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Usher takes precautions for new album 
Usher is reportedly recording his new album in his home studio.. to ensure it doesn't get leaked by Internet pirates. His fourth album apparently will feature collaborations with producers Jermain Dupri and The Neptunes. But Usher, who had to reschedule the release of his last album because some tracks were leaked to Napster, says he may now have an edge on the pirates. He says, "I used to worry about my songs being leaked but then I realised that you've gotta roll with the punches. "I don't endorse it. I don't think that downloading music is right, after all the time and money that is spent in creating the music that we do. One precaution I am taking is recording in my home studio, keeping control of my music as much as I possibly can. There's nothing you can do to stop it, but you can tell people that it's wrong." 

Christina, Justin & Avril get SIMSed reports that fans can look for Christina Aguilera, *NSYNC star Justin Timberlake and Avril Lavigne, among others, to become the first-ever real-life SIMS characters in the near-future. They'll be part of Electronic Arts' best-selling game series as part of the upcoming SIMS Superstar expansion pack. The video version of the popular simulation game has sold 22 million units in a little over two years to date. EA has been particularly aggressive in courting the record industry to expose new music, with projects like the recent NBA Live soundtrack with Elektra, which was just certified platinum this week, making it the most successful video game soundtrack ever. 

Michelle leaves fans on edge 
Michelle Branch teased fans on her official message board on Monday with a topic titled 'album title'. She wrote, "You really thought I was gonna give it to you that easy?! Well, I have an album title, but I want to hold off just a bit before I tell you what it is. Things are moving full speed ahead. We had a photo shoot for the record last week and now I am taking a few days off in Hawaii! Next up: Trying to figure out a video concept. *scratches head* Well, I am going to head out to the beach. Be well!" 

John Mayer Says Gwen Stefani Is Absolutely Amazing 
Rolling Stone magazine did a Q&A with John Mayer and asked him who is the hottest female rocker. "Oh, my God, Gwen Stefani," he said. "I was late on the SS Stefani. I didn't make it to the dock in time. But now I'm on it big-time." Reminded that he was still too late now that the No Doubt singer has married Gavin Rossdale of Bush, Mayer replied, "That's OK. I'm on it. She's the perfect combination of bulldog and daisy. Absolutely amazing. She has a sweetness to her that never leaves, even when she's crawling around the stage like a spider. I don't even mean it in a "Boy, would I want to bang Gwen Stefani" way. But I sure would want to grab her ass."

Justin Timberlake & Mandy Moore In Grease 3 
The Mirror reports *NSYNC star Justin Timberlake has told friends he's bagged the lead role of Danny in 'Grease 3', a part played by by John Travolta in the original. Meanwhile, Mandy Moore is rumored to have landed the role of Olivia Newton-John's Sandy. 

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Britney Spears NASCAR Film Project Has Competition
Brian Monroe of Florida Today spoke with James Neihouse, an IMAX cinematographer who is planning to release the NASCAR film in spring 2004, just around next year's Daytona 500. While Britney Spears is gearing up for a NASCAR-related film, Neihouse isn't worried about losing fans to the popular singer/actress. "It's not an issue," Neihouse said. "We will be a lot more exciting to NASCAR fans. As red-blooded American male, I can attest to that, but I am a little bit prejudiced."

Movie Musical For Mariah Carey reports that Mariah Carey is said to have agreed to star in the first of many crossover films, a big screen remake of 'Guys and Dolls'. The role was reportedly offered to Nicole Kidman, who turned it down. "For 'Guys and Dolls', they wanted someone who can really belt 'em out - a trained singer," said a source.Carey's new song, 'Boy' has been released to TV, but not radio. You can vote for Mariah on the Wild Writings Official Charts!
Kylie Minogue Gets Justin Timberlake Out Of Her Head
The Sun reports Kylie Minogue snubbed *NSYNC star Justin Timberlake by going on a date with actor Olivier Martinez. "Contrary to rumours of romance, Justin and Kylie seemed to make every effort not to meet up in Los Angeles," an LA source said. "It would have taken Justin a minute to go and see her in her hotel but nothing happened. Kylie is taking time out and relaxing for a week or so, but she was keen to meet up with Olivier. She really enjoys his company. She has more in common with him than Justin  Olivier is around her age, Justin's more than ten years younger." 

Jay-Z Squashes Beyonce Engagement Rumors
In an interview with Playboy magazine, Jay-Z squashed rumors that he and Destiny's Child star Beyonce Knowles were on the verge of getting married. "I used to see her all the time. We are not engaged by the way. We're just cool. We're just friends," Jigga told the magazine in the April issue. "We don't really, ah, know each other like that. Me and [Memphis] Bleek, we're tighter. He's been with me since 1994. Between Beyonce and him? Beyonce's got to go."

Fred Durst Opens Up About Britney Spears Fling
MTV News had a interview clip with Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst on TRL earlier today. Fred described his relationship with Britney Spears saying, "Me and her were talking. It was very under the lid. It was private. And, uh, it started getting out, I guess 'cause we were going out places together. It just got so out of proportion, blown out of proportion then you got her goin' on TRL." And what did he think of Britney's denials and "not my type" comments? "I was really upset she had said that, she is playin' me out pretty bad, man." Durst said the new Limp song 'Just Drop Dead' is not specifically about Britney, but his experience with her and other women helped inspire the track. 

Britney's New Album - revealed on Wild Writings
Throughout the week, there has been non-stop album tiltes, releases, and lyrics surfacing about Britney's new CD. Even some who say the album has been leaked on to the net. Wild Writings can confirm the following tracks.
2.I Said               
3.More Than You Know (featuring Timbaland)             
4.With Another Girl
5.Cuz U're Lookin' So Good (feat. Pharrell Williams)         
6.Brand Nu        
7.The Way I Feel           
9.It's Funny Now      
10.I Don't Want You         
12.You Thought Wong        
13.Funk It Up
14.Take Ya Home         
15.Baby Can't You See            

The Neptunes (Tracks 5, 10, 14, 15)   Timbaland (Track 3)    Rodney Jerkins (Tracks 2, 6, 13)   Fred Durst (Track 11) William Orbit (Tracks 4, 9, 12)  Guy Chambers (Track 1) Guy Chambers & Cathy Dennis (Track 8)  Babyface (Tracks 7)  Dan Kenney (Track 16) 
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Fred Durst Promises To Shut Up About Britney Spears
Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst looks like he's finally going to keep quiet about whatever relationship he had with Britney Spears. Durst posted on the band's official website: "Enough already about the 'Fred and Britney' thing. I'm gonna do my best to put it behind me. Let's talk about music why dont we? Let's talk about 'Bipolar' coming out MAY 13. Let's talk about how it's gonna fu** you up when you hear it. Let's talk about how ill the tour this summer is gonna be. Let's talk about MASSIVE ATTACKS new album '100th Window' because it is amazing. Let's talk about how radio is dead. Let's talk about making the world a safe place. Let's talk about breakdancing. Let's talk about skateboarding. Let's talk about the lack of heavy rock in the world. The talk about the lack of substance in our daily routines. Let's talk about any motherfu**ing thing besides you know who anymore. What do you say? Scared? Well the word is out and echoeing around the world. I am close friends with Larry who manages our princess and he, Britney, and I have agreed to shut it up. So there. That is the word. If you hear anything else it's probably bullsh**! On that note, I love you and kiss my ass!! P.S. I am having a lot of fun in the chat with you everyday. Thank you for sticking around. 'Bipolar' is worth the wait and this I can personally guarantee! See you in there tonight!"

