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Celebrity Week 2003: Dave Matthews Band and Mary J Blige.
Mary J Blige and 50 Cent
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Mary J. Blige can now sing "twooh!," as she's collaborated with 50 Cent for the second time. The G-Unit have officially jumped on the remix to Mary's current single, "Ooh!" If you remember, 50 rapped his verse to the song during Mary's performance at the 2003 MTV
Video Music Awards.
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Dave Matthews Band Salutes New York's Finest At Benefit Show
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NEW YORK — Dave Matthews might as well move here right now, what with all the shout-outs he gave the city during his band's three-hour benefit concert in Central Park Wednesday night.

Matthews snuck lyrics into his songs about the park, the metropolis itself, and the police and fire departments, stirring up lots of applause for the forthcoming CD and DVD souvenirs of the event (see "Dave Matthews Band Plans Free NYC Concert"). The DMB didn't draw the half million Simon & Garfunkel attracted with a 1981 reunion concert in the park, but the 85,000 on hand were enough to raise $2 million for the schools of New York City and the band's hometown of Charlottesville, Virginia.The Dave Matthews Band is a major draw, but some fans may have been hoping to hear material from Matthews' solo album, Some Devil, released the day before. No luck there, but the band did bring out, as promised, a special guest: Allman Brothers and Gov't Mule guitarist — and fellow noodler — Warren Haynes, whose soaring contribution to a cover of Neil Young's "Cortez the Killer" was the highlight of the evening.With Haynes in the lead — and DMB essentially backing him up — the sometimes wandering jam band became more focused and dropped some of its best-known shtick: bassist Stefan Lessard's hip-wiggling, for instance, and Matthews' trademark eyeball-rolling. Instead, Hayes and Matthews simply traded off verses, with Matthews toning down his usual ebullience and actually sounding better the more restrained he got.

Hayes stuck around for a version of "Jimi Thing" that morphed into Buffalo Springfield's '60s hit "For What It's Worth," a song brought out in past concerts as an instrumental. This time, however, Matthews interpolated some lyrics of his own that give the song a contemporary edge. Later, a three-minute bass solo on what turned out to be "The Star Spangled Banner" added to the political mood. The national anthem then morphed into the band's by-now-familiar version of Bob Dylan's "All Along the Watchtower," which the group has deconstructed and reassembled into a very different take on the original tune.Morphing from one song into another — and from one mood into another — is a DMB specialty, but it can be confusing. With all the musical stops and starts and changing dynamics, even some of the band's most ardent fans had trouble telling where some songs ended and others began.

The 22-song set list was heavy with fan favorites, from "What Would You Say" and "Ants Marching" to "Too Much" and "Grey Street." And of course there were many, many long solos by various members of the group, mainly violinist Boyd Tinsley and saxman LeRoi Moore.As always, this DMB performance was more about tightness and technique than it was about simple showmanship. The incessantly cheering fans liked that just fine, especially in the park's dramatic environment, where red and purple spotlights lit the trees around the stage, creating a saturated fall-foliage effect. Critics will always quibble about this band, but the group's Wednesday night performance was one that hard-core fans won't soon forget.CD and DVD versions of the Central Park concert will be released November 11.

The set list included "Don't Drink the Water,"  "So Much to Say," "Too Much," "Granny," "Crush," "When the World Ends," "Dancing Nancies," "Warehouse," "Ants Marching," "Rhyme & Reason," "Two Step," "Help Myself,"  "Cortez the Killer," "Jimi Thing," "For What It's Worthm," "What Would You Say," "Where Are You Going," "Star Spangled Banner," "All Along the Watchtower," and "Grey Street," "What You Are," "Stay (Wasting Time)."
Dave Matthews' special to air on MTV
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Check out "MTV2 presents Dave Matthews" premiering this Friday night. It's an intimate half hour show which features acoustic performances from the new solo record Some Devil as well as a q & a with the audience and discussion about the "Gravedigger" video.

The show is airing on MTV2 on 9/26 @ 8:30am and 9/27 @ 7pm.
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Celebrity Week 2003: Eminem, Ashanti, and OutKast.
Eminem 'Scared' of fame
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Rapper Eminem is 'scared' by the massive commercial and critical success that has made him a global superstar, according to his biographer. The star has encountered ever-growing adulation on the
back of the film 8 Mile, loosely based on his youth in Detroit, and his album The Eminem Show. Eminem's friend and biographer Anthony ozza has argued that they revealed a different side to Eminem - and he has been increasingly accepted by the establishment as a result.

"In 2003, he really jumped a whole level," Bozza told BBC World Service's The Ticket programme.

Through his film and latest album, "more people were able to access what he's really talking about - his hard life, his dysfunctional family, being the child of a single parent," he said. "More people were able to get into Eminem. People like Barbara Streisand, politicians - more than ever before. "Frankly he's pretty scared by it."

Leading poet Seamus Heaney earlier this year praised Eminem for his "subversive attitude" and "verbal energy." And 8 Mile brought the rapper an Oscar for Best Song - Lose Yourself - in March.

Bozza said people were beginning to understand the experiences behind some of Eminem's songs - mainly thanks to the success of 8 Mile. "It was incredibly accurate in the look and feel of what it really is like in the part of Detroit where Eminem grew up and where he spent his time," Bozza said.

The biographer, who grew up with Eminem in Detroit, said the authenticity of 8 Mile came in part from Eminem himself. "He had a lot to do with going over set design, down to the stickers that his friends have their wall in the basement where they hang out. "His story has been changed a bit - things were definitely altered from the life story - but I think you really get a sense of the feeling of where he's from and how he grew up."

Bozza said Eminem - once described by US President George W Bush as "the  most dangerous threat to American children since polio" - was now reacting to the cult of celebrity that had grown up around him. Songs like Superman and Business - which criticise the music industry and celebrity status - were his way of venting his frustrations.
"I think he's got a lot of other things to be frustrated and angry about, which really does feed his music," Bozza stated. "He's very passionate, reacting to things in his life."

Bozza, who recently completed his study of his friend, Whatever You Say I Am, conducted Eminem's first mainstream interview. "I knew he was different - he was using different vocabulary, he had a different style - but I still didn't know how people would take him," Bozza said. "I didn't know how long he could sustain it, and what I really couldn't predict is how much his rap style has evolved and progressed and gotten
better. "At the same time, hip-hop also has grown into this tremendous international
language, so Eminem is the top rapper everywhere, from Taiwan to South
America - it's not just Europe and the US anymore."
Eminem Sued Again!
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Rapper Eminem is being sued by a 70-year-old grandmother who claims he sampled a song written by her late husband without permission. Harlene Stein is furious the controversial star didn't credit her spouse on his track Guilty Conscience, which she says contains the tune "Pigs Go Home" - a song her husband Ronald penned for 1970s movie "Getting Straight". Stein also wants to file cases against Eminem's producer Dr Dre as well as
the "Real Slim Shady" star's music publishing companies and record label. While her case doesn't specify any damages, Stein could land a huge payout because the Slim Shady LP - the 1999 album on which the alleged copyright infringement occurs - has shifted nearly five million copies.It marks the second time Eminem's songs have landed him in strife. In 2001 his old school pal filed a $1 million lawsuit against him, claiming the rapper's tune "Brain Damage" - which named the defendant DeAngelo Bailey as an abusive bully - damaged his reputation and his own ability to launch a music career.

