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Britney loves 'Survivor'>>
Britney Spears is rumored to have told 'The Sunday People' that she has Destiny's Child's song "Survivor" as her cell phone's ringtone.. Britney says "I just adore that song, don't you??".. Today is also Britney's birthday! Happy 21st Brit!

Courteney Cox Takes Maiden Name Again>>
When Courteney Cox Arquette went back to being just Courteney Cox, people wondered whether something was wrong with her marriage to actor David Arquette. But the ``Friends'' co-star says she started going by her maiden name in some situations out of respect for her father, Richard Cox, who died of cancer last year. ``When I was a kid, I wanted to change my name so badly because I didn't like it. Now that my dad's gone, I don't want to lose it,'' the actress tells InStyle magazine for its December issue. ``It's not an issue for David. I am an Arquette, but I'm also a Cox. My social security card says Courteney Cox Arquette. And when we have children they will not be Cox-Arquettes, they will be Arquettes.''

Whitney's War on her Critics>>
On the eve of the release of her much-anticipated make-or-break comeback album, destructive diva Whitney Houston is facing the music - and it doesn't sound too good. She's in court with husband Bobby Brown - again. She's being sued by her own father, and the critics are waiting to rip her to shreds. There are rumors about her health and constant chatter about how much the pencil-thin pop star weighs. Still, Houston's coming out fighting. Yet again, she's sticking her tongue out at critics, insisting the ugly rumors about her are a pack of lies and that her career is as solid as ever. Her first single in four years, "Whatchulookinat," slammed the press for supposedly making up stories about her. Released in the summer, the single was not well received and failed to move her fans, but that hasn't stopped Houston. Now the diva - once famous for never doing interviews - has slated a "Primetime" talk with Diane Sawyer that will air on ABC Wednesday, where she's set to take on questions about her bizarre prima-donna antics and tell the world to back off - because she's just fine. "I'm tough enough," she says in the interview.

Bono, Britney create art for African AIDS charity>>
Britney Spears and U2's Bono recently created handmade pieces of art in Dublin, Ireland for an AIDS charity event. The pop princess used a tube of glue and some glitter to make a beach scene on Wednesday (November 20); while U2's frontman drew a mermaid, perhaps having the video for the band's current single, "Electrical Storm" on his mind.  Celebrities from film, music, and TV were asked to create art based on the theme of seaside memories, all auctioned off to benefit Icross, an organization that works to provide home care for AIDS orphans in east Africa. More than 400 people attended the gala, including Phil Collins, boxing legend Muhammad Ali, director Roman Polanski, show biz couple Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick, and actresses Cate Blanchett and Angelica Houston, according to the Irish Examiner newspaper. British Prime Minister Tony Blair was of several politicians who signed a seashell for the event.

01 December 02 - AIDS Awareness Day

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Michael Jackson May Attend The Billboard Music Awards>>
The Las Vegas Review Journal reports there are rumblings that Michael Jackson will be attending the Billboard Music Awards on December 9th at the MGM Grand and that he plans to continue discussions for a headliner show at a so-far unnamed Strip property. He is in the Billboard program to mark the 20th anniversary of his 'Thriller' album. 

Jen And Ben Have Bizarre Pre-Nup>>
The Sunday Mail reports Jennifer Lopez and fiance Ben Affleck will face a $5 million cheating fine if either strays after their marriage. Their pre-nup includes the fidelity clause as J.Lo has demanded to make sure her third marriage doesn't go the way of the first two. Also, Lopez stipulates sex at least four times a week and as many children as she wants. If either star lies to the other, they are subject to a $1 million fine.

'Walk to Remember Re-Release>>
EMusicFan.com reports in an unprecedented move, Warner Bros. is scheduled to release on video and DVD a new version of the hit romantic drama 'A Walk To Remember'. In an effort to market this story directly to the Christian community, the studio has made several changes to the content of the original movie, including the removal of profanity and other edits. In addition, new dialogue has been added that will also enhance the faith-based aspects of the film's story. One of the producers, Hunt Lowry says, "We were so impressed with the overwhelming positive response in the Christian world to 'A Walk To Remember', that this is our way of saying thank you for your support." Look for this new 'Walk' in Christian bookstores nationwide just in time for Christmas." [pop dirt]

Timberlake Approves Of Alyssa Milano's New Home>>
Globe magazine reports Alyssa Milano just bought a home in Benedict Canyon, close to her *NSYNC lover Justin Timberlake. The $1.2 million home features three bedrooms, three bathrooms, and is 2,000 square feet. Before purchasing, Justin toured the home and gave her the thumbs up. The home features proper zoning to allow her to ride her three horses as well. 

Whitney Houston's Album Delayed Until Next Year>>
Whitney Houston's career has hit another stumbling block, as the release of her long-delayed new album has been shelved. A new concert to promote it has also been shelved. The singer's 'Just Whitney' CD was originally set for release Tuesday and was then rescheduled to December 8. Now Houston's album is now not likely to be released until the new year while the special TV concert, scheduled for December 10th, has been entirely scrapped.  Note that this has not been announced by Whitney nor her record company.
02 December 02 - Happy Birthday Britney!
03 December 02

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The return of a International Landmark
Mariah Carey is back and better than ever! After a very long and arduous year, the diva returns with her new album, 'Charmbracelet.'
- 'Charmbracelets have always had a personal and sentimental significance for me. Charms are like pieces of yourself that you pass on to other people...items that tell your story, and that can be shared...like a song. The bracelet represents the foundation of this album, a body of work that encompasses many feelings.'
The new album is similar to her original work, it's ballad heavy yet has great
up-beat and mid-tempo songs. The lyrics are Mariah's most personal, while her voice is in the best condition it's been in for years. Mariah's new album is in stores now. Today she will be on Oprah, an MTV Special, and NBC Dateline. Mariah is the biggest selling female artist, and the third largest artist in the history in music. [Beatles - 20 #1 singles, Elvis - 18 #1 singles, Mariah - 15 #1 singles.] She is one of the largest international landmarks. Congrats Mariah for returning with a bang!

Shakira Has Complimentary Words For Coldplay Singer>>
The Sun reports Shakira has made remarks about Coldplay frontman Chris Martin that should put Gwyneth Paltrow, if not fiance Antonio de la Rua, on alert. "I love Coldplay. I don't know if I should say this but the singer has some sweetness," she said. "Women feel he's not going to harm them, he might even be considered attractive." 

