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New Timberlake LP Features Aguilera Duet
SKY NEWS reports “Justin Timberlake has secretly recorded a track with Christina Aguilera, calling the track one of the best he's ever done.

The *NSYNC star said his new album would feature the single written by the two, called 'Never Just Stop Believing'. Aguilera remarked, "I am honored to write and perform with my dear friend who is so talented."

The single will no doubt get a boost by plans to feature the two singers playing parted lovers in a steamy video.”
Paris Hilton Sex Video To Be Released
Reuters reports “Los Angeles - Internet’s notorious Paris Hilton sex video is coming to an adult film store near you. Red Light District Video, said in a statement it has acquired rights to the video and will distrubute it starting June 2004. The full 45-minute video will be titled “One Night In Paris,” and will reportedly feature never-before-seen scenes, including
footage of the hotel heiress "partying in a nightclub."
Nicole Kidman Is Australia’s Richest Celeb
Teen Hollywood reports “Nicole Kidman has become Australia's richest celebrity.

The Oscar-winning actress more than doubled her income in 2003, earning an estimated $25million, which has secured her first place in Australian magazine Business Review Weekly's annual rich list.

Nicole is now worth a reported $160 million and her assets include a home in Sydney, a New York apartment, a beach house in California and a London townhouse. Here’s the top 4:

[#1] Nicole Kidman (actress)
[#2] John Farnham (singer)
[#3] AC/DC (muscians)
[#4] Russell Crowe (actor)
Britney Busts Knee, Complicating Video Shoot And Tour
Britney Spears injured her knee while filming a video on Tuesday night, delaying the shoot and complicating her forthcoming tour.

Spears was in Queens, New York, shooting a video for her next single, "Outrageous," the theme to the upcoming

"Catwoman" movie, and had just completed scenes with guest star Snoop Dogg when she injured her knee around 11:30 p.m.

While doing some choreography, her knee gave out and she crashed to the ground. Spears was rushed to a hospital, where she received an MRI scan. Doctors determined that the singer had floating cartilage in her knee, and she underwent arthroscopic surgery, according to her spokesperson.

There's no word yet what type of rehabilitation Spears will require for the injury, how long it will delay the completion of the video shoot, or how it will impact the resumption of her North American tour, which is scheduled to begin June 22 in Hartford, Connecticut.

The common prognosis for recovery from surgical arthroscopy is two to three weeks, but obviously that prognosis does not take into account the kind of dancing Spears' live set requires. Her camp expects details in a few days.
Hijinks Backstage at MTV Movie Awards 
CULVER CITY, Calif. (AP) - Eminem and his D12 crew became backstage bullies at the MTV Movie Awards, living up to their names as they hassled people and played pranks.

Most of the stars were all smiles onstage - which fans can see for themselves 9 p.m. EDT Thursday. But in the narrow production passageway behind the scenes at Saturday's taping, some celebs still needed to learn their lines, some wanted to socialize, while others were in a hurry to escape to the afterparty.

Then there was D12. Costumed as various stars of yesteryear, the Detroit rap crew passed the time before their performance by taunting glamorous and beautiful passers-by.

"Sharon Stone! I'm Rick James," shouted D12's Kon Artis, who was dressed as the funky singer. He stopped the stunned "Basic Instinct" star in her tracks and caressed her hand. "I love your movies," he purred.

She forced a smile. "I ... love your music ...?" she said with uncertainty, before her entourage hustled her out a side entrance.

D12's Bizarre ogled her as she walked away. "Sharon Stone ..." he growled.

When Halle Berry passed by, Kon Artis shouted: "Halle! We love your music!"

The Oscar-winning actress, who doesn't record music, did her best to ignore them. Eminem, dressed as Guns N' Roses singer Axl Rose, remained out of sight for most of the hijinks, shrouded behind a small, curtained room.

He missed Christina Aguilera, a longtime musical foe he once famously mocked in song, as she sneaked past the D12 crew. She giggled "Nice!" to a friend, cocking her head at the ridiculously costumed guys. They were too busy cavorting in front of an MTV camera to notice.

Eminem emerged in time to cross paths with "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" remake star Jessica Biel. He looped his arm across her shoulders and escorted her to the exit, then - in the shadow of his massive bodyguard team - pretended to pick a fight with her in front of the crowd outside.

