VOTED OFF Dunkleman will not return to ''Idol''>>
Stifle your collective shock and disappointment: Brian Dunkleman will not be returning as Ryan Seacrest's cohost on the next season of ''American Idol.'' Variety reports that he'd been in talks with Fox and the show's producers to reprise his role, but on Thursday, his spokesperson said he would bow out. ''I have decided not to return for season two in order to pursue other opportunities in the world of TV and feature films,'' Dunkleman said in a statement, adding that he was ''so grateful'' for the platform ''Idol'' had given him in its initial season. []

Most Expensive Record Contract: Robbie!>>
EMI, the record label that went on a cost-cutting binge last year after its disastrous deal with Mariah Carey, has signed another star to what may be the most lucrative record contract in history, valued at $125 million. The recipient of the label's largesse? It's Robbie Williams. Uh, who is he again? You know, Robbie Williams? The 28-year-old alumnus of the British boy band Take That? OK, he's a virtual unknown in America, but he's England's top-selling solo artist, having sold 10 million albums there. The deal covers four albums and includes the kind of generous promotional support that could help him cross over to U.S. audiences, Reuters reports. If the dollar amount, which Reuters reported at $125 million, is correct, it would dwarf contracts signed by other performers in recent years, including Whitney Houston (who re-upped with Arista last year for a reported $100 million) and Janet Jackson, whose 1996 EMI deal was reportedly worth $80 million. Why would EMI spend so much on an artist unproven in the States, especially after the cost-cutting measures instituted last year after the failure of the company's mega-deal with Mariah Carey? (She signed with the label in 2001 for a reported $100 million, but after the label spent $21 million on her flop ''Glitter,'' it bought her out of her contract for another $28 million.) Well, Williams is a proven hitmaker in the U.K. and elsewhere. He was already signed to EMI, which faced a bidding war for his talents from other labels, including Sony, BMG, and V2, according to Reuters. Plus, the Associated Press reports, the deal grants EMI a piece of Williams' touring, merchandising, and publishing profits -- concessions artists rarely grant since they're more profitable for a performer than record sales.

Elvis comes in #1>>
Twenty-five years after his death, Elvis Presley has done something he was never able to do in life: release a record that debuted atop the Billboard album chart. Thanks in part to a $10 million promotional push modeled after the successful campaign for the Beatles' collection ''1'' a couple years ago, RCA managed to put ''Elvis 30 No. 1 Hits'' on top in America and 17 other countries. In the U.S., it sold 500,325 copies, according to SoundScan.

October 02 02

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Mariah Carey Screen Caps!>>
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Chat A Sucess>>
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Who Is Taryn?
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Britney's kid sister makes her own bid for stardom>>
Jamie Spears is looking for the show business equivalent of lightning to strike twice, if not quite exactly in the same place. "I'll probably do a lot of acting first, then go to singing," says the precocious kid sister of music superstar Britney Spears. "But I am going to definitely sing someday," she adds after a brief moment of reflection. "So when I do start singing, buy my album!" For right now, the youngest of three Spears siblings (she also has an older brother), says she has her hands full balancing school and her responsibilities as the youngest cast member of television's long-running comedy-variety show, "All That" (Saturdays, 8 p.m. E/P). Although the show, sometimes referred to as "Saturday Night Live" for kids, is in its eighth season on the Nickelodeon children's network, Spears had to join a veteran cast this year whose seven other members were an average of four years older than her. It was a slightly awkward adjustment for the stick-thin 11-year-old from Kentwood, La., who looks a good deal like a younger, skinnier version of her famous sister.

Christina Explains 'Dirrty'>>
Christina Aguilera explained to MTV's Total Request Live why she named her new single 'Dirrty' with two R's. "Having two R's like grrr. Like when you say you want to go dirrty 'cause that's how it is supposed to be kinda gritty and like the video, a little underground illegal stuff goin' on. So, uhm it's -- just my way of makin' it kind of personal and say it a bit differently if you want to go there." After the comment, Carson Daly seemed to echo those thinking Aguilera misstepped with 'Dirrty', and that the album as a whole is excellent. "I heard her new album it is excellent," he said. "You could take 'Dirrty' off the album and it makes sense. The rest of the album sounds -- she's still got those lungs and that voice. A song called 'Beautiful' like gigantic when everybody talked about 'Stan' from Eminem.

Ryan Starr And Mario Lopez Share Romantic Dinner>>
The National Enquirer reports former 'Saved By The Bell' star and co-host of 'The Other Half' Mario Lopez was spotted with 'American Idol' hottie Ryan Starr sharing a romantic dinnre in Las Vegas. A source revealed, "Mario was definitely smitten and enjoyed the company. But Ryan was the one onlookers couldn't stop gawking at. All eyes were on her, and poor Mario was fighting for her attention." The source added, "Ryan seemed thrilled with her new celebrity status. She relishes the spotlight. In fact, she seemed so absorbed with her surroundings that Mario might as well have been eating alone!" That might have been a good thing since Mario is in a three year relationship with "The Doritos Girl" Ali Landry.  