Reps for Eminem were not available to comment on the suit. This isn't the first occasion Slim Shady's been accused of losing himself in other people's music.

In April of 2002, French jazz artist Jacques Loussier also filed a $10 million copyright infringement suit against Eminem, claiming he stole parts of his tune, "Pulsion," for his violent tirade on the track, "Kill You," off 2000's Grammy-winning album The Marshall Mathers LP.
Eminem Produces Track Featuring Both Tupac And Biggie
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Earlier this year we heard Eminem rhyme over one of Tupac's beats. Now the deceased hip-hop rebel is rapping over one of Slim Shady's tracks.

Eminem recently completed production of "Running (Dying to Live)," the first single from the upcoming "Tupac: Resurrection" soundtrack. In addition to the verse from Pac, the record includes a Notorious B.I.G. rhyme for the first verse.

"Check it, I grew up a f---in' screw-up," Biggie says on the song. Later he raps about wanting to be the "the black Frank White," a nickname he adopted, and continues his assault.

"Run from the police/ Picture that n---a/ I'm too fat," he barks. "I f--- around and catch a asthma attack."

Em constructed the beat with hammering piano chords, violins and bass. The King of Detroit also sampled blues-rocker Edgar Winters' "Dying to Live" for the chorus: "Why am I fighting to live, if I 'm just living to fight?/ Why am I trying to see, when there ain't nothing in sight?/ Why am I trying to give, when no one gives me a try?/ Why am I dying to live, if I'm just living to die?"

Tupac rounds the record off with his militant street-soldier poetry. "A couple of movies now the whole world trying to screw me," he says. "Even the cops tried to sue me/ So what can I do, but stay true sippin' 22s of brew…/ Misery is all I see, that's my mind state ..."

"Running (Dying to Live)" isn't the only record Eminem produced for the "Tupac: Resurrection" soundtrack, according to an Interscope Records spokesperson, who would only add that the soundtrack will also include songs from Pac that tell a chronological story of his life and career.

The "Tupac: Resurrection" soundtrack comes out on November 4 and features four new Tupac songs in all as well as a slew of his greatest hits. The film that inspired the soundtrack hits theaters on November 14 (see " 'Tupac: Resurrection' To Be Previewed At Sundance").
Ashanti's new Rainin' video
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As discussed on BET's September 19th episode of 106 & Park, Ashanti's new video for "Rain on Me" takes a bold look at a troubling topic -- domestic violence. Today, nearly one-third of American women say they've been abused by a husband or boyfriend at some point in their lives, and on average, three women are killed by intimate partners every day. Ashanti is proud to partner with the Family Violence Prevention Fund to raise awareness on this extremely important issue. Check back with LidRock.com on October 17th to find out how you can get Ashanti's exclusive mini movie and make a donation to the Family Violence Prevention Fund."
Ashanti Nominated ...
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Ashanti is nominated for 31th American Music Awards in these categories: Favorite Female Artist - Hip Hop/R&B Music and Favorite Album - Hip-Hop/Rhythm & Blues Music (Chapter II). She will be performing at the show. The AMAs will be air in Sunday, November 16 on ABC.
News Tidbits for OutKast!
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Outkast's Andre 3000 is in talks to play Jimi Hendrix in a biopic directed by Allen and Albert Hughes ("Menace II Society," "American Pimp"). But first the rapper will star in an HBO movie coinciding with his group's just-released Speakerboxxx/ The Love Below, and then a film with Morgan J. Freeman ("Hurricane Streets") called "Love Hater." ...

Outkasts new album, Speakerboxxx/ The Love Below, has a chance to be #1 next week!

We're not predicting a two-way tie here — we're just saying that Outkast's new double CD, Speakerboxxx/The Love Below, is like two different records, each the brainchild of one-half of the group's creative team. Andre 3000's disc bubbles with jazz, funk and R&B styles, while Big Boi's record is more spacey and experimental.
Celebrity Week 2003: Mariah Carey and Justin Timberlake.
Mariah on the "Proud Family"
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It was announced in August that Mariah Carey would be guest starring as herself on The Proud Family, a comedic animated cartoon series.

In the episode titled "Monkey Bidness," which debuts on October 10, Mariah’s pet monkey, Francois, is accidentally switched at the veterinarian’s office with Oscar Proud’s monkey Mr. Chips. Francois is
put to work at the Proud Snax factory while Mr. Chips lives life in the lap of luxury with Mariah herself.
Mariah takes her charm to the road!
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About halfway through last night’s concert at the Verizon Wireless Arena, Mariah Carey found her groove.

The good news is, she’s still the diva with the golden cords.

And yet, for whatever reason Carey’s been professionally struggling to rekindle the star power that made her the top-selling female vocalist of the 1990s.

Much of her 13-year career has been as disjointed as last night’s production.

It didn’t help that the night began with some organized chaos in the lobby, as some 700 ticket holders had to swap their original seats for a relocation pass. An additional 700 had been relocated in advance.

According to Verizon spokesman Jason Perry, the changeover from full-blown world tour to a scaled-back U.S. version of intimate venues after tickets initially went on sale meant blocking off about half the seats inside the arena for last night’s show.

“We moved the stage forward and dropped what we call a half-house curtain from the ceiling to block off the seats from behind, basically so you don’t see the 5,000 empty seats,” said Perry last night.

He estimated the crowd at about 5,000, plus or minus, adding that the tour had been scaled back at Carey’s request for a more intimate experience.

The show was supposed to start at 7:30 p.m., but for the first 90 minutes fans were patient and polite as an unbilled stand-up comic took the stage.

Carey finally emerged from a side entrance just before 9 p.m. and sang her way through the crowd. She looked stunning, hair blonder than ever and rivaling the glimmer of her plentiful wardrobe, a parade of glittery ensembles that accentuated Carey’s dangerous curves throughout the night.

She delivered for fans with renditions of “My All,” “Through the Rain,” “Dreamlover,” and “Can’t Take That Away.” But the persistent three-ring circus atmosphere did nothing for fans.

During one song, three masked men on stilts were pulling the strings of a floppy marionette while Carey sang from the side, seated on a circus pedestal while images of cartoon money bags floated on a hanging screen to the rear. What was up with that?

And during “Honey,” despite Carey’s brilliant multi-octave delivery, dancers upstaged her with kung-fu moves. Ditto during “I Know What You Want,” her recent MTV-worthy duet with Busta Rhymes, performed last night along with a canned video and lots of dancers. Clearly, the 33-year-old singer should let her vocals do the crowd-pleasing.

Mike Khouri of Boston, followed the star to New Hampshire, after catching two shows earlier this month in Connecticut and Massachusetts.

“Her voice is unbelievable — stronger, more incredible than ever. If anyone had any doubts, this show proves differently. She doesn’t leave fans wanting for hits. It’s a great show,” said Khouri.

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Peas impressed Justin Timberlake
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Los Angeles hip-hop heroes The Black Eyed Peas were amazed when they first met Justin Timberlake - because of his incredible urban dance moves. The former 'N Sync star has helped the foursome to global success by adding some vocals to their chart-topper ‘Where Is The Love’, and the collaboration has increased his street cred as well. The Peas' good fortune was just luck - they happened to bump into Justin at an LA nightclub, and the rest is history. Group member Taboo says, "We were all dancing in a circle, just like old school hip-hop fans used to do. Justin came over and asked us if he could join us and showed us a few moves. To say we were impressed is an understatement. He may be better known as a boy-band star but he sure don't move like one. He is a massive hip-hop fan - and it showed.” He continues, "A few days later I played the song down the phone to him. He came back with something and we added it on. We had thought the song was finished but he added something extra. We also included his vocals and I think the finished product is something special." 

