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A Static Lullaby
we're wild about pop culture!
WW: Hello! This is Jimmy of! Thanks for taking out the time to
sit down and chat with Wild Writings.
TSL: I'm phil from a static lullaby. How are you?

WW: Tell us about your band, A Static Lullaby?
TSL: We're a 5 piece rock band from So. Cal. We just got
a new drummer,  his name is Jarrod Alexander. I'm the
bassist and one of the three singers

WW: How would you describe your music?
TSL: It's very heavy, yet upbeat. keeps you moving.
I've heard it pumps you up. It's pretty melodic. It's rock
with all sorts of other influences thrown into the mix.
On the first record, there are a lot of heavy stuff mixed
with really melodic stuff (the record is called "...and dont
forget to breathe")

WW:  Well thats very interesting. How did the idea of
‘Revolution on Canvas’ come about?
TSL:   I dont know, but I'm glad it did. Rich and Charlie are good friends of mine, and I think it was their idea.

WW: And What is your involvement with 'Revolution on Canvas?'
TSL: I contributed a little writing about how I feel about living life and how I will live my life for the rest of my life. Out of the loop, basically. For a year and a half I didn't watch tv or read the newspaper, I had no clue what was doing on with the war. I wanna keep it that way. I want to just live my life; and stay out of the loop.

WW:   Very true. Anything else we should know about the book? Where fans can get a copy?
TSL:  Fans can get info online @ The book comes out on Valentines Day, 2004. And it will be available at Hot Topic.  This book is awesome and I'm glad to be apart of it. '

WW: Where do you get the inspiration to write your lyrics?
TSL: Well, I don't write the lyrics for a Satic Lullaby I get inspiration from everywhere. Love, hate, my mom..........not so much politics. Our band its a very collective writing process.

WW:  So What’s next for A Static Lullaby?
TSL:  Right now we are writing with our new drummer, and on Feb. 4 we kick off our West Coast tour with Beloved and Christiansen at Chain Reaction in Anaheim. The show is sold out already, it's pretty exciting.