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Mariah Would Love a Duet with Beyonce
Mariah Carey would love to record a duet with Beyoncé Knowles.  The singer, who works hard to get as popular as she once was, says: "I know Beyoncé for a couple of years now. She's a really cute girl who is doing really well at the moment."

Her fact that Knowles is "hot" has nothing to do with her wish, according to Carey. "I think it's swell that everyhting works out for her. Recording a duet just seems really cool, that's all," according to the American singer.
New Brandy/Monica/Kelly Clarkson Song!
Sources close to Wild Writings have confirmed a new collaboration between Brandy, Monica and 'American Idol' winner Kelly Clarkson for a song called "Jump". It is reportedly on the "Love Actually" soundtrack which is due out on November 11, 2003.
P!nk Makesout with a girl in Monaco
Rocker Pink surprised onlookers at a glitzy party by reportedly indulging in some very public, steamy kissing -- with "Terminator 3" actress Kristanna Loken.

The singer, 24, proved she's over her recent love-split from motorcyle racing ace Carey Hart at the after-party of the World Music Awards in Monte Carlo, Monaco, this weekend.

The blonde duo met up on the dancefloor, where they got intimate just a few feet away from Monaco royal Prince Albert and celebrities including Blu Cantrell. They then went into a dimly lit booth, where they continued their saucy antics until the party ended at 5 a.m. -- when they left together. An onlooker says, "Pink and Kristanna put on quite a display. They were kissing each other full on and didn't care who saw them. "Towards the end of the evening they were practically joined at the hip. It was unexpected, two female celebs snogging each other's faces off."

Pink, real name Alecia Moore, had earlier won the Best American Pop/Rock Female Artist Award at the ceremony.

Miramax gets ready for another Bennifer Flop.
Images of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez have been scrapped from posters of their upcoming movie Jersey Girl - to give it a better chance of box office success.

Producers of the film have reportedly advised their advertising and marketing teams not to include either of the stars' faces on any of Jersey Girl's promotional material after seeing the dismal performance of the on-off couple's summer flop Gigli.

A source tells American magazine Us Weekly, "After Gigli, (Miramax) doesn't want to take any chances with another laughing stock flop.

"They're going to promote this as a (director) Kevin Smith movie. It's going to be about Kevin."
Durst on Berry: "We're Just Good Friends."
Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst has blasted reports that he is having an affair with Halle Berry. Durst insisted the pair are just friends, not lovers.

The rocker locks lips with the Oscar-winner in the video accompanying his band's new song Behind Blue Eyes. The single also serves as the lead track for Berry's upcoming movie Gothika.

Berry announced last week that she and her singer husband Eric Benet have separated. Since then - and the kiss - reports have been rife that the actress has been having an affair with Fred. But Durst, who claims to have had slept with Britney Spears, insists there is no affair. He also denies reports that he has visited Berry on the set of her new film Catwoman.

He said: "I think she's amazing and I think we get along really good. "Us working together was a beautiful thing, and the kiss was really cool, and the movie Gothika's awesome. "And we became friends - and that's sort of it. There is no one in my life right now."
'Kill Bill' Slays Box-Office Competition
The world will have to wait for next year's second volume to see whether or not Uma Thurman will get her chance to "Kill Bill," but the first volume of Quentin Tarantino's revenge epic has already made a bloody mess of the box office, slaying the competition over the weekend with a $22.2 million debut.

The opening numbers for "Kill Bill" are the best a Tarantino movie has ever enjoyed; "Pulp Fiction," by comparison, opened at around $9.3 million.

The motor-mouthed filmmaker's first film since 1997's "Jackie Brown" (which also opened with about $9.3 million) knocked last weekend's #1 film, "School of Rock," down to second place. The Jack Black comedy took in $15.4 million, according to studio estimates, and has made close to $40 million overall.