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Mariah's Image Control?
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WENN reports director Brett Ratner has created 'Hillhaven Lodge: The Photo Booth Pictures', a new book containing shots his A-list pals have taken of themselves in the black-and-white photo booth he bought for his Hollywood home. Most of the pals, including includes Michael Jackson, Britney Spears, Ralph Fiennes, Liv Tyler, Justin Timberlake of *NSYNC, Colin Farrell, Paris Hilton, Kim Cattrall, Sean 'P Diddy' Combs, Jude Law and Heidi Klum, were OK with him releasing the book, except Mariah Carey had some issues. Ratner laughed, "Everybody in the book is a personal friend, so I didn't have to contact anyone for permission. But some people had vanity issues. I had to send Mariah Carey - who's a very good friend of mine - the pictures to let her know which ones I would use. Some of them have to have image control."
Mariah's Remix CD     
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On Monday October 6, the remixes album will be released in Europe. A week later, on Tuesday October 14, this album will be released in the USA, Asia, Australia, Canada and Latin America. Mariah said during this week's chat, "It's actually a really good album. I was really involved in the selection of the songs. I hope it does well and you like it. I hope the lambs enjoy it." That's why her official site, MariahCarey.com, promotes this album. Here's the tracklisting they had on their site:

Disc One
1. My All - Morales "MY" Club Mix
2. Heartbreaker/If You Should Ever Be Lonely - Junior's Heartbreaker Club Mix
3. Fly Away (butterfly reprise) - Fly Away Club Mix
4. Anytime You Need a Friend - C&C Club Version
5. Fantasy - Def Club Mix
6. Honey - Classic Mix
7. Dreamlover - Def Club Mix
8. Emotions - 12" Club Mix
9. Through the Rain - HQ2 Radio Edit
Disc Two
1. Fantasy Featuring O.D.B.
2. Always Be My Baby - Mr. Dupri Mix Featuring Da Brat & Xscape
3. My All/Stay Awhile - So So Def Remix Featuring Lord Tariq & Peter Gunz
4. Thank God I Found You - Make It Last Remix Featuring Joe & Nas
5. Breakdown - Featuring Krayzie Bone & Wish Bone
6. Honey - So So Def Mix Featuring Da Brat & JD
7. Loverboy - Remix Featuring Da Brat, Ludacris, Twenty II & Shawnna
8. Heartbreaker - Remix Featuring Da Brat & Missy Elliott
9. Sweetheart
10. Crybaby - Featuring Snoop Dogg
11. Miss You - Featuring Jadakiss
12. The One - So So Def Remix Featuring Bone Crusher
13. I Know What You Want - Busta Rhymes & Mariah Carey Featuring Flipmode Squad
Celebrity Week 2003: Jennifer Lopez and Good Charlotte.
Bennifer Reportedly Dumps J.Lo.
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Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez, the most overexposed couple on the planet, were supposed to exchange wedding vows Sunday - but instead there was a report that they had ended their tabloid-
chronicled storybook romance. Amid the frantic speculation surrounding the pair last week, People magazine reported Sunday that Affleck has dumped Lopez due to "second thoughts" about their
impending wedding. Dubbed "Bennifer" by gossip wags, the pair planned to wed at a mansion estate near Santa Barbara. But they postponed the ceremony Wednesday, saying excessive media
attention was turning the event into havoc. Citing unidentified "sources close to the couple," People reported that Affleck initiated the breakup with Lopez, who was "devastated" and "in tears." However, the magazine hedged its scoop by adding "it was unclear whether the separation was permanent."A representative for Affleck, Ken Sunshine, declined to comment on the breakup rumor. Lopez's publicist, Dan Klores, did not return The Associated Press's call for comment. Klores told People he believed the couple was still together, but had not spoken to Lopez in several days.

If the wedding happens, it will be the third for Lopez, 33, and the first for Affleck, 31. They met while filming this summer's infamous bomb, "Gigli."Their second film together, writer-director Kevin Smith's "Jersey Girl," is set for release next year.
J-Lo plans duet with Elton John
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Jennifer Lopez says she plans to record a duet with Elton John. She says they are fans of each other and have talked about working together. And J-Lo says she will take her time on her next album which she's currently working on. And of a duet with Elton John she said: "We've spoken about it and have a few ideas in mind. "Elton says he likes my music and I'm a big fan of him too."
J-Lo and Ben in Georgia.
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Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck shopping for a new truck in Savannah, Georgia. Ben and Jen took the Dodge truck for a test drive and then decided to buy it. The couple seemed pretty happy until they spotted photographers. For more Jen pictures, click here.

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Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez
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For those whose weeks would not be complete without the
tiniest tidbit of Bennifer buzz, the couple was spotted Monday
afternoon (September 22) at probate court in the Liberty County Courthouse, near Savannah, Georgia. It's not known what exactly Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck and his brother Casey Affleck were doing there — Ben told paparazzi he was there to get a hunting permit — but that kind of court handles, among other matters, name changes, estate settlements, prenuptial agreements and marriage licenses, though a court spokesperson said that a marriage license was not applied for. Affleck's spokesperson didn't know of the incident when asked, and Lopez's rep didn't return calls by press time.
Good Charlotte, Green Day, NOFX To Rock Against President Bush
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Good Charlotte, Pennywise and Sum 41 have always been known more for their practical jokes than their practical advice. That may soon change.

Next year these bands, Green Day, NOFX, Alkaline Trio and others will unite to raise political awareness and encourage pop-punk fans to vote in the next presidential election — against George Bush. The groups will each contribute a track to the compilation Rock Against Bush and take part in at least one show on a tour organized and funded by NOFX singer/bassist Fat Mike, who also owns the label Fat Wreck Chords.

"About a year ago I decided to use my influence to get bands together to speak out about the president," Fat Mike said. "I think it's our responsibility as citizens and musicians to do so. He's wrecking the country and the world. He's starting wars for no reason, our economy is in the toilet, he's ruining the environment, and he does things like cut taxes when we need money."

Green Day, NOFX and Alkaline Trio will record new songs for the album. The other groups haven't yet announced whether their tracks will be new cuts, remixes or previously released tunes. The album should be in stores by April or May.

There will be two legs of the Rock Against Bush Tour. The first will take place around the release of the album, and the second will occur closer to the election. At the shows, Fat Mike's Punkvoter.com political organization will set up voter registration booths, and the bands that play will encourage kids to take part in the voting process.

"We're trying to build a coalition of kids 18 to 25," Fat Mike said. "We want punks and other disenfranchised young people to vote as a block, which no one has ever done before. Kids are the biggest group of people that don't vote. We want to change that."

Fat Mike applauds Rock the Vote, which has long been urging youths to show up at the voting booth on election day, but he feels their nonpartisan methods are flawed. "They don't tell kids why to vote or who to vote for," he said. "The punk scene is very united. We're gonna get every punk-rock band together, and I think we can take over the country and change the world."

