02 November 03

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02 November 02

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Britney On 60 Minutes>>
Globe magazine has more details on Britney Spears being banned from appearing on '60 Minutes' over objections from veteran newsman Mike Wallace. In response to his promise to quit if the pop singer appeared during a recent NPR interview, an insider said, "Mike knows that '60 Minutes' is his last hurrah and it burns him that younger viewers don't get what it's all about and are tuning out. Britney Spears represents vapid youth in Mike's mind and he hates it."

Through the Rain not to be released!>>
Although Mariah's video for 'Through The Rain' is landing at stops #2 or #1 on TRL, and the radio play is average, Universal decided to cancel the single release of it. Instead, both the song and remix will be on Mariah's album, Charmbracelet. Our sources tell us that Mariah will release an uptempo song before the album is released, so that it can showcase both her ballads and a R&B song.

TLC Ready To Shoot Video>>
TLC are ready to film the first video from their November 12 release, 3D.
According to Arista Records, the group's T-Boz and Chilli will shoot scenes for "Girl Talk" over a three-day period in Atlanta with director Dave Meyers, starting on October 21. While details concerning the clip's plot are not yet available, sources at the label said to expect the singers to pay homage to Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes, who died in April in a car crash. The multiplatinum unit will also be honored with a "TLC Day" in Atlanta, the day their album drops, by Mayor Shirley Franklin. A parade and a concert have been planned in their honor, and T-Boz and Chilli will be presented with a key to the city.

01 November 02

Madonna Fails At The Box Office>>
Madonnas two week old movie has been pulled from theators by Sony immediatly following the results of her first weekend chart stats - Madonna landed at #24, ouch. The movie made an unbelieveably poor debut making only $300,000.00. Mariah's Glitter was almost the same number of theators as Madonna, and Mariah still gorssed  3 Million off of it. This just shows how poor 'Swept Away' did. Madonna will be appearing in the new James Bond movie, hopefully Die Another Die will do much better. Madonna, stick to the new modern music.

Liza gets cancelled>>
''Liza and David,'' VH1's planned reality series built around celebrity dinner parties at the home of newlyweds Liza Minnelli and David Gest, could have been brilliant, or it could have been a riveting train wreck, but we'll never know. VH1 canceled the show Tuesday, after shooting just one episode of the series, which was to premiere in January. The network has no plans to air the lone produced installment, a VH1 spokesperson tells EW.com. ''We're not moving forward with the show,'' the spokesperson said. ''Liza's amazing, but we were not given the cooperation needed to make the show happen.'' That lack of access was apparently due to concert promoter Gest's meddling, according to a report in the New York Post. The paper quotes a source close to the show as calling Gest ''impossible to work with'' and a ''control freak.'' Show insiders reportedly told the Post and the Associated Press that Gest frequently blocked access to Minnelli, keeping her locked in their New York apartment while the crew waited outside; repeatedly canceled production dates; and engaged in such ''neat freak'' behavior as forcing crew members to take off their shoes and wear surgical booties inside the apartment. Asked by EW.com about the Post and AP accounts, the VH1 spokesperson declined to comment. Gest and Minnelli also had no comment, though their publicist expected them to issue a statement soon, Reuters reports.

Santana Rules>>
If it ain't broke, don't fix it. Carlos Santana scored the biggest hit of his career three years ago with ''Supernatural'' by inviting lots of younger, hipper hitmakers to guest star on the album. He repeated the formula with his new Arista Records release ''Shaman,'' and so far, it's paid off, giving the guitarist his first No. 1 Billboard album chart debut in his 30-plus-year career. He also scored his highest-ever first week sales total by moving 299,000 units, according to SoundScan.

Run-DMC's Jam Master Jay Shot>
Rap pioneer Jam Master Jay, the DJ behind Run-DMC, was shot to death Wednesday night when one or two intruders were admitted to his recording studio in New York City, police announced. The gunman shot Jay (real name: Jason Mizell) in the head, and another man, Urieco Rincon, 25, in the leg, before he fled. Jay died at the scene, a mile away from his childhood home in Hollis, Queens. He was 37.
Police revealed no motive for the shooting. Jay, Rincon, and four or five others were conducting a recording session for two unidentified women when someone buzzed the assailant or assailants in to the second-floor studio. (Witnesses differed on the number of intruders, the New York Post reports.) The shooter pushed one of the women out of the way to get a clear shot at Mizell, police told the Post.

New Music!>>
Have some extra money? This week some great new albums are out! First we have Christina Aguilera's album, which features 'Dirrty' and Fighter' [Check them out in our media section]. Tori Amos has a new album at her new record label, the new 8 Mile Soundtrack, and Stevie Wonder: The Collection.  Now or Never comes out by Nick Carter, and the new Nirvana album!
07 November 02

'8 Mile' Soundtrack Spanks Christina Aguilera's Stripped>>
When opportunity knocks, Eminem jumps, shoots and scores. The Eminem Show is still in the top 10 of the Billboard albums chart 24 weeks after its release, his first movie, "8 Mile," is poised to blow up at the box office, and the film's soundtrack will debut at #1 on next week's chart. The disc, which sold over 702,000 copies, features four new Eminem tracks, including the explosive hit "Lose Yourself," as well as new songs by D12, Nas, Jay-Z and Freeway, and others. 8 Mile more than doubled the sales of rival Christina Aguilera's revealing new album Stripped, which sold just over 330,000 copies and will debut at #2.  Landing in the #3 slot is Nirvana's self-titled greatest-hits collection, which moved over 234,000 copies thanks largely to the inclusion of the previously unreleased single You Know You're Right. Spiritual rocker Santana, who nailed the top slot last week with Shaman, will drop to #4, selling nearly 175,000 copies. Country trio Rascal Flatts will take the #5 spot, shifting almost 170,000 units of their second album, Melt. And in her third week of sales, Faith Hill will slide to the sixth chart position after selling around 147,000 of her fifth album, Cry. Tori Amos will take the #7 position, selling over 107,000 copies of her new album, Scarlet's Walk. Avril Lavigne will slip one notch to #9, though the additional 95,000 copies sold brings her grand total for Let Go up to over 2,504,000 copies since its June 4 release, making her one of the top sellers of the year with less than six months of total sales. Dixie Chicks will round out the top 10, moving almost 86,000 more copies of Home. MTV..

Beyonce Maps Out Destiny's Child Schedule: Tour>>
"[In a group] you become dependent on your group members, which is great, but when you get to a certain age you need to mature by yourself."  Beyoncé Knowles They may be independent women, but Destiny's Child can't stay away from each other for too long. After spending the year working on solo material and acting projects, Beyoncé Knowles, Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams will reunite in December for a short holiday tour, Beyoncé revealed recently on the set of her upcoming movie "The Fighting Temptations." The outing will kick off December 5 in Houston and end December 21 in Seattle, according to a Columbia Records spokesperson for the group. Venues and other dates will be announced soon. The ladies will not gather in the studio, however, until Williams releases her second gospel album next spring.

Bobby Busted>>
Singer Bobby Brown was arrested on Thursday morning in Atlanta for speeding, driving without a valid license and possession of marijuana. Brown was driving in his black Cadillac Escalade SUV on Peachtree Road in the tony Buckhead area of Atlanta at around 2:35 a.m. Police clocked him at 52 miles per hour in a 35 mph zone, and proceeded to arrest the singer not only for speeding, but, upon further inspection, for driving without a valid license and possession of less than an ounce of pot, according to a police department spokesperson.  At around 10 a.m., Brown posted his $1,300 bail and was released ... directly into the hands of Atlanta's neighboring DeKalb County authorities. Brown had failed to appear in DeKalb County Court after a 1997 arrest for similar offenses: DUI, speeding and "failure to maintain lane."

Britney is back!>>
"I've been in the studio for a while," Spears revealed at the Neil Bogart Memorial Fund's annual Bogart Tour for a Cure event on Monday. "I've written plenty of stuff. It's really cool, really good." Spears said she took three months off after her world tour wrapped in July  she had originally vowed to take six  but has since been working on the follow-up to last year's Britney. While British tabloids following Spears on a recent London trip linked her with producers William Orbit (Madonna), Guy Chambers (Kylie Minogue) and Shep Soloman (Westlife), the singer would not confirm any of her collaborators. "I can't tell you, then it won't be cool when it comes out," Spears said. "There has been a couple [producers] overseas."

Christina Shows Up At '8 Mile' Premiere>>
LOS ANGELES  Though Moby, Chris Kirkpatrick and Fred Durst were understandably absent at Eminem's "8 Mile" premiere Wednesday, another of his targets did turn up, belly shirt, big hat, blonde locks and all. "I hear great things [about Eminem's acting ability], I really do," Christina Aguilera insisted on her way up the red carpet. "I wouldn't be here if I didn't. I heard that the movie's great. I heard it's directed wonderfully. I heard that he's great in it, so I'm really excited." Part of where X-Tina heard all that was from the seemingly inescapable "8 Mile" ads everywhere she turns. "Whoever's doing his promotional department for this is doing a kick-ass job, that's for sure," she pointed out.