The George Clooney/ Catherine Zeta-Jones romantic comedy
"Intolerable Cruelty" debuted at #3 with $13.1 million, while the family comedy "Good Boy!" (a movie filled with talking dogs voiced by Brittany Murphy and her onetime "Clueless" co-star Donald Faison, among others) bowed at #4 with $13 million. The video game-based "House of the Dead," the weekend's only other new, widely released film, debuted at #6 with $5.5 million.
When Madonna Co-Stars In Britney Video, Opposites Attract
Britney and Madonna may have already kissed, but now Madonna's playing hard to get.

In Spears' upcoming video for "Me Against the Music," Madonna lures the pop princess through a mazelike underground after-hours club, only to disappear into thin air when Britney gets close enough to touch.

According to the treatment for the video, shot last week in New York with director Paul Hunter (J. Lo, Deftones), the pop singers discover they're reverse images of each other, from their dance moves to the way they dress. Britney wears black to Madonna's white. Britney is hipster to Madonna's old-school. Britney's section of the club is populated with cool kids, flaunting pink and purple hair while taking whiffs from an oxygen tank, while Madonna's stakes claim to a territory filled with men in suits, smoking cigars.

Though the areas are separated by a wall, somehow Britney can sense Madonna on the other side. At first, it seems like they have a psychic or telepathic connection — but then Madonna's visage starts appearing on television monitors throughout the club, making Britney more determined to find her.

As if the ESP element wasn't enough, the club proves not to be governed by the usual rules of reality in other areas, such as when Madonna finds herself a room covered with fallen leaves, where she can stand on a swing to amuse herself. But instead of wondering how the leaves got inside in the first place, she's more concerned with coaxing Britney to rid herself of her inhibitions: "Hey, Britney, you say you wanna lose control/ Sexy lady, I'd rather see you bare your soul/ If you think you're so hot, better show me what you got/ Let me see you dance."

Madonna's solo, however, turns out to be but a siren's song, as she is nowhere to be found once Britney hears the call and makes it to the swing room. Over the course of several rooms, Britney searches desperately as Madonna plays an elaborate cat-and-mouse game with her.
Anna vs. Mariah: The battle of the wardrobe
Anna Kournikova won the wardrobe war of the divas at the World Music Awards -
sporting five outfits in one night to Mariah Carey's mere four.

Their change behaviour left star guests gasping at the gong-giving and aftershow party.

Anna dressed to thrill in a brace of ballgowns and paraded her perfect pins in ultra-short numbers.

But in fairness to Mariah, her frocks were the most diva-like - decked out with more sparkle than a Harrods Christmas tree.

Mariah - who won a special award for mega-selling artists on the night - was also busting with pride judging from her outstanding cleavage.

And she gained vital diva points for displaying dramatically different hairstyles, including a down and wavy look and a severe ponytail.

But then she made the ultimate fashion blunder by wearing a black frock she had also picked for the pre-awards party the night before.

Every girl knows you should never wear the same dress twice. All in all I reckon the pair are now level in the diva stakes, after I revealed yesterday how Mariah blew £50,000 on customised hotel rooms for herself and her people for just two nights in the gambling mecca.

The silly thing is that, unlike most of us, this pair of glamour queens would probably look great in just bin liners.  Meanwhile, I have more news on the Mariah "different planet" front - she clearly has no idea how to use a credit card.

I asked her what the limit is on her plastic and she revealed: "I’ve no idea. Whenever I need money, my financial adviser comes round to my house with a big bag of cash."
Beyonce Wears Kylie's Underwear
Beyonce Knowles has revealed she loves to squeeze her famous bum into Kylie Minogue's underwear.

Curvy Beyonce, who set pulses racing with her raunchy booty-shaking dance for chart-topper Crazy In Love, said the Aussie star's lingerie was among her favourites.

The LoveKylie range launched by Minogue - herself famed for her part behind - has already been endorsed by TV's Sex And The City, which featured Charlotte wearing one of her bras.

Talking about her favourite undies in an interview with the November issue of FHM magazine, Beyonce revealed they were "La Perla and LoveKylie"."She actually sent all of us (in Destiny's Child) some of her new line, which was very nice."
Cameron Diaz dances with another man, Justin Furious
Jealous Justin Timberlake reportedly stormed out of a New York nightclub on Tuesday night after spotting girlfriend Cameron Diaz dancing with another man.