50 Cent Reasons His Drug Dealing
Cleveland Plain Dealer quotes 50 Cent, on his previous career as a drug dealer: "[Air] Jordans come out, they cost $100, I don't want to ask [my grandmother] for the $100, you know what I mean, so I'm gonna try and figure out a way that I can get it... My mother, what she did before me, is what kind of showed me that that was a possibility. And it kind of felt like the only option." 

Ricci's Dramatic Weightloss
Christina Ricci was so concerned about her weight loss on the set of new movie Prozac Nation she called on a pal to constantly check out how she looked. The actress split from her longtime boyfriend just before the film started shooting and admits her diet suffered as a result of the anguish of the break-up - no food and energy drinks.
She says, "I was on the crazy person diet of mental anguish. I wasn't eating much, and I was going out all the time, and I drank a lot of Red Bull. You always lose weight when you go through a major breakup.
"I know I was skinny, so I had my friend Mickelle Williams stand behind the monitor, and I would position myself, and she would look at me and make sure everything was all right."
Kelly Osbourne's Mouth Haunts Her Meeting Pink
The Mirror reports Kelly Osbourne was left in tears after being blasted by Pink, who had read her comments in Rolling Stone, questioning whether she was worthy of being in their Women in Rock issue. When Kelly approached her for a photo at the Arista post Grammy Bash, an insider said Pink responded, "I know you've been bitching about me in interviews. I read them while I was in the UK and now you want a picture. What's your problem?" Ozzy's daughter responded, "I don't know what you're talking about, I would never say anything about you. I've been misquoted." Pink then grabbed her by the waist and said, "Let's smile for the cameras then." Before snapping, "Now get lost."
New Christina Remix Album!
Christina Aguilera fans don't have to wait for new Christina music because, sometime during the, "Justified Stripped Tour," Christina and maybe Justin will release remix albums. It is rumored the album is called, "Stripped: Da Remixes Pt.1." It is also rumored, a remixed version of, "Impossible," will be the first remixed single off the record."

Sarah Micelle Geller leaves 'Buffy!'
Sarah Michelle Gellar drives a stake into the hearts of ''Buffy the Vampire Slayer'' fans everywhere. After seven years -- five on The WB, the last two on UPN -- the young ''Scooby-Doo'' star (a.k.a. Mrs. Freddie Prinze Jr.) is leaving the cult pop sensation that made her a household name. Says Dana Walden, president of Twentieth Century Fox Television, which owns ''Buffy'': ''It would be difficult to overemphasize Sarah's value to the show.'' Adds ''Buffy'' creator Joss Whedon: ''There've been times that we didn't get along. There have been times when we've palled around. But no matter what, she was the other half of 'Buffy.' In seven years, she never let me down.''
Gellar is moving on, but plans are afoot to keep the lucrative franchise alive. Whedon is developing a spin-off that may involve current ''Buffy'' regulars and will be pitched first to UPN. ''It will be a completely different animal,'' he says. The good news for fans: Gellar has promised to make occasional guest appearances on the spin-off. The bad news: The spin-off will not be based around sexy bad-girl slayer Faith, played by Eliza Dushku, who is committed to a Twentieth Century Fox pilot directed by Phillip Noyce.
''Buffy'' will end with a five-part story that will see the return of Faith, some surprise deaths, and in the final episode, an appearance by a certain Angel. ''We're gearing up to tell a fabulous, huge, great arc,'' says Gellar. ''It's going to be pretty spectacular.'' Gellar herself is girding for many tears during production of the last episode. It was tough enough for her to keep a dry eye during this, her first exit interview. Popping chocolate-covered raisins as she spoke to EW in a trailer decorated with fan-drawn ''Scooby'' art, Gellar made us a bet: ''Ten bucks says I go home and cry when you leave.''
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Vanessa Carlton Suffering With Bronchitis & Strep Throat
Vanessa Carlton posted a new message on her official website on Saturday. She writes, "Hi, it's been too long. I'm home visiting my parents with a bad case of bronchitis and strep throat. It totally blows and so does my nose (did I really just type that). Anyway, you guys should know that you're part of the reason that I was at the Grammy's. It was a cool night to say the least. I love James Taylor. I'm taking a few weeks off to finish up songs before heading into the studio. Hope you're all doin' dandy. As usual you make me feel like the luckiest piano chick ever. Peace out to all the special homies."

Mariah Carey To Shoot New Video
According to Team Mariah, Mariah will be shooting a video for 'Bringin' On The Heartbreak' this Friday and Saturday in Los Angeles and would like fans from the area to be extras in it. My friend heard the same thing on a local radio station who provided this number to call 562-981-3092 for those who want to be in the video and said the video will be shot this Friday in Long Beach, CA. Also, according to, Mariah and Busta Rymes have already shot the 'I Know What You Want' video and they have several pictures up on the page. To win Mariah's single, 'Through The Rain' - Click here!

Christina Aguilera Teams Up With Versace
Reuters reports Christina Aguilera has been signed on to be the new face of Italian label Versace. "It's just so great. I've got this ad campaign coming up with Donatella and Versace. So I'm very excited and this is a whole new world for me, so that's very exciting," Aguilera told Reuters on Tuesday just before taking her seat in the front row of Versace's autumn/winter 2003/4 fashion show.

Clarkson Says 'From Justin To Kelly' Not An Idol Film spoke with 'American Idol' champ Kelly Clarkson about the movie she's doing with runner-up Justin Guarini, 'From Justin To Kelly', a love story that Clarkson describes as "Grease on the beach." First, "It's not an American Idol film," said Clarkson. "It has nothing to do with 'American Idol'. The only thing that does is that [our] names are in the title, and our characters in the movie are named that, but my character is nothing like me... And it's not about us trying to make it in the business or anything."

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Soul Train Music Awards Photos
Amerie, Ginuwine, LL Cool J, Missy Elliott, *NSYNC star Justin Timberlake, Jennifer Lopez, Nelly, Musiq, 3LW, MC Lyte, India.Arie, Dru Hill, Nappy Roots, Nivea, and Justin Guarini, Ryan Starr, Randy Jackson and Paula Abdul from American Idol attended the 17th Annual Soul Train Music Awards at the Pasadena Civic Auditorium on Saturday (March 1) in Pasadena, California. Check out photos from WireImage!