Plans call for the shows to be free and staged mostly at college campuses. Since there may be some logistical problems with calling the jaunt Rock Against Bush, Fat Mike admits he may have to change the name. "Certain colleges won't advertise it as Rock Against Bush, and a lot of radio stations won't mention the name either. So we may just call it the Punkvoter tour or something, but to us it will always be Rock Against Bush."

All proceeds from the Rock Against Bush album will go toward print and television ads that will encourage punks to oust Bush from office. "We're just going to put true facts on TV," he said, "and one or two famous punk rockers will be reading them."

With profits from the disc being funneled into advertising, funds for the tour will be limited, but Fat Mike said he's prepared to pick up most of the cost. "I'm planning on losing a lot of money, but I don't care. This is something I really believe in."

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Celebrity Week 2003: Christina Aguilera and Clay Aiken.
Christina Takes Britney's Sloppy Seconds
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Star Christina Aguilera has been accused of frequently taking on work turned down by rival Britney Spears - fuelling reports the pair are still on bad terms.

According to gossip website Page Six.com, a source close to Britney has told them Christina is making a fortune from projects rejected by the Oops!..I Did it Again stunner.

The source snipes, "Christina just does all of Britney's sloppy seconds. Britney turned down Donatella Versace because she didn't want to be associated with just one brand.

"Next thing you know, Christina is the face of Versace. Then Britney and Skechers part ways and Christina is signed by them. Everything she does is something Britney has passed on."
Christina does Sketchers
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The new ad from Christina Aguilera promoting Sketchers are out! 

The ad will be featured in teen magazines, be on the lookout!

Christina Does Her Cher Impression, Justin
Fights The Screams At Tour Kickoff
www.WildWritings.com Celebrity Week!
With ice on both ears, Justin Timberlake set out to prove that on his own he can accomplish the
mission that was set for 'NSYNC — to generate a little respect for pop.

On Wednesday, the crowd at the sold-out America West Arena turned the venue into a balls
-out dance club for the opening night of Timberlake and Christina Aguilera's Justified and Stripped Tour. The fans, most of whom were women in their late teens and early 20s, screamed
at Justin and Christina's every move and word.

Aguilera's set began with images of her on a video screen showing her distaste for tabloid rumors and gossip. She ripped off each piece of clothing — an obvious homage to her album title, Stripped. When the curtain dropped, the songstress strutted out, inadvertently, perhaps, doing her best Cher imitation — big curly black locks, a black and hot-pink halter with belly-baring plunging neckline, pants and spiked heels — for the opener, "Dirrty."

The concert was Aguilera's first major chance to show off her more mature image and lyrics, all of which the crowd ate up. Fans sang along with songs from Stripped as well as stripped-down versions of older songs like "Come on Over (All I Want Is You)." The 22-year-old, sounding like a seasoned veteran of decades, called the song one that she took "out of the closet, dusted it off."

"Thank you so much for coming. ... I have not been on a stage like this in a long time. I'm getting that feeling again and it's a blessing," Aguilera said. "Yes, I've grown up a little bit. Now I'm 22. ... I'm so happy you've grown with me."

Her set focused primarily on her vocals and backup dancers and included several remixes of her hits. For the Egyptian-turned-metal version of "Genie in a Bottle," Aguilera rolled onstage tied to a giant "X" (that'd be for her nickname, X-tina) with hot pink straps attached to her outfit. She slowly unraveled herself as the "genie" in her song provocatively danced her way out of the bottle.

The "Moulin Rouge" soundtrack cut "Lady Marmalade" was a playful romp between male dancers dressed as sailors and female members of the troupe in lingerie. She changed into a silky empire-waisted red dress to channel her favorite singer, Etta James, for "At Last" and the sultry "I Prefer You." A male dancer ripped off her skirt during a Latin number, to which she saucily responded, "Just because my album name is Stripped, it doesn't mean you can take my clothes off."

Although she claimed her sexy, multipierced new image represents her "true" self, she seemed most at ease wearing jeans and a T-shirt emblazoned with "God sees no color" for the closer, "Beautiful."
Best And Worst Celeb Autograph Signers
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According to Autograph Collector magazine, Christina Aguilera and Janet Jackson are amongst the worst celebrity autograph signers. They say of Christina, "Surrounded by a fortress of bodyguards, Christina does her best to make sure she is as isolated from the public as possible." As for Miss Jackson: "Trying to ask Janet Jackson for an autograph is like trying to break into Fort Knox with a toothpick!" On the positive side? "Move over Britney and Christina, Jessica Simpson is hotter, sweeter and, more importantly, really knows how to appreciate her fans!" And they say Jennifer Love Hewitt is "always willing to stop and sign."
Clay Aiken Album News
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The first single from Clay Aiken's self-titled debut will be a track called "Invisible." The album is due October 14. The
album will be called "Measure of a Man." 

"Invisible" has been released to radio, and you can see Clay perform the biggest-selling single of 2003 in the media section!

Celebrity Week 2003: Beyonce, 50 Cent, Kelly Clarkson
Beyonce's 'Fighting Temptation' comes in at #2!
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Beyonce's new movie, "The Fighting Temptations" came in at #2 this weekend with over 13 million. The #1, however, was "Underworld"  with over 22 million. Get all the details here.
The Source' calls 50 Cent a fake.
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Hardcore rapper "50 Cent" has been labelled a fake by America's leading hip-hop magazine The Source.
The highly-regarded publication has conducted an investigation into the In Da Club star's much-publicised sordid past, and has concluded that it has been exaggerated for image reasons. 50 Cent - real name Curtis Jackson - raps about serving a "three-to-nine" jail sentence, when he actually only spent seven months in a boot camp for non-violent inmates. And the magazine also disputes whether he has been shot nine times, as the former drug-dealer claims to have been.

The Source's David Mays says, "He's a fraud. People in the inner city are being shot every day and have survived." "His management team just want to keep all this drama out there."
Beyonce Releasing new album in February!
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With her debut solo album, "Dangerously in Love," entrenched in the top 10 after 12 weeks in release, and the single "Baby Boy" climbing the Hot 100, Beyonce Knowles is already planning her next set. The artist says she will release a new album in February, featuring tracks that didn't make the cut for "Dangerously in Love."

The release is being prompted by the success of "Summertime," an unused track that was recently serviced to radio. The single, which features either P. Diddy or Ghostface Killah, is currently No. 35 on Billboard's Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Singles & Tracks chart.

The song can be found on the recently released soundtrack to "The Fighting Temptations," in which Knowles stars opposite Cuba Gooding Jr.

Knowles hit the road for 13 U.K. dates beginning Nov. 3 in Manchester. A 12-inch vinyl single featuring dance mixes of "Baby Boy" will be released Oct. 14 in the U.S.

To hear new Beyonce tracks, click here.
Beyonce and Blu go Head-to-Head!
Singing sensation Beyonce Knowles is infuriating organisers of Britain's "Music Of Black Origin" (MOBO) awards with her constantly-changing list of demands.

The "Crazy In Love" hitmaker has stated that she will not attend the ceremony unless the organisers agree to meet all of her requests - and insiders believe she is furious at their choice of host, Blu Cantrell, who she fears will steal the limelight.

Beyonce has been nominated for four awards, so organisers are very keen to make sure she attends - even though she has insisted they pay for her entire entourage to be flown over, something which will take the ceremony way over budget.