According to British tabloid The Sun, the hunky singer flew into a rage when Diaz jumped up on a podium at the trendy Suede club and refused his pleas to stop flirting.

The pair were partying after attending the star-studded premiere of Quentin Tarantino's new movie Kill Bill.

A source tells the newspaper, "Justin and Cameron were with a group of friends. When they arrived they looked like they were happy. "They seemed to be having a good time until Cameron started dancing with a guy."At first Justin pretended not to notice but the dancing started to get hot and you could see he was uncomfortable, "Eventually he went over to Cameron and told her to stop because she was making a fool of herself.

"She refused, told him to grow up and he charged off out of the club."
Lil' Kim to star in Porno?
Rap sex symbol lil kim is reprtedly going to be staring in a new film. No, it's not her straight to dvd flick Guns and Roses. This role takes a little less actting on her part, that would be a good thing dont you agree? The clevage obssesed raper will be featured in a pornno movie where she will act as an extra in "Pink Panties" bearing all her best assets, a cowlip production set to go into production late March of 2004. Our sources reported Lil km on quote was "honored" as she loves to "keep people on their
toes, I want people to react shocked when they hear about my new staring role [laughs]."
Ice Cube Replacing Vin Diesel in 'XXX' Sequel
With Vin Diesel stepping aside, Ice Cube has landed the starring role in the "XXX" sequel. Director Rob Cohen has also opted out of the sequel to the 2002 action film about an extreme athlete-turned-secret agent, and will be replaced by "Die Another Day" helmer Lee Tamahori. The film will begin production in the summer and hit theaters in 2005.
Warrent for the Arrest of Ben Affleck
Warrant is out for the arrest of movie hunk Ben Affleck, following accusations that he verbally threatened a woman.

Tara Ray, of Kure Beach, North Carolina, claims she used to date the Gigli star and that he threatened her during a phone conversation on Sept. 25th- just days after he was due to wed lover Jennifer Lopez.

Ray reportedly made the allegations on Saturday and has told police that the Good Will Hunting star followed her as she drove home and threatened to hurt her. Ray says, "I honestly believed my life was in danger." Detective Sergeant Andrew Everhart says, "The warrant accuses Ben Affleck of communicating threats."

But a police department spokesperson tells British tabloid The Mirror, "We are not investigating Mr Affleck for any crime. "The warrant was taken out by a private citizen. Usually the person will turn themselves into the police for questioning."
Britney Spears claims didn't have a breakdown
Pop beauty Britney Spears has poured scorn on reports her year off was due to a personal breakdown.

The singer sparked speculation about her mental state when she took a sudden sabbatical from her career, after her painful split with former lover Justin Timberlake.

But Britney - who has recently returned to the spotlight - insists she was just spending some time off to recover from a heavy work schedule. She says, "I've needed this break from music to rejuvenate spiritually, and just to play!

"But everyone's writing that I'm having a meltdown. I just don't get it. Maybe I'm changing, maybe I'm just getting older, but I needed some downtime to myself or I'd have gone crazy."
Ja Rule Comes Back Bigger With Two-For-One Video
With both "Crown" and "Clap Back" garnering buzz on mixtapes and beginning to be embraced by radio, it was up in the air which track Ja Rule would pick as the official first single from his Blood in My Eye LP, due November 4.

Apparently, Rule has chosen not to choose. A little over a week ago in Brooklyn, Rule shot the first video from his upcoming album incorperating both "Crown" and "Clap Back."

"It's a little of both, so you get to hear everything," the clip's director,  Benny Boom, said on Friday. "When I heard 'Crown,' I was loving it because I heard the Sizzla song [it samples] before. When I heard 'Clap Back,' it reminded me of some real hip-hop sh--, the way cats is just rhyming to the beat and you hear them spit. The beat moves
you the moment you hear it. It's like the food without all the additives."