Tamyra Gets Three More Episodes In 'Boston Public'
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports David E. Kelley, the creator of Fox's 'Boston Public,' must like Tamyra Gray, the former Norcross resident and 'American Idol' finalist. The drama series has signed her for an extra three episodes on top of the four she originally committed to as a vocally talented high school student with a controlling boyfriend.

Great White Had No Business Using Pyro Says Sambora
Richie Sambora of Bon Jovi shared his thoughts on the tragic fire in Rhode Island last week that took the lives of nearly 100 Great White fans. "I was in disbelief when I saw the video,'' said Sambora. "When you saw the low ceiling in that place, they had no business... (using pyrotechnics) there. They had some flamethrowers up there, man. That was just wrong. People should be very careful about that stuff. Obviously, if you're a band at a lower level than an arena band and you're going to have pyro. You gotta have a guy who's a specialist."

Kidman Banned From Russell Crowe's Wedding
Russell Crowe's fiancee has banned stunning actress Nicole Kidman from her wedding.
Blonde beauty Danielle Spencer, 32, fears Gladiator star Crowe is too close to The Hours star Nicole.
And she wasn't happy to learn that he had invited the actress to the ceremony next month in New South Wales, Australia.
A pal says, "Danielle was never thrilled about the idea of having Nicole at her wedding in the first place. She knows that Russell would like her to be there and Nicole has told him she would love to go. Danielle went along with it to begin with - but now she's decided this is her day and she would much prefer it if Nicole wasn't there.
"She has no problems with his ex-girlfriend Meg Ryan attending. But she's not happy about Nicole as she feels she's still far too close to her soon to-be-husband."
Mariah Glows At Soul Train Awards
Babyface presented Mariah Carey with the 2003 Quincy Jones Award - Female, (LL Cool J won for the Male catagory) This award  is for Outstanding Career Achievements in the Field of Entertainment, and Mariah gave the following speech:
"Thank you so much, I just have to thank god above everything. I wouldn't be standing here today without his blessing and I'm very grateful, I'm grateful to everybody. My new family at IDG: Lyor, Julie, Kevin, everybody, thank you Jerry Blair, thank you everybody at Maroon. And my fans, you have brought me through everything, everything and thank you to everyone who has contributed to my music over my carrer. Thank you so much. God bless."
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Celeb Judge Added To 'American Idol'
The New York Post reports that starting next week, "to mix things up a bit," 'American Idol' will feature a different celebrity judge every week, in addition to Simon Cowell, Paula Abdul and Randy Jackson.

Backstreet Boys Album Due No Later Than September
According to, the Backstreet Boys will soon regroup in the studio to begin work on their next Jive album. "I've done a lot of writing in the past year," group member Howie Dorough tells Billboard. "I've written about 12 songs individually and about 15 songs group-wise. I think we'll get together again in March, after Kevin [Richardson] gets done with 'Chicago' and Nick [Carter] gets done with his solo tour. I'm hoping to have the new album out at least by September, [but] I'd like it to be by the summer." 

Timberlake Plays Before 2,000 Fans In Tokyo
Access Hollywood reports *NSYNC star Justin Timberlake performed before 2,000 fans, mostly of the female persuasion, who were invited to a special mini-concert in Tokyo. Justin asked the crowd, "You okay over there?" Timberlake made sure everybody was fine before launching into another number. Justin only performed three songs, but he closed with a promise of bigger things to come. "Next time I come back we'll do a humongous show, a huge show," he said.

Christina Aguilera Only Cares About The Fans
Christina Aguilera says she doesn't really care what the press says about her. She just cares about the fans. "I (want to) be that voice... and let them know they're not alone in a situation," she tells Associated Press Radio. "I've been through so many backstabbing people and hard times... and if I can still have a smile on my face and see things positively, so can you."

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Justin puts himself down to tears 
Justin Timberlake apparently puts so much pressure on himself to reach perfection he often finds himself crying. He admits the standards he sets regularly leave him in over-emotional state. He says, "I think my perfectionism is something I've had to deal with. I've been to some crazy places in my head because I expect so much from myself and I have to remember everyone is human. I've been in my hotel before and just cried for no reason. I was so run down and I thought I could do so much at the same time".. 

Mariah blasted pop industry  
Mariah Carey has blasted the current state of pop music.. because singers are being replaced by producers and technology. Mariah, who recently signed to the Island/Def Jam record label, believes the need for talent in the music buisness is being usurped by computer programs. She says, "I feel that, because of technology, certain artists are disposable and yes; it is a producer's world in a lot of ways. Protools might as well be on the cover of most people's albums today. They might as well not have their picture and show the computer and put the person's name next to it 'cos you really don't have to be able to sing anymore. Why bother?".. 

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Madonna Reveals 'Life!' 
Madonna has revealed the tracklisting for her forthcoming album, 'American Life'.
The long-player, due to be released internationally next month, includes the previously released James Bond theme, 'Die Another Day', in addition to a further ten new tracks.
The full tracklisting is as follows:
American Life
I'm So Stupid
Love Profusion
Nobody Knows Me
Nothing Falls
The Process
Mother And Father
Die Another Day
Easy Ride
Madonna's next single, 'American Life' - which has already caused controversy in the States due to its anti-war themed video - is due to be released in the UK on March 31.

Tara Says JC Is One Of Her Best Friends 
E! Online's Ted Casablanca caught up with Tara Reid at her brother Patrick Reid's launch of his self-named trendy clothing store on Montana Avenue in Santa Monica this past Monday night. Asked if she was going out with *NSYNC star JC Chasez, Tara insisted, "JC and I are just friends! Of course, we're always going to be seen together--he's one of my best friends." Has she ever dated him? "We were never dating," she continued. "I'm single."

Jen And Ben Plot European Wedding
The Boston Herald reports that rumors Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez have been back scoping out Trinity Church for their summer marriage are untrue. "They were here quite a while ago, but they haven't been back," said church spokesguy David Trueblood. The latest plan for the pair is planning a European wedding late this summer and that she wants a Catholic ceremony.

Jay-Z On Limp Bizkit's 'Bipolar'
Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst has posted a message on his website, revealing that Jay-Z will be featured on a track on their forthcoming album, 'Bipolar'. The Track is prematurely called 'Rebels'. Here's what he had to say: "Now let's talk music. Let's not talk about horse sh**. It's hard to believe the album is almost finished being mixed! It sounds so tight!! Last night, here in NY, I was in the studio with Jay-Z. DJ Lethal made a sick beat that I collaborated with Jay on. He is unbelievable! He didn't write down one single word. He just listen to the beat over and over while scheming something in his brain. Then, only moments later, Jay got on the mic and blasted out an amazing rhyme! He is truly a chosen one. He has a gift like no one else I've ever worked with. When I worked with Eminem, it was the same type of amazing raw talent. It is so inspiring. I hear that Biggie used to do it the same way Jay does. Wow! Last night was truly unbelievable! I wish I would have had my video camera there to film it for you. Oh well, you'll just have to listen to the track. I think I might name it 'Rebels'." 