Eminem No Longer Public Enemy Number One>>
Eminem may be finally losing his image as an enemy of American society - if the audiences at his recent shows are anything to go by. The hip hop sensation says the crowds at his performances are now far more diverse in age than they were at the beginning of his career. He says, "It's kind of strange. It used to range from ten years old to 25. Now it seems to be from five years old to 55." Brian Grazer, who produced the successful film 8 Mile, says the rapper is now accepted by all sides of US society due to his huge success. He says, "People are accepting Eminem because he's a superstar. They don't even question things from his past." The US government now even uses the star's music in its propaganda broadcasts to youths in the Middle East.
>>12:00 AM
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Michael Jackson: Spiderman?>>
After a two-week recess in the civil trial against him, Michael Jackson returned to court on Tuesday, where his appearance continued to seem more newsworthy than his testimony. He arrived at the courthouse in Santa Maria, Calif., on crutches and wearing only one shoe. He told reporters that he had awakened to find his left foot too swollen to fit in a shoe. ''It's a spider bite,'' he said, according to Reuters. ''If I showed it to you, you'd be shocked. It hurts very much right now as I speak.'' The bite did not come from one of the tarantulas he keeps as pets on his nearby Neverland Ranch, the King of Pop said, but rather a small spider that had invaded his home while the compound was beng fumigated. ''I love tarantulas. This was a little one.'' At least one entomologist, Rick Vetter of the University of California at Riverside, doubted Jackson's spider-bite claim, calling it ''a bunch of crap.'' He told the New York Post that the only poisonous spider crawling around Jackson's neighborhood would be a black widow, whose bite does not cause swelling. ''Jackson has no idea what he's talking about,'' Vetter said. ''I want to see the spider.''

Avril on Tour>>
At long last radio superstar Avril Lavigne will get to strut her stuff on the stage. After topping the charts just about everywhere in the world, Avril will embark on her very first headlining tour in March of 2003. Unfortunately, none of the shows will be in Canada, or even North America, for that matter. According to Billboard.com, Napanee's pride and joy and her band will fly off to Europe in March to headline 17 dates. She'll start 'er off in Copenhagen, Denmark and will work her way through Norway, Sweden, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Holland, France and, finally, the U.K. and Ireland, finishing the tour off with two shows at London's Brixton Academy. Hopefully after that's all said and done Avril and the boys will be practiced up enough to take on North American audiences.

The least tastful celebrities>>
Christina Aguilera has topped the Tacky Taste awards poll for being 2002's least tasteful celeb. The 'Dirrty' singer received the honours from pop fans that filled out an E! Online survey. Most of the votes for Christina were based on her barely dressed appearance and gyrating dance moves in the 'Dirrty' video. Jennifer Lopez came in at #2 on the list for dumping her ex-husband Cris Judd and hooking up with Ben Affleck within the year. Britney Spears, who's had quite a troublesome 2002, was #4 on the list, while Michael Jackson claimed the 10th spot based solely on his baby-dangling incident. 

04 December 02

>> 12:30 am

Barneys Is 'Way Too Conservative' For XXX-Tina>>
Star magazine reports Christina Aguilera was shopping for fishnet hose at Barneys in Beverly Hills. The upscale clothier didn't carry fishnets, but she spent an hour trying on clothes anyway. Salespeople ran from floor to floor getting items for the pop princess, but Aguilera fumed, "This stuff is way too conservative for me!" Christina left the store without buying a thing. 

A possible fight revealed in "Star Wars: Episode III">>
TheForce.net revealed that Hayden Christensen, who plays Anakin Skywalker in "Attack of the Clones" and in "Episode III," has been training for a much more physical role. He's being beefed up for many fight scenes, including one that will involve...get this...Anakin/Vader versus Obi-Wan Kenobi as the climatic battle.

Spider-man Slims Down>>
Spider-Man hero Tobey Maguire has shocked onlookers in Los Angeles by unveiling his new super-slimline figure - and red hair. The star had piled on the pounds over the Summer following the massive success of the comic book adaptation - but was virtually unrecognizable when he was spotted shopping in Beverly Hills. Maguire, 27, looked stick-thin in a simple T-Shirt and jeans combination - and seemed to have dyed his hair to have a ginger tinge. One witness says, "You'd never know he was a big star who'd been in the biggest movie of the year. "He was a shadow of his former self and has really slimmed down - he looked like a little kid!"

Oasis cancel tour>>
Oasis have cancelled the remaining dates of their European tour, following the bar brawl in Germany, which caused serious damage to Liam Gallagher's face. A statement from the band released this afternoon confirms that their remaining shows in Germany have to be cancelled to allow further surgery on the Oasis frontman. As reported earlier today on dotmusic, Gallagher suffered facial injuries and lost a number of teeth in the fracas at a Munich nighclub on Saturday. Oasis, who postponed two shows in Germany in the aftermath of the fight, have now pulled the remaining two dates of the tour, in Dusseldorf and Bremen. The statement reads: "Following the events of last weekend Oasis have reluctantly taken the decision to postpone the remaining dates on their German tour.

Whitney Tells All>>
Whitney Houston has been ''addicted to a few things.'' So she says in an interview with Diane Sawyer airing on a special edition of ABC's ''Primetime'' on Wednesday, according to the Associated Press account of a transcript of the interview. ''My business is sex, drugs, rock and roll... I partied a lot,'' the 39-year-old singer says, in an excerpt reported by E! The interview was taped recently at Houston's Atlanta home as part of the publicity blitz for ''Just Whitney,'' the Grammy winner's new album, which hits stores Dec. 10. During the interview, AP reports, Sawyer asks which drug Houston has abused, asking, ''Is it alcohol? Is it marijuana? Is it cocaine? Is it pills?'' Houston replies, ''It has been at times.'' Sawyer asks, ''All?'' ''At times,'' Houston says. There's been a lot of speculation over Houston's health over the last few years, from her arrest on marijuana charges at a Hawaii airport a couple years ago (the charges were ultimately dropped) to her emaciated appearance at last year's Michael Jackson 30th anniversary special. ''Let's get that straight. I am not sick. OK?'' she says, according to AP. ''I've always been a thin girl. I am not going to be fat, ever. Let's get that straight. Whitney is not going to be fat, ever.''

07 December 02

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New Destiny's Child Album Due Fall 2003>>
Kelly Rowland tells Launch.com that Destiny's Child is hatching plans for its next group project in 2003. "We're going to come back together in the summertime and start recording Destiny's Child's new record, and in fall we got a new DC record out," Rowland said. "We'll have to, of course, get into the studio and set the tone, and I think that when we do we'll be bringing a whole bunch of elements from what we've been doing individually back into Destiny's Child, and it's gonna be beautiful." 