In the video, Rule looks like he's been eating a little more food himself.  He's still chiseled, but appears to have beefed up slightly. He alternates between being grimy — rapping shirtless with a 40-ounce bottle in his hand — and playing the playboy member of rap's hierarchy, rhyming with gorgeous girls by his side. (Click for photos from the set of "Clap Back.")

"It might be a little special effects [in the video]," Boom spilled. "I don't want to give too much of the concept away, but we just see Ja in all of the forms that he's known for: as a performer, as a superstar, we see the thug image of him. We get a glimpse of every form of Ja. It's real cinematic, real gritty. It's some real street sh--. I love to do the joints that the streets is missing. Every now and then we gotta come back and smack people like, 'This is hip-hop.' "

Hitting fans upside the head, so to speak, was the main objective of the Inc. when the camp enlisted Boom.
'The Terminator' Wins California Governorship
No doubt Hollywood will eventually make a movie out of this bizarre, dramatic escapade, and it might not be too hard to secure Arnold Schwarzenegger to play the lead role. After just 11 weeks of campaigning, the man who served three terms as a cold, metallic "Terminator" has been elected the next governor of California.

"Everything that I have is because of California," the former "Kindergarten Cop" said in his victory speech on Tuesday night. "I came here with absolutely nothing and California has given me absolutely everything. And today, California has given me the greatest gift of all ... I will not let you down."

Arnold, who announced his intention to run for the position on "The Tonight Show With Jay Leno" on August 6 (see"Schwarzenegger Seeks To Terminate California Governor In Election"), has never held a political office before now. But that doesn't seem to matter. A majority of voters chose "The Running Man" for the state's top spot Tuesday after 54.3 percent of voters elected to remove second term Democratic Governor Gray Davis, according to CBS exit polls. The move marked the first time a U.S. governor has been yanked midterm since 1921 when North Dakota removed Governor Lynn Frazier.

California voters, soured by a sliding economy and an unbalanced state budget, called for a recall election to remove Davis shortly after his narrow victory over Bill Simon Jr. in November 2002. In his concession speech Tuesday night, Davis said, "We've had a lot of good nights over the last 20 years, but tonight the people did decide it is time for someone else to serve, and I accept their judgment."

Schwarzenegger took 47.9 percent of the vote to win the election.
Exclusive: J.Lo Album News
Sources close to have recieved some ultra exclusive news on J.Lo's upcoming album. J.Lo's new album will be titled 'Reel Me' and is reportedly set to be released on November 18, 2003. No word yet on any tracks on the LP. This is J.Lo's second album in under a year.
Mariah Living in Paradise
Peoplenews.com reports Mariah Carey is to buy a place on the island of St Barts in the West Indies. Carey discovered the exclusive island after visiting during an 'emotional time' recently and loved the island and the butterflies it contains so much she has decided to buy a place. "The locals love her," said an islander. "She has a lot of charisma and really enjoys the time she spends on St. Barts, so now she wants to have a property here of her own." Mariah's new neighbors will include Britney Spears, Naomi Campbell and Tom Cruise."
Ashanti Wants To Rock Wit U This Christmas With Holiday LP
Ask Ashanti what she wants for Christmas, and she just might say she wants to rock with you.

The singer has a holiday album titled Ashanti's Christmas due November 18, a spokesperson said Friday. The album will include  about four new

songs as well as such classics as "Joy to the World," "Silent Night" and "Winter Wonderland."

Meanwhile, Ashanti will be traveling to India in the next couple of weeks to shoot a small part in an undisclosed Miramax film. Not much is known about the role, except that she'll be singing in the flick.

Though it's her first movie, it won't be the first time fans will get to see Ashanti on the big screen. An 11-minute version of her "Rain on Me" video will be shown at 4,000 Regal theaters across the country in the next few weeks. Moviegoers will get to take the clip home with them via a promotion called Lid Rocks. A disc of the video is attached to the lids of soft drinks sold at the theaters' concession stands.
Kelly Rowland eyes Mariah Duet
R&B star Kelly Rowland was so blown away after watching Mariah Carey sing live in Las Vegas, she wants to record a duet with her.