06 November 02

Bandmates Not Too Excited About Backstreet Baby>>  
Globe magazine reports as Backstreet Boys star Brian Littrell and his pregnant wife Leighanne happily await the arrival of a baby boy around the holidays, the rest of the band members haven't had much to say about it. "There haven't been a lot of calls congratulating us," Leighanne said of Brian's bandmates. A source tells the tabloid the reason behind their silence may be their negative feelings about Leighanne. "Most of the guys didn't think she was right for him," a source said. "They've been keeping their distance ever since. In the end, they just don't believe this marriage is going to last." Leighanne admitted, "Some of them had bets we wouldn't last a year." 

Jenny NOT From The Block>>
Jenifer Lopez may call herself "Jenny From the Block" in her hit song - but those who live in her former Bronx neighborhood paint another picture entirely. Some members of the tight-knit community at the corner of Castle Hill and Blackrock avenues say the 32-year-old diva exploits her roots to enhance her "street" image, but doesn't give anything back - even autographs. "She's a phony, a fake and she doesn't do anything for the block," says Michael O'Neal, a 23-year-old health-care worker. "She only comes here for the image."  Last Monday, J.Lo turned up in a chauffeured, black Lincoln Navigator for an interview with Diane Sawyer - but didn't have a moment for her so-called pals. For the cameras, she visited the Holy Family Catholic school she attended as a child, stopped across the street at the yellow house where she used to dance for her parents in the living room and stopped in at the Crossbronx pizza shop on the corner. Bodyguards shoved excited kids out of her way, residents said, leaving one tiny fan in tears. "The kids were cursing at J.Lo because she wouldn't acknowledge them," says Emily Estevez, a 26-year-old mortgage broker who attended the same high school as Lopez. "These are the kids that beg their parents to go see her movies, buy her CDs, her perfume, her clothes. These are the ones that put her where she is today." In her new song, Lopez sings: "Don't be fooled by the rocks that I got . . . I'm still, I'm still Jenny from the block . . . Used to have a little, now I have a lot . . . No matter where I go, I know where I came from." But locals say she ought to put her money where her mouth is.

New Tupac Tracks Roll Out On Another Posthumous Double Album>>
More than six years after the death of Tupac Shakur another posthumous double album from the influential rapper is being released.  Better Dayz, due November 26, follows on the heels of last year's triple platinum Until the End of Timeand finds a storm of rappers contributing additional vocals to tracks Tupac recorded just before his murder on September 13, 1996. Anthony Hamilton sings on the first single, "Thugz Mansion," which hit the airwaves on Monday, according to a spokesperson for the project. Nas, Trick Daddy, Mya, Ronald "Mr. Biggs" Isley, Tyrese and the Outlawz are featured elsewhere on the 20-track collection, which features production work from 7 Aurelius (Ja Rule), Jazze Pha (Ludacris) and Frank Nitty (Big Punisher). Suge Knight and Tupac's mother, Afeni Shakur, executive produced the album, some of the proceeds of which will benefit the Tupac Shakur foundation. Tupac's music continues to have an incredible influence on popular music, as is evident by Jay-Z's and Toni Braxton's latest singles, which both sample "Me & My Girlfriend." Better Dayz also comes at a time of peak interest over the rapper's murder, which was the subject of a recent controversial Los Angeles Times investigative report and a documentary. Since his death, several albums by Tupac have been released, including Don Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory under the name Makaveli, a greatest-hits package and a collaboration album with the Outlawz. The Tupac Shakur Foundation, which provides training to aspiring artists, is planning to open the Tupac Amaru Shakur Center for the Arts (TASCA), which will include a museum of the rapper's work and artifacts, in 2003.

New Vh1>>
VH1's new schedule includes less music, more pop culture. Look for more awards shows, reality programs, and non-musical movies on the formerly video-oriented channel by Gary Susman  VH1 may not have ''Liza and David'' to kick around anymore, but it'll have several new shows that could fill its proposed January slot, and some of them will even involve music. The channel, whose initials stand for ''video hits,'' is following the example of sister station MTV in moving away from music toward broader pop-culture programming. It's a change that's been happening for some time, but the channel once known for ''Pop-Up Video'' and ''Behind the Music'' makes the move clear with the new slate of shows unveiled in a statement on Tuesday. ''We're experimenting with the notion of embracing a wider pop-culture nostalgia definition,'' VH1 entertainment president Brian Graden told the Hollywood Reporter. He insisted, however, that the channel isn't completely abandoning music. ''The audience associates us with nostalgia and storytelling almost on an equal level with music. But music has to remain the core.''

Winona Ryder: GUILTY>>
After a six-day trial and five and a half hours of deliberation, a jury has found Winona Ryder guilty on charges of grand theft and vandalism this afternoon, but found the 31-year-old starlet innocent of burglary, according to the Associated Press. (A guilty verdict on a burglary charge requires proof of advance intent.) Ryder faces up to three years in prison for her conviction; sentencing will take place on Dec. 6. The Oscar-nominated actress' charges stem from a Dec. 12, 2001, incident in which Ryder allegedly left a Beverly Hills Saks Fifth Avenue with $5,500 worth of stolen merchandise. Ryder, whose not guilty plea rested on the implication of a set-up by Saks, declined to take the stand in her own defense. The verdict announcement was carried live by CNN; cameras lingered on an expressionless Ryder through its entirety.

05 November 02

Britney doesn't get 'Dirty Dancing">>
Britney Spears didn't land the role in Dirty Dancing 2,  which is a movie she has been interested in for years.  Below is a press release from Artisan regarding the female lead casting in "Havana Nights: Dirty Dancing 2." The sizzling screen duo has been completed for Miramax Films and Artisan Entertainment's much anticipated feature film Havana Nights: Dirty Dancing 2 with the announcement today that Romola Garai has been cast as the female lead in the romantic, music-driven film. Garai will star opposite Diego Luna in the second installment in the Dirty Dancing franchise. 

"Bond 21" will not shoot til 2005>>
In an interview with Variety, Pierce Brosnan reveals that he has accepted an invitation to star in the 21st Bond film, which would make it his fifth film as Britain's #1 secret agent. The film would most likely not begin filming until early 2005, in which case the picture would be released in perhaps 2006.

Joey Fatone Promises *NSYNC's Return Next Year>>
Joey Fatone is featured in the November issue of Teen People where they ask the singer about his role in 'Rent', his best meal, comparing theater to performing in an arena, and the future of *NSYNC. On the latter subject, Joey says, "We really support each other. This has been a nice break, but we know that the beginning of next year, we're back in the studio."

Angie Martinez Quits 'American Idol' After Two Episodes>>
A week after signing on to be a judge on second season of "American Idol," New York DJ/hip-hop artist Angie Martinez has bailed on the show, citing her discomfort with squashing the hopes of would-be Kelly Clarksons. "Being asked to join 'American Idol' as their newest panelist was an honor," Martinez said in a statement . "However, after judging the first few auditions, I've decided to leave the show because it became too uncomfortable for me to tell someone else to give up on their dream, especially when I realized that many of them have supported my career." "Some girl burst into tears when Angie rejected her at the auditions, and Angie quit," Martinez's manager explained. "She just couldn't crush the contestants' dreams."

03 November 02

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Beyonce To Debut First Single At The Fannies>>
"This morning on Kiss 92.5 it was announced that Kelly Rowland will not be able to make it to this year's 2nd annual Fans Choice Awards, 'The Fannies' which take place 1 week from tomorrow, Friday November 8th. Kelly cant come because she is filming 'Freddy vs Jason'. But they then followed that announcement with Beyonce Knowles will be there, performing for the first time ever her first single from her upcoming solo album titled 'Dangerously In Love' They also said Beyoncé is recording her solo album in Toronto right now! Beyonce's sister Solange Knowles will be at the Fannies next Friday as well."

Eminem Back With Kim>>
RAPPER Eminem is back with ex-wife Kim  who was the target of vicious four-letter rants in his songs.  The couple's divorce was finalised just a year ago, but pals say they have been brought back together by their love for six-year-old daughter Hailie. Eminem and Kim Scott became childhood sweethearts after his mum Debbie Mathers-Briggs took her in when she was 12. They married in June 1999  but their tempestuous relationship was marred by bitter rows. Kim tried to commit suicide and Eminem's anger came out in the lyrics of his chart-topping albums. He called her a "crying bitch" and wrote in chilling detail of how he might try to kill her. Now not only is Eminem, 30, back with 27-year-old Kim, he has also taken Kim's baby daughter Whitney into his Michigan home. The six-month-old girl's furious father Eric Hartter said: "Eminem lives in a mansion with guardhouse and gates. With his money and his lawyers, he's keeping me from my little girl. "I know Eminem is a good father to Hailie. "All I'm asking is the chance for me to be a dad to my daughter." But he added: "Kim went to live with Eminem because Hailie wanted to live with her father full time. Kim knew it was time to go back." Kim  twice convicted of drink-driving, still attending Alcoholics Anonymous meetings and charged in July with possessing cocaine  had asked for £2,000 a week in child support.  In June 2000, jealous Eminem  real name Marshall Mathers III  pulled a gun on Kim and her date John Guerra at a bar, and was given two years' probation for assault and carrying a concealed weapon. When recently asked how many times he had been in love, the star replied: "Once, with my ex. One time is enough for me." Target of his hate EMINEM'S wife Kim has been the target of stinging lyrics.  A track entitled Kim goes: "Quit crying bitch, why do you always make me shout at you. How could you? Just leave me and love him out the blue. "You really f***** me Kim, You really did a number on me, I never knew me cheatin' on you would come back to haunt me." Then, to the sound of a woman choking: "Now bleed bitch, bleed  bleed bitch, bleed." In What's The Difference, Eminem raps: "If I do decide to really murder my daughter's momma, I'm a sit her up in the front seat and put sunglasses on her, And cruise around wit her for seven hours through California."