Jacko Sicko>>  
The New York Daily News reports Michael Jackson was a no show in Santa Maria court on Thursday because of unspecified health problems. Lawyer Louis Miller, who represents concert promoter Marcel Avram in his lawsuit against Jackson, asked for a doctor to examine the singer in case Jackson was faking illness to avoid being grilled. The doctor who examined Jackson concluded he was within his rights to miss a day of testimony. [Pop Dirt]

Shopping this Weekend?>>
If you're shopping this weekend, we recommend the following new releases for your shopping cart!
- Mariah Carey 'Charmbracelet'*
- Justin Timberlake - 'Justified'
- Christina Aguilera - 'Stripped'
- Various - Now 11
- Austin Powers: In Goldmember DVD*
- The Lord of the Rings - The Fellowship of the Ring (Platinum Series Extended Edition)
- Star Wars - Episode II, Attack of the Clones (Widescreen Edition)
- Minority Report

>>1:30 am
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Christina Aguilera Plans Tour, Movie Role For 2003>>
Corey Moss of MTV News reports that Christina Aguilera is planning to go on tour and currently reading scripts for the next year. "Something edgy would be good," she said. "I like the kind of roles Angelina Jolie usually plays, like 'Girl, Interrupted.' Something with substance."

Elton records with Blue>>
Elton John is reportedly to have re-recorded his ex-song entitled "Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word" with british boy-band, Blue. The collaboration will be featured on Blue's upcoming album "One Love". And that's not the shocking part, the video apparently too has been shot!!

New Whitney Album Tuesday>>
Say what you like about divas, but at least they give you your money's worth. If the music isn't working, there's always the soap opera surrounding it to keep everyone enthralled. Whether it's J Lo, Mariah, Lauryn or even shiny happy Kylie, these women draw their fans in to their worlds, even as that intrusion seemingly inhibits and depresses them. The girls can't help it. And nowhere in the whole weird world of pop is this more the case than round at La Houston's gaff. In the past few years Whitney's private life has been the stuff of gobsmacking tabloid-tastic legend. Getting nicked coming out of Hawaii with a handbag full of dope two years ago was bad enough; reports of her increasingly erratic behaviour and ever more extreme mood swings reached such a crescendo that her record label felt the need to deny that she was dead.

Here comes Nathan - the second Eminem>>  
The Chicago Sun-Times has reported that Nathan Mathers (Eminem's younger brother) has been out shopping for his very own hip-hop demo for a label deal. Nevertheless, his morther, Debbie Mathers said that Nathan is expected to eventually be bigger than his brother. Nathan apparently also sports the same platinum bleached blonde hair that his famous brother does. 

Shakira's in danger>>
Shakira has been rumored to have received kidnapping and death threats from gangsters back home. Members of a Colombian gang have apparently threatened the star if she doesn't cough up a large portion of her estimated $47 million USD bank balance, that's about $74 million CAD. However, Shakira has reportedly hired more security to keep around-the-clock watch over her when she arrives in the UK for her tour later this month. 

Mariah to sell around 200K>>
Indeed, after one day in the streets, it looks like the diva's delivering, as her latest moves at a rapid clip and initial sales appear to be right in line with forecasts. According to early reports from national accounts, Charmbracelet should sell around 200K for the week.  That number could increase substantially, however, depending on how Carey's national television appearances on Tuesday went. These appearances included Oprah and Dateline, Carey will enter a crowded field on next week's chart, competing with eight albums (including four debuts) that logged over 200K in sales this week. Look for at least a Top 10 bow for Charmbracelet. Mariah's new album is out now - go pick up a copy today!

06 December 02

>> 12:20 am
>> I never got the new contest up, sorry! It will be up today - check back later for the new contest, and more news concerning Mariah and Whitney!

Madonna teams up for tv series>>
The box-office washout of "Swept Away" isn't stopping Madonna from dipping her hands into dramatic entertainment, but this time she's letting Marla Sokoloff do the acting. Madonna will serve as an executive producer on "Alyx," a new ABC series in which Sokoloff will star. Best known for her role on the network's "The Practice," the soon-to-be 22-year-old Sokoloff will play Alyx Mason, a teen-pop star fighting to leave her bubble-gum past behind in favor of a more credible and mature musician future. Madonna's Maverick Films will produce the show in conjunction with Touchstone TV, with her Maverick Films partner Guy Oseary also serving as an executive producer. The struggle to reinvent one's public persona, of course, is not unfamiliar territory for Madonna. And in addition to roles in feature films like "Sugar & Spice" and "Dude, Where's My Car?," Sokoloff has also had some experience in the music business. She fronted the pop-rock band Smittin until their recent breakup, and according to a spokesperson for the actress, she will contribute music to "Alyx" and possibly other projects through Maverick as well.

Britney plans her next album>>
Britney Spears has already been reportedly to have met-up with producer William Orbit (Madonna, Blur) and French electronica duo Daft Punk with an eye on future collaborations. "I've been off, but I've still been working, too. The main thing is I've just been going on my schedule. I've been going in the studio, I've been working, I've been dancing, but it hasn't been someone saying, 'You have to do this at this time.' It's really been on my own time".. 

Holiday Releases>>
New holiday releases from Jimmy Eat World, 3LW, B2K, etc. are just about hitting your local shelves!! There will be 27 solo holiday releases this year..
This year's holiday releases are:
1. 3LW - Naughty or Nice
2. America - Holiday Harmony
3. B2K - Santa Hooked Me Up
4. Bing Crosby - A Christmas Story
5. Brooks & Dunn - It Won't Be Christmas Without You
6. Charlie Daniels Band - Merry Christmas to All
7. Crash Test Dummies - Jingle All the Way
8. Hilary Duff - Santa Claus Lane
9. Dr. Elmo - Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer
10. En Vogue - The Gift of Christmas
11. Ella Fitzgerald - Ella Wishes You a Swinging Christmas
12. Kenny G. Wishes - A Holiday Album
13. Gypsy Hombres - Django Bells
14. Warren Hill - A Warren Hill Christmas
15. Alan Jackson - Let It Be Christmas
16. Jump5 - All the Joy in the World
17. Patti LaBelle - Holiday Magic
18. Patty Loveless - Bluegrass & White Snow, A Mountain Christmas
19. Barry Manilow - A Christmas Gift of Love
20. Johnny Mathis - A Christmas Album
21. Plus One - Christmas
22. Joey Ramone - Christmas Spirit ... In My House
23. Bob Rivers - White Trash Christmas
24. Sha Na Na - Rockin Christmas
25. Carly Simon - Christmas Is Almost Here
26. Los Straitjackets - Tis the Season For ...
27. John Tesh - Christmas Worship

Cher lengthens tour>>
Cher has decided to extend her final road trip with a third leg of performance dates that extend into May. The artist's Living Proof 'The Farewell Tour' kicked off in June and now stretches to a May 3 show in Ottawa, Ontario. The second 2002 leg of the run will last through a Dec. 19 stop in Spokane, Wash., and features Cyndi Lauper as a special guest. An opening act has not yet been announced for the 2003 leg, which is set to kick off Feb. 1 in Tucson, Ariz. Billboard previously reported the 54-date first leg of the tour, produced by Clear Channel Entertainment, grossed $44 million, while the second leg is expected to rake in $25 million-$30 million. Fans who didn't get a chance to see the show live will have a special treat in February when NBC airs a two-hour primetime concert special filmed at Cher's Nov. 8 show in Miami. Warner Bros. will release a definitive greatest hits package to coincide with the broadcast, according to the artist's official Web site. The site also notes that the concert will be released on VHS/DVD next summer, and a batch of the old "Sonny & Cher" shows will also be released sometime in 2003. 