Kelly Rowland And Nelly Dating?>>
Another romance in the world of popular music appears to be blooming. Word has it Destiny's Child's Kelly Rowland and rapper Nelly are quite the item. Rowland's spokesperson is handing out that old mantra--"They're just good friends"--when asked about the two superstars. But Rowland and Nelly have been showing up together at all kinds of places--ranging from very public L.A. radio station appearances and taping sessions for Nelly's "Dilemma" video, to more than a few private dinner dates. While Rowland's rep is downplaying all this, a spokesman for Nelly is less guarded, saying it's likely Rowland will join Nelly's tour, "a few times," when it launches Oct. 3.

October 10 02
>> New site of the Month for October, Careyd Away! Check out Matt's great site here.

Christina Aguilera Is More Comfortable Being Raunchy>>
Christina Aguilera told reporters in London that she's more comfortable with her new raunchy image rather than pretending she is sweet and innocent. "I got to a point where I just couldn't do it anymore," she said. "I'm not great at faking my way through trying to live up to the perfect American virginal sweetheart kind of thing. I just have to be me. I have to do my thing."
Jennifer Lopez Furious Over ICM Damage Control>>
The New York Post reports Jennifer Lopez is furious over ICM honcho Ed Limato leaking a memo to Variety that he had dropped her, when truth be told it was the other way around. "Jennifer originally was represented at ICM by Elaine Goldsmith-Thomas," a Lopez pal said. "But Elaine left two years ago to head up Julia Roberts' production company. When Elaine left, ICM put her with Risa Shapiro." That has left Lopez with less than desirable scripts, causing J.Lo to put Limato on notice. ICM tried to retain Lopez, even offering to drop their fee. "They were so intent on keeping Jennifer that they even dropped their rates - an unprecedented move - to 5 percent," the pal said. Normal agent fees are 10 percent.

Shrek On Broadway!>>
Shrek may have been a multitalented ogre -- he rescued a princess, grossed hundreds of millions of dollars for DreamWorks, and won the first-ever Best Animated Feature Oscar -- but can he sing and dance? The studio seems to think so; reports that DreamWorks plans to emulate rival Disney and turn the 2001 animated movie into a Broadway musical. It's not known who would write or compose the stage Shrek-tacular, but the website reports that Sam Mendes, who directed the Tony-winning revival of ''Cabaret'' before shooting such movies as ''American Beauty'' and ''Road to Perdition,'' is the likely director of the production, which would raise the curtain in 2005. [EW]

'Now That's What I Call Music, 11'>>
Now 11 released their track listing for the yet to be released new CD. Britney Spears and *NSYNC both usually are staples on the series, but both did not release a single within the past two months, leaving them off the hit series.
Track Listing Goes as Follows:
1. Hot In Herre - Nelly
2. Nothin' - N.O.R.E.
3. Gangsta Lovin' - Eve/Alicia Keys
4. Feel It Boy - Beenie Men & Janet
5. Days Go By - Dirty Vegas
6. Love At First Sight - Kylie Minogue
7. Objection (Tango) - Shakira
8. Underneath It All - No Doubt
9. Bare Naked - Jennifer Love Hewitt
10. Ordinary Day - Vanessa Carlton
11. Landslide - Dixie Chicks
12. I Care 4 U - Aaliyah
13. Stingy - Ginuwine
14. Don't Know Why - Norah Jones
15. Hero - Chad Kroeger & Joesy Scott
16. Running Away - Hoobastank
17. In My Place - Coldplay
18. One Last Breath - Creed
19. Somewhere Out There - Our Lady Peace
20. Everyday - Bon Jovi"

October 09 02
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Justin Doesn't Work With Wade Anymore - Why?>>
Perhaps the biggest news during Justin Timberlake's interview with Scott Mills of Radio 1 earlier today was his reaction to a listener question asking "Is Wade cool?" The DJ said, "You worked with him on 'Celebrity' but not this album. "No no, We don't work together anymore. He's cool," responded Timberlake. The word "anymore" is pretty heavy, suggesting something went down. We've heard rumors, specifically from webmaster Ruben, that in the past that it was a Britney Spears' sex fling with Wade Robson in the back of a limo that led to the longtime couple's split, and this seems to reinforce that suggestion. 