'From Justin to Kelly' Isn't A Typical Sappy Love Story
If American Idol runner-up Justin Guarini's plot synopsis of 'From Justin to Kelly' is any indication, the movie isn't quite the typical sappy love story. Sure, it starts good and dandy with the two experiencing a sort of love at first sight, but they soon see spring break is not the easiest place to fall in love. "The rest of the story is about how we sort of get together, or try and get together, but there's this massive miscommunication and this evil friend gets in the way," Guarini revealed.

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Britney Spears Employs Trio Of Doubles
A spokeswoman for L.A.'s White Lotus club tells the New York Daily News that Britney Spears recently showed up with "three body doubles." At least two of them were said to be sporting identical low-riding jeans, tiny tops and baseball caps. Spears' rep scoffed at the double reports but declined to discuss her security

Celine Dion To Appear On Larry King Live
The Las Vegas Sun reports a producer from CNN's Larry King Live is doing a walk-through of Celine Dion's new Vegas home, The Colosseum at Caesars Palace, on Thursday. Dion has agreed to appear on King's show around March 25, when her show 'A New Day' opens.

Lil' Kim Releases Record In Style 
The New York Daily News reports Lil' Kim was on hand at the release party for her CD 'La Bella Mafia' last night where she was due to receive a $5,000 Lalique crystal decanter of L'Esprit de Courvoisier, made with cognac from Napoleon's private reserve. In addition, Roberto Cavalli designed her dress and Funkmaster Flex deejayed. 

Jessica 'J' Benson Becomes Overnight 3LW Star 
MTV News has more news on Jessica 'J' Benson joining Keily Williams and Adrienne Bailon on 3LW. "Wow, what an incredible opportunity," Benson marveled in a statement. "Just a few weeks ago I was just a high school student with dreams of a professional music career and now it's happening so quickly. I'm so happy that Kiely and Adrienne have so fully embraced me and are teaching me the ropes of how to handle this hectic, fast paced life." 

Ashanti Working On Second Album
MTV News spoke with Ashanti who says she's gearing up for her second album that she hopes to release this summer. "I just got out of the studio about 4 a.m. this morning," she said recently. "We're already back in the lab for the second [LP]. We have five joints done. Just a few songs, but they're hot, so that's what counts. With the first album we basically just went with being real, just being able to relate to everyone universally  black, white, male, female. For the second album, we just kind of want to take it up a notch. We haven't worked with anyone new yet, but you know, everything is open."
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TaTu: Stay or Leave?
Never mind the U.N. Security Council: The real flashpoint for renewed tensions between the U.S. and Russia may be late night TV, thanks to import pop duo t.A.T.u. While pushing their hit ''All the Things She Said,'' Russian teens Julia Volkova and Lena Katina -- who profess to be lesbian lovers and include sensuous kissing, hand-holding, and fondling in their videos and live performances -- have broken promises and burned bridges at both NBC's ''The Tonight Show'' and ABC's ''Jimmy Kimmel Live.'' ''I'm so pissed off at this whole thing,'' says Kimmel executive producer Daniel Kellison. ''They're lip-syncing phonies. I think 't.A.T.u' might be Russian for 'Milli Vanilli.'''
Kellison is upset that Volkova and Katina backed off on promises to smooch on-camera on last Wednesday night's hour of the anything-goes show. But the night before, the tonier ''The Tonight Show'' was equally irked that the teens DID swap spit after vowing not to do so. "The Tonight Show'' ended up cutting away to the group's backing guitarist for the full 25-second length of the kiss. ''The record company made an agreement at the time of the booking for the girls not to french kiss,'' says an NBC spokesperson. ''The girls broke the agreement, which the 'Tonight Show' found unacceptable.''
Meanwhile, the teens had a demand of their own for ''The Tonight Show'' staff. They wanted to lip-sync to a recorded track, according to a source familiar with the performance. Bookers, though, insisted the girls sing live, which they did. But on ''Kimmel,'' the girls never sang a note, according to Kellison, who says the pair skipped rehearsal and ended up miming to a DAT. ''They showed up 15 minutes before the show, with all sorts of attitude, all sorts of tantrums,'' says Kellison. ''And then they don't even kiss! The whole thing was a farce.'' t.A.T.u.'s label, Interscope Records, had no official comment
Beyonce Knowles Is Losing Her Edge 
Destiny's Child star Beyonce Knowles is catching some heat after borrowing from 50 Cent's camp on 'In Da Club', especially since she was already involved in controversy with Mary J. Blige. A New York DJ says, "Beyonce is trying to steal someone else's shine again -- but it won't fly in New York. When 'Bonnie & Clyde' was released, one radio station here cut her vocals out and replaced them with Braxton's. It's definitely not a good start to a solo career."

Tamyra Gray Pays Clive Davis A Visit 
The New York Post reports American Idol Tamyra Gray paid a visit to Clive Davis earlier today. She gushed beforehand, "I'm meeting Clive! I'm actually having this meeting with the man that I've always wanted to work with, face-to-face. I'm not going to be able to go to sleep tonight."

Puffy Plans To Market 'Diddy Drinks'
The New York Post reports Sean 'P. Diddy' Combs is planning to market "Diddy Drinks," which, his rep claims, will be a "sexy alcoholic mixer - because Puffy is a mixer, of music and drinks." They also report Puffy is working on an as-yet-untitled dance album. "He recorded it in Ibiza last summer with Felix Da Housecat and Nellee Hooper," his rep says. 

Madonna Considers Marriage 'Very Important' 
In Madonna's feature in the new Vanity Fair magazine, she said of her relationship with husband Guy Ritchie, "I actually think marriage is a very important thing. I had to work hard to get a good marriage. Everyone does. You have to make a lot of efforts and compromises. I knew Guy was the right person in five minutes but it took me several years to actually make it happen." 

March 11   03  //  SHOP

Queen Latifah Comedy Beats War Film
'Bringing Down the House', the comedy starring Queen Latifah and Steve Martin, steamrolled Bruce Willis' war-themed 'Tears of the Sun' last weekend at the box office, taking in $31.7 million, besting 'Tears' which brought in $17.2 million. "It's not just that people want to escape in movies," Los Angeles-based psychologist Henry Nguyen said. "They want to escape somewhere fun. That's why comedies and fantasies are doing so well, while police dramas and ... real-world violence are a harder sell." 