05 December 02

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Brad from LFO>>
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Mariah Carey's new album, Charmbracelet, featuring the hit single, Through The Rain, is in stores now! The album features guest artists such as Jay-Z, Cam'ron, Kelly Price and others! By purchasing the album you will have exclusive access to "Mariah Live" - your opportunity to see Mariah! Find out more and keep up to date on all things Mariah at www.mariahcarey.com. Also see Mariah's new video in our media section!

Vanessa Carlton Is Excited About Her Next Album>>
Vanessa Carlton is on the cover of the latest issue of Get Real Detroit. Shannon McCarthy spoke with the singer about her relationship with her A&M Records label. "Being on a major label has been very beneficial for me," she said. "I've obviously gotten way more exposure. It's a powerhouse label, so it's basically just broadened my fanbase and broadened my horizons. We have a very good relationship." As for a follow-up on the label, Carlton revealed, "I get a break a little in January and then I go to Europe and then I'll start recording in the springtime. I think I've been writing some of the best material I've written so far, so I keep growing as a writer, and it really just kind of is expanding my palette of sounds, and it's really exciting."

Busta Rhymes Is No Internet Fan>>
VH1.com caught up with Busta Rhymes who says that the internet's publishing of artist's tour riders has taken a lot of fun out of the game. "We used to ask promoters to have ass backstage!" Rhymes reminisces. "We'd have some condoms and get some a** backstage. Break it out or we ain't coming! Then the Internet came into effect. When the whole world can find out that you asked for 12 packs of condoms or an ounce of weed on your rider, it creates a whole other issue for you to deal with."

Music Sales Scam Inflates Jay-Z's 'Blueprint 2' Sales>>
The New York Post reports independent music retailers are fabricating numbers reported to Nielsen Soundscan, inflating the number of albums sold by music labels including Island Def Jam. In one example of the sales inflation, an indie retailer in the Southeast recently reported to Nielsen Soundscan that it had sold roughly 3,000 percent more copies of Jay-Z's new album, 'Blueprint 2' - an Island Def Jam release - than it actually did, according to sources both at the retail level and close to Universal. The scheme was verified by another indie retailer in the Southeast, which typically reports to Nielsen Soundscan triple the amount actually sold. For example, this store sold roughly 50 copies of Jay-Z's album recently, but scanned 150 for Nielsen Soundscan.

Tyrese To Star In 'The Fast And The Furious' Sequel>>
The New York Post reports Tyrese will replace Vin Diesel in the sequel to 'The Fast and the Furious.' Shooting starts after the singer promotes his album 'I Wanna Go There.' 

Kelly Rowland Explains 'Simply Deep'>> 
Craig D. Lindsey of the Houston Press caught up with Destiny's Child star Kelly Rowland and Matthew Knowles. Asked about the titled of her debut album, Rowland said, "It was actually [Matthew's] idea for the title to be 'Simply Deep'. At first, I wasn't that crazy about it, but I remember him listening to the song 'Simply Deep.' And he said, 'The words are so beautiful. You should call the album 'Simply Deep'.' I said I wasn't sure about it. Then I listened to the album and it all came out beautifully. And I love the title."
08 December 02

>>3:00 pm                                          update #2
>>Check out media for the NEW Aaliyah video, 'Miss You' here!
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Aaliyah's new cd>>
Aaliyah's new cd will becoming out on Tuesday, December 10. Tracks will include  Back & Forth,
Are You That Somebody,  One In A Million,   I Care 4 You, More Than A Woman,  Don't Know What To Tell Ya, Try Again, All I Need, Miss You, Don't Worry, Come On Over, Erica Kane, At Your Best,  and Got To Give It Up
If Ricky Martin & Prince Can Do It, Why Can't Aguilera?>>
The Daily Yomiuri reports Christina Aguilera says all the commotion about her video 'Dirrty' has a lot more to do with her being female than with the content of the video. "In 'She Bangs,' Ricky Martin basically has an orgy shower scene, and Prince is allowed to show his butt cheeks. Why can't I express myself?" Aguilera asked during a recent press conference at a Tokyo hotel to help promote her album 'Stripped'. "I'm young and a female who is comfortable with her body and her sexuality. I wanted to step out of the bounds of what a female artist can and cannot do." 

When Mariah Carey Falls, She Gets Back Up>>
Mariah Carey tells Kelefa Sanneh of the New York Times that she approached 'Charmbracelet' in much the same way she approached her previous albums. "I didn't do it to answer people, or to justify my validity as an artist," she says. "It really was just about an emotional outlet for me. That's what writing and singing always is."  Want to win Mariah's new single & album? Click here for the contest!

Drunken Pink Bites Her Security Guard>>
The Sun reports Pink put one of her security guards in hospital after biting him in a late-night brawl in Australia on Friday. When staff asked the drunken singer to get down from the bar at Adelaide's Hilton Hotel, she became angry and abusive. "When the hotel staff started to complain and tried to get her down, she was furious and started to kick and lash out," an onlooker revealed. "Her own security guards then tried to entice her down but after a long wait one of them clambered on to the bar to physically restrain her  that's when she bit his arm. The guy yelped like a dog. He was obviously in a lot of pain and had to go to a nearby hospital for first aid. It looked nasty. Everybody was stunned by her behaviour." 
Britney Spears At 'Stages' Party>>
Britney Spears had a book party celebrating the release of 'Stages' at Planet Hollywood in New York City on Friday (December 6). Check out more photos here.

Carrey to receive $25m for "American Neurotic"?>>
The NY Post reports this morning that Jim Carrey is rumored to possibly receive a record paycheck - $25 million to star opposite Anthony Hopkins in "American Neurotic." It would be the second highest for a single film since Arnold's $30m paycheck for "Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines." The paper reports that the film has Carrey's damaged character falling in love with the daughter of his psychiatrist, played by Anthony Hopkins.Paying Carrey that much would be a risk, considering his name isn't necessarily a bankable asset (remember "The Majestic"?)

09 December 02

5:30update #2
Bilboard Awards>>
The Billboard Awards will be on FOX tonight at 8:00pm ET! Check them out. Then head over here for videos, pictures and all the news about the show! Performances include Nelly, Faith Hill, Justin Timberlake, Avril Lavigne, and more! Cher and Michael Jackson will also be in attendance!

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Britney Spears Nipple Flash At 'Stages' Launch>>
The Sunday Mirror reports Britney Spears has been such a busy person on her six-month break that she forgot to put on a bra while dressing for the New York launch party of her new book, 'Stages'. The print version has a photo of Spears' nipple slip, but the online version unfortunately does not.  [Pop DIrt]
11 December 02

Billboard Wrap-Up>>
Ashanti and Nelly took home top honours at last night's Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas, Nevada, claiming eight and six awards respectively.