Member from 3LW Sues>>
Naturi Naughton, a former member of the platinum-selling teen group 3LW, claims in a lawsuit that she was forced out of the R&B trio because she was not "ghetto enough." Naughton, 18, says she was ousted from the group, whose hits include "Playas Gon Play" and "No More," in August. In a lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court in Newark, the East Orange resident charged that the "purported" manager of the group, Michelle Williams, said Naughton "did not present the appropriate 'project girl image,"' and berated her as "Ms. Two Parent Household." The lawsuit was filed Friday. It names group members Kiely Williams, 16, of Annandale, and Adrienne Bailon, 18, of New York. Also sued was Michelle Williams, who is Kiely's sister; another sister, Tse Williams, owner of Nine Lives Entertainment of Newark; Big Cat Management of New York; and Sony Music.

Justin Guarini Signed To RCA>>
Reuters reports RCA Records has signed 'American Idol' runner-up Justin Guarini to a record contract. "We look forward to working with Justin to nurture his talent and help him build a recording career at RCA," said Bob Jamieson, Chairman, RCA Music Group.

Ben Affleck Buys An Ultra-Safe Mercedes For J.Lo>>
Globe magazine reports Ben Affleck has picked up a specially equiped $200,000 black Mercedes SL sedan for girlfriend and rumored fiance Jennifer Lopez. The car features computerized tracking devices, global positioning systems, and according to a dealer, "a voice activated phone that rings Ben's private cell phone number, along with bulletproof tires that self-inflate if they're ever blown or shot out." 

Looking for Christina Aguilera?>>
I was looking through my site stats and many people come to Wild Writings through a search using Christina Aguilera. Since she is so popular on Wild Writings - I want you Christina Fans to get the best info you can. You can check out Christina on our gallery page, media [media & wallpapers] and we have news on Christina Daily - so check out news.

October 08 02

New Aaliyah CD>>
Before she died in a plane crash in August 2001, the always-busy Aaliyah managed to record several tracks that have yet to be released. Now, reports, you'll be able to hear some of those songs by November, as Blackground Records is preparing an as-yet-untitled CD for release. It's not clear how many unheard tracks the new release will contain, but they include both uptempo numbers and ballads, Time reports. They'll be featured alongside some older hits (such as ''Try Again'') and remixes of other back-catalog tracks. Aaliyah is not the only artist who'll release new posthumous work this fall. TLC has ''3D'' coming out, featuring tracks Lisa ''Left Eye'' Lopes recorded before her fatal car crash this April. And Nirvana's long-awaited retrospective will finally hit stores, featuring ''You Know You're Right,'' the last unheard track Kurt Cobain recorded with the trio before he killed himself in 1994. Both discs are due Nov. 12. [EW]

Christina Aguilera Displays Bad Attitude At Sea World>>  
A poster on the message board shared an experience meeting Christina Aguilera when she worked at Sea World San Diego last summer. Despite Aguilera4Life's claim that she likes Christina for her music, she thinks the diva has an attitude problem. Aguilera4Life explains, "My co-worker decided to make idle chat with Christina and her group (I was too shy to talk to her). Christina never said a word. Christina's manager, [his] wife and Christina's boyfriend did all the talking. I noticed when my co-worker asked Christina a question directly, Christina never answered. Someone always spoke up, when everyone noticed she wasn't answering the question. When her pix was finished, we gave it to her for free. While I was saying 'goodbye Christina!,' she turned around and walked away, not even saying 'thank you'." 

Love Buzz>>
Justin Timberlake and Alyssa Milano are now a hot item! Gossip concerning the two coming soon..

October 07 02

>> Sorry I didn't update Saturday or Sunday! On Saturday I was in New York, and Sunday I was inundated with work. However, I do have some special things for ya!
>>Taryn, Our Artist of the month, has fired up a lot of questions! Jimmy got to have an Xclusive interview with her! To listen to her music, read the interview, and view some facts about her, check out the AOTM page! Click here.
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Xclusive: New Beyonce Samples Mariah!>>
Click here to hear Beyonce's new song, 'Bonnie and Clyde"  The chorus samples Mariah's chorus to 'How Much' from her 1999 Hit album, Rainbow,  The chorus reads:  ' .. All I need in this life, you see, is me and my boyfriend, ... ' Mariah's version was written by Mariah, JD, Tupac Skakur, and others.  Beyonces version also features Jay Z.  You heard the news first, here at Wild Writings!

Red Dragon Breaks Records>>
Breaking the record for best October movie opening, the lovable cannibal's latest vehicle, ''Red Dragon,'' grossed $37.5 million this weekend, according to studio estimates. The previous benchmark was held by ''Meet the Parents,'' which earned $28.6 million in 2000. ''Dragon,'' the third Lecter flick to star Oscar winner Anthony Hopkins, also features an amazing cast that includes Edward Norton, Ralph Fiennes, Emily Watson, and Harvey Keitel, which certainly added to the film's appeal. Still, its opening tally fell far short of the $58 million ''Hannibal'' earned last year. The difference: ''Hannibal'' came 10 years after ''The Silence of the Lambs,'' while ''Red Dragon'' followed ''Hannibal'' by only a year and a half, so perhaps anticipation for the film wasn't as frenzied this time.