Rappers Wrestle In New Video Game
Reuters reports the hotly anticipated game 'Def Jam Vendetta' pairs Def Jam with Electronic Arts Inc, and will feature DMX and Method Man and a storyline that brings together the worlds of wrestling and hip-hop. "I think that there is an integral relationship between video games and music," Steve Schnur, who runs music and game audio operations globally for EA, told Reuters recently. "Video gaming is an essential part of the hip-hop lifestyle." The game is due out April 1st.

Vanessa Carlton Is Fit To Be Tied
TV Guide Online caught up with Vanessa Carlton to talk about MTV not liking the bondage scene of her 'Pretty Baby' video, which she still is smarting over. "It's a very innocent video," Carlton insisted. "It's very tame, the ending. But it's very unexpected coming from an artist like me, I suppose. I didn't even think it was that big a deal."

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Celine Dion Is Like A Las Vegas Extraterrestrial
At least one Las Vegas headliner is already questioning Celine Dion's commitment to Las Vegas before her 'A New Day' show begins at Caesars Palace. "This lady is like an extraterrestrial," said the anonymous entertainer, "landing her spaceship here for a few years, sucking up all the oxygen and then flying away. You'll never see her showing up at other people's openers and that sort of thing. She's just not Vegas."

Justin Timberlake's Childhood Breakdown
The Sunday People reports *NSYNC star Justin Timberlake had a nervous breakdown at the age of 13. He became depressed after leaving the Mickey Mouse Club. He revealed, "I was crying and didn't know why." But his mother Lynn Harless encouraged him to become a pop star. He said, "Luckily, she was there."

Madonna Learns The Rap Game From Missy Elliott
Us Weekly reports that Madonna has turned to Missy Elliott to teach her how to rap. "Madonna is obsessed with Eminem and Missy and wanted to do something in the rap world and get some 'street cred'," according to a source. The Material Girl spent 44 hours on the phone with Missy before going into the studio to record a second, hip-hop version of her upcoming anti-war single 'American Life', which is due out soon. 

No Place Like Home For Ms Dynamite
Ms Dynamite is in New York with her album out in the US tomorrow, but she tells Radio 1 she's already looking forward to coming home. "No matter where I go or who I meet or what I do or where I sing or how many records I sell or how many awards I win, I go home and I'm just Niomi... plain old Niomi and no-one cares," she said. "You know, they're supportive and totally really proud of me, but I'm just Ni, you know, and I love that."

Jay-Z And Beyonce Still A Couple
Us Weekly reports that while Jay-Z attended the Grammy Awards without Beyonce Knowles of Destiny's Child, their relationship is still going on. "They're together, but he needs to be the tough guy and he won't be affectionate in public," an insider revealed. 

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Beyonce Remakes 'In Da Club!'
Beyonce, of Destiny's Child, has remade 50 Cent's explosive song, 'In Da Club.' Rumors on the net report that this track could be on her new album, due out this spring! Listen to the exclusive track here.

Kelly Osbourne Eats Chips, makes millions
Kelly Osbourne is to star in a new advertising campaign for Doritos crisps, according to reports.
The ads, which make their screen debut on March 17, will feature the Princess of Darkness and her band eating crisps and listening to Osbourne's new single at full volume.
Kelly, along with the rest of the Osbourne family, recently starred in a multi-million dollar commercial for drinks giant Pepsi.
As previously reported, the singer and her brother Jack were shown transforming into Donny and Marie Osmond in the commercial, which was premiered in the US during the annual Superbowl.

Latifah Urges Fans To Loosen Up 
Rapper Queen Latifah is urging movie fans to ditch their political correctness for just one day when they go to see her new comedy Bringing Down the House.
The movie, who also stars Steve Martin, sees Chicago actress Latifah playing a convict who wreaks havoc in Martin's character's life when she turns up on his doorstep for a date after developing an internet relationship.
And she's urging moviegoers not to be offended by the film's stereotypes - because anything can be funny when people aren't afraid to talk about it. She says, "To me, political correctness is cool, but it doesn't mean you're not a racist or it doesn't mean you're not a classist."
Former Golden Girls star Betty White and British actress Joan Plowright play particularly prejudiced characters, which Latifah explains just highlights how ignorant some people can be."
But, she adds, "The other characters get it and the kids get it - they know what's going on. They're totally uncomfortable with it.
"We wanted to push the envelope a little bit because there's really a lot of humor in things if we just talk about it.
"This movie is funny bottom line - go to the movie and laugh. You have permission to laugh, don't feel guilty about anything. It's just funny!"

Grammys Boost Record Sales!
The Feb. 23 telecast helped spur Blue Note winner Norah Jones' Come Away With Me to its best sales week yet, as the album returned to #1 with 661k in sales, a dramatic 392% rise over the week before.
Jones led a field of seven 100k-plus sales winners, as Shady/Aftermath/ Interscope hip-hop hottie 50 Cent hung tough, dropping just 20% with 401k units moved and landing at #2, with last week's chart-topper, Jive's R. Kelly, finishing third.
Grammy exposure was key for Open Wide/Monument/Columbia's Dixie Chicks, who came in at #4 with an impressive 86% increase in sales, while WSM's Grammy Nominees 2003 managed an 81% boost at #6. Awards-night performers like Lava/Atlantic's Kid Rock (#7), Aware/Columbia's John Mayer (#8, with a gigantic 134% rise) and Arista's Avril Lavigne (#9) also reaped the rewards of TV exposure. The week's biggest debuts were Roc-a-Fella/IDJ rapper Freeway, making a #5 bow on 118k sold, and the Bloodline//Def Jam/IDJ Cradle 2 the Grave soundtrack, which entered at #10.
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'Joe Millionaire' Joins Mariah Carey
Jeannette Walls of MSNBC reports that a source tells her 'Joe Millionaire' reality-TV star Evan Marriott is set to star in Mariah Carey's new video. "He's appearing with Mariah in her video for 'Bringin' on the Heartbreak,'" says the insider. "She's a rock star diva and in one scene, they're together for a helicopter ride and then pass through a throng of adoring fans."
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Exclusive: Britney and Christina - Watch out for those camera angles!
Britney Spears - Smoking! Christina - Showing a little more then what we are use to! Watch out for the camera angles ladies.
Britney Spears is currently being tracked by our Celeb Tracker! Britney is recording for her new album, and Wild Writings has all the information on Britney's new album, track listing, and the first single information.
Christina is preparing for her tour, and
she continues to pump out the hits on the Official Wild Writings Video and Song Charts.
Did you know Britney is filling lawsuit against a tabliod for claiming she bought and used Cocain - while Christina just signed a deal with Versace for a modeling campaign?

>> After seeing these recent pictures do you think Britney and Christina are roll models?
Your writings will be put into our Editorial Section!
E-mail us your response at
JC and Britney - Tracked!
Check out the Celebrity Tracker, where we've tracked Britney Spears, Missy Elliott, Mariah Carey, and Jc Chasez! Keep sending in your requests, and we will track them down for you!