A MOBO source tells British tabloid The Daily Star, "It's pretty clear that Beyonce doesn't want to come. She's got a list of demands too ridiculous for words. But the real reason she won't come is because of her problem with Blu."

Blu and Beyonce are old enemies - because the former porn star once dated the Destiny's Child stunner's beau Jay-Z, and Beyonce has just recorded a duet with Blu's former boyfriend Sean Paul.

However, Blu wonders, "I don't get what's up with Beyonce. I admire her but she's got a problem with me. She's such a bigger fish than me - I guess she's just insecure."

The MOBO spy adds, "They'll be competing to out-do each other with sexy outfits and naughty behaviour. Plus they've both admitted to finding women attractive, so the electricity's going to be tangible."
50 Cent Survives another Assassination Attempt
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Eminem's rap protege 50 Cent has dodged up to ten bullets to survive an assassination attempt, according to reports.

Fifty Cent, real name Curtis Jackson, and his entourage had pulled into a hotel car park in Jersey City when an unknown number of attackers ambushed and began shooting at them.

The former drugs dealer and his friends ran and took cover in the Doubletree Hotel's reception until their attackers fled the scene. No-one was hurt in the incident, which it thought to have occurred in the early hours of Wednesday morning.

-Wave of violence
Hotel staff waited 30 minutes until calling police and by the time officers arrived the 27-year-old rapper and his friends had left.Police are still waiting to question them about the incident. Ten bullet casings - seven from a .40 calibre handgun and three from a .45
calibre - were recovered from the scene and have been handed over to forensic experts for testing. The shooting is the latest incident in a wave of violence to rock the hip
hop world.

-Gunned down
Last week DO Cannon - signed to Murder Inc., a rival record label to 50  Cent's, - was gunned down in Queens, New York. Days before, a member of 50 Cent's G Unit crew, Shadaha Bey, was murdered. 50 Cent has survived assassination attempts in the past including a stabbing  and being shot nine times.

He now wears a bullet-proof vest in public.
Kelly Clarkson Turns Candie's Girl!
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So what's next for Kelly Clarkson? She's joining the bodacious ranks of Ashanti and Kelly Osbourne as a Candie's girl.

ET caught up with the American Idol at her oh-so-glamorous photo shoot, where she got to strut some of the shoe label's trademark footwear and wear over a million dollars worth of diamond jewelry from Jacob & Co.

"I feel like P.Diddy or something!" the Texas cutie exclaimed. "I'm really excited about being a Candie's girl. I wear Candie's flip-flops and tennis shoes all the time. When the idea came up I was like, 'Oh, cool!'"

For her ad series, debuting in magazines and on billboards in the fall, Kelly got to spoof her pop-star image by posing in several humorous and risqué scenarios shot by famed photographer Davis Factor.
New 'Low' For Kelly Clarkson
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On Kelly Clarkson's latest single, "Low," she gets mad. In the video, she gets even.
The song, a country-flavored, mid-tempo tune written by Jimmy Harry (Kylie Minogue) and produced by Cliff Magness (Avril Lavigne), finds the American Idol winner reflecting on a broken relationship.

"It's cool you didn't want me/ Sometimes you can't go back/ But why'd you have to go and make a mess like that?" she sings before asking in the chorus: "Have you ever been low? Have you ever had a friend that let you down?"

The video, directed by Antti J. (Beyonce), opens with Clarkson cruising on a desert highway in a Jeep that viewers later learn belongs to an old flame. While driving, she envisions the guy driving by and holding up his number on a piece of paper, but she sings, "No, I don't need your number"
Celebrity Week 2003: Britney Spears, Hilary Duff, Ruben Studdard
Ying Yang Twins Record With Britney Spears 
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Atlanta's Ying Yang Twins have recorded a single with Britney Spears, hoping the track will dramatically raise their rising profiles."It was totally out of left field," group member Kaine told AllHipHop.com. "The Ying Yang Twins and Britney Spears, it sounds crazy, but the track we did will show everyone that the Ying Yang Twins are versatile."
Britney Spears Takes A Leak On The Beach
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Sources tell The Mirror that Britney Spears and her pal Clarissa Jones summoned Clarissa's boyfriend Joshua Clephas and Joshua's pal Tom Witchey to Santa Barbara's Four Seasons Hotel for some fun, and later Spears earned the nickname 'Pissy Spears' by hotel staffers. A source revealed, "It was unbelievable. The four of them were huddled at the water's edge, then Britney dropped her jeans and had a wee on the sand. Her friend also went and they didn't seem embarrassed doing it front of the boys - or waiters! Straight after that, the boys took off their shirts, picked the girls up and raced into the water."
Madonna in Britney Video!
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Britney Spears is set to release her long-awaited fourthcoming newly titled album 'In The Zone' (was changed from 'Get In The Zone') on November 18, 2003. 'In The Zone' will feature 13 brand new tracks, including "Early Mornin' " (produced by Moby), "Outrageous" (R. Kelly), "Every Time" (Guy Sigsworth), "Showdown" (Bloodshy & Avant), "The Answer" (P. Diddy), "Shadow" (the Matrix), "Brave New Girl," and "Touch of My Hand".

Britney's first single, "Me Against The Music", now featuring Madonna will be shipped to radio on September 30. The video will debut on MTV's "Making The Video" on October 13.

Last weekend, Britney premiered three new songs from her upcoming album at the Palms Casino. One of the songs was "Breathe on Me", rumored to be a club pleaser. No word on whether "Breath on Me" will make the final track list of Britney's new album.
4th Album To Contain Song About Make-Up Sex
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The way Spears talks these days, it seems like Madonna might've shared more than saliva with her during their now-notorious MTV make-out session. On her forthcoming album, Britney rips a page from the Middle-Aged Material Woman's playbook, redefining herself to stay relevant. ''She opened the door for every woman out there to have balls and believe in herself,'' the spicy-tongued Spears says of her pop progenitor, who's featured on first single ''Me Against the Music.''

Though eclectic, the disc has a more mature sound, dominated by slinky lounge beats and forays into dancehall and trip-hop. ''It's moody and vibey,'' says Spears, who helped pick the CD's diverse producers, including Moby and the Matrix. ''It's the kind of music where you want to light candles and listen to it with a partner.''

Lyrically, the album represents Spears at her boldest. ''Showdown,'' she says, is ''about make-up sex,'' while the R. Kelly-produced ''Outrageous'' features the once-celebrated virgin moaning about ''my sex drive'' and, curiously enough, a ''trench coat in my underwear.'' ''R. Kelly wrote that and he brought his own ghetto slang,'' Spears explains, offering that it might be a reference to a thong. ''I'm at a place where I can express myself a little more and say things that are a little more adult because I'm getting older.'' ''Brave New Girl'' features Britney's first attempt at rapping. ''The track was so bangin','' she enthuses. ''I said 'Let's just do this!' and I started rapping.''

As jam-packed as the CD is, there are some big omissions. Gossip columnists will rue the lack of response to Justin Timberlake's reported Spears snipe ''Cry Me a River.'' And there's nothing produced by Fred Durst, whose studio work with Spears spawned rumors of a hookup. ''Oh, no! God, no!'' she says when asked if Durst made the cut. ''That was just an experiment.''
Hilary Duff slams Avril!
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Pop sensation Hilary Duff has slammed fellow teen singer Avril Lavigne for criticising her own fans. Canadian Complicated singer Lavigne has attacked her fans in the past for
copying her signature style of wearing ties over tank tops. In one interview she ranted, "I sometimes see girls who are dressed like me and made-up like me. Get a life, you know?"