Whitney's New Video>>
Click here to view Whitney Houston's new video! You can also get the MP3 in our media section. '

October 04 02

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Petition To Remove 'Dirrty' From MTV>>
A petition has emerged in an effort to get Christina Aguilera's new video for 'Dirrty' off MTV. The petition states, "We the normal, civilized people that we are, should ban Christina Aguilera latest slut fest video 'Dirrty'. This should not be aired to kids on MTV! Some of the things shown in the video are sexual dance moves (Christina pounces up and down on a mans crouch; She is show wearing almost nothing - having girls touch her sexually; She has a big 'shower scene' in the video where her and tons of girls are taking a shower almost naked together, rubbing each other suggestively), almost a orgy, nudity (We can see Christina's butt under a skirt) and the songs content is needless to say dirty." 
Mariah duets with Justin  Timberlake!>>
The second track to be released from Mariah Carey's new album will be called "Yours" and in addition to a solo version, there will also be a duet version featuring *NSYNC star Justin Timberlake, according to Flyte Tyme's website. The track was penned and produced by Mariah, Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis, and James "Big Jim" Wright of Flyte Tyme Productions and is currently being mixed by Steve Hodge in Flyte Tyme's 'Studio D.' Mariah's new album is due out Dec. 10 and is yet untitled. The leading track off the album is called 'Through the Rain.' To hear it, request it on your local radio station or check out our media section by clicking here.
JC Solo!>>
Everyone in 'N Sync seems to be doing his own thing these days -- Justin Timberlake is promoting his upcoming solo album, Joey Fatone is performing on Broadway in ''Rent,'' Chris Kirkpatrick is designing clothes, and Lance Bass is probably still waiting on a launch pad in Russia. Now comes word that JC Chasez is also laying down some solo tracks. MTV reports that he's working with R&B producer Dallas Austin (TLC, Boyz II Men) on a song for the soundtrack to the movie ''Drumline'' and has recorded three more tunes for a possible solo album as well.

Die Hard IV>>
What year is it again? We're preparing to go to war against Iraq, Nirvana has a new song out, and Bruce Willis is getting ready to make another ''Die Hard'' movie. According to the Hollywood Reporter, he's agreed to star in ''Die Hard 4'' for Twentieth Century Fox, though there's no word on when the film might shoot or who will direct it. What would persuade Willis to don John McClane's tank top for the first time since 1995's ''Die Hard With a Vengeance''? Three little words: ''Man of War.'' That's what Willis wanted to call his next movie, a thriller directed by Antoine Fuqua (''Training Day'') in which Willis' commando must rescue a medic (Monica Bellucci) and dozens of refugees trapped in a Third World hot spot. That movie, due to be released in March, has had several working titles, including ''Hostile Rescue'' and ''Tears of the Sun,'' but Sony-based Revolution Studios really wanted to call it ''Man of War.'' However, that title belongs to Fox, which agreed to grant Revolution a waiver if Willis would return to the franchise that launched his career as an action hero in 1988.

Thalia sister found>>
There's good news and bad news for Mexican singer Thalia: One of her two sisters who were kidnapped Sept. 22 in Mexico City is free, but there's no word on the fate of the other sister. Bernardo Batiz, the city's attorney general, held a press conference Friday in which he announced that Laura Zapata was free after 18 days of captivity. '' The chief of police has told me that [Zapata] showed up'' on Thursday, the Associated Press quotes Batiz as saying. Zapata, who, like her sister Thalia, is a popular soap opera star, was reportedly abducted on Sept. 22 by carjackers who ambushed her and her sister, Ernestina Sodi, as the two were leaving a Mexico City theater where Zapata was starring in a play. Police found Zapata's car abandoned days later. Thalia, who lives in New York with her husband, Sony Music chief Tommy Mottola, did not seek the help of Mexican police, as the family reportedly feared that corrupt cops may have been involved in the kidnapping. Shanik Berman, a journalist and friend of the family, had said the kidnappers had demanded a $1 million ransom for the two sisters, but it was unclear if any ransom was ever paid. [EW]

October 22 02 

>> I know I haven't updated in 2 days but let me tell you whats going on:
Today I am meeting [yes, meeting,] the best singer in the world, Mariah Carey! So i will not be updating the site. I will be giving her the fanbook I made. Thanks to all who participated! It looks great!
Wednesday I might have a short review of the meet and how i delivered the Fannbook.
Then on Thursday - Saturday be on the lookout for tonz of new media! New poetry, and great new contests! Please just hang in there with me.
The end of next week we will launch the brand new, awesome, layout!
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October 20 02

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>> Today is your last day to send Mariah Carey a letter. Mail your letters into and we will post them in the 2002 Through The Rain Fanbook! I am meeting Mariah on Tuesday and I will direcetly hand it to her. We are looking for more poems and fan photos.