The two R+B heavyweights jostled for the top prizes but by the time Nelly walked away with the Artist of The Year honour, it was already a magical night for Ashanti.
Ashanti won awards for R+B/Hip-Hop Artist of The Year, R+B/Hip-Hop Female Artist of The Year, R+B/Hip-Hop Single of The Year for FOOLISH, R+B/Hip-Hop Singles Artist of The Year, New R+B/Hip-Hop Artist of The Year, Hot 100 Singles Artist of The Year, Top New Pop Artist of The Year, and Female Artist of The Year.

As well as the Artist of The Year prize, Nelly took home honours for Male Artist of The Year, R+B/Hip-Hop Male Artist of The Year, Hot 100 Singles Male Artist of The Year, Rap Artist of The Year, and Rap Track of The Year for Hot in Herre.

It was also a good night for rock groups Nickelback, Creed and Puddle of Mudd, who picked up four honours apiece.
But the big night at the MGM Grand belonged to Run-DMC and their late DJ Jam Master Jay as Ja Rule, Busta Rhymes, Nelly, Queen Latifah and Naughty by Nature among others joined Aerosmith's Steven Tyler and Joe Perry for a tribute to the trio.
The complete list of winners is:

Artist of the year: Nelly

Male Artist of The Year: Nelly

Female Artist of The Year: Ashanti

Top New Pop Artist of The Year: Ashanti

Group/Duo of The Year: Creed

Album of The Year: THE EMINEM SHOW by EMINEM

Group/Duo Albums Artist of The Year: Creed

Hot 100 Singles Artist of The Year: Ashanti

Hot 100 Singles Male Artist of The Year: Nelly

Hot 100 Singles Group/Duo of The Year: Nickelback

Hot 100 Single of The Year: HOW YOU REMIND ME by Nickelback

Hot 100 Airplay Single of The Year: How You Remind Me by Nickelback

Top 40 Track of The Year: How You Remind Me by Nickelback

R+B/Hip-Hop Artist of The Year: Ashanti

R+B/Hip-Hop Male Artist of The Year: Nelly

R+B/Hip-Hop Female Artist of The Year: Ashanti

New R+B/Hip-Hop Artist of The Year: Ashanti

R+B/Hip-Hop Album of The Year: The Eminem Show by Eminem

R+B/Hip-Hop Single of The Year: Foolish by Ashanti

R+B/Hip-Hop Singles Artist of The Year: Ashanti

R+B/Hip-Hop Single Sales of The Year: UH HUH by B2K

Rap Artist of The Year: Nelly

Rap Track of The Year: Hot In Herre by Nelly

Country Singles Artist of The Year: TOBY KEITH

Rock Artist of The Year: Puddle Of Mudd

Rock Track of The Year: BLURRY by Puddle Of Mudd

Modern Rock Artist of The Year: Puddle Of Mudd

Modern Rock Track of The Year: Blurry by Puddle Of Mudd

Dance/Club Play Artist of The Year: CHER

Electronic Album of The Year: 18 by MOBY

Electronic Albums Artist of The Year: Moby

Catalogue Artist of The Year: CreedCentury Award: ANNIE LENNOX

Artist Achievement Award: Cher

Catalogue Album of The Year: HUMAN CLAY by Creed

Billboard Award Pictures>>
Check out the pictures of the Billboard music awards here & here.

Moby Thinks Eminem Fued Is Done>>
The Las Vegas Review Journal quotes Moby commenting on the Eminem fued from last night's Billboard Music Awards saying, "It seems like it's done. I hope so. It's interesting. Truth is I never had any problem with Eminem. I bear no ill will. I did and continue to take issue with a society that glories misogyny and homophobia."  [RapDirt]

Barbra Streisand Can Relate To Eminem>>
Barbra Streisand spoke with the Associated Press and revealed that she recently went to see Eminem's hit movie debut, '8 Mile,' and had trouble following what the rapper was saying. "Most of the language I couldn't understand," she admits. It's like watching a foreign film." However, she says, "this kid Eminem is really interesting. I can relate to the truth, and I can relate to emotion, and I can relate to him in some strange way. ... I was raised in the projects. I was born in Brooklyn. We were poor. I relate to that stuff because that's my roots, my heritage." 

Shania Holds #1, but Mariah wins in the long run>>
The final numbers of album sales over the last week show Shania still on top of the album charts. Her album 'Up!' sold another 327,000 copies to take the #1 spot. Tim McGraw remains #2 with 250,000 copies sold. Mariah's comeback album 'Charmbracelet' will debut at #3 selling near 240,000 copies, just 10,000 shy of the #2 place. Mariahs comeback is a successful one! . Albums by Jennifer Lopez and Tupac dropped way over 50% in sales to take the #7 and #8 spots, respectively. Christina Aguilera's 'Stripped' holds strong at #12 selling over 127,000 copies. Faith Hill falls to #13, as Justin Timberlake takes the #14 spot. 

10 December 02

12:00 am
>> Review of the Billboard Awards will be posted later. Check back later this week for videos of the awards! 
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Whitney's Wacky Outdoor Show - What you wont see on TV!>>
Whitney Houston's outdoor performance Sunday afternoon in the plaza at Lincoln Center was as wacky as anything the troubled singer has come up with yet.
She arrived nearly one hour late, and the show  which Good Morning America taped for broadcast Tuesday  started much later than scheduled.
About 1,500 people (in amateur's estimate) filled the plaza, hoping to get a look at Whitney after her calamitous interview with Diane Sawyer on ABC last week. Houston did not disappoint.
The concert was supposed to refute the stories Houston is abusing drugs, and to help promote her new album, Just Whitney , which will be released tomorrow in this country.
In Britain, where it came out on Nov. 25, the album finished at the terrifyingly low number of 76 in its first week.
I don't know how Good Morning America will edit Sunday's performance, but this is what we saw. Houston sang three numbers  "One of those Days" and "Tell Me No" from her new album, and the Christmas song "Do You Hear What I Hear?"
Her voice was impeccable for having to sing in a bitter cold wind -- you had to give her credit for trying. She even said, "You know I never sing in cold air." As usual, she perspired so much she needed a towel.
The amazing thing is that she still sings like an angel. She was very loose on stage, perhaps too loose. Right before she started "One of Those Days" she said, laughing, "I'm [expletive] my knickahs." I'm sure ABC will edit that out.
Before "Tell Me No," she made several pleas to the audience to buy the new album. But it was the last song that was strangest  and best.
Houston did not seem to know the words to "Do You Hear What I Hear?" so she read them off a piece of paper that was taped to the stage beneath her feet. Unfortunately, this meant her head was pointed down quite a lot.
A minute or so in, backed by a high-school choir, she got lost in the song, and started yelling, "Stop! Stop!" to the choir and the band. She started to slip and almost fell off the stage.
"What if I fell?" she asked rhetorically. "That would be more money for you," she said to someone in the wings. However, when "Do You Hear?" started again, Houston nailed it. [Fox News]
Britney names Stalker>>
Britney Spears has sought an injunction against a 41-year-old man who she claims has stalked her for the last three months. Masahiko Shizawa is alleged to have made repeated attempts to contact the 21-year-old pop star at her Los Angeles home and once "tried to gain admittance" by unspecified means, according to court papers. Spears' petition for "injunction prohibiting harassment", says the singer does not know Shizawa but alleges he "has been stalking plaintiff in this country and elsewhere" since September. Britney claims that Shizawa tracked her to her parents home outside California and sent a series of love notes and photographs, with one note reading: "I'm chasing you." According to Reuters, Spears' petition asks that Shizawa, a resident of Japan, stay at least 1,000 yards away from her at all times.As yet, it is unclear whether the request has been granted with Spears' attorney currently unavailable for comment.
16 December 02