But "So Yesterday" singer Duff believes Lavigne should show a lot more appreciation for her admirers. She says, "I think some of the things Avril said about her fans were kind of
mean-spirited. She said that she was p***ed off at her fans for copying her style.
"I was like, 'You should be happy that these people like you and look up to you!'"
Hilary Duff Coming to a City Near You!
NEW YORK  - Venues currently are being booked for Hilary Duff's first tour, Billboard.com has learned. The four-week trek comes in support of Duff's debut album, "Metamorphosis" (Buena Vista Records), which sold 204,000 copies in the U.S. in its first week, according to Nielsen Soundscan. The artist will test the touring waters with 1,500-3,000 seat rooms in November and early December.

Duff will be seen Sept. 24 on the WB special "Hilary Duff's Island Birthday Bash, and in two upcoming films. She appears in "Cheaper by the Dozen" with Steve Martin, which opens over Christmas, and in "The Cinderella Story," due next year.
Hilary in 'A Perfect Man.'
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Hilary Duff has landed the lead role in the upcoming film 'The Perfect Man'. The movie is rumored to be lighthearted comedy centering on the trials and tribulations of a teen and her single mom.
R. Kelly, Missy Elliott Working On Ruben Studdard's Soulful Debut
"American Idol" winner Ruben Studdard is working with two American icons on his debut album.

R&B star R. Kelly wrote and will produce an inspirational song called "Send Me an Angel" for the Birmingham, Alabama, crooner, and Missy Elliott, who "loves Ruben," according to her spokesperson, is working on material for the project as well.

The album, titled Soulful, has been pushed back from October to a November 11 release.

"I've been touring nonstop and haven't had the chance to make my album the way I want to," Studdard said in a statement. "In order to work with the best of the best ... I need time to vibe with them so that I can put out the best album possible."

Studdard has already recorded a collaboration with Fat Joe (see "Fat Joe, 'Idol' Ruben Studdard Team Up To Say 'Can I Get Your Attention?' "), and has been in studios with producers Harold Lilly (Monica, Deborah Cox) and Static (Jay-Z).

Work on the project is expected to increase heavily after August 31, the last date of the American Idols Live Tour.

Studdard is tangled up in a lawsuit surrounding the 205 jerseys he wore on "American Idol" but it is not expected to interfere with the release. His lawyer did not return calls on Thursday (August 21).
Ruben Sued over Shirts
The Birmingham, Alabama, clothing company behind the "205" jerseys Ruben Studdard wore on "American Idol" is claiming it secretly paid the singer for the endorsement.

Responding to a lawsuit Studdard filed last week against 205 Flava Inc. for wrongly profiting from his image, founders Willie and Frederick Jenkins announced Wednesday (August 6) that they began paying him $1,000 a week in March.

The brothers said Studdard requested 205 Flava Inc. write checks to his brother, Kevin Studdard, and his manager, Ron Edwards, in order to keep it confidential from "American Idol," which prohibits contestants from having endorsement deals. The company provided MTV News with copies of several checks, which were increased to $1,500 in May.

Studdard's lawyer, Byron Perkins, did not immediately return calls Wednesday, but he told the Associated Press, "The public will hear from us soon."

The Jenkins brothers also claim Studdard stole the logo they designed and used it for his own company, RCS 205. "The 'coattails' Ruben claims we ride, we made," they said in a statement. "His lawsuit is about greed."

In Studdard's lawsuit, he claims it was his idea to put the Birmingham area code in large letters on the front of the jerseys. The suit also charges 205 Flava Inc. with failing to provide financial records and continuing to use Ruben's photo on its Web site after being asked to remove it.

The Jenkins brothers said they met Studdard when he came into their store asking for sponsorship of his group, Just a Few Cats. They claim they provided Ruben with free jerseys before he was a contestant on "American Idol" and that the singer demanded money after the third time he wore one on the show.

"I was shocked at first, because he had come to me when he was in need and I extended myself to help him, and now he was coming back to me saying, 'If I'm wearing your clothing, you have to pay me for doing so,' " Frederick Jenkins said.

Jacko's Neverland Bash Flops.
Superstar Michael Jackson's charity bash at his Neverland mansion in California on Saturday Sept 13 has proved to be a flop. The self-styled king of pop opened his theme park home to celebrity pals including Mike Tyson, Nick and Aaron Carter and anyone else who could afford the $5,000 US ticket price. But some tickets were sold for as little as $200 US each and the event was nowhere near filled to capacity, with many guests - including Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck - electing to stay away.
Gwen Loves New Designer Role!
Rocker Gwen Stefani is loving her new incarnation as a handbag designer, because it's far easier than when she made her own clothes.

The No Doubt frontwoman, who was taught to fashion her own garments by her mother who made all her clothes as a youngster, was relieved to find no handiwork was involved when she accepted the invitation from LeSportsac to launch her own handbag collection, L.A.M.B.

She laughs, "I didn't get the backache and the neck ache and the pins all over the floor and the major bedroom disaster of sewing.

"My mom made my clothes when I was little and then when I was in high school I got to pick out the pattern and the fabric and then she would make it and then I just started making my own stuff when I was in the band. And then I finally hooked up with someone that I could just tell them to do it."

But the Don't Speak singer is finding some aspects of her new role difficult to get used to - especially when she sees other people carrying her bags.

She adds, "It's kind of embarrassing when I see people that have any of them. I'm like, 'Wait a minute, you've got my bag!'"

Jewel Concels Fall Tour.
Jewel has canceled her fall U.S. tour after the sudden death of touring bassist Terome "T-Bone" Hannon. As previously reported, the month-long outing was due to kick off
Sept. 19 in North Charleston, S.C.

"T-Bone was a phenomenal player and we all loved him," Jewel said in a statement. "We are all just in shock and hurt."

Plans are in the works for Jewel to perform a handful of acoustic shows in the coming weeks, with details to be announced. Fans holding tickets to the canceled performances can obtain refunds at point of purchase.

Jewel was to be touring in support of her latest Atlantic album, "0304," which is No. 87 in its 14th week on The Billboard 200. It has sold 550,000 copies in the U.S., according to Nielsen SoundScan.
Jennifer and Bennifer scrap Wedding Plans!
Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez have postponed their weekend wedding plans because the big day has become a circus of media attention.

The couple were hoping to keep their nuptials as quiet as possible, but when news leaked of a ceremony at Santa Barbara, California's Four Seasons Biltmore Hotel earlier this week, the stars chose to rethink their plans.

According to entertainment news guru Pat O'Brien who secured the only TV interview with the couple earlier this summer on his show Access Hollywood, the wedding is now off.

Reports have been circulating all week about the big day, with only a handful of facts confirmed.

These include J.Lo planning to wear a Vera Wang gown and Laura Mercier's Pink Beige lipstick, yellow and white roses decorating the unknown wedding chapel, and the couple's wedding bands being crafted by jeweller to the stars Harry Winston.

Other information included the fact that the Sunday wedding was to be preceded by a Saturday night barbecue, and the couple were planning to stage their first dance as man and wife on a clear plastic floor built over a swimming pool.