Christina Aguilera Screen Caps/Revealing Photos!>>
Recently, Christina Aguilera was shown on MTV's DIary. We have 10 caps for you,  including a very rare, revealing picture! Get it all below ..
Please Do Not Direct Link
Dirrty: Red Hot!
Mariah Performs "Through The Rain">>
Mariah was in Germany last night and performed her hit song, 'Through The Rain' on the RTL Show. Here are the caps!

Fans Story of Mariah's Meet and Greet>>
While I was at the meet and greet, I met some great friends! One of which is Janel! Here is her story of meeting Mariah!
Ok Here Goes! October 9th! I found out I had won to go to New York to be one of the guest at Mariah's New York Meet & Greet! I was beyond thrilled.
Well October 22nd. The day of the meet and greet! I got up at 6:30 in the morning to get ready to go to New York! My mom's sister Sherry went with me as my guest! My mom Elizabeth (Bianca) was going to go but she wanted my Aunt Sherry to go!  So I went to my Aunt's house and we were on our way to New York! I stayed in New york at the Excelsior Hotel right across the street from the Hayden Planetarium where the meet and greet would be held at! It was awesome. So the day started out! First we went for lunch at Uno's  in New York! It's a really cool place. Then we went to the Planetarium. My Aunt Sherry had already been to the Hayden Planetarium a few times.  So we went over to the planetarium after lunch and we toured the museum! READ ON ...

15 November 02

Hey! Last month Wild Writings brought you an exclusive chance to win Free 2 Broadway tickets, a chance to let Mariah Carey hear your thoughts about her, and we featured a Taryn interview! Well, November will be even bigger and better! Although I can't confirm anything yet - I have been in talks with many sources for some great exclusives coming your way! So stay tuned! Today I also started to make the December layout and wow - it's looking good! Wait till' you see who the AOTM is! More updates coming later ..

New York Tabloid Fingers Prime Suspect In Jam Master Jay Killing>>
While theories concerning a lookout and prime suspect have surfaced in the fatal shooting of Run-DMC DJ Jam Master Jay, police will say only that their investigation continues, and that they have yet to name a suspect. Meanwhile, an additional $250,000 reward is being offered in hopes of bringing the culprits to justice. The Sunday edition of the New York Post reported that an associate of the iconic DJ may have served as a lookout while Jay, born Jason Mizell, was shot to death. The alleged associate is believed to have tipped the killers off when Jay arrived at his 24/7 studio in Queens, according to the Post. He then waited outside while the perpetrators committed the crime. The man believed to be an accomplice to Jay's murder is thought to be hiding out in Washington, D.C. He was only identified as "a convicted drug dealer." The paper also said that Jam Master Jay may have been killed for a dispute over money, and fingered an individual named Curtis Scoon as the prime suspect in the investigation and the man wanted by police for questioning. In last Monday's New York Times, it was reported that police were hoping to question a man  only identified at the time as being from "the South"  in connection with the killing. The Times report said he had been feuding with the acclaimed turntable technician.People may be enticed to come forward with a new reward that has been posted. Charles Fisher, founder and chairman of the Hip-Hop Summit Youth Council, said his organization recently received an anonymous donation of $250,000 to be used as reward money. This compensation is independent of the $62,000 that has already been put up by the New York Police Department and a coalition spearheaded by Russell Simmons. Anyone with information can call the 103rd Precinct Detective Squad at (718) 657-8822 or Crime Stoppers at (800) 577-TIPS. The Mizell family has said donations can be made to the Mizell Children's Fund, c/o Terri Corley-Mizell, P.O. Box 3497, New Hyde Park, NY 11040. [MTV]

LL Cool J's Grandmother Succumbs To Cancer>>
Ellen Griffin--the grandmother of LL Cool J who raised the rapper in the tough streets of Jamaica, Queens--died last weekend following a bout with cancer. Griffin was instrumental in her grandson's life and often inspired his music, including the title track to his 1990 comeback set, Mama Said Knock You Out. The rapper referred to Griffin as "Mama," and the album's title track, "Mama Said Knock You Out," earned him a Grammy Award in 1991 for best rap solo performance.  LL Cool J dedicated a song to Griffin on his latest album, 10, which is Number 28 on the Billboard 200 albums chart. The song "Big Mama (Unconditional Love)" features R&B quintet Dru Hill. [Rap-Up]

Michael Jackson in Court>>
Reclusive pop star Michael Jackson took the witness stand Wednesday in a $21 million lawsuit by his longtime promoter that accuses the singer of backing out of two millennium concerts Jackson spoke softly while testifying, saying yes or no or asking for questions to be repeated. He paused frequently when asked about his business relationship with the plaintiff, concert promoter Marcel Avram. The German-based promoter alleges he was left with hundreds of thousands of dollars in expenses after Jackson dropped out of the performances, which were to take place Dec. 31, 1999, on both sides of the international date line in Honolulu and Sydney, Australia.  Avram's attorney, Louis Miller, sought to point out discrepancies in Jackson's testimony Wednesday with what he said the entertainer told him during a deposition last June.  At one point he asked Jackson about a phone call the entertainer said he received from Avram canceling the two concerts. Avram maintains the call never took place.  "I remember being in the bathroom, it was a private call," Jackson said.  The attorney then pointed out that Jackson earlier said he wasn't sure where he took the call.  "Isn't it a fact that you don't know if you were even in the United States when you took this call?" Miller asked.  "That's wrong," Jackson replied.  Jackson wore a red shirt, sported shoulder-length hair and wore a surgical mask when entering and leaving the courtroom. The singer routinely wears a mask to protect his throat from pollution and germs, said Lee Solters, his former publicist.  Avram's suit claims Jackson agreed to perform at two concerts for charity and the two millennium concerts, but only did the charity shows. The suit contends Jackson was paid a $1 million advance and had debts totaling $1.2 million covered.  "He could not live up to the huge promises he made to Mr. Jackson," Modabber said.  Miller said in his opening statement that the promoter had no motive to cancel the concerts. He had agreed to cover expenses for the benefit shows with the understanding that he would recoup his costs from the New Year's Eve concerts, Miller said.

After Praising Robbie, Aguilera Doesn't Recognize Him>>  
Robbie Williams told Sara Cox on her Radio 1 Breakfast show the other day that he was humiliated after Christina Aguilera failed to recognize him. "Do you know what she did that was really funny? She used to say that she fancied Robbie Williams," Robbie said. "We bumped into each other a few times and I thought she was very sweet and I shook her hand and she came over and we said Hello. Months later I walked into a club in LA and I tapped her on her shoulder and she looked up at me and I went: 'Hiya' and she went: 'Uh?' And I went: 'Robbie' and she went: Robbie who?' 'Williams - Robbie Williams from Stoke-on-Trent.' I feel very, very small now and she just played it off like she didn't even know who I was. It was horrible. There I was, being made to look an eight-year-old idiot in front of her."  

Ben Affleck Hires FBI Guard For Jennifer Lopez>>
The Sun reports Ben Affleck has hired armed former FBI and CIA agents to protect fiancée Jennifer Lopez, worried she may be a target for a Victoria Beckham style kidnap plot. "With the international situation just now and after the bombing in Bali, Ben knows anything could happen," a business pal of Ben said. "If Jennifer was kidnapped, she could be held for hundreds of millions of pounds. She is an international superstar  everyone knows they are worth a fortune. Jennifer knows the new agents are there but she only speaks to her own personal bodyguards. The others keep on the sidelines to move in quickly should anything happen." 

14 November 02

Spider-Man Lawsuit>>
Stan Lee sues Marvel over ''Spider-Man'' profits. The legendary creator of superheroes claims the comic publisher, where he's worked for 60 years, owes him $10 million in profits from this year's smash movie by Gary Susman  ''Spider-Man'' has earned about $1 billion at the box office worldwide and set sales records since its recent release on video. But the man largely credited with creating Spidey, longtime Marvel Comics chief Stan Lee, says he hasn't seen his share of that windfall. On Tuesday, Lee filed suit in New York federal court against Marvel, his home base for 60 years, alleging that he's entitled to 10 percent of the comics publisher's profits from the movie, or about $10 million. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Lee says he signed a 1998 agreement with Marvel entitling him to a 10 percent share of profits from TV shows or movies based on his characters, including ''Spider-Man,'' 2000's ''X-Men,'' and such 2003 movies as ''Daredevil,'' ''The Hulk,'' and ''X-Men 2,'' not to mention the 2004 Spidey sequel. However, Lee's lawyers say Marvel wrongly told him that the company had yet to see any profits from ''Spider-Man'' or the first ''X-Men.'' In addition to the money, he seeks an injunction to make Marvel turn over its ledgers.