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So So Def Close To New Distribution Deal>>
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports Jermaine Dupri's label, So So Def, is about to ink a new distribution deal with Arista Records, headed by part-time Antonio 'L.A.' Reid. He'll take acts like Da Brat and budding singer Fundisha with him, but big-selling sprite Bow Wow and Atlanta R&B quartet Jagged Edge will remain at So So Def's former home, Columbia Records. 

Kelly May Leave 'The Osbournes' Nest>>
The Sunday People reports 18-year-old Kelly Osbourne has house hunting in Beverly Hills, backing up talk that 'The Osbournes' reality-show future appears bleak.

Britney Spears Hair Extension Secret>>
The Sunday Mirror reports during Britney Spears' last trip to London, the singer popped into Covent Garden hair salon MacMillans and had extensions in three tones of blonde. This even though she had no public appearances. 

Justin Hurts for Fans>>
Associated Press reports that recovering from a broken foot didn't stop *NSYNC star Justin Timberlake from dancing on stage in front of thousands of screaming fans at radio station's Z100's annual Jingle Ball concert. "The doctor said I shouldn't even be here," Timberlake told the crowd before performing two songs on Thursday. "But you know what? I don't even care. I wanted to be here."

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Jimmy got the chance to talk to Brad from LFO, check out the full interview at Wild Writings! Brad has currently opened up his own record label, and released his new CD, Sari.
'WW: You have a new solo album, Sari, how is it different from your past music?
BF: It's completely different than LFO.  It is very alternative and moody.  The songs don't adhere to a particular formula or format.  They evolve around pianos, strings, and haunting vocals.'
Get more here.

14 Decemeber 02

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December 15
9:00 PM ET

New AAF album>>
Alien Ant Farm are about to be hard at work in the studio this coming February working on the follow-up to their massive selling album "ANTology". The band currently have nine songs written and played an impromptu live show in LA's "House Of Blues" this Saturday just gone, their first since the horrific bus crash they endured in Europe earlier this year. 

Kelly Clarkson cheating?>>
Was Kelly Clarkson already making a record before she appeared as an ingenue on ''American Idol'' and won the contest? Did she already have a record contract before she won one as a purported amateur in the televised competition? A current tabloid story suggests that she already did have a record deal and had already recorded five songs for an album with three veteran pop songwriters before she appeared on ''Idol'' this summer. But the show's producers issued a statement Thursday saying Clarkson did not break the contest's rules, and a lawyer representing the songwriters who recorded with Clarkson told EW.com that the tracks were just demos, and that no record contract was in place.
The story, as printed in the Star and updated in the New York Post, said that Clarkson had already started recording an album with pop songwriters Gerry Goffin (best known for his '60s hits written with then-wife Carole King), Michael Blum, and Barry Goldberg. ''She signed a production agreement with us in early March to record a full slate of 12 songs for an album, but after doing five wonderful songs, she walked out,'' Goldberg told the Star. ''Idol'''s rules, as posted on the show's website, stipulate, ''You are ineligible if you already have any type of talent representation or a recording contract.''

Guns and Roses Scrap Tour>>
For Guns N' Roses fans, just a little patience may not be nearly enough. The future of Axl Rose's reconstituted band is in doubt after its first tour was scrapped following Rose's mysterious failure to show up for a concert in Philadelphia last Friday. The tour's promoter, Clear Channel, announced the cancellation of some 15 remaining dates without offering an explanation. But it can't have helped that the ever-unpredictable Rose had also failed to arrive for the outing's opening show in Vancouver last month, sparking a full-fledged riot.  ''Rose has damaged his career,'' says Gary Bongiovanni, editor of concert-industry trade mag ''Pollstar.'' ''This makes the band a riskier situation for promoters in the future.''

13 December 02

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Moby assaulted >>
Moby is reportedly to have been assaulted by three men outside Boston's Paradise Club after having performed there on the 11th of December

Eve on the tube again>>
Eve, who appeared in the 2002 films "Barbershop" and "XXX".. is now set to guest star on an episode of NBC's "Third Watch" that will air on the 6th of January. She will play the role of rookie paramedic Yvette Powell on the episode, which is titled "Second Chance." During Powell's first day on the job she will be called to transport a patient from jail. 

Pink to marry>>
Sexy pop star Pink is ready to marry her motor cross rider boyfriend Carey Hart. The dare-devil biker has been dating the singer after they met at the extreme sports X Games in Philadelphia, America last August - and he believes the pair will wed in the near future. He explains, "We were introduced and five minutes later I broke 18 bones doing a flip. Three months later we met again - we've been together ever since. "It's going to lead to the altar". 

Pam & Tommy's sex tape>>
Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee may not see eye-to-eye on much anymore, but they can both take some comfort in their long-awaited legal victory in their 1998 copyright-infringement suit against Internet Entertainment Group, which obtained the then-married couple's notorious sex video and sold it via the Web. According to Reuters, U.S. District Judge Dean Pregerson granted the ex-''Baywatch'' babe and the former Motley Crue drummer $740,000 apiece in a default judgment against IEG, whose reps failed to appear in court to defend the company. The dispute began in 1997, when IEG obtained the video (Pam and Tommy said it was stolen from their house by a construction worker) and began selling downloadable copies online, despite an injunction sought by the couple. Eventually, the couple and IEG reached an agreement over the Web version, but then IEG began marketing a videotape, which, priced at $15, became the best-selling porn title in history. The home sales prompted the copyright lawsuit, with Anderson and Lee demanding a cut of the profits. Pregerson dismissed the suit out, on the grounds that the couple had relinquished their rights by allowing the webcasting of the tape. An appeals court overruled that decision, sending the case back to Pregerson.

New York Post Picks Up Blu Cantrell Porno Past>>
The New York gossip columns picked up the news we broke awhile ago on Blu Cantrell appearing in Black Tail magazine nude several years ago. An Arista Records spokesman said, "We knew at some point these pictures would resurface." Arista boss L.A. Reid, says she was hard up for cash and involved in an abusive relationship at the time. 