The reported postponement will be a blow to Affleck's best pal Matt Damon, who was flying back from the Czech Republic, where he's currently filming The Brothers Grimm, especially for the big day.
Destiny's Child for 2004.
Beyonce Knowles of DC3 announced that they will remain a trio and that her younger sister Soloange will not join the group. Destiny's Child is to go back into the studios, late '03 early '04 to work on their, second album as DC3. Beyonce is hoping that they will own summer 2004 when the new album and single comes out. Beyonce is currently
promoting her second single Baby Boy, while Michelle is finishing her second gospel album and Kelly is also busy promoting her thrid single off her debut album Simply Deep, Train On A Track. There is also new Destiny's Child music on the original motion picture soundtrack The Fighting Temptations.
New Aaliyah Single(s)
Blackground records has released a brand new Aaliyah single in the US. It's Come Over and it's currently gaining airplay on the US airwaves and is moving up the Billboard Hot 100 Singles Charts. While we get Come Over, the rest of the world gets the single Don't Know What To Tell Ya. There is already a commerical single available as an import of Don't Know What To Tell Ya. A commercial single for Come Over has still yet to be confirmed for the US. Both songs can be found on the album I Care 4 U. Also it's rumored that the scenes Aaliyah had shot for The Matrix Reloaded will be on the DVD as a tribute to the late RNB singer.
Spice Girls Coming back!
Even though each Spice Girls said they were not going to get back together for a long time, it looks like that might just have been something to say to shock people in 2004. Apparently it has leaked from Virgin Records that the Spice Girls will plan a reunion tour in 2004. With about five really big gigs in the US and one big gig in the UK. If that doesn't make you wanna say spice up your life, then this fore sure will. Victoria 'Posh' Beckham, Melanie 'Sporty' C, Emma 'Baby' Bunton and Melanie 'Scary' B have asked former Spice Girl Geri 'Ginger' Halliwell to regroup with them. According to rumors this is all true. Geri will join former bandmates on the stage. Conformation on this tour has yet been confirmed. The Spice Girls are still in contract with Virgin and still owe them at least two more records. The girls are to perform their biggest hits and some of their solo material. A greatest hits is due out either before the tour or after the tour with a brand new single to follow.
Anastacia, new album coming soon!
After recovering from her breast surgery and cancer scare, Anastacia is healthy and back in the studios laying down new tracks for her third LP. No title has yet been confirmed nor track information. For people who don't know who Anastacia is, she's that hot big boobed blonded headed girl with the soulful voice. The singer was named The Best International Female Artists two years in a row by the World Music Awards (beating out JLO and Britney). Anastacia is a phenominal music success outside the US. Anastacia is the Queen of the dance floors. Though the USA hasn't quite caught the Anastacia vibe, she has claimed number one singles on the US dance floor, such as, (her debut single, the international number one disco hit) I'm Outta Love [Hex Hector Club Mix], Not That Kind [Hex Hector Club Mix], Boom [Thunderpuss Club Mix], One Day In Your Life [HQ2 Club Mix] and her current single from the original motion picture soundtrack Chicago If Love Is A Crime [Thunderpuss Club Mix]. Any avid clubber knows who Anastacia is. But look out for her third LP sometime in 2004.

Mary J Blige Give-Away/Chat!
Mary J Blige, the featured artist for September on Wild Writings, has the #1 album in the country! To celebrate Mary J Blige as the featured artist for September, Wild Writings (www.wildwritings.com) will be having a chat plus give-away on Wednesday, September 10 at 8:00 PM ET! Make sure to be there to talk to other fans about Mary's new album.

Wild Writings will be giving away her "Love @ 1st Sight" record. Make sure to be there! Just click 'interact.'
Peaches says 'No' to Britney
According to Billboard, Britney Spears, no doubt wanting to add a little instant grit to her glossy pop with a little song writing help, recently approached Peaches. However, her plans were scuppered after thefeisty crotch grabbing Berlin resident declined. Peaches – real  name Merill Nisker – told Billboard… “I thought, 'What can I write for
her that they're not gonna water down?'" However, she has said yes to Pink! Peaches certainly wouldn’t want to be associated with anything bland. As she recently told BiB… “Over production just takes away from it. I’m just not into big glossy production values. I mean…  what’s the point? The sounds are cool, so you don’t have to do all  that shit to them.” Peaches releases her new album ‘Fatherf*cker’ on  September 15.
P. Diddy = Money
Standing around in other peoples videos really pays off. 32-year-old
“P.Diddy” Combs is the top entertainer on Fortune Magazine’s 40 Under 40 list.
The list is comprised of the top 40 multi-millionaires under 40 who made their fortune in the fields of music, books, movies, videogames and television.

P.diddy came in at Number 12 with earnings of $293.7 million.It looks like he will be able to afford the $5 million lawsuit filed by a women who claims that she was assaulted by a bouncer at p.diddy’s Manhattan restaurant, Justin’s.

He made his fortune from not only standing in other peoples videos and adopting goofy nicknames, but also from his various enterprises that include his record label Bad Boy Entertainment, his clothing line Sean John, his restaurants, as well as a marketing and advertising agency. Let us not forget his boyband factory on MTV, “Making the Band”.
Gwen get's help from Missy, Outkast on new LP.
Sexy No Doubt singer Gwen Stefani is receiving help from some superstar pals on her debut solo album.

Missy Elliott and Outkast have both made contributions to the work in progress, with the Ms Jackson duo providing a track called Long Way to Go.

Missy Elliott says her collaboration with Gwen is still being worked on, and the pair don't have any finished songs yet.
Britney spotted dropping diet pills.
The Boys star was pictured picking up what appeared to be a packet of Zantrex-3 diet supplement pills after dropping them from her bag at Heathrow airport, London last Tuesday. Britney Spears came up with an original excuse when asked whether she did really drop diet pills from her bag - the singer denied that she even owns a bag. When asked about the reports on British breakfast TV show GMTV on Thursday, she appeared stunned - bizarrely insisting she couldn't have dropped the pills, as she didn't even have a bag. She answered, "Are you serious? I don't even have a bag. That's, like, that's so funny," before mumbling after being asked whether the reports were false, "Yeah, yeah".
Eminem Invites fans to his Studio
Rapper Obie Trice is getting a boost from mentor Eminem - Slim Shady is offering fans the chance to watch him the studio if they buy Obie's album. Three out of the first 500,000 copies of Cheers - to be released on 16 September (03) - will contain 'golden tickets'.

Those lucky winners will then receive an all-expenses paid trip to Detroit, Michigan, and watch the 'Lose Yourself" maestro record his follow-up LP to The Eminem Show. Eminem says, "We were working on this album and trying to come up with the craziest idea possible to help promote it."
Blu Cantrell Wants Beyonce's Man
Sexy singer Beyonce Knowles had better watch her back - chart rival Blu Cantrell wants her rapper boyfriend JAY-Z.

Singer Blu admits on the DVD to accompany her second
album, Bittersweet, that she has a great admiration for the ROC-A-FELLA rapper. She coos, "Just for the record I have a major crush on Jay-Z. I have a really big crush on him, I'll tell you that much. He's such a honey. He's just a doll baby. I don't care who he is dating - I've always had a crush on him."