Suit accuses Michael Jackson of backing out of concerts>>
SANTA MARIA, Calif. -- Michael Jackson is expected to take the stand Wednesday in a $21 million lawsuit by his longtime promoter that accuses him of backing out of two millennium concerts. An attorney for German-based promoter Marcel Avram said during opening statements Tuesday in Santa Barbara County Superior Court that his client was left with hundreds of thousands of dollars in expenses after Jackson dropped out of the performances, which were to take place on both sides of the international dateline. The suit filed in 2000 claims that Jackson agreed to four shows, including two on Dec. 31, 1999, in Honolulu and Sydney, Australia. Jackson performed at the first two concerts, the proceeds of which were for charity, but allegedly pulled out of the New Year's Eve shows in October. The suit contends Jackson was paid a $1 million advance and had debts totaling $1.2 million covered

Dawson's Creek star arrested>>
Joshua Jackson, who plays Pacey on the WB series ``Dawson's Creek,'' was arrested and charged with drunkenly assaulting a security guard at a hockey game. The 24-year-old actor was arrested Saturday night at a game between the Carolina Hurricanes and the Pittsburgh Penguins. He's scheduled to appear in court on the misdemeanor charge on Dec. 4. Arrest warrants allege that Jackson grabbed 40-year-old guard Drew Grissom around the neck and struck him.

13 November 02

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12 November 02

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November 09 02

Mom Worries Posh Will Need Counseling After Kidnap Plot>>
The Sun spoke with the mother of former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham Jackie Adams who worries her daughter may need counseling to cope after the recent kidnap threat. "Victoria is very upset and disturbed. I think she should have some form of counselling to help her through it all," Jackie revealed. She also blasted avid's Manchester United boss Alex Ferguson for not giving David a day off since the incident. "David has not been given a single day off and even had to go in to train the day after it all happened," Jackie fumed.

Stay til the end of "Harry Potter & The Chamber of Secrets">>
Variety reveals that you'll want to stay til the end of "Harry Potter & The Chamber of Secrets," for after the credits,  short scene will be shown revealing the fate of one of the characters in the story. In addition, you can catch a full scene from "Harry Potter & The Chamber of Secrets" on the WB Network during a commercial break at 9 PM Eastern Time tonight.

Sharon Osbourne to get a talk show>>
Here comes a daytime talk show where they'll have to bleep the fightin' words of the host, not the guests. Electronic Media has reported that Sharon Osbourne has signed a deal with Telepictures Productions to host a syndicated talk show that would launch in fall 2003. The news comes the same week that a Barbara Walters interview with Sharon, taped in September, aired on ABC's ''20/20'' and included Sharon's remarks that she regretted allowing MTV to turn their lives into a fishbowl on ''The Osbournes,'' that the twin pressures of media scrutiny and her own colon cancer treatment had put such a strain on the family that husband Ozzy was drinking again, and that the family would quit doing the show after just 10 more episodes. But she also dismissed the taped comments this week, reassuring MTV that the family would fulfill its 20-episode contract for the series, whose second season begins Nov. 26. Apparently, she's no longer fearful about being in the media spotlight or her health, and neither is Telepictures.

November 08 02

Shop till ya drop!>>
Just to fill you in, Wild Writings now has a Store! You can visit the store by going to www.wildwritings.com/STORE.html! Our store has a great calendar of Britney Spears! [HQ, Glossy Photos, 12 month] Kelly Clarkson's new single, [A Moment Like This, Before Your Love] and an Exclusive Promotion Pack from Seventeen's New Star Event! In this pack you can get a 3LW promo poster, Kelly Roland promo gear, Shaggy posters, and others! All promotional gear was at the New Star Showcase, which featured Mariah Carey!

8 Mile Maddness>>
If your a fan or not, Eminem will rule this weekend with his new movie, 8 Mile. His new CD sold more than 800,000 copies. For the top 5 albums in America, visit our Music page!
Jen and Ben>>
In an announcement that will surprise no one, Jennifer Lopez is confirming that she and Ben Affleck are engaged. The proclamation comes as part of Diane Sawyer's interview with J. Lo, which airs Wednesday on ABC's ''PrimeTime: Special Edition.'' According to excerpts from the interview released by ABC, when asked if she and her ''Jersey Girl'' costar are betrothed, she says, ''Yes,'' then goes on to praise her hubby-to-be, saying, ''He is brilliantly smart.... Loving. Charming. Affectionate. And I just admire him in every way. I respect him; I feel like he teaches me things.''

Justin debuts at #2>>
The HitsDailyDouble final numbers are in for this week's Billboard Album Charts. The huge success of Eminem's movie '8 Mile' kept the soundtrack moving at record stores throughout the United States. According to HitsDailyDouble.com, the '8 Mile' soundtrack brought in another 505,000 albums sold. Justin Timberlake's 'Justified' managed to sell 445,000 copies. 'Justified' falls short of the number one debut and the 600,000 copies sold that industry insiders were expecting of the *NSYNC star's solo debut. U2's new greatest hits compilation takes 3rd while Christina Aguilera's critically acclaimed album 'Stripped' takes 4th, selling another 170,000 copies. Backstreet Boys star Nick Carter failed to make the top 50 with 'Now or Never'.

Christina makes up with Eminem>>
Christina Aguilera talked with Radio 1 about how she's patched up her differences with Eminem. "I don't think Eminem had any real hatred towards me. He just thought obviously that I had dissed him in an interview or something, which I hadn't done," Aguilera said. "He reacted, and how does he react but to make a record about it, put it in his rap? We actually got a chance to talk at the VMAs. He then cleared things up. It's actually all good energy."

JC Releases Songs Online>>
'N Sync star JC Chasez is recording solo material and he wants his fans to critique it. Chasez will release "some material" on website OnlyArtist.com, the new Web venture he has been promoting this year. He explains, "I am releasing original material on there as an experiment, a writer's experiment." "What happens is I'll release a song or whatever, then I get feedback. It's an open forum for criticism on writing ideas and stuff.'" In the meantime, one of Chasez's songs, "Blowing Me Up (With Her Love)" will be released to radio in early December. The song will be included on the soundtrack to the upcoming movie "Drumline."
19 November 02

JC And Toni Braxton To Read AMA Nominations>>
Toni Braxton and JC Chasez of *NSYNC will join executive producer Dick Clark in announcing the nominees for this year's American Music Awards. They'll read the names of the nominees starting at 9:30 a.m. PST Tuesday at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills.  [Pop Dirt]

European Stadium Tour For Robbie Williams>>
Ananova reports Robbie Williams has unveiled the dates for a European tour which will see him play to around one million fans. Williams begins the 15-date tour with shows at Murrayfield in Edinburgh on June 28th and 29th, before playing stadiums and arenas around northern Europe. He winds down his tour at Dublin's Phoenix Park on August 9th. "For me, touring is the ultimate adrenaline rush," Robbie said. "This is going to be one of my best tours yet. I'm really excited at the prospect of being back on the road."

Carey's Dietary Disaster>>
Mariah Carey complains that no one ever asked her if she was in need of sustenance, but has now remedied the problem with a nutritionist who is by her side at all times. The singer recalls that she realized the root of her problem in rehab was when her therapist offered her a glass of water and apple. She says, "He said, 'Why don't you have some food? Take a sip,' and I suddenly realized, yeah, I am hungry wow, no one asks me how I'm feeling, like I'm an always an object, a thing, like I'm on TV and in their minds I'm always smiling and that means I don't need nourishment, everything's OK." And she has had a personal chef for some time and often insists on four hour lunches. Therapy has taught Mariah to be more independent. She says, "I realized I need to be doing that for myself. I need to make sure this plate of vegetables is here."I have a nutritionist now who travels with me - it sounds like a bunch of extravagant stuff, I know - and a masseuse who will help me fall asleep." Mariahs new song 'Yours' is on AOL Music now! Check it out! MC's new album it out December 3.