Jermaine Dupri Is Up To His Ears In Debt>>
Launch.com reports Jermaine Dupri is facing a tax debt in excess of $2.5 million, according to published reports. Federal agents recently raided two of Dupri's home and confiscated furniture, computers, and part of the superproducer's car collection to settle his debt with the IRS. 

Christina Aguilera & Kelly Osbourne Added To AMAs>>
Shania Twain, Christina Aguilera, matchbox twenty, Toby Keith and Willie Nelson, Kelly Osbourne, and Kenny Chesney have been added to the list of performers who will be appearing at the 39th annual American Music Awards, which will air Monday, January 13, 2003, on ABC. 

12 December 02

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Axl Rose Is Going Wacko>>
Sources tell the Chicago Sun-Times that Guns N' Roses frontman Axl Rose is very close to checking himself into a psychiatric clinic to deal with ''exhaustion'' and a number of other emotional problems. Famous for his outrageousness, the aging rocker lately ''has been even more whacked than usual,'' a longtime pal revealed. [Pop Dirt]

Sharon Osbourne Not Intimidated By Em's Bodyguards>>
Sharon Osbroune is speaking about her meeting with Eminem at the MTV Movie Awards in Los Angeles in next month's edition of The Face magazine. "It happened that my daughter's dressing room was on the same floor as Eminem," she explained, "and he's got all these bodyguards and they're going: 'Don't you look down here - nobody look down here. Take your eyes off'. I'm like, fu** off. Nobody tells me where to fu**ing look and not look, and if I want to look at this raggedy little white boy's ass, I will. And Eminem's keeping his head down like this and not saying a word." 

Justin goes to an After Party>>
The Las Vegas Review Journal reports Justin Timberlake didn't let a broken ankle slow him down at the Hard Rock Hotel's Billboard awards after-party. The *NSYNC star joined Busta Rhymes and N.E.R.D. on stage at The Joint while Toby Keith, members of Creed, Vince Neil of Motley Crue, the 'X' girls of the Aladdin's topless revue watched the performance. Watch 'Cry me a river' here!

Mariah Carey Climbs Charts, but Long Way to Go>>
LONDON (Reuters) - Dumped by music giant EMI Group, pop diva Mariah Carey is proving her singing career is not all washed up. But she is still a far cry from her platinum-selling glory days.
The multi-octave singer's comeback album "Charmbracelet" has outstripped her last flop "Glitter" in its first week, entering the U.S. charts at No.3, while clinging to the No.1 spot in Japan's international charts in a brutally competitive period.
However, the new album, her first under Universal Music's Island Def Jam label, is no match for previous big-time hits such as "Music Box," critics say. It has also drawn a mixed reception in key markets such as Britain where it failed to crack the top 50.
All eyes have been on "Charmbracelet's" sales after a traumatic year for Carey. She suffered an emotional breakdown and was then paid $28 million to walk away from her EMI contract, worth an estimated $100 million, after the failure of "Glitter."
Carey, who still ranks as one of the best-selling female artists of all time thanks to her early successes, subsequently signed to Island Def Jam in a three-album deal that some estimate to be worth a more modest $20 million.
The question on many music executives lips now is whether Universal will be able to make her comeback pay off.
"We never expected to explode Mariah back onto the public scene. We always thought this album would be a slow burner, and it may take two or three singles to take off," said Max Hole, senior vice president of marketing and A&R for Universal Music International, a division of media giant Vivendi Universal.
Universal Music says it has sold more than two million copies of "Charmbracelet" to retailers globally, including one million in the U.S.
Actual over-the-counter sales have reached 241,000 copies in the United States and 320,000 in Japan.
By comparison, Glitter, released on September 11, 2001, has sold two million copies. However, Glitter was doomed from the start, given that it was a soundtrack to a film that bombed.
Despite an aggressive marketing campaign that has involved some of Universal's top talent and seen Carey splashed across posters and magazines, Universal executives say "Charmbracelet" only needs to sell three million copies to break even.
So, should EMI have dumped Carey?
"EMI was wrong to drop her because there are very few talented artists in the world who are household names. Whether you're in Thailand, Finland or Milwaukee, everyone knows who Mariah is," said Universal's Hole.
The problem for EMI was that it was saddled with an expensive deal, one it would always have struggled to make pay without consistent blockbuster sales.
EMI, the world's No.3 music company, also shed Carey at a time when it was under pressure to slash costs and pare back its roster in an industry suffering from tumbling sales.
EMI declined to comment.
In any event, Carey is unlikely to sell the 20 million copies that "Music Box" sold, industry experts say.
But Universal said Carey could certainly rank in the 10 million bracket -- a good return under her current deal.
"Mariah could definitely be a big seller again. She's only had one disappointment and that was a soundtrack. Lots of big artists have disappointments," one executive said.
As for Charmbracelet, Universal plans to revist markets where the album is flagging.
"People like a comeback. They like someone to overcome adversity. Mariah has had a rough time, but she's perceived to have not run away from it," said Universal's Hole [Reuters] Watch Mariah's new video here & win Mariah's new CD and Single here!

11 December 02

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17 December 02

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Justin Ditched By Alyssa>>
Pop prince Justin Timberlake is facing heartache, just nine-months after splitting from long-term love Britney Spears - he's about to be dumped by actress Alyssa Milano.  According to British tabloid the Daily Star, Alyssa - who hooked up with the 'N Syce singer after his split with Britney - has swapped the clean-cut star for Limp Bizkit rocker Fred Durst. The Kiss the Bride star was spotted smooching with Durst on a secret date at Los Angeles' Whiskey Bar on Friday night.  A fellow reveller says, "They were all over each other. They were kissing, holding hands."  But, according to the Alyssa's pals, the actress hasn't broken the news to Justin yet.  A shocked friend told the Star, "Alyssa is done with Justin and has moved onto Fred. But she hasn't told him. It's disgraceful."  It seems the age gap between Alyssa and Justin - she's 29 while he's a youthful 21 - proved to be the catalyst for the breakup.
JMJ Suspect arrested>>
Police arrested a suspect thought to be the lookout in the Jam Master Jay murder case last week it has emerged.  Ronald 'Tinard' Washington was apprehended when he and another man, Ernest Williams, robbed a receptionist at a New York Motel.  A 20-minute car chase ensued which came to an abrupt end when the Hyundai being driven by Washington crashed with another car. It is known that when Run DMC producer and DJ, Jam Master Jay, was shot dead in his Queens studio, one man kept watch outside whilst the killer went in. Washington was sighted outside Jay's studio and is wanted for questioning in connection with the crime. When police arrested him last week, Washington tried to pass himself off under the false name Mark White until fingerprints revealed his true identity. Meanwhile, Jam Master Jay's business partner, Rusty Waters, was cleared of allegations suggesting that he may have been involved as the beneficiary of a $500,000 insurance pay out in the wake of his partner's death.

