Reporter' states, "Because the song has become an anthem for teenagers, the film will be true to spirit of the song". But don't worry - the project will not be a musical.
June Artist of the Month?
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Who do you want to be the June artist of the month? Could it be Ashanti or Beyonce? Possibly Kelly Clarkson, or Jewel? E-mail us and let us know, or check out the past featured artists!
Britney Previews LP, Denies Rumors Of 'Cry Me A River' Response
Pop Dirt -------------------------------------------------------------------
Britney Spears seems to be addressing more adult themes and styles while retaining a sense of girlish fun on her upcoming disc, which she previewed for MTV recently at Battery Studios. "I've really been able to take my time and have creative control and make [the new album] special, special, special," she told MTV News. As for reports she'd take the opporunity to respond to *NSYNC star Justin Timberlake's track 'Cry Me A River', Spears says, "You know, it's funny. I read that I wrote this song and I wrote these lyrics, and that's not my style. I would never do that." 
Mariah in top form for Today Show appearance
www.Mariah-Carey.org ----------------------------------------------------------
Mariah was in top form this morning as she performed live on The Today Show's Toyota Summer Concert Series. Wearing a teal blue tank top and retro jeans with appliqués, she belted out an amended version of her new single, "Bringin' On The Heartbreak," as well as her number one hit from 1993, "Dreamlover." She closed the show with "Yours," a cut from her latest album Charmbracele

During the commercial breaks, Mariah went into the crowd to sign autographs and meet with fans. One of those fans was 21-year-old Natasha Sullivan, who was profiled during a special segment titled Backstage Pass. Natasha, who had previously never met Mariah, got her wish when Mariah called her up on stage and promised to chat more with her after the show.

Jenny Morgenthau, the executive director of the Fresh Air Fund, was also on hand to promote the Fresh Air Fund's career awareness camp, Camp Mariah. She also announced that on June 5th, Mariah will be honored at the American Heroes Award dinner at the Tavern on the Green for her contributions to the organization.

Click here to watch clips of Mariah performing live on the Today Show.
Whitney's Troubles with her voice, career
Wild Writings ---------------------------------------------------------------
The Chicago Sun-Times reports that since Whitney Houston split with publicist Nancy Selzer, the diva has had trouble finding a replacement. A number of other high-profile celebrity publicists are steering clear of the troubled star. ''She's just not worth the trouble,'' remarked a major Hollywood spin doctor. 

Meanwhile, Whitney escaped the media after her "terrible" performance on Diva's Duets. The fallen diva is currently in Israel with husband Bobby Brown and visiting the Black Hebrews.  "Her performance on Divas was terrible," says one insider. "And she knows it. That may have provoked her to make the trip. Maybe she was convinced they could help her."

Houston performed with her husband on Diva's Duets, then came back on stage at the end of the show to sing her new single, "Try It On My Own." The diva fell flat numerous times during the performance. Her hoarse voice pushed out the final notes of the song, but in the end it wasn't even close to her dynamic range in the 1980s. The diva tried to show her power when she commanded for the house lights to be turned on, yet they stayed off the whole performance. Houston coughed in between lines and stressed her voice - definitely not anything 'diva-like.' Her album, 'Just Whitney,' is currently #129 on the Billboard chart.

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Summer Tours 2003
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Cher's Farewell Tour, The Justified/Stripped Tour, Charmbracelet World Tour, John Mayer, Lollapalooza, matchbox twenty and Bon Jovi are just the bigger tours of this summer! What will you be seeing? Millions of dollars are spent to organize and build the larger-then-life sets, hire workers for the road, and let's not forget keeping the stars happy with excessive demands. With all these ingredients you have a tour that will make record companies ache. But let's forget that, let's think about the hundreds of dollars we will be spending to see these tours!

So who do you want to see? Mariah, perhaps Christina Aguilera? Vote on the poll here, then send in your comments about the issue on Speak Out!
Cindy Alexander Interview on WW!
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Cindy Alexander is currently touring all over the states! Cindy Alexander sat down to be interviewed by Wild Writings! She recently released her latest record, Smash. She has been nominated for Indie Pop Album of the Year in 1999 at the L.A. Music Awards, and has won Outstanding Songwriter.  This past year she won Pop Song of the Year from Just Plain Folks and Female Artist of the Year.  Get the interview here.
Busta & Mariah Head to #1!
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Mariah Carey and Busta Ryhmes, the "I Know What You Want" Duo, head to #1 on the Wild Writings Official Music Charts! Sean Paul falls a spot, 50 Cent remains at #3, while R.Kelly drops a few spots! On the video charts, all artists continued to hold their votes, while Mariah and Busta conquer the video chart too! Get all the music maddness and charts here.
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