18 November 02

Potter brings 88 Million>>
Just a tiny sophomore slump for Harry Potter. The little wizard returned this weekend with his second movie, ''Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets,'' which grossed a magical $87.7 million in its first three days, according to studio estimates. Usually, sequels outperform their predecessors in their opening weekends. But no one expected ''Chamber of Secrets'' to beat the $90.3 million debut of last year's ''Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone.'' Why? Because coming only a year after the first film, anticipation wasn't at the ridiculously high level that it was last year, when ''Sorcerer's Stone'' broke the record for largest opening weekend ever. (It was later broken again by ''Spider-Man.'') Instead, anticipation was only mildly ridiculously high for ''Chamber of Secrets,'' in part because so many Potter fans were a tad disappointed by the first one. But that obviously didn't matter too much, as the sequel's debut was only off 4 percent from ''Sorcerer's Stone's'' opening. And as for the 2-hour-and-41-minute running time, that certainly limited the number of showings per screen per day, but the film's record-setting opening on over 8,500 screens more than made up for that. Bottom line: barring a huge dropoff next week, this "Harry" should also break the $300 mark domestically. [EW]

17 November 02

3LW Says HO to JLO
After always showing love, and expressing how much she looks up to Jennifer Lopez as her idol, Adrienne from 3LW was wearing a t-shirt on today's Soul Trian that read 'J Ho' jeans, the words J Lo was replaced by J Ho. Check out a photo here. [Soul Train]

J.Lo Signs Multi-Million Dollar Pepsi Deal>>
WENN reports Jennifer Lopez has signed a multi-million dollar endorsement deal with Pepsi and a 'Drink Pepsi, Taste Stardom' slogan has been created to accompany the series of TV specials hitting US TV screens next summer. [Pop DIrt]

Jackson forgot to set his alarm>> 
On his second day of scheduled testimony in the breach-of-contract lawsuit filed against him, Michael Jackson showed up to court four hours late, only to testify that he had little recollection of the disputed deal that would have had him playing two ''millennium'' concerts on New Years Eve in 1999. Promoter Marcel Avram has sued him for $21 million, claiming the singer unilaterally pulled out of the shows, but Jackson had testified Wednesday that it was Avram who pulled the plug on the concerts. Jackson's lawyers offered no explanation for the King of Pop's tardiness, but one pool photographer, identified by E! as Spencer Weiner, told reporters that Jackson's lawyers had objected to the intrusiveness and distraction of the cameras in the courtroom, leading to a discussion in Judge Zel Canter's chambers, in which the judge urged the photographers to be more discreet but did not ban them from the courtroom. Of course, Jackson may also have objected to an unflattering and widely disseminated photo taken during his testimony Wednesday, which showed the singer with what looked like a bandage or plaster flaking from his nose. The bandage was gone, however, when Jackson arrived Thursday at the Santa Maria, Calif., courthouse. While on Wednesday he had denied responsibility for canceling the two concerts, on Thursday, he said he didn't remember many of the details of the contract with Avram. ''There's an overview [that I get] of what's going on financially, but I'm in the creative department,'' Reuters quoted him as saying. ''I'm a visionary.'' He also said that giving two concerts, scheduled hours apart on opposite sides of the International Date Line, would have been ruinous to his health. ''That would have been tough,'' Jackson said, according to the New York Post. ''Every show, I lose 15 pounds. They weigh me before and after the show. We have to balance things for my health.'' [EW]

Star Wars Cartoon>>
Lucasfilm, the company behind ''Star Wars,'' is in discussions with the Cartoon Network about joining forces for an undisclosed project, a spokesperson for the cable channel tells EW.com. Internet reports have suggested that the project in question is a ''Star Wars'' cartoon series, possibly titled ''The Clone Wars,'' but Laurie Goldberg, a Cartoon Network senior vice president for publicity, declined to offer details on the negotiations. ''Cartoon Network is constantly seeking partnership opportunities with great creative companies,'' Goldberg said. ''So naturally Lucasfilm would be high on that list. But to speculate now on a series launch or the nature of our discussions would be very premature.''

16 November 02

I have been planning the chat for Nov 24 - so far I plan to have some great prizes, and have a listen party where we can all preview some new songs from albums coming out this year! More details coming .. The chat is on 11-24 at 9:00 PM Eastern Time.

New Tim Allen sitcom>>
Tim Allen may have a hit with the current movie ''The Santa Clause 2,'' but he hasn't retired to the North Pole, and he hasn't abandoned the ABC sitcom lineup that launched his career. Variety reports that he'll return to the home of his ''Home Improvement'' with a new sitcom he's producing. Like his old one, this will also be about lunchpail guys -- four of them. Allen is not set to star in the show, but he'll produce it with sitcom vets Carsey-Werner-Mandabach (''Roseanne,'' ''That '70s Show''). ABC entertainment president Susan Lyne describes the premise as ''four guys who've been friends since high school, and now the world has changed around them.'' Apparently, men have changed since ''Home Improvement'''s eight-year run ended in 1999. ''We haven't seen what's happened to working-class men since 'Tool Time,''' C-W-M principal Caryn Mandabach tells Variety. ''There's been an evolving situation with men. You see guys pushing babies around, and the women aren't so perfect anymore. Dan Conner or Tim Taylor would never have had the conversations men are having today.''

Peta Protest>>
You'll see a lot of skin on CBS' Nov. 20 broadcast of the Victoria's Secret fashion show, but there are a few things you won't see: modest garments, a great deal of fabric, or the four protestors who stormed the runway during supermodel Gisele Bundchen's stroll at Thursday night's taping. The activists, from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) were protesting Bundchen's recent signing as a spokesmodel for mink furrier Blackglama. Clad in a beaded bra, a leather miniskirt, and stockings, Bundchen ignored the four women on the catwalk with her, who were chanting slogans and holding signs that read: ''GISELE: FUR SCUM.'' According to the New York Daily News, private security guards detained three of the PETA protesters; a fourth escaped from the lingerie gala, held at the Lexington Avenue Armory in Manhattan. Kayla Worten, Arathi Jayaram, and Karla Waple were arrested and charged with disorderly conduct, given summonses, and released. Bundchen's segment was retaped, without the fur flying.

"Harry Potter 3" set for Summer 2004>>
USA Today reports that will-be producer Chris Columbus has stated that the third Harry Pooter movie, "Harry Potter & The Prisoner of Azkaban," is scheduled for summer 2004 instead of next November.  Columbus says more time is needed to accommodate the complex story and acquaint new director Alfonso Cuarón with the material. That shift could harm the momentum gained by opening "Stone" and "Secrets" just a year apart and at the start of the popular holiday filmgoing season. And the dark, magical world seems less suited to summer, when lighter fare dominates. Harry Potter 2 is now out!

Eminem has swept the board at this year's MTV Europe Music Awards, taking home three trophies from the star-studded ceremony in Barcelona. The rap star - who is currently riding high at the top of both the US box office and album charts with his new '8 Mile' project - fought off stiff competition to take home awards for Best Male Artist, Best Album and Best Hip-Hop Artist. Adopted Brit diva Kylie Minogue collected two awards at the ceremony, but in an event dominated by US acts such as the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Linkin Park, the only true British winners were Coldplay who were named Best UK & Ireland Act. Kylie, who took the awards for Best Pop and Best Dance, told the audience, "All of Europe has made me feel very much at home". Elsewhere, Latin superstar Jennifer Lopez was named Best Female, whilst 21-year-old Alicia Keys was awarded the trophy for Best R&B. Techno-guru Moby was presented with the Web Award for his official website, www.moby.com, whilst pop-rocker Pink was awarded Best Song for 'Get The Party Started'. The show, watched by a 12,000-strong crowd at the city's Palau Sant Jordi venue, was hosted by rap mogul P Diddy who wore a t-shirt that paid tribute to murdered Run DMC star Jam Master Jay.
The winners of the MTV Europe Music Awards 2002:
Best Male

Best Female
Jennifer Lopez

Best Pop
Kylie Minogue

Best Group
Linkin Park

Best New Act
The Calling

Best Live Act
Red Hot Chili Peppers

Best Song
Pink - 'Get The Party Started'

Best Album
Eminem - 'The Eminem Show'

Best Dance
Kylie Minogue

Best Hip-Hop

Best R&B
Alicia Keys

Best Rock
Red Hot Chili Peppers

Best Hard Rock
Linkin Park

Best Video
Royksopp - 'Remind Me'

The Web Award
Moby - www.moby.com

Best UK & Ireland Act

Free Your Mind Award
FARE - Football Against Racism in Europe
MariahCarey.com all new!>>
Mariah Carey's offical website, www.MariahCarey.com has been updated and it's all new! There is now new interactive parts, photos, and on certain pages you can preview new songs off 'Charmbracelet.' The lead single off the new album is called 'Through The Rain' and is doing great on TRL! Call 1-800-DIAL-MTV to vote for it! Mariah is definitly back, and better then ever!
20 November 02 - 4 Days till the chat!