Moby's bad week>>
Moby wrote on his website journal on Monday: "Oh, come on... On Wednesday I get beaten up in Boston. On Friday I get harrassed by some heavy metal fans. And then Saturday rolls around. A flight to L.A. through turbulent, typhoon-ish weather. Then I get to the relative safety and sanctuary of my hotel. And guess what (and I kid you not). Eminem is in my hotel shooting a music-video. Fu**. What are the chances? So in the interest of personal security and whatnot I've moved hotels, just to be on the safe side. Cos then I find out that Eminem is having a party on the roof of said hotel after the video shoot is over. And I really don't want to encounter 20 drunk Eminem friends/well-wishers at 2 in the morning as I'm heading out for a stroll around the neighborhood. Call me paranoid, call me a woosie, but I'd rather err on the side of non-confrontationalism. So now I'm at a nice hotel by the ocean and getting ready to fly back to NYC for a few months of cloistered music-making."

Eminem's ex-pads don't sell>>
After garnering outrageous eBay bids of up to $12 million, Eminem's childhood home is now off the auction block and it didn't sell. Last week the current owners of the suburban Detroit bungalow hired a company to weed out phony bids of which there were many. It turns out none of the legitimate offers met the minimum bid of $120,000, and the online auction has now expired. Two more of Eminem's past homes have been offered up on eBay. One failed to attract a minimum bid of $500,000 when the auction expired last week. The other is still taking bids and the owner is still optimistically hoping for $2 million.
19 December 02

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A new voice at Pepsi>>
Britney Spears, the pop star who has been a PepsiCo celebrity endorser for nearly two years, has been supplanted as the most prominent voice of the Pepsi generation by Beyoncé Knowles of the vocal group Destiny's Child. But PepsiCo's move, which comes as Ms. Spears's contract has run its course, leaves open the possibility of her return to Pepsi ads. Ms. Knowles, who at 21 is the same age as Ms. Spears, has agreed to appear in two television commercials as well as in radio and Internet ads and in-store promotional materials.

Justin + Drugs?>>
Justin Timberlake is reported to have been seen smoking cannabis in a New York bar with his mother last week. The N'SYNC and solo star, who recently admitted sampling the drug during recording sessions for his debut album 'Justified', was apparently spotted at the Lotus Club in NYC. He was seen with his mother Lynn Harless and two bouncers at the club, passing joints between them, claim the UK tabloid The Sun. An 'onlooker' said: "Justin and Lynn were squeezed into a booth with two bodyguards stood around them. "Then someone at the table rolled two joints and passed them around. Both Justin and his mum took a puff," he claimed.

Solange Credits Justin & Christina For Opening Doors>>
Solange Knowles tells Radio 1 that her debut solo album that has an unusual mix of styles has been made less of a risk thanks to people like *NSYNC star Justin Timberlake and Christina Aguilera. "I think that that's wonderful. I think a lot of people out there don't listen to one type of music - therefore they have to go into the pop section, the RnB section, the rock section," Knowles said. "And now that artists like Christina Aguilera and Justin Timberlake are making albums with a lot of different influences, it's making a lot of people more open-minded. People who would only listen to R&B and pop are gonna listen to alternative because they bought the record and it's on there."

J.Lo Cancels Wedding After Bust-Up With Matt Damon>>
The Sun reports Jennifer Lopez's Valentin's Day wedding to Ben Affleck is off because of J.Lo's bitter feud with Ben's best pal Matt Damon. Pals say Matt tried to talk Ben out of the marriage with Lopez. "They still love each other and want to get married some day  but it won't happen on Febuary 14," said a source. "Jen feels like there are three of them in the relationship and is terrified Matt will poison Ben against her."

3LW Auditions Are Very Informal>>
MTV News spoke with 3LW star Adrienne Bailon about her and bandmate Kiely Williams's hunt for a third band member to replace the departed Naturi Naughton. "The turnout has been incredible," Bailon gushed. "We've done New York City auditions, Atlanta auditions. It was incredible, just the fact they came to share their talent with us. It's really informal. A lot of people are probably expecting it to be real stiff." She added, "Kiely is the secretary for the day. She takes down names and addresses. She has an office set up when you come in. I play DJ." Of course much of the reason for the informality is that the group isn't being backed by Epic in the search for a new member, paying out $3,000 per stop from their own pockets.

18 December 02

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Sandra ends the comedy>>
Kooky movie star Sandra Bullock has said that she will quit rom-coms after finishing work on her latest film Two Weeks' Notice. The brunette actress wants to take a break from acting and concentrate on working behind the camera. Bullock says this decision is partly because she had such a great time working with her Two Weeks Notice co-star - Hugh Grant. Bullock says, "I've had the best time with Hugh. I would work with Hugh 24-7." This declaration follows recent conflicting rumours that alleged the Hollywood pair were either fighting or involved in an on-set romance - both denied by the twosome. Miss Congeniality star Bullock plans to devote her time off to producing her TV program, The George Lopez Show.

Will Smith Imposter>>
A fraudster used Will Smith's name to obtain thousands of dollars, a US court found. MTV reports that a Pennsylvania man has been jailed for three years for impersonating the rap and movie megastar and making over $30,000 in the process. Carlos Lomax escaped lightly with the sentence which could have seen him serve up to 20 years for the credit deception in 12 stores under Smith real name, Willard C. Smith. Lomax was traced after one of star's employees identified excess charges on one of his accounts. Receipts and other sales documents under Smith's name were subsequently found at Lomax's house.

Wade Robson show on MTV>>
According to WadeRobson.com, "Wade has written a show that he has sold to MTV. The show is entitled 'The Wade Robson Project.' Wade will executive produce, direct and host the show. 'The Wade Robson Project' is a new and innovative dance show that consists of finding dancers from all over America who have rare and unseen abilities, bringing them to LA and letting them loose against each other in a rugged and raw dance battle. Whoever wins gets a chance to come back and compete for the championship, but not without a task. Lets say that whoever wins is a hardcore Hip-Hop dancer. Wade will give them the task of studying ballet and making a marriage between Hip-Hop and ballet. Then they can come back and compete with this new form of dance. Wade will also perform on the show and other Pop, R&B and Rap artists will be stopping by to perform. The show begins to film in November and you can look for it to air in early 2003.

Ashanti To Read Off Grammy Nominees>>
Ashanti, Avril Lavigne, Cyndi Lauper, John Mayer, *NSYNC star Justin Timberlake, Kenny Chesney, Nelly and Sean 'P. Diddy' Combs will be on hand to read off the nominations for the 45th annual Grammy Awards at a January 7th Madison Square Garden press conference. The show will be broadcast live from the NYC venue on CBS Sunday, February 23, at 8 PM. 

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