"You and me - after school!" he taunted.

Biel was happy to play along. "3 o'clock!" she yelled back.

For the less rowdy, the dimly lit hallway was just a place to hang out. Tom Cruise, who presented an award with his "Collateral" co-star Jamie Foxx, was adjusting his sunglasses to hang from the neck of his T-shirt before being confronted by a fan - Vin Diesel.

By far the biggest star on the show, Cruise didn't mind mingling or greeting the occasional admirer. Once onstage, Cruise threw his sunglasses and leather jacket to some screaming fans, leaving him just a small T-shirt for the rest of the night.

Would he need the jacket back?

That question caused a look of alarm to cross his face. "No," he said, as if the last thing he needed to do was reclaim a fan's souvenir. "They can have it. Let them keep it."

One star who spoke to no one was host Lindsay Lohan. The "Mean Girls" star was always running back and forth from the stage to her dressing room for quick changes into six glitzy outfits.

Others, like Queen Latifah, lingered as long as possible, creating mini-blockages in the corridor as their celebrity colleagues stopped to chat. Jake Gyllenhaal and girlfriend Kirsten Dunst hugged and kissed at the end of the night, further tying up traffic.

At one point Paris Hilton and her Backstreet Boys beau Nick Carter squeezed through the crowd. The hotel heiress/reality TV star/reluctant Internet porn icon leaned back and smiled, "Do I look cute?" as if she already knew the answer.

Carter responded with a kiss to her cheek. Then they went outside so she could smoke a cigarette.

Since the talent wasn't required to show up for rehearsals, some stars showed glimpses of panic as their presentations neared. Dunst was preparing to hand out the final award - best movie, "The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King" - but she had a problem.

"I have no idea what I'm saying!" she said. "I don't know my lines."

Minutes before she went onstage with her "Spider-Man 2" co-star Tobey Maguire, she huddled with the production crew to glance over the scripted patter. Her objective: to escort a person in a pajama-looking Spider-Man suit out to the podium. Then Maguire would came out later as a surprise.

Then the phony Spider-Man showed up. It was Ellen DeGeneres.

"Sex-y! I love it!" Dunst said, hugging DeGeneres, who looked unconvinced. Later, DeGeneres winced as a photographer snapped her photo in the formfitting suit.

"Nobody wants to see me in this," she warned playfully.

With that, the show was over. Lohan, 17, bid the audience farewell and promised to drink only "nonalcoholic" punch at the afterparty.

She won the breakthrough female award for "Freaky Friday," and made a brief appearance in the adjacent press room for photographers.

But Lohan still wasn't talking, perhaps due to some family controversy. The teenage actress has dodged reporters since her father was arrested last week for physically assaulting her uncle during a dispute two weeks ago in New York.

When she disappeared from the photo room, some reporters complained that they had been promised "two questions" with the young actress. But by then there was nothing they could do.

She was gone - presumably to get some of that punch.
Pink Blasts J.Lo For All Her Marriages
In the next issue of The Advocate magazine, Pink, Moby, Ice-T and Flea are among the celebs speaking out about gay marriage.

Pink, who's on the cover, tells the magazine, "If you're a celebrity and you want to marry your sweetheart for 55 hours, go right ahead.

If you're J. Lo and you want to marry 18 people for six days each, go right on ahead!

But if you want to marry your soul mate and make a life of it — and you just so happen to be the same sex — then no, how dare you! We'd rather you just buy gasoline and support our war and continue to consume and fear in our country so we can make money off you. But do us a favor: Don't hold hands in public."
Usher: Britney’s A “Fool” For Kissing Madonna
WENN reports “Usher has blasted Britney Spears for kissing Madonna at the MTV Video Music Awards last year, expressing sympathy for *NSYNC star Justin Timberlake, who had to watch the kiss in person. "Britney Spears. She's a fool. I'd never have kissed Madonna on national TV," Usher said. "I don't care how much press she got - I think it was ignorant. I personally have a problem with it. I don't know how Justin had the heart to keep his mouth
shut, but you only had to look at his face to tell he was obviously disgusted. If there was anything I hated in 2003, that was it. It was a really bad move."
Britney’s Banking On Merchandise Sales
THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER reports “Britney Spears' cumulative concert merchandise sales reached more than $30 million during the first leg of her North American Onyx Hotel tour. This is the highest total for sales by a solo female artist in that time span.