'Ignition,' 'The Anthem,' and 'Rock Your Bosy' bust  into the Charts!
R,Kelly's 'Ignition (remix).' Good Charlotte's 'The Anthem,' and Timberlake's  'Rock Your Body' all broke into the Top Ten songs of Wild Writings! Check out the Official Top 10 Songs, and the Top 5 Videos only in the media section! You can vote and make yourself heard today!
Mandy Favors Charles Grigsby & Ruben Studdard
Mandy Moore was asked for her pick in this season's American Idol on her message board earlier today. She writes, "On Tuesday and Wednesday nights... my life revolves... or rather stops at 8 o'clock to watch 'Idol'. I never watched it last season. I dismissed it as dumb and pointless; however, I'm hooked now. Rueben and Charles are my favorites. I'm not a big fan of any of the girls. I actually would love to go to a taping one of these days." For your information, Charles was kicked off tonight on American Idol!

Jay-z to Release The Blueprint 2.1
Jay-Z is ready to present the public with his original vision for 'The Blueprint 2: The Gift & the Curse'. Scheduled for release on April 8, 'The Blueprint 2.1' will be one CD, featuring Jay's favorite songs from his current double album in addition to two unreleased tracks. In October, Jay said that he originally wanted to put out just out one CD but was convinced by his Roc-A-Fella camp to make 'The Gift & the Curse' a double LP.

Biggie's Mom Dismisses Lil' Kim
In a recent interview, Voletta Wallace aired out her feelings on Lil Kim, who made the shocking allegations that the Notorious B.I.G. abused her and urged her to have an abortion. "All this stuff, black eyes, pulling guns.. that's a bit much," Ms. Wallace said. "If my son had pulled a gun on Lil Kim, I wish he would have blown her brains out."

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Mariah Declared MTV2's Greatest Voice
The honors keep coming for Mariah Carey - now she has been named MTV2's greatest voice. The pop star, who is in the middle of a comeback following a breakdown two years ago, recently picked up a Lifetime Achievement prize at the Soul Train Awards and has also been entered into the Guinness Book of Records for having the highest voices in pop. And now, Carey has beaten off Freddie Mercury and Whitney Houston to claim MTV2 honors. But the list isn't a true reflection on the history of pop as it only features artists who have had hit records in the past 20 years.
The top 10 is:
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Howie: Backstreet Boys Will Start Recording Tuesday
Howie Dorough of the Backstreet Boys recently called into JoJo's 9 @ 9 countdown. He told JoJo, "We're hoping by the end of the summer, fall, somewhere around there I think would be great. I think, realistically, we've got I think about 6 songs in the can that we have demo'd already that we think are pretty good, definitely album contenders. But we just really want to experiment. We're looking out there for more music, we're writing with some great, great writers and producers. We just want to let the sky be the limits. We just want this definitely to be a slam, coming back album that people will be like 'wow, we're glad to hear them back on the map again'." JoJo also told Howie how much he loved a new song that AJ McLean played for him called 'Back In The Day.'

Ludacris' DJ Experience Helps Balance Him Out
Experience as a DJ has helped Ludacris navigate the politics of the music business, he tells Doug Elfman of the Las Vegas Review Journal. "It balanced me out. Before, I couldn't stand songs that were played on the radio. I was all about being underground," he says. But now "I understand what went into rotation, and things of that nature." Does that mean Ludacris developed a formula for making a hit song? "Not necessarily a formula," he says. "But I do know what people want to hear."

Toni Braxton Splits Arista, Inks With Blackground reports Toni Braxton is leaving Arista Records to join Blackground Records. Universal-distributed Blackground has tentative plans to issue a new Braxton album on September 16th, preceded by the first single in June or July. "Toni is one of the most distinctive and powerful voices to come out in the last 25-30 years," Blackground founder Barry Hankerson, who also manages Braxton, said. "This signing is an incredible opportunity to literally continue the development process. With most artists you look to put out one or two albums. With Toni, you know she will have a career for decades to come."

Madonna to sell songs on WWW!  
Madonna is reportedly launching a groundbreaking new way of selling records, by releasing her latest single on the internet. She apparently will make "American Life" available as a download in America, and it will be accompanied by a special message from her official website. The track, which will not be eligible for the charts, will be available from 24 March 2003, but the wife of movie director Guy Ritchie promises that if it is leaked to the Net before then, she will email the tune to fans early. A music executive says, "This is the way forward for music and Madonna has been very brave to take the lead. Give it a year and Britain will follow"
Justin's Terror Flight
Pop sensation Justin Timberlake feared for his life when an engine on the plane he was travelling on ceased working. The Cry Me a River hunk - who is scared of flying - was en route to Japan when one of the engine's was hit by a bird, knocking it out. Panic gripped the passengers, some of whom reported seeing flames engulfing the engine, and Timberlake found himself in the middle of his "worst nightmare".
A spokeswoman for his record label Jive says, "Justin told us that he and everybody else on the plane was frightened. Justin hates flying and was left very, very badly shaken."
A friend of the singer adds, "When the pilot announced the engine had stopped because of the bird, everyone was in tears because they thought they were all going to die.
"Justin said a silent prayer and did his best to remain calm. As Justin is already afraid of flying, this was his worst nightmare.  "Everyone had to wait until the plane safely landed back in Los Angeles. "I don't think it was until Justin had got off the plane that the full shock of what happened hit home. He was very upset."
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The Contest has been updated! The second installment will get you the Justin TImberlake's  "Like I Love You" single! The contest is easy and free! Check it out now! The first part of the contest we gave away Mariah Carey's :"Through The Rain' single! Get going! The contest is over soon!

Interviews coming from your Idols!
We will have a new interview coming soon with an American Idol! More Information arriving soon! Go to interviews here.
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Fatone Gets Funny: Nysnc Update
'N Sync star Joey Fatone is to showcase his sense of humour on a new comedy album. Bandmate Lance Bass revealed the pop star is going to parody a handful of current pop songs "just like Weird Al Yankovic" on a new album at a General Motors' pre-Oscar party earlier this week.
He said, "I know Joey's going to do a comedy album, which is going to be pretty funny. You'll hear some Justin(Timberlake) songs on there and all kinds of stuff. "I'm pretty sure Cry Me a River will become something about a liver. He'll have fun with it."
Meanwhile, with 'N Sync still on hiatus, Chris Kirkpatrick has just signed on to manage Dallas, Texas, band Ohno, according to a Jive Records spokesperson, while JC Chasez is finishing his solo album.
Meanwhile, Timberlake is gearing up for the Justified & Stripped summer tour with Christina Aguilera. The solo efforts are expected to wind down in September, when the group will return to the studio. Bass adds, We've started writing again. JC and Justin have been writing a lot and they are going to have stuff that didn't make their albums that's more 'Nsync-style."