The Destiny`s Child beauty - who is enjoying huge solo success with her first album as a solo artist - met up with Mariah after the recent American gig and the pair really hit it off.

An insider whispers, "They got on so well they`re going to be working on a song."

AOL To Premier new Britney Single!
AOL(R) Music's Groundbreaking First Listen Program to Reach Landmark With Debut of "Me Against the Music" Featuring Madonna

America Online, Inc. the world's leading Interactive services company,will celebrate its landmark 100th First Listen by unveiling the exclusive world premiere of a brand new song from Jive recording artist Britney Spears. "Me Against the Music," featuring Madonna, will be available exclusively for AOL(R) members for 24 hours beginning Monday, October 6 at 12:01am ET at AOL Keyword: First Listen. The song will be the first single off of In the Zone, Spears' forthcoming new album, set to hit stores on November 18. "Me Against the Music" will mark number 100 in a string of hit songs debuting on AOL(R) Music's groundbreaking First Listen program before any other media outlet.

"I'm really excited about the new single and I think its great that my fans on AOL will be the first to hear it," states Britney Spears.

"Me Against The Music," was co-written by Britney Spears and produced by Redzone. Spears co-wrote 7 of the 13 songs for In the Zone, the hotly anticipated follow-up to her 2001 self-titled, multi-platinum release. Some of the other producers/writers on the album include Moby ("Early Mornin'"), Bloodshy & Avant ("Showdown"), Guy Sigsworth ("Everytime") and R. Kelly ("Outrageous"). Since storming the pop music scene with 1999's ...Baby One More Time, Spears has sold nearly 60 million albums worldwide.
Pink rolls eyes, snores when Madonna name brought up.
Yet again, music star Pink has commented on 'The Kiss' at this year's VMA's. "I think that if they thought that (kiss) was interesting they should wait for me and Peaches," the flamboyant musician said during a news conference to promote her new album 'Try This'. Pink actually rolled her eyes and snored when the subject of the Material Girl and the wannabe bad girl was raised. "I'm surprised that the world is still so shocked by girls kissing but that's what Madonna does, she pulls things out that people are still
shocked about and does it," Pink shrugged.

'Gigli' Flops in the UK
Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez are set for the ultimate humiliation - their latest movie is likely to be dropped by every cinema in Britain.

Gigli is destined to end its run in cinema chains nationwide after only a week.

Normally the Hollywood pair, who recently called off their wedding,
are box office magnets but critics have savaged their current release as one of the worst films of all time.

Film 2003 presenter Jonathan Ross said: "Nothing can prepare you for quite how bad Gigli is." When it opened on Friday, more than 70 UK cinemas opted to screen the film.

But now none are planning to keep the film showing for a second

So few moviegoers went to see Gigli that it failed to make the box office top 15 compiled by Screen International.

Many films have their biggest share of takings during their first week of release.

But Gigli was beaten by kids cartoon Rugrats Go Wild which has already been out for eight weeks.
Madonna's Husband directing new Britney Video
The video for Britney Spears' forthcoming single will be directed by Guy Ritchie and will also feature the missus.

The mockney Lock Stock director will be behind the camera on the shoot for Me Against The Music, in which Madonna, who collaborates on the track, will play a typically modest role. Her Madge will play a leather-clad dominatrix with a string of semi-naked 'b*tches' on leashes. It isn't known if Britney will play one of those b*tches.

The video will see Madonna playing the matriarch of a nightclub, who lures innocent scantily-clad Britney into a private room filled with other scantily-clad young women.

You heard it first on Wild Writings!
50 Cent purchases Mike Tyson's Mansion
Just when Mike Tyson neighbours thought it was safe to put the bins out - bad boy 50 Cent moves in.

The rapper has snapped up the ex-heavyweight boxing champ mansion in Farmington, Connecticut, for a bargain million. Iron Mike originally had the luxury pad on the market for illion four  years ago but slashed the asking price after it failed to sell. The 18-bedroom home is set in 17 acres of countryside and comes complete with seven kitchens, four whirlpools, a state-of-the art gym and self-contained disco.
Britney to get In The Zone
Here it is, short and sweet. The new cover from Britney's new album, 'In The Zone.' The album
will be coming out in November.