Mariah Medley>>
Mariah's new album, Charmbracelet, comes out Dec 3, but you can get exclusives songs online! AOL is featuring 'Yours,' and next week AOL will feature a ballad by Mariah called 'My Saving Grace.' Depending on where you live, there is probably another new Mariah song on the radio. The west coast of America has been playing 'Irresistible,' While Japan and Europe are dancing to 'Oh Boy.' However, 'Through the Rain' is the offical promotional song off the album, and is getting some nice exposure on the radio - but most on TRL. [Video has reached #1, and stayed in the top four for most of its run on TRL]  'Through The Rain' can be found in our media section.
American Music Award Nods>>
Ashanti led the pack for the American Music Award nominations on Tuesday, grabbing five, while Eminem and Nelly each received four nods. The Osbourne family will host the event on January 13th at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles, which airs live on ABC. Others getting nominations include Enrique Iglesias, Celine Dion, Kelly Clarkson, Vanessa Carlton, and Shakira. [Pop Dirt]

Jay-z Strikes Again>>
The HitsDailyDouble.com final numbers are in, showing Jay-Z the clear winner. Jay-Z will debut at #1 on the Billboard Charts selling over 600,000 copies of Blueprint Volume 2. The 8-Mile soundtrack drops to #2, with Missy Elliott's new album 'Under Construction' debuting at #3. *NSYNC star Justin Timberlake's 'Justified' takes the #4 spot. TLC's new album '3D' will take the #6 spot. Christina Aguilera's 'Stripped' slips to #8, and O-Town's album 'O2' will debut at #27

8 Mile II>>
Film executives in Hollywood have been praising the acting talents of rap star Eminem, suggesting that a sequel to his debut film, '8 Mile', would be a very lucrative project. The semi-autobiographical film, which documents a month in the life of a struggling Detroit rapper, pulled in $54.5 million during its first three days of release, making it the fifth biggest opening of 2002. President of Universal Movies' marketing, Adam Fogelson, admitted he was "euphoric" about the film's success and said he would encourage the controversial rap icon to make a return to the silver screen. "I'm ecstatic, I'm euphoric," he said. "It's certainly not something that we would have predicted. There is no question that Eminem is a voice for a young audience but he's also a cultural force that I think everybody is aware of." He told the Internet Movie Database: "I would be thrilled if we had a chance to work with Eminem again. It's entirely up to him as to what he wants to do. "Clearly anyone who would bet against him doing anything would be making a horrible mistake, because he clearly has the guts."
Puffy Back With Kim After J.Lo Gets Out Of His System>>  
WENN reports Sean 'P. Diddy' Combs is back in the arms of Kim Porter, mother of his four-year-old son Christian, after getting Jennifer Lopez "out his system." Puffy says, "I never really appreciated Kim until I got J.Lo out of my system. Kim is a honorable woman, very caring and considerate, she's got class and has always been there for me, she's truly wonderful."

Justin Breaks Foot, looses Mariah>>
Maybe Justin Timberlake should stop trying to cop Michael Jackson's dance moves. Launch.com reports that the moonwalking 'N Sync singer broke his foot over the weekend during a rehearsal in London for a TV appearance promoting his solo release, ''Justified.'' No word on who'll replace him as Kelly Osbourne's cohost of the Nov. 24 ''Smash Hits T4 Poll Winners Party'' (her brother Jack maybe?), but it wasn't the only promotional appearance Timberlake had to scrap; he had to cancel gigs in France and Canada as well. Timberlake hasn't revealed how he incurred the injury, but he did release a statement to fans. ''I am sorely disappointed'' he said, without apparent irony, ''that I must miss any scheduled events. However, I must adhere to my physician's recommendations and rest. I look forward to being able to perform again and hope to see all my fans soon.''
While Timberlake has canceled all his performances for the next two weeks, it's not clear when the singer will actually be back on his feet. His next high-profile appearance in the U.S. is scheduled to be at the Billboard Music Awards on Dec. 9, performing a number for which the Chicago Sun-Times reports he has spent thousands of dollars on set design and lighting to create the illusion that he's walking on water. Even if he's up and hobbling by then, he'll surely have to scrap that idea.
Adding insult to injury was the news this week that ''Yours,'' his touted duet with Mariah Carey, won't be included after all on ''Charmbracelet,'' her highly anticipated new release that comes out Dec. 10. ''He did an amazing job on the vocals and I was happy with what he did,'' Carey told MTV. Nonetheless, she said, the version on the CD will be Justin-free, though she may release the duet as a remix. ''Charmbracelet'' guest artists who did make the cut include the edgier Cam'ron, and Jay-Z
. To hear new tracks off Mariahs album and Justins, you gotta be at the chat on Sunday!
21 November 02 - 3 Days till the Chat!

Jacko's Baby Dangling Was A 'Grave Mistake'>>
Fox News spoke with Flo Anthony, Michael Jackson's longtime friend and editor of Black Elegance after his shock appearance in Berlin earlier today where he was dangling an infant out a hotel balcony. "He brought him out to show him off to the fans and he had the face covered because he didn't want cameras to see it," Anthony said. "However, that was a grave mistake ... But I don't think Michael was thinking maliciously ... He wasn't aiming to toss that baby over the railing."
22 November 02 - 2 Days till the Chat!

- Note: The chat is on Sunday, November 24! Hope to see you there. We will have prizes and exclusive listening parties! For the chat and more details, click here.

Problems with Victoria's Secret on CBS >>
After all the protests in anticipation of Wednesday's Victoria's Secret fashion show on CBS -- from animal-rights activists objecting to supermodel Gisele Bundchen's new fur endorsement deal, to complaints from women's groups on the left and right that the show amounted to little more than soft-core pornography -- fewer folks than last year were titillated enough to watch the program. Still, the lingerie show got a rise out of some people, as several hundred emailed complaints to the Federal Communications Commission, prompting FCC Commissioner Michael Copps to renew his calling for stricter indecency standards on broadcast TV. Copps, one of five commissioners in charge of the FCC, and the only Democrat among them, has been outspoken in calling for more stringent scrutiny of programming. According to Reuters, he spoke to reporters Thursday in his Washington office, showing them his computer, which he said contained some 300 e-mails protesting the Victoria's Secret broadcast. He said the current standards let some objectionable programs slip through. [EW]

Sexy Ben?>>
People magazine named Ben Affleck this year's Sexiest Man Alive, which may come as a surprise to some readers, but not to the ''Sum of All Fears'' star's new fiancée. ''I didn't need People magazine to tell me he's the sexiest man alive,'' Jennifer Lopez told the publication.'' The difference between me and People magazine is that he'll still be the sexiest man alive in my eyes when he's 100 years old.'' The article also includes testimonials from Affleck's ''Daredevil'' costar Jennifer Garner, frequent director Kevin Smith (who saw Lopez and Affleck's romance blossom on the set of ''Jersey Girl''), buddy Matt Damon, and mom Chris Affleck, who says the boyish 30-year-old has matured a lot recently. ''It's no longer 'I'm in love, but I'm young,''' she says of her son's attitude. ''It's 'I want to make a life now, I'm ready for this.'' She also puts to rest rumors that she doesn't approve of her son's engagement to the not-quite-divorced Lopez. ''She's just a lovely person,'' mama Affleck says. ''She's very connected to her family. She's very warm. She's like the ideal daughter-in-law.'' She adds, ''I want grandchildren.''

Jessica Alba and Lil' Romeo film "Honey" Completes Filming>>
Principal photography has wrapped on Universal Pictures' "Honey", a contemporary urban drama starring Jessica Alba (television's "Dark Angel") in the title role, opposite Lil' Romeo, the 13-year-old winner of the 2001 Billboard Music Award for "Rap Artist of the Year", and Mekhi Phifer ("8 Mile"). Bille Woodruff, who has directed music videos for top stars including Britney Spears, Toni Braxton and Usher, makes his debut as a feature film director with "Honey". Veteran filmmaker Marc Platt ("Legally Blonde") and music mogul Andre Harrell ("Strictly Business") are producing. All of the songs in "Honey" are original compositions by songwriter-producer Rodney Jerkins, who has created hits for artists including Spears, Braxton, Brandy, Monica, Mary J. Blige and Jennifer Lopez. Jessica Alba stars as Honey Daniels, a dancer and choreographer working as a bartender and record store clerk until she gets that one break. When she finally succeeds, it feels too good to be true. And it is until Honey gets a new dream fuelled by the exuberant energy of a group of neighborhood kids who bring her back to the sheer joy of letting it all out on the dance floor.

25 November 2002

We Chatted away the night!>>
Last night we our our November Chat! It was a BLAST! Although my *wonderful* server had some issues and the listening parties weren't what they should of been, we gave away countless prizes! The chat was full of people and everyone was so nice! If you were at the chat and didn't hear the listening parties, please e-mail me. Big Thanks to all the sites who posted the news! You were mentioned before the chat started! And to Liron - Helped me out when the audios went down! News will commence later today with new media and news!