Britney to flim new Pepsi Blue Commercial>>
Britney has been in Hollywood recently to shoot a new commercial for Pepsi Blue, a new berry flavored pepsi-cola. Our sources say that the commercial will be shown internationally. Click here to win a free Britney Calendar from Wild Writings!

Mandy Moore Refutes Phoney Article On New Album>> 
Mandy Moore responded to a phoney article posted at a Mandy hostboard forum that has been fraudulently posing itself as a board Mandy herself posts at. The article stated that Moore would release 'Disillusioned Dreams' in February or March of next year, with 'Around The Bend' being the first single. Mandy said, "Oh my goodness!! Where the heck did you get that info? I'm sorry to say this, but it couldn't be further from the truth. It's as if someone completely made it up. I have recorded one song for the album. One. And it's a cover of a song at that. lol. No album until at least next summer. Sorry guys, lol."  [Pop Dirt]

October 19 02

>> There will be a chat tomorrow! It will be at 9:00 PM ET, which is 8:00 PM Central,  7:00 PM Mountain, and 6:00 Pacific.  Prizes will include Mariah Carey singles, and Taryn's new CD! [Featuring the theme song from Wisegirls]. Click here to go to interact!
>> Wisegirls, starring Mariah Carey and Mira Survino, will premiere tonight at 10:00 PM on Cinemax. Click here to see exclusive trailers and interviews about the movie!

Mariah Mania!>>
Mariah Carey has made a a splash this week! Her new video, 'Through The Rain' is now on VH1, BET, and MTV, the single is also climbing the charts. Mariah' new music label, MonarC, is open  - and her first act is Isabella Gomes [remember 'little' Billie in Glitter?] Mariahs label also started promotion by having meet and greets across the country, and releasing some promotional photos.
October 13 02
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October 12 02
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Roseanne Gets New Show>>
Given how bitter Roseanne's relationship was with ABC, the network she battled over issues of control and content throughout the 1988-97 run of ''Roseanne,'' you'd think she'd remarry Tom Arnold before she'd agree to star in another sitcom for the network. Nonetheless, Variety reports that she's planning to executive produce and star in another comedy for ABC, one that could be even more groundbreaking than ''Roseanne'' was. The other executive producer is reality series vet R.J. Cutler, and he tells Variety the new show will be ''the first reality comedy set in a workplace.''

American Idol Show Changes>>
On the second edition of ''American Idol'' starting in January, Simon Cowell may finally meet his match. Fox has announced that there will be a fourth judge on the show, Variety reports, someone who will serve as a foil to Simon and the others. Fox wouldn't say who it would be, only that it was someone who will ''add a different and unique perspective'' to the competition. As for the other judges, Paula Abdul told TV's ''Entertainment Tonight'' that she would be back, as would Randy Jackson. She didn't elaborate on the terms of their deals, but her announcement ends weeks of speculation that the two simpatico judges might not be back. Cowell had signed on again, for a reported $1 million, almost before winner Kelly Clarkson left the stage during the first season's finale in September. Meanwhile, the search is on for someone to replace Brian Dunkleman as Ryan Seacrest's cohost. According to Variety, insiders say that ''Idol'' producers are looking for a female cohost. When contacted Thursday by, an ''Idol'' spokesperson declined to comment on whether the new host would be a man or a woman, saying only that no decision has been made regarding a new cohost. On a side note, Tamyra Gray signed a record deal contract with RCA, making her the third Idol to sign with RCA. [Kelly, Justin, Tamyra.]

Janet to sing for Chicago>>
Janet Jackson may not be the first person who comes to mind when you think of Broadway musicals, and she's not in the upcoming movie version of the musical ''Chicago,'' but moviegoers will hear her sing over the closing credits. MTV reports that she's writing a new song with producers Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis that is ''hot and danceable,'' Jam says, but will still fit with the movie's Jazz Age-styled songs by John Kander and Fred Ebb. ''We're really trying to come up with something that is not only compatible with the movie -- because obviously all the songs are already written in more of a 1920s style of music -- but melding that in with something contemporary,'' Jam tells MTV. ''If you think about some of the sounds and videos that she's done, like the 'Alright' video with the zoot suit thing, or any of that, she's a girl that grew up on musicals,'' Jam tells MTV.
October 26 02