Britney merchandise sales averaged between $160,000-$170,000 a night, and peak with $180,000 worth of sales during the Los Angeles show.

Britney’s European leg is expected to gross more then $10 million in merchandise sales.”
Beyonce Hires Topless Look-A-Likes
ANANOVA reports “Beyonce Knowles has hired a small army of sexy doubles so she could go topless sunbathing in the South of France without too much media attention.

According to French magazine L'Express, 22-year-old Knowles was disturbed by helicopter paparazzi while sunbathing topless on her yacht off Saint-Tropez.

To confound the hoard of photographers, Knowles promptly interviewed and hired 15 women who resembled her. She then proceeded to send her "clones" onto the water as decoys, writes L'Express.
Julia Roberts Pregnant with Twins!
Last winter, while filming Closer – a drama costarring Natalie Portman and Jude Law – in London, Julia Roberts seemed closer than ever to husband Danny Moder. When he wasn't there, "Julia was adorable missing him," recalls producer Cary Brokaw. But Brokaw adds that Moder often visited the set, much to the star's delight: "They're great together," he says. "She's incredibly demonstrative in her love and affection for him." Roberts never let on that she and her husband were planning a pregnancy in the immediate future, but something, clearly, was up. "There was a sense of it," says Brokaw, "but she always has a glow."

Now more than ever. According to her spokeswoman, Marcy Engelman, Roberts, 36, is pregnant with twins and will deliver early next year. "I am so happy for her," her pal and Ocean's Twelve producer Jerry Weintraub told PEOPLE from Italy, where Roberts will spend part of the summer filming the sequel to Ocean's Eleven. "I know she's wanted a child for some time. I can't wait for her to get here so I can give her a big hug." Emphasis on big. One of the first signs that Roberts was about to get her wish to, as she told Oprah in December, "hold a baby in my arms," was a tightening of her wardrobe – and of course the occasional bout of queasiness, which she's still experiencing as she approaches her second trimester.
Britney Spears Wants To Be Like Avril Lavigne 
A source close to Britney Spears tells Us Weekly that the singer is wanting to change her style to be more like Avril Lavigne. "Britney doesn't like her music or her image anymore," the source explained. "She wants to get a bit moodier and punkier and sing songs with more edge, like Avril, but her record company won't let her." Britney is also telling pals she wants a "short and choppy" haircut, but she fears record bosses won't let her. Boyfriend Kevin Federline is encouraging her to rebel against Jive though. "He thinks she's old enough to do what she wants," a source said.
Avril Lavigne Says Touring Isn't Glamorous
Avril Lavigne tells Radio 1 that while there are downsides to being on the road, she forgets all that once she's on stage. "Everyone thinks it's so glamorous but it's not," Lavigne said. "Like there's the whole travelling, airplane rides every day, living out of a suitcase, living in a hotel, press and photoshoots. In order to be able to be up on stage and rock if you've gotta work to get what you want."
Ojani Noa To Reveal “The Real” J.Lo
POPDIRT reports “On a recent Cristina show on the spanish network Univision, Cristina's guest Ojani Noa, who was Jennifer Lopez's first husband, revealed many things about J.Lo she never wanted the public to know.

Including his claim that during their marriage, many people were telling Ojani that J.Lo was cheating on him, yet he never wanted to believe them. Until he got a small anonymous note that told him to go to an upscale hotel room, where he found J.Lo with Sean 'P. Diddy' Combs.

After that, he said things got bad between them, J.Lo gave him a job at her restaurant and money to keep him hush hush about her affair. That only lasted so long, until J.Lo together with her mother Guadalupe went in the restaurant and fired him.

He said he is coming out with a tell all book about J.Lo, describing her bad side no one knows, descriptive flaws she has on her body, her cheating ways, etc. He also showed footage of their honeymoon, where J.Lo is seen walking down a street very poorly dressed in Mexican flipflops, baggy clothes, hair unkempt, hardly no makeup... very unlike the star we've always seen. He said he wanted to show that she wasn't always the diva she is now and she too had her bad days. He also showed not so photogenic photographs of her that he had, that showed her "bad days".