Die Another Die Takes Over>>
In its second weekend, "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets" was forced to relinquish its box office crown as "Die Another Day," the James Bond film starring Pierce Brosnan and Halle Berry, premiered with an impressive $47 million, according to studio estimates. Thanks to the increased star power provided by Berry, who plays a "female Bond" character named Jinx, "Die" easily became the biggest-opening Bond film of all time, besting the $35.5 million "The World is Not Enough" earned a few years ago. Helping Bond and Berry claim the top spot was the large drop "Harry Potter" suffered, as it plummeted 52 percent from its $88 million debut to $42.4 million. Last year, "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone" dropped only 36 percent in its second weekend, but that was Thanksgiving weekend, so a larger fall was expected for "Chamber." Still, a slip of more than 50 percent isn't a great sign. And it's a moral defeat, considering "The Sorcerer's Stone" held the No. 1 position for three weeks. Thanks to its massive opening, however, "Chamber of Secrets" has already amassed $147 million after only 10 days. The next few weeks will be crucial in determining whether the sequel is able to cross the $300 million mark like "The Sorcerer's Stone" did. [EW]

Jay-z to retire>>
Jay-Z may have the top album in the country right now with ''Blueprint 2: The Gift and the Curse,'' but don't expect his current success to lead to a ''Blueprint 3.'' The performer, who's been as successful in the boardroom as he has behind the mic, says he wants to quit rapping after one more album, in order to focus on one of his businesses, the Roc-a-Fella record label. My next album will be 'The Black Album,' '' he tells the Los Angeles Times, ''and then that's it. I want to make it a prequel to 'Reasonable Doubt' [his 1996 debut album], leading up to me having an idea for a song. I'll be saying, 'I'm going to use that Four Tops song, ''Ain't No Woman''' [a reference to his early hit ''Ain't No Nigga''], and that's how the album's going to end. I'm going to loop the whole thing back together, make it a nice package, and that's it -- it truly, truly is. I just feel like it's time to do something else.''

Composer Calls Madonna Theme Bond's Worst Ever>>
Composer David Arnold, who wrote the ical score for the latest James Bond film 'Die Another Day', has blasted Madonna, saying her theme song is "the worst Bond song ever." Arnold told London's Sunday Express, "Ideally, I would have liked to have made some musical sense of her song, but I couldn't."  [Pop Dirt]

24 November 2002 - Chat Tonight!

Be at our chat tonight for exclusive listening parties for Mariah Carey, Justin Timberlake, and Christina Aguilera. We will also have prizes including Mariah Carey singles, Britney Spears calendars, Kelly Rowland posters, and Kelly Clarkson singles. Click here for more info!

23 November 02- Chat Tomorrow! Click here ..

Scary Movie III>>
On Wednesday, brothers Keenen Ivory, Marlon, and Shawn Wayans decided to take their parodic talents over to Sony-based Revolution Studios for a two-picture deal. According to Variety, other studios bidding for the Wayans' services were Universal, Fox, and DreamWorks -- but not Dimension. The next day, Variety reports, Dimension announced that it was going ahead with a third ''Scary Movie,'' without any of the brothers on board, and that it hopes to get the movie into the multiplex by next fall, before the new Wayans comedies can open. Dimension chairman Bob Weinstein says the studio is even ''looking into the legal impact, if any, of their actions on our rights.'' According to the Hollywood Reporter, the full title of the third movie is ''Scary Movie 3: Episode I -- Lord of the Brooms.'' (Apparently, the ''Star Wars,'' ''Lord of the Rings,'' and ''Harry Potter'' franchises have been added to the list of the parody's targets.) The screenplay is credited to Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer, who co-wrote 2000's ''Scary Movie'' with the Wayans siblings but were not involved in 2001's ''Scary Movie 2.'' Directing will be David Zucker, the spoofmeister who directed the ''Airplane!'' and ''Naked Gun'' movies. Zucker already has a relationship with Dimension, having directed Ashton Kutcher and Tara Reid in next February's ''The Guest.'' Variety reports that Anna Faris, the Neve Campbell-ish heroine of the first two films, will return for the third. The first two ''Scary Movie'' installments were low-budget quickies that grossed a combined $228 million in the U.S. The third movie will also be made quickly and cheaply, Weinstein tells Variety. ''The laughs will be cheap, and so will the budget,'' he says. [EW]

Kevin Richardson Makes 8-Year-Old's Dream Come True>>
Joan Kinsey of Evening Magazine chatted with Backstreet Boys star Kevin Richardson, who made the day for eight-year-old Sasha Gonzalez of Mukilteo, WA by hiking with her for a day at the base of Mount Rainier. "We're just chatting and having fun, and I hope what they get out of it is to see how much I love being outdoors," said Kevin. [PopDirt]

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November 26, 2002

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Mariah's 'Saving Grace'/Chat>>
Jrneto2000 informed me that AOL now has a first listen of Marah Carey's new ballad, 'My Saving Grace.' The song is a power ballad. It's very powerful and 'gospel-like.' Check it out on AOL!
Crave also told me that she will be hosting a CHARMBRACELET CELEBRATION CHAT on December 3!
Be there to win prizes and chat: Click here for more info.

Mandy Moore Defends Dress Choice>>
Fans on Mandy Moore's official message board were giving the singer a tough time about her shiny green dress worn for last night's awards ceremonies where she won the Young Hero Award for Entertainment from Big Brother/Big Sister organization. Mandy said, "Thanks for your honesty... lol. Geeez. I happen to love the dress. I felt elegant and mature (not that I have to justify my reasons for wearing it you guys... but nonetheless). I think those pictures are terrible however.... Yeeeeesh. And yes my hair is brown and it has just grown out a bit while filming 'Saved'."   Check out the dress here. [Pop Dirt]

Mariah Fans For Police To Shut Down Video Shoots>>
Mariah Carey's official site reports the singer was in Tokyo today to film the video for her next single, 'The One'. Fans went crazy when they heard the superstar was in town and flocked to the first location of the video shoot which was to take place in Tokyo's City Center. Between 10,000 to 15,000 excited fans were there hours befor Mariah was scheduled to arrive forcing the Tokyo police to shut down the location due to the enormous crowd. The songstress went directly to the second location where thousands of fans were already waiting to catch a glimpse of their favorite star. The police had to shut down this location as well due to the huge crowd forcing Mariah to move to the third location where she was finally able to shoot some of the video. 'The One' video is being directed by Joseph Kahn. 
New Online Label the Brainchild of LFO Member Brad Fischetti>>
(October 15, 2002 - Orlando, Florida)   Combining his inside knowledge of the music industry with an appreciation of today's hottest technology, Brad Fischetti (LFO) is breaking ground on a brand new business - online record label 111 Records. 
Beginning November 1, 2002, music lovers will be able to access the 111 site and discover an eclectic blend of artists, each a gifted lyricist, whose songs reflect a deeper meaning.  Fischetti's insistence on innovation in lyric and music will be evident with each release, and songs need not be a "smash radio hit" or adhere to a typical format - they only need to be significant to the writer and come from a deeper need than being appealing to radio.  "Radio airplay is definitely an important tool in today's music climate and for 111, any airplay would be significant," says Fischetti.  "But more important than subscribing to a particular format or formula, my goal is to release albums whose songs effect emotions and warrant discussion." 
The goal of 111 will be to have a small roster of important artists, and to release 3-4 albums a year, catering to a variety of music formats including rock, alternative, rap, and more.   111 artists' CDs and merchandise will be available only through this internet site.  The label hopes to be a starting block for new artists, and a way for them to gain a loyal following. 
Eventually, Fischetti would like to see a small tour consisting of 111 artists.  "Touring is a great way to earn fan support," he says.  "It gives people the chance to experience the music in an environment created by the artist and gives the artist the opportunity to see just what the music means to the fans.  It also often amounts to some of the most extraordinary experiences in an artist's life and career."
First up from 111 will be Fischetti's own project, SARI (pronounced sha-DEE).  Teaming with veteran producer/musician Rick Bailey, and 111 artist Dan Walters, Fischetti has created an eerie, thought-provoking record that mirrors his somewhat reclusive mind.  There's an innocence evident with each performance and although moody, the utilization of live baby-grand pianos and arranged strings sheds a certain calm.  Upon hearing the album evolve, listeners have compared the sounds to bands ranging from Coldplay to Jackson Brown to Pink Floyd.  "It's inconceivable to me that something I've created reminds people of such important artists,"  Fischetti states.  "Pink Floyd was among the first albums I ever owned as a child, Jackson Brown is a fixture in music history, and Coldplay's records are a staple in my CD player."
Following the SARI release will be a set from singer/songwriter Dan Walters, whose organic combination of jazz, folk, and rock has earned him several awards from the SSA (Songwriter Showcases of America), including one for best lyricist.  Walters' songs exude honesty, and showcase his unusual organization of lyric, music and melody.  Fischetti considers Walters a musical genius, and is very excited to have him on the 111 team.
Dusty & Jawn, the third project from 111, will open eyes and minds with a brutally candid exploration of anger, love, and frustration, with the encompassment of melodic punk, rock, and rap.  Among the main goals of the project will be to create a record that listeners relate to and that touches something deep within.  It hopes to invoke people to make a difference, to make changes, and to appreciate life, knowing that they are not alone in their experiences and feelings.
From there Fischetti hopes to expand the 111 artist roster to 4-6 significant acts, with the online label acting as a springboard to bigger things.  "I realize I can't compete with major labels," Fischetti says, "so in the event that a major is interested in one of my artists, I will gladly work out a deal to get my artist over to a major.  Some small labels are reluctant to give up their artists to majors, but I want my artists to go as far as they can go, with or without me."
With that open-mindedness, and a goal of creating honest and meaningful music, Fischetti and 111 Records are sure to be headed toward success.