Berry Set To 'inspire' Troops With Oscars Dress 
Stunning actress Halle Berry's planned outfit for the Academy Awards is so dazzling, her stylist promises it will even be inspiration to the troops fighting in the Middle East. The Oscar-winning beauty regularly shines on the red carpets of star-studded events with her classy outfits.
And despite the withdrawal of the red carpet from the Hollywood ceremony on Sunday, in recognition of the American-led war with Iraq, Berry still plans to turn heads when she puts in an appearance to present the Best Actor award.
Celebrity stylist Phillip Bloch will dress the Monster's Ball star, Jim Carrey and Iman, says he's advised his clients to stick to their original attire.
He says, "If a picture of Halle gets out and those guys in the service see it, it will only inspire them all the more."

Monica takes a 3rd shot   
Monica is reportedly once again delaying her new album entitled "All Eyez On Me". She has been trying her best to score at the charts by releasing singles, which turned out as dissappointments to the singer. She will now release the 3rd single entitled "So Gone", as her last shot at the singles charts before the release of the album.. 

Queen Latifah Is Always Gonna Be Music First 
The Cleveland Plain Dealer quotes Oscar-nominated actress Queen Latifah saying, "Publicly, I would probably seem like I'm more an actress now than singer. But personally, nah. I'm always going to be music first. It's just in my heart. When I'm not working, I make beats in songs as a hobby. Some people will pick up a book or a magazine, read or watch TV or go to the movies. I'll go in the studio in my house and just make a beat. Or get on the guitar and play the two strings that I can and come up with a melody. That's just what I do." 

Fred Durst & Geri Halliwell Go On Secret Lunch Date
After former Spice Girl Geri Halliwell and Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst flirted on the Jimmy Kimmel show and shared a mutual interest in doing Britney Spears, the pair were spotted on a secretive lunch date at La Scala in Beverly Hills yesterday. A spy says says the duo went to outrageous lengths to avoid being snapped together on their date, and even sent a pal to collect Durst's Mercedes from the restaurant car park. Halliwell reported had Durst enraptured throughout the meal.

Avril Talks About Britney Spears In Ellegirl Magazine
"In the latest Ellegirl the cover story is an interview with Avril Lavigne.  Some of the things Avril said are surprising.  Avril said "Anti-Britney is a very mean thing to say. Think of how she feels when people say it. I have said some things about her. I have heard she is a really cool and nice person even though I'm not into the whole sex thing. When I have only had 40 minutes of sleep I think of Britney and how she has been everyhwere for a very long time. The interviewer then said "It sounds as if you admire her."  Avril responded ny saying  "I would not say admire her but I respect her. She has had to go through a public breakup with a world famous boyfriend and she has no personal life. She must be a very strong woman."

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Time To Trim The 'American Idol' Fat
  Jessica Shaw of Entertainment Weekly weighed in following last night's 'American Idol'. She writes, "We're officially at that point of 'American Idol' where it's time to get rid of the excess fat. No, that's not a sizist comment, because if anything, the more plus-sized you are this year, the more compelling. I mean that the remaining finalists can neatly be divided into two camps: the ones who could become an American Idol and the ones who don't have a chance in hell."

AJ McLean Is Writing, Producing & Engineering Music
Sarah Martin, Backstreet Boys star AJ McLean's girlfriend, told her Yahoo group, "AJ has been working his butt off writing, producing, engineering and recording some of the most amazing music I have ever heard. And I am not just being partial. This new music of his is trippin' me out. He played me one last night that blew my mind!! His voice is the best I've ever heard it, and his producing skills are sick! He is very proud of it as well, wich is very motivating on many levels. And I hope you guys don't think that I'm telling you this to tease you. I know in my heart that you will all have the opportunity to hear it soon, whether it be on the BSB album, or just for AJ. Its soooo damn good that it will not go unheard."

Van Der Beek Sees End of Dawson
Actor James Van Der Beek is set to shoot the final episode of his hit TV show Dawson's Creek next month - and he's thrilled to see the end of it.
The Dawson's Creek finale will be filmed on April 28th and Van Der Beek admits he's far from reluctant to be walking away from his longrunning stint. He says, "I don't think any of us are sorry. We've had a great run, but everyone at this point is excited to have their life back.
"As terrific an opportunity as it's been to play DAWSON, it's been kind of holding me back. I've had to live in Wilmington, North Carolina, nine months a year, and that's limited what I can do personally or professionally."
Van Der Beek, who will now be able to set up home with his fiancee Heather McComb, is set to start filming independent flick Standing Still In New York this month.

Colin Farrell Steps Out With Pregnant Girlfriend
Hollywood lothario Colin Farrell has been spotted out in California with the model who is pregnant with his child.
The Recruit star was snapped kissing model Kim Bordenave passionately in Santa Monica.
One onlooker says, "They seemed very much in love and Colin appeared really happy and relaxed about being a father. Colin and Kim looked very close and things seem much more serious between them than many people are thinking."
However, Farrell has always maintained that he is unable to commit to serious relationships and extolled the virtues of casual sex.

Presley's First Gig is Tough
Rock heiress Lisa Marie Presley's attempt to follow in the footsteps of her superstar father Elvis got off to a troublesome start yesterday - members of the audience could barely hear her voice.
The sexy brunette - who split with actor Nicolas Cage last December after just four months of marriage - made her first ever singing performance yesterday.
She nervously took to the stage in front of 1,000 record label executives at the National Association of Recording Merchandisers' annual convention in Orlando, Florida.
But Pressey's debut, in promotion of her first album To Whom It May Concern, left people undecided about her talent - because the audience found it difficult to hear her voice above her backing band.
Music chief Alan Josef Kaplan says, "She's a little shy, but she's new. Give her six months, and she's going to get much more comfortable."
However, Kaplan adds that Presley has "star presence," and "you can see her mother PRISCILLA and Elvis both in her".
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Exclusive: American Idol Contestant Interviewed!
Alden Wynn, an American Idol II Contestant, has been interviewed on Wild Writings! We asked Alden about the judges, other contestants, his childhood, and his future career! Check out the interview and pictures here!
"People make Simon out to be a monster but he's a big teddy bear!  If you listen to his comments he's usually right on! Paula is just as sweet and genuine in person as she is on TV and very soft spoken and supportive not to mention "easy on the eyess." Randy is kind of a hermit he's only there as long as the taping for the show and then he's gone! But he's an music industry veteran .. "
Oscar Winners:
Best Picture

Best Actress
Nicole Kidman, ''The Hours''

Best Actor
Adrien Brody, ''The Pianist''

Best Supporting Actress
Catherine Zeta-Jones, ''Chicago''

Best Supporting Actor
Chris Cooper, ''Adaptation''

Best Director
Roman Polanski, ''The Pianist''

Original Screenplay
''Talk to Her,'' Written by Pedro Almodóvar

Adapted Screenplay
''The Pianist,'' Screenplay by Ronald Harwood

Documentary Feature
''Bowling for Columbine''

Documentary Short
''Twin Towers''

Best Foreign Language Film
''Nowhere in Africa,'' Germany

Animated Feature
''Spirited Away''

''Road to Perdition''

Original Song
''Lose Yourself,'' from ''8 Mile,'' Music by Eminem, Jeff Bass, and Luis Resto; Lyric by Eminem

Original Score
''Frida,'' Elliot Goldenthal

Art Direction

Costume Design


Visual Effects
''The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers''

Film Editing


Sound Editing
''The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers''

Short -- Live Action
''This Charming Man (Der er en Yndig Mand)''

Short -- Animated
''The Chubbchubbs!''