Jay-Z says Next Album his Last
Jay-Z is bringing the curtain down on his glittering hip-hop career with a nationwide tour of America starting in November.

The Girls, Girls, Girls star has reiterated that his upcoming release The Black Album will be his last, despite the fact he is one of the biggest selling rappers in the world.

Jay-Z, who is dating R+B babe Beyonce Knowles, will kick off his promotion of the album with a charity performance at New York's Madison Square Garden  on November 25th. He explains, "The Black Album is my last solo album because I want to go out while I'm hot and strong.

"The success of my recording career has opened up other opportunities for me
which I want to now focus on."
Madonna to Tour Later this Year!
Reports say the 'Hollywood' star is reportedly set to go on a concert tour being later this year, but most likely in 2004.

In fact, she said today that the tour is supposed to start before the end of this year.
You heard it here first! www.wildwritings.com
Eminem Unites Tupac And Biggie
Controversial rapper Eminem has brought together late hip-hop rivals Tupac Shakur and Notorious Big - on a new track by the tragic pair.

Eminem has produced the tune Running (Dying to Live) for a new posthumous Tupac album, and the song also features a verse from Shakur's fallen rival, Notorious Big.

The song uses a Shakur vocal over a new Eminem backing track, which samples Edgar Winters' blues classic Dying to Live its chorus.

Running (Dying To Live) is taken from the forthcoming soundtrack, Tupac: Ressurection, which according to MTV, will feature songs "that tell a chronological story of his life and career".
Christina Aguilera to host MTV Europe Music Awards
Our MTV Europe Music Awards 2003 host is 'Beautiful', likes to get 'Dirrty' and she's definitely a 'Fighter' – and that's just the last year of her career.

Born on December 18th 1980, Xtina (to her friends) first popped onto our screens like a vocally charged Genie out of a bottle in 1999. Her self-titled debut album came with a fresh-faced, butter-wouldn't-melt image that put her on the fast track to the top of the charts.

After a couple of years in the pop wilderness, Xtina was back on form,  joining forces with Missy Elliott, Mya, Pink and Lil' Kim for the smash hit 'Lady Marmalade' in 2001.

The following year Christina's most musically diverse album 'Stripped' was released. With it came a sexy new image and those leather chaps,  as worn in the video for 'Dirrty' and live on stage at the MTV Europe  Music Awards 2002.

Christina is currently making her way around Europe with Justin Timberlake as part of the 'Justified and Stripped' world tour before hosting our 10th Annual MTV Europe Music Awards 2003 live from Edinburgh, Scotland on 6th November.

So grab your chaps and welcome our host, Miss Christina Aguilera!
Carey Ready To Tell All In Book   
Eccentric singer Mariah Carey is in talks to write an autobiography. The diva has met with publishers in New York to discuss plans for the book, based on her early years - and has already come up with a 30 page proposal outlining her ideas for the project. Mariah wants a seven figure sum for the book, which will include poetry written by the singer, but will be authored by music journalist David Ritz. And the star insists the text won't be just another conventional celebrity autobiography - and will instead focus on her struggle to overcome adversity. She says, "There's always a possible something in the works with me. You never know. But a memoir? No, I think it's a little early for that. We'll just have to wait and see."
Celebrity Week Recap!
Over the last week, we featured rare media (unreleased Beyonce tracks, Clay Aiken live performances, Christina Aguilera files), exclusive pictures (Ben and J.Lo, Mariah), headline news including Britney Spears, Hilary Duff, Ruben Studdard, 50 Cent, Justin Timberlake, Ashanti, OutKast
and more! Lastly, we had a Mary J Blige contest.

Thanks to all the fans who visited the site last week, the 'Celeb Week' was such a success that we are planning a second Celeb Week in the future!

Next month, Wild Writings will have a 'Introducing Week,' where we will bring you an upcoming singer or actor! You won't want to miss these artist before they hit it big. (Trust us on this one.)