Nick Cage and Presley Divored>>
Elvis' daughter has left the building. Nicolas Cage filed for divorce Monday from Lisa Marie Presley, just three months after marrying her, according to Entertainment Tonight. Cage appeared to confirm the report in a curt statement through his publicist: ''I did not talk about the marriage and I am not going to talk about the divorce.'' He later added: ''But I loved her.'' Presley issued her own statement to CNN through her own mouthpiece: "I'm sad about this, but we shouldn't have been married in the first place.'' Cage, who had already had a public split with Presley before getting married this year, cited irreconcilable differences in his filing, ET reported. This was Presley's third marriage, following a union with Danny Keogh and a previous one with some guy named Michael Jackson. Cage had previously been married to Patricia Arquette. [EW] Darlene, our editorial writer, wrote about their marriage a day after they got married, and said that they probably wouldn't last, good call Darlene! Get the editorial here.

BSB Sues Zomba>>
The Backstreet Boys' record company blocked the release of a new BSB album so it could promote member Nick Carter's solo project instead, the group alleges in a $100 million lawsuit filed Monday. The suit accuses Zomba Recording Company of backing away from an agreement to release a new Backstreet album in 2002, thus depriving the group of a $5 million advance. The Boys' suit demands at least $100 million in damages from Zomba, and asks the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York to sever the group's ties from the company. The complaint alleges that Zomba ''refused to actively participate in the selection of songs or producers'' for a follow-up to 2000's ''Black & Blue,'' effectively blocking the album, since the group is contractually barred from recording without the label's approval. The group would have been entitled to the $5 million advance if they had delivered a new album by April 30, 2002, but the suit claims that Zomba made it impossible to meet that deadline. (A Zomba spokesperson declined to comment on any aspect of the lawsuit). ''Zomba's motivation soon revealed itself,'' the suit claims. ''Zomba decided to produce and promote a solo album by just one of the Backstreet Boys, Nick Carter, in lieu of the fourth Backstreet Boys album... Because of Zomba, Carter was unable and unwilling to participate in any of [the Backstreet Boys'] production or recording efforts.'' (The Zomba spokesperson had no immediate comment on Carter's behalf). The suit also demands that Zomba stop using the Backstreet Boys' trademarked name -- and the group's website -- to promote Carter's album. Carter's album, ''Now or Never,'' debuted at No. 17 on Billboard's album chart; two weeks later, it's dropped all the way down to No. 96.

Bobby Brown in Court>>
Bobby Brown will return to court next year to stand trial for traffic offences, dotmusic can report. The troubled star was ordered by a Georgian judge to appear in court on January 21 to answer charges of driving under the influence of alcohol, failure to maintain a lane, speeding and no proof of insurance. The judge declined to drop the charges after Brown's defence team, lead by his attorney Xavier Dicks, proposed a motion that the incidents happened to long ago and the evidence of witnesses would now be unreliable. Bobby Brown's wife Whitney Houston was with him at the hearing.

27 November 02

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29 November 02

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Kylie Minogue's Image Threatened In Tell-All Documentary>> 
WENN reports Kylie Minogue's image is to be threatened in a tell-all documentary 'Kylie Entirely', which will be shown on Channel 4 in the UK. "Fans will see an entirely new side to Kylie," a source at the station revealed. "This documentary will shatter her squeaky-clean image. There are plenty of people who will say nice things about Kylie, but there are a few people who won't mince their words." Robbie Williams, former lover Nick Cave and former movie costar Jean-Claude Van Damme are amongst those who are featured in the documentary.  [Pop Dirt]

Britney Disowns Nyla>>
Britney Spears has "terminated her relationship" with Nyla, the New York City restaurant opened in her name just nine months ago. Three creditors are attempting to force through an involuntary bankruptcy order against the diner, which has been best with problems since opening in March. It has now emerged that the Princess of Pop, who has been heavily criticised in the suit, which was served at a New York bankruptcy court in October, has washed her hands of the project. A statement released by Britney confirms that she will no longer have anything to do with Nyla, which was named after her love of New York and Louisiana. It also reveals that she had made no money from the restaurant and had little involvement in the eatery. The statement blames "management's failure to keep her fully apprised" for the debacle. Britney commented: "I wish the restaurant and its current ownership continued success".

The Osbournes Fake>>
Worldwide MTV smash docu-soap 'The Osbournes' was faked, Kelly Osbourne has revealed. The teenage daughter of the family has confessed that certain parts of the first series of the show, which focus on the antics of the family of rock'n'roll hellraiser Ozzy Osbourne, were 'stage-managed'. Kelly, who has launched a solo pop career in the wake of the programme's success, admitted in a recent interview that two episodes - thought to be amongst the funniest - were manipulated to be more entertaining.She said: "The most fake thing about that show was the family meeting, because  that was an MTV idea."  Her brother Jack confirmed her comments, revealing that an episode in which the family dog was referred to a psychiatrist was also made-up. He said: "The dog and the dog therapist, that was an MTV thing," he said.  However, a spokesman for Ozzy has denied the claims made by his children, as has a spokesman for MTV. "Nothing is ever scripted or planned on The Osbournes. Ozzy and Sharon would not have done it unless it were all real," his publicist claimed. "You could not stage anything with that family. That is the beauty of the show," said a spokesperson for MTV. The news comes as the second series of the show opened in the US and America, to a record audience of 6.6 million, which is a significant rise on the opening series. The last series attracted an average of 5 million per show. [Dot Music]

Kelly Wows At Debut Concert>>
Ozzy Osbourne's wannabe pop star daughter Kelly almost burst into tears at her first fully-fledged concert on the 26th when she was given a standing ovation after stepping onstage. The 18-year-old confessed she was "terribly nervous" before the show at New York's Irving Plaza, but the sell-out crowd quickly put her at ease. Brother Jack and reclusive sister Aimee joined Ozzy, mom Sharon and nanny Melilnda backstage at the show to offer the punky singer support. During the 40-minute set, Kelly had fun with a condom a fan threw onstage - blowing it up as she sang "Too Much of You". Other songs included "Disconnected", new single "Shut Up", "Come Dig Me Out", "Contradiction" and hit single "Papa Don't Preach" which she performed with five fans as back up singers.

28 November 02
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Avril without makeup>>
It's just a picture of Avril Lavigne without make-up, but its making a stir on the internet! Check it out here.
We will be adding Avril's new video to the media section soon!

Heidi Divorces>>
So much for the romantic power of lingerie. Supermodel Heidi Klum, who sashayed down the runway this month on CBS' Victoria's Secret fashion show, has separated from her husband of five years, according to the Associated Press. Her split from hairstylist Ric Pipino is ''mutual and amicable,'' her publicist told AP. The couple are not getting divorced, her publicist said. Klum, 29, will soldier on with her modeling career, while Pipino, 43, will work on salons in New York and Miami, according to AP. And presumably he won't be among those complaining to the FCC next time Klum appears on television in her underwear. [EW]

Aguilera Set For Playboy?>>
Pop diva Christina Aguilera may yet appear in men's magazine Playboy - but with her clothes on!
The scantily clad singer is reportedly interested in appearing in the publication's first ever non-nude celebrity pictorial. Aguilera stated earlier this month that she had not been contacted by the magazine following rumours she was set to pose for the Hugh Hefner magazine - but stated that she might consider a proposal in the future. However, Playboy has reportedly approached the "Dirrty" singer, noted for her sexy image, with a compromise offer of appearing in the magazine without baring all. [Teen Hollywood]

Harry Potter Mistakes>>
Jon at Movie-Mistakes.com has informed us that their site has posted a new batch of movie mistakes, this time, for "Harry Potter & The Chamber of Secrets." Here is just a sampling:
+ In the Quidditch scene, Harry breaks his right arm, but as he sits up after he falls off his broom, he leans directly on it.
+ When Ron and Harry are escaping from the spiders in the flying car the passenger's side window that broke earlier hitting the willow tree is not broken, you can see Ron's reflection. A minute later you see that the window is broken again.
+ When we see the first defence against the dark arts class with the pixies taking over, when Lockhart goes out and tells Harry, Ron and Hermione to pop them back into the cage, Hermione makes them all freeze in mid-air. Most of the pixies drop bits of paper, but one drops a big book. You can see it go thundering down to the ground, but you can't hear it land. All you can hear is bits of paper flying everywhere.
When Gilderoy jumps into the entrance to the Chamber of Secrets you see his cape go flowing up above his head. In a short second shot, taken from above, it's not.
+ At the beginning of the scene near the end of the movie with Lucius Malfoy fuming at Dumbledore in his office, Malfoy's hair is fanned back behind his shoulders. The lighting in the room illuminates the back of his neck, where you can see his real, short brown hair.
+ When Lockhart falls down the hole into the Chamber of Secrets, we hear him hit the ground a second or two later. When Ron and Harry jump down, not only do they take longer to get down, they also slide down the pipe, rather than fall straight down.
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30 November 02

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