Blu adds of rumours she and the New York native already had a sexualm relationship in the past, "All I know is that we've hung out a couple of times and that we're friends and that's it. People saw us in public and just assumed."

She's also aware "Crazy In Love" singer Beyonce's romance with the Big Pimpin' rapper is more than just a fling; "I think they're in love, I really do think they're in love."

But Blu insists the pair's romantic bond wouldn't put her off if the rapper ever propositioned her. She admits, "I wouldn't turn it down, let's just put it that way!"
Timberlake set to Release DVD's
Justin Timberlake has confirmed the release of two new DVD’s for later this year – with one a video collection and one a live concert.

‘Justified – The Videos’ is set for a US release date on September 23rd (29th in the UK) and will include all the promo videos from ‘Justified’ along with TV specials and ‘Live In London’, released on November 18th, will include concert footage and tour/backstage

Timberlake was also a big winner at last weeks MTV Video Awards,
taking home best dance video and best pop video.
Jacko's Birthday Bash
Michael Jackson celebrated his 45th birthday last weekend with a  huge party attended by fans.

The three-hour celebration, described as 'a party in the spirit of love, celebration and unity', took place at the Orpheus Theatre in Los Angeles and tickets were snapped up by fans for $100 (around £60).

The party was organised by Jacksons fan club and the star made a guest appearance amid cheers and chanting of 'Happy Birthday'. He was later presented with a huge birthday cake.
Pitt, Farrell to be On-Screen Gay Lovers?
Hollywood hunk Brad Pitt has reportedly turned down the chance of playing Colin Farrell's on-screen lover - because wife Jennifer Aniston thinks it will be bad for his image.

Fight Club star Pitt was offered the role of Farrell's gay lover in new historical drama Alexander, according to gossip magazine the National Enquirer, but Aniston reportedly asked him to snub the opportunity.

Instead Jared Leto, Cameron Diaz's former love, has accepted the invitation to get up close and personal with the Irish badboy on film.
Mariah & Stevie set to Duet?
Mariah Carey will record a duet with soul legend Stevie Wonder in an audacious bid to return to the top of the charts.

The sexy singer is on her way back after a traumatic past 18 months, which saw an album and film flop, a rumoured breakdown and a change of record companies.

And she sees a collaboration with the "Signed, Sealed, Delivered I'm Yours" star as the launchpad to take her back to the top.

A source close to Mariah tells British tabloid the Daily Star, "Mariah has always been a huge fan of Stevie. But she'd never dared to try and set something up.

"Recently the office phone went and it was Stevie Wonder himself on the end of the line."
Victoria Beckham To Host Tv Show
Teen Hollywood
Former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham is being lined up to host a prime-time celebrity show on British television.

The Not Such an Innocent Girl singer - who is married to soccer superstar David Beckham - is set to earn $400,000 from the series, in which she will interview other stars.

Television bosses were so impressed with Victoria in last year's documentary Being Victoria Beckham- in which she interviewed Sir Elton John as well as David - that they wanted her to host a prime-time show on Saturday nights.

But Victoria and her manager, Simon Fuller, dismissed the idea as it would leave her no time to be with David in Madrid, Spain.

Instead they came up with the idea of a six-part series in which Victoria interviews other celebrities.

An insider says, "It was extremely flattering for Victoria that they were considering her to be the next 'Mrs Saturday Night'.

"But she and Simon didn't think it was quite right for her. Simon came back with a concept for a show which would have her interviewing A-list stars over a couple of days at their homes, at work and at play."

The news comes soon after David and Victoria decided to allow cameras into their home for a fly-on-the-wall television documentary.

Madonna Smooches With Britney And Christina; Beyonce, Coldplay Take Lead.
Missy Elliott won her first Moonman at the MTV Video Music Awards Thursday, but even that was
overshadowed by the steamy sight of Madonna kissing Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera.

In a shocking opening performance of "Like a Virgin" and "Hollywood," the three divas raised Justin Timberlake's eyebrows — and everyone else's — when they locked lips just before Missy Elliott joined the trio.

Elliott was zero for five after the seven pre-show Video Music Awards were handed out, but won the first award of the main show at Radio City Music Hall, Best Hip-Hop Video for "Work It."

Coldplay and Beyoncé are the early leaders, the former batting a thousand with wins for Best Group Video, Breakthrough Video and Best Direction for "The Scientist," and the latter winning Best R&B Video and Best Choreography for "Crazy in Love."

Johnny Cash, whose six nominations trails only Timberlake's seven and Elliott's eight, lost early in three categories, but won Best Cinematography for "Hurt," the tearjerker that will battle "Work It," 50 Cent's "In Da Club," Eminem's "Lose Yourself" and Justin Timberlake's "Cry Me a River" for Video of the Year.

Chris Rock received a warm welcome as he made his return to the VMA stage and proceeded to lash out with jokes aimed at everyone from P. Diddy (for "teaching children wrong from wronger") to Paula Abdul (for judging singers, "which is like Christopher Reeve judging a dance contest") in perhaps his most harsh opening monologue ever.

Rock closed with a bit about the seating chart, noting that 50 Cent and Ja Rule had to be placed far apart, as did the Olsen twins and R. Kelly.

Eminem was one for one early in the night, winning Best Video From a Film for the "8 Mile" anthem "Lose Yourself." And although 50 Cent will compete against Eminem in his four other categories, the Detroit rapper made it clear he was entirely supportive of his protégé by bringing him to the podium. "I wanted him to get a feel for the Moonman, since he will be taking a few home later," Em said.

And so he did. A few awards later, 50 won Best Rap Video and returned the favor by bringing Slim Shady up with him.

Timberlake also won early, claiming Best Pop Video for "Cry Me a River." "Yes, I am the 'Punk'd' bitch, that's me," he said, referring to Rock's mocking of him earlier in the night.

In the MTV2 Award category, which is voted on by viewers, the honor went to AFI, who thanked their fans for their support.

In the pre-show, Radiohead and Queens of the Stone Age both won their first VMAs, for Best Art Direction ("There There") and Best Special Effects ("Go With the Flow"), respectively, while the White Stripes, who won three Moonmen last year and have four nominations in 2003, also won an early trophy, Best Editing for "Seven Nation Army."

Before the kiss had heads turning, Aguilera was doing more of the same on the red carpet, showing up looking like a hot pink flamingo in a dress made of feathers.

Other hot topics included Snoop Dogg, who was accompanied by two ladies on leashes, and 50 Cent, clad in a sharp gray suit, matching hat and blinging with diamonds.

Outkast took the unofficial P. Diddy award for the best entrance, riding in on a flatbed truck equipped with a stripper pole Big Boi called "the portable boom boom room."

As for the performances, Good Charlotte faced the challenge of following the Madonna spectacle by paying homage to Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit" video with a performance of "The Anthem" that featured cheerleaders and the band destroying its instruments.

Aguilera later returned for a medley of "Dirrty," featuring Redman, and "Fighter," with Dave Navarro on guitar.

Sean Paul got things started with a medley of "Like Glue" and "Get Busy" that was peppered with the addition of an electric guitar. He returned minutes later with "Gimme the Light," which had the Jamaican-flag-waving fans going crazy.

Black Eyed Peas took the Rockefeller Center stage later to perform their hit "Where Is the Love?" which was without Timberlake singing the chorus, but featured a breakdancing finale.
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