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Oscar Ratings:
he all-too-real spectacle of war in Iraq seems to have distracted viewers from the Oscars' glitter, with ratings for Sunday's show slipping to the lowest levels since at least 1974, according to the Associated Press. In a press release, ABC estimated that around 33 million viewers tuned in this year, compared with 41.78 million last year. The network blamed the slip on both the war and the absence of Barbara Walters' preshow interview special, which traditionally helped bring audiences to the main event.  Oscar last hit similar lows in 1987 (37.2 million viewers) and 1986 (37.8 million). In 1998, the year of ''Titanic,'' viewership ballooned to 55.2 million, according to AP. In its press release, ABC notes that this year's Oscars still trounced the most recent Emmys (20 million viewers) and Grammys (24.8 million). It was also, of course, the top-rated program of the week.
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Wild Writings will be having the March chat on March 31, at 9:00 PM ET. Prizes will be Kelly Rowland Posters, Mariah Carey singles off  her Charmbracelet album, plus Christina Aguilera's "Dirrty" single! The chat is located here. Be at the chat for announcements, exclusive offers, prizes, and lots of media!

Kylie Minogue Plots Personal Video For The Troops
The Sunday Mirror reports Kylie Minogue is planning a personal video for the troops invading Iraq, and it's rumoured to be very hot. Kylie will be wearing a python skin thong and hot pants, especially designed by Dolce & Gabbana.

A New Day' Is A Good Show, Though Stage Is Too Big
Mike Weatherford of the Las Vegas Review Journal reviewed the Celine Dion 'A New Day' show at Ceasar's Palace. Weatherford called it "a very good show that still has the potential to become a great one. Some of the opening night disappointments should be relatively easy to fix: spotty pacing, the star's underwhelming wardrobe and the stingy use of stage close-ups on the giant LED screen that serves as a backdrop." He added, "The biggest mistake, however, is going to be a bit harder to fix at this point: The 120-foot stage of the new Colosseum is too large by at least a third, and swallows the entire production."  Do you want Celine to be the Featured Artist next month? Vote on the poll above.

50 Cent Makes Radio History 'In Da Club'
Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that during one week in March, 50 Cent's mega-hit 'In Da Club' reached 170.2 million radio listeners, according to the industry trade magazine Billboard. "It's the most listened-to song in chart history," said Silvio Pietroluongo, who oversees Billboard's Hot 100 ranking of popular songs. The tune's success helped 50 Cent's album 'Get Rich or Die Tryin'' sell 872,000 copies in its first four days of release -- a record for a new artist.

Mariah brings her own cook
Mariah Carey proved just how much of a good dinner guest she is on a visit to a friend's London home when she turned up with her own chef. She apparently was slated to eat a meal at a friend's home on 20 March 2003 in the British capital, where she's promoting her latest single "Boy (I Need You)". But she was running late from taping a spot on British music show "Top Of The Pops", and didn't want her friend to have to cook for her and her other guests at that late hour. A source says, "When the show finished at about 10pm, her driver took Mariah and her chef round to the friend's house." The whole group then went to a local Tesco supermarket, where they bought a few ingredients for the chicken dish Mariah's chef cooked. One of the Mariah's impressed companions notes, "Mariah's the perfect dinner party guest."  Want to win Mariah singles? Chat with us and win here!

Nick Lachey goes solo  
98 Degrees singer, Nick Lachey, will apparently release his debut solo album via Universal Records this spring. His first single isapparently entitled "Shut Up." In the past, Nick has recorded few tracks including one entitled "Where You Are" with his wife, Jessica Simpson for her LP. Nick said that it was unlikely that he would reunite with his wife for a duet on his upcoming solo debut. "We've done that one project together, and that one song together, and we really enjoyed that.. We enjoyed that whole experience, and I'm sure we will at some point. I don't think it will happen on this record. You know, I need to have a chance to establish myself as a solo artist, and she has got many things she needs to do on the solo front. At some point when the time is right and the song is right, I'm sure we'll do a project together." Nick's new website for his solo effort is still a work in progress, but it is located at 

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Madonna Gets 'Truthful' On 'American Life'
Madonna tells Entertainment Tonight that 'American Life' is her most "truthful" record to date. "I could say life put me on that path," she said. "I think I have had a number of revelations in the past few years. I think a lot of it has to do with studying Kabbalah, which is essentially like cracking the codes of the universe and it has to do with having family and growing up seeing life for what it is."

Tired Britney Spotted In BevHills
Ted Casablanca of E! Online reports Britney Spears was spotted shuffling though the lobby of the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills. Spears wore pink Juicy sweats, with her hair tucked back in a stringy ponytail, as she headed for a bite at the café. Britney could barely keep her heavy-lidded eyes open with bodyguard Big Rob in tow. 

Hold Everything... No Blackground Deal For Braxton Yet reports that despite recent press reports that Toni Braxton had left Arista and has signed a new recording contract with Blackground, there is much speculation that the deal with Barry Hankerson's label is not a done deal. Reports now say that Braxton is currently receiving other offers. Hankerson still manages Braxton. 

Da Brat And Mariah Carey To Team Up On Baby Girl
We haven't heard much from Da Brat in the last few years, but she tells MTV News that she has big plans along with pal Mariah Carey. "I've just been working hard," said Da Brat, who dropped her last LP, 'Unrestricted, in 2000'. "Even though you ain't been seeing me, I've been getting money on the low. I have my own little label and I have artists. Me and Mariah have a group coming out called Baby Girl, [and] it's two girls. I've been doing a whole lot of stuff."  Mariah's birthday was the 27th of March - Happy Birthday Mariah!

Kelly cancels tour   
Kelly Rowland has cancelled her European tour due to fears about travel during wartime. She was scheduled to begin a tour of the UK in April. Others to have recently dropped touring plans include Shakira and Tom Petty. Meanwhile, the Wu Tang's Cappadonna and Remedy bucked the trend by announcing that they would be touring Israel in May. 
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