Wild Writings down!>>
On October 23 Wild Witings was down. Although you could still few the main page,  the rest of the site was down, and you couldn't view updates! So Sorry! Why you ask? I spent an extra $100.00 on Wild Writings this month on bandwith! And that still wasn't enough. While i am soo happy this site is popular and you guys like it so much, it's just burning a whole in my pocket! lol. I refuse to close it down - so i need YOUR help! I will be starting a donation page, where you can donate money to help us! I am also setting up a Wild Writings Store where you guys can get your hands on some cool rare promotion stuff that i managed to get! So bare with me as I start these new pages, and PLEASE help us out! In addition to visitors, there was excessive downloading coming from Wild Writings. I hope no one is HOT LINKING my files, and if you are - PLEASE STOP. I will find out and you won't be happy. However, if you are downloading from my site, [music, video] I can't help that - that's why we are here! So please save a little money on the side for Wild Writings! lol.

Seventeen New Star Event>>
Friday, 10.25, I was in New York to see the Seventeen new star showcase event! The hosts were two girls from the magazine, Seventeen, and the host of ET on VH1/MTV. It was held at Roseland, and was packed! The band, Duce Project, came on and first performed. Then Shaggy came, and gave a great performance! He sang about 5 songs. All old hits [Mr Lover, Angel, It Wasn't Me,] Plus some new songs! This was the second time I have seen him in concert, and he gets better everytime! Next came David Bedingfield, who was okay. He seemed to really scream out the notes instead of sing - but hey, I love his song 'Gotta Get Thru This.' He sang 3 songs, one of which was a ballad and you could barely hear him. Then there was a small break of the show, they encourgaed people to go try out new make-up and contact at the stations in the back, and to go get all free soda, but I stayed in my spot. There wasn't any seats - so you had to push and stand for 3 hours. Then the hostesses came back with prizes, freee shirts, etc. They said they had a surprise for you, so I though it would be Mariah Carey, but it was Kelly Roland! She was only on stage for about 2 minutes, but she said thanks for all the support on'Dilemma' and 'Stole.' She had her little dog on the stage with her, and she looked very beautiful. Then the hosts gave out some guitars. Then three teenagers came on stage and performed, [I believe they won a contest through Seventeen.] They played all hit songs at the moment [Madonna, Missy E, Cam'ron etc] Then they said that hey have another celebrity prize for everyone. I was excited because I thought it would be Mariah - and sure enough, they said '.. but first we want to play her new video, 'Through The Rain.' Yep! Itr would be MC! They played the video and I heard people singing along, people really seemed to like the vid. Then I saw Mariah standing on the side of the stage, She had Da Brat with her, and I regonzied her body guars and staff from when I met her on Tuesday. I thought she was was with B2K, but it turned out to be just 4 male dancers. LOL. Then She came out! Once again, Very Beautiful, and the croward went bonkers! Some pushing went on, but you just had to push back! She introduced her new record label, MonarC, and then said 'Come on out Da Brat..' Da Brat came out and basically said that M has a new record label OF HER OWN and that the first artist is Issabella Gomes. [The young Billie in Gliiter.] Then MC said thanks Seventeen and everyone! They walked to the side of the stage and Isabella Performed. It was strange because Isabella, who is about 14 or 15, looks similar to MC! She has brown curly hair and big brown eyes, very was very pretty. SHe sang a song called 'The Player' I belive - it was repetative, but really good! Then 3 young rappers [ 14 - 16?] came on and did alittle rapping. It turned out to be a very good performance, and Mariah was totally dancing. [I saw her from an angel] Then they left - MC went right to her limo and dorve off. I thought that would be it for performers, but P.Diddy came out! He came out with the new Dream, [including a new member becuase Melissa had left the group.] He wanted to show them to the audience, and then they left the stage. The night closed with B2K performing 4 songs. By then i was making my way out the door. I managed to get an MC promotional copy of 'Through The Rain' which totally made my night! I took some get promo posters of Kely Rolland, 3LW, Shaggy, etc that I will be selling on! It was a great night - and a bargin for only $17 a ticket!
The pictures that I have from the showcase didn't come out that good - so I won't be posting them.
October 27 02

New Layout>>
I am currently putting up the new layout for November! Any one know who the Artist of the Month is? The layout will be up Oct 28 around 10 PM. While your here, check out all the news you missed from the outage!
October 23 02