Ojani said he wants to tell the world about his relationship with J.Lo with his book.
Beyonce, the new spokswomen for Viagra
Mathew Knowles, father and manager of superstar Beyonce Knowles, has announced Beyonce’s new contractual agreements with many products, including Viagra inc.

“The rumors are true, Beyonce is going to be the official spokswoman for Viagra”, says Mathew Knowles. “We feel very blessed and very honored that Viagra chose Beyonce over everyone else, and we think this is a great opportunity for Beyonce to reach out to her more older audiences”

“I am so excited with this new Viagra deal,” says Beyonce. “Helping and respecting the eldery is one of the most important rules in the Bible, and this is the best way for me to do it, and I feel so honored”.

Some have criticized this new move by the Knowles family as a very inappropriate one, especially to her younger fans. But Tina Knowles, mother and stylist of Beyonce, couldn’t agree any less.

“The whole reason behind this new deal is to make sure Beyonce’s older fans are satisfied--literally. We had the Pepsi, Tommy Hilfiger, and Loreal deals which all appealed to her younger audiences and this Viagra deal was right in her region”.

“I have always used Viagra,” says Mathew Knowles. “And getting a lifetime supply of it is an icing on the cake”.

Others who will be getting a lifetime supply of the Viagra will be none other than Jay Z, Beyonce’s current flame.

“Jigga is very excited about that, and when he uses it, he will be excited even more”, Beyonce adds. “The Products really do work”.

The Deal, which will be a $5 million 3 year contract, will also see Beyonce coming out with her own Viagra products. “Viaonce”, which will hit stores this spring will only be available for a limited time.
R. Kelly Disses Justin Timberlake; Refuses To Produce His Song
BET reports “Former N'SYNC superstar Justin Timberlake was recently turned down a song request from R&B's most controversial figure R. Kelly.

The request for the song was made by Timberlake to Kelly's publicist following the Grammy award ceremony in Feburary. "I truly admire and respect R. Kelly in every single way musically" Timberlake said while signing autographs outside of Dolce' in Beverly Hills. "Say what you want about him, but he is without a doubt the best R&B singer/producer/songwriter in the game right now. I look up to him and hopefully I can get a chance to work with him someday"

When asked if he would work with Timberlake, Kelly, who was chatting with producer Terry Lewis at the Damita Jo Album Release party following the Soul Train Awards, blunty stated "I refuse to write hits for someone who does not appreaciate the gift of the music. I refuse to write hits for someone who turns their back on someone who showed you the ropes of touring, marketing and the game itself. I refuse to write hits for someone who uses and abuses this thing called R&B music just to gain respect and acceptance from their opposite conterpart. I refuse to write hits for someone with the name of Justin Timberlake.

This is yet another R&B artist to diss Justin Timberlake for his musical work. Usher bashed Justin earlier this year.
The Winner Of ‘American Idol’ Is..
Fantasia Barrino took the title of ‘American Idol’ on Wednesday night's live season finale, beating runner-up Diana DeGarmo.

A record 65 million American’s casted their votes in a four-hour period! Barrino's first single will be called, "I Believe."

The new season of ‘American Idol’ will kick-off in January 2005.
Simon Cowell Wants To Buy J.Lo's LA Home 
In Touch Weekly reports Simon Cowell is interested in buying Jennifer Lopez's little used home in Los Angeles. "It's a beautiful place on Mulholland Drive, and with all of his 'Idol' money, he could easiliy afford it now," a pal revealed. "But he is trying to convince her to sell it to him for the right price. Jen bought it for $10 million and she wants to make a good profit." Ever since her split with Ben Affleck, J.Lo has spent most of her time in Miami with new boyfriend Marc Anthony.
Britney Spears Warned To Stay Out Of The Sun
Dr. Howard Lancer has a sun exposure warning for Britney Spears. The dermatologist tells In Touch Weekly: "Sun damage at any age leads to skin damage. She is risking her skin if she lies in the sun a lot." Lancer suggests Spears should follow the lead of pop rival Jessica Simpson, who gets her bronzed look from self-tanners.

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