I Met Mariah!>>
Where do I begin? I have a million things to say about October 22, 2002 - but I will try and condense them!
I left school at 11:30AM Tuesday, my mom picked me up and we went right to the train station! We got into New York around 1:30 - 2:00 PM. We met my sister for lunch [she lives in NY]  then around 4 my mom and I checked in at the hotel. At the hotel, there was only about 15 minutes of resting. Around 4:30 we left and made our way to the Hayden Planetarium! We got a little lost so we found this very nice woman who walked us to it. We first went to one entrance, but where told Meet and Greet winners need to go to this hidden entrance under a bridge. We got there and there was only about 18 people. I really didn't feel as though I was about to meet one of the biggest celebrities in the world, but as the hours rolled in, and the line grew up to around 90 I started getting excited! My mom and I were towards the front of the line, I met some people I talk to online, like Jenel, people from MariahDaily, and people from MariahBuzz. Behind us were two older men who were really cool. Then I saw the big MC posters go up, and I recognized Mariah's body guards walk around and examine the entrances. Around 7 we got in! Inside people really loved the fan book my site made, and so I passed it around. Everyone was nice - lovely MC fans! I met lots of people, and it was a really nice experience. I had my coke and of course, had to use the bathroom. I asked and a man where the bathroom was, and I noticed he had a tray a food. He brought me down to the bathroom. I said "I'm so excited!" he said, "Ya I'm actually bringing this to Mariah!" So I know she was in the planetarium around 7. He wouldn't tell me where she was! Oh well .. . So around 8 they line us by group. (around 8 groups - 10 people in each.) Me and my mom were in group one! So Mariah comes out and I see her from a distance. WOW. High leather boots, and a dress that came down to her knees. You only saw a few inches of leg. The dress was long sleeved, and it was low cut. Her hair was very long and absolutely beautiful. Then she waves, and they let group one in. We all rushed and I was in total awe. She is absolutely beautiful, I couldn't believe I was standing 4 feet from Mariah Carey! I stepped behind Liron, from MariahDaily. Liron had a few things singed, while MC was signing she looked up and said, 'Hi!" to me, in a very high pitch tone. I wanted to melllllllt! Then the body guard came over to me, and quietly said 'No hugs, no kisses, don't touch her." So I said no hugs!? He repeated it again. He was a large man so I listened. LOL. Then MC got to me, I thought I was going to faint! I had her sign a picture I had of her, she wrote 'love' then the body guards said "no more guys, time for pictures." Then Mariah put her hand on my hip and held me! She said, "Ok let's move over here." She is very assertive and knew right where the cameras were! I  started to put my hand around her back and someone, probably the body guard that told me not to, ripped my hand off - but it was ok cuz she still held me. LOL. So she finished her signature,  and looked right into my eyes. I started to say .. 'I made this for you,' but it was interrupted by camera people. ] So my mom was behind us and we took a few pics, then Liron came between me and Mariah and I said "Oh kneel down, kneel down!" [so she could be in the pic!] Mariah then said 'He's the arranger!" I once again wanted to faint. We took a few more pics and then everyone started to split up. I then gave MC the fan book I made, which was really nice! She said "Oh thank you!" I smiled and she handed it to her assistant to place in a bag already FULL of gifts. Then my mom had to say hi, so she walked over and said "I just want to shake your hand, my son is in love with you, you are just amazing" Mariah shook my moms hand and said thanks. Then I ran around and watched Mariah take 7 more groups of photos. Her bodyguard asked if MC could use my sharpie! I was like YA!!  I didn't see her hug 1 guy, so I got lucky! Then it was 9:00. Mariah left and I was disappointed cuz I wanted more MC! We had to kill 45 minutes, and MC went down a floor to the VIP party. This consisted of Radio personalities and other celebrities [Cam'rom, Anastasia, Da Brat, Randy Jackson, Trey Lorenz, Shawn McDonald, Lyor Cohen, and Jerry Blair.] Then we were let out at 9:45 to hear 8 tracks off the new album! On the way, my mother nearly tackled a really nice girl who I talked to all night to get a HUGE promo poster of Through The Rain. Of course, my mom won! LOL So now I have a large 40x40 picture of Mariah! lol! It's on thick poster board. We got to the big sphere in the museum, and had to move all the way to the back! Soon all the celebs came in and so did MC! She was totally grooving to all the songs. We watched the stars in the planetarium while listening to 8 songs. Mariah covered 'Bring on the Heartbreak' by Def Leppord. This song was my favorite! It was a rock ballad and was amazing. Then after about 40 minutes of near perfect new songs, we left! As I was walking out with my autograph and huge promo poster, I was like .. man I wish I could see her just one more time! Little did I know she was in front of me!! I screamed 'Bye Mariah!!!!" She turned around and said bye!! Then we rushed to the elevator, but they took off too fast. Me and my mom made it outside. I was breathing regularly again. The paparazzi was there and they were just horrible! MC  came out of the museum, and they totally bombarded all the fans!! Mariah acted very gracefully though. Her body guards and staff surrounded her, and Mariah did her best to sign even more autographs! She is so genuine to her fans. I jumped up, and she waved to me!! I was complete. I watched her jump in her limo and they all sped off. It was the best night of my life. I don't know who likes her music or who doesn't, but she is absolute a down-to-earth, BEAUTIFUL, and a talented woman. Her face was perfect. She glowed all night long, her  body is so toned up and she is soo caring. Nothing was wrong with the night and I have gained even more respect for Mariah. I could never deal with all the photos and paparazzi she did in one night. I don't know how someone could live like that. She looked amazing and I will never forget Mariah. Now that she saw my face throughout the night and has my fan book - hopefully she won't forget mine! On the way leaving, I saw Anastasia, who said something along the lines of "Sony didn't let Mariah do what she wanted, but this new record will blow them away" And I saw Randy Jackson, my mom waved to him but he didn't respond. Mariah Carey - flawless.
If you post this review on your site, please link it back! Thanks!
October 29 02

The new lay-out is up! I hope you all like! Please send feedback to, or the Guestbook! [scroll down, on the left] The new AOTM is Justin Timberlake! His new CD is out on November 5. All of the site has been updated except the Fashion, Music, and Movie pages! Check out site for a new look plus lots more info on Wild Writings history! Also see Media for the music requested songs on the net. Xtra has some great celebrity graphics for you, and Darlene wrote some great new Editorials! One of which is on Christina Aguilera, whoa Christina! Watch out for Darlene's comments about you! Also check out the new Donate and Store Page! Items will be added to the store this weekend! Have a great day and enjoy the new look of Wild Writings!
- Jimmy

Almost there!>>
You've now seen our donation page, and here is another page to give you a sneak peak at the new site! It's the Wild Writings Store! No items are listed yet, but will be this weekend! Enjoy! The layout will be up in just a minute ...

October 28 02

Hey! Well I have most of the site up, but I decided to wait until tomorrow when its all up. However, I want to present to you one new page! This is the donation page! Becuase Wild Writings is costing more and more money to maintain, we started the donation page. On the page you can find info on where to contact us. If everyone that visits Wild Writings can give at least $1.00, that could cover bandwith for this month! So please check out the new page, and donate to Wild Writings! Click here to go to the Donation Page.

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October 2003

October 30 02

Jessica Simpson Married!>>
Who says musicians make strange bedfellows? Jessica Simpson and 98 Degrees singer Nick Lachey are flourishing both creatively and romantically. The couple, whose engagement was announced earlier this year, got married last weekend at the Riverbend Chapel in Austin, Texas, Lachey's publicist said. A reception followed at the nearby Barton Creek Resort. "I'm very excited," Lachey said recently of the impending ceremony. "When you know the situation's right, you don't have anything to worry about. I've got the normal kind of nerves [about marriage], It's certainly a new thing for me and for her, and we're really happy." To hear Jessica's song, 'Part of Your World,' off DisneyMANIA, go to our media section!

Harry Potter Death>>
How does a movie franchise replace an actor its producer calls ''irreplaceable?'' That was the word ''Harry Potter'' producer David Heyman used to describe Richard Harris in an interview with Britain's ITV News on Saturday, a day after Harris' death at 72 from complications of Hodgkin's disease. Harris had played Hogwarts headmaster Albus Dumbledore in last year's ''Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone'' and the upcoming ''Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets,'' due in theaters Nov. 15. He had hoped to play the 2,000-year-old wizard again in the third movie, ''Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban,'' shooting early next year, as well as the four sequels beyond that. Now, producers have to think about another actor to wear Dumbledore's whiskers. Just hours before Harris' death, at a London press conference for ''Chamber of Secrets,'' Chris Columbus, who directed the first two Potter pictures and will produce the third, said, ''It's impossible to even think about [any other actor in the role]. For me, there is only one Dumbledore.'' Alfonso Cuaron (''A Little Princess,'' ''Y Tu Mama Tambien''), who will direct ''Azkaban,'' has so far declined to comment on possible recasting choices for the role.

The Osbournes: The Movie!>>
MTV has announced that the second season of ''The Osbournes'' will debut on Nov. 26, but Sharon Osbourne is already thinking bigger. She tells the Hollywood Reporter that the family is working on a movie deal with a major studio. It won't be a reality-based comedy like the series, she says, but rather a biopic about Ozzy. She also says that her rocker won't appear in the movie, but she has an idea about who should play him: Johnny Depp. ''I have a dream of who it could be, but I don't know if he'll do it,'' she told the Reporter. "He's a brilliant actor.''

Mariah's new CD>>
Mariah Carey's new CD, titled Charmbracelet, is coming out December 3! The cover was just released! I personally like it, its more a 'natural' cover, even though I don't care for the hair in her face. 'Through The Rain' is the first ballad off the album. It has reached up to #2 on TRL!
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