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Across The Sky
we're wild about pop culture!
WW: Hello, How are you guys?
ATS: Awesome! Thanks for chatting with us..

WW: Where did you grow up, did music always
influence you?
ATS: Well, we were raised in different parts
of the country. Justin's from Phoenix, AZ. 
I call Louisville, KY home.

Music has always played a big part in our lives,
we love it. The radio was on a lot and kept us
in tune with what going on.

WW: When did you realize you to wanted to be
ATS: Well Once again, our stories are a little

For me, Ben, I started singing publicly at age 8,
doing things here and there, just knew I loved

It wasn't until I went to a concert in 1992 that I made the connection between my love for music and singing for a living. That was the first seed planted and eventually grew into this pursuit of sharing music with people everywhere.

Justin has played music for a long time. However, he was planing on  going to school to study weather. It wasn't until  2000 when he happened to be given money to enter a competition in Colorado where he ended up winning the whole thing.  That's when god changed his direction and lead him to Nashville to start working with some record labels out here.

WW: How did you two meet?
ATS: Well we met in Nashville. We were both pursuing solo deals, and had started talking with Word/Warner Bros. About that, but we ended up meeting in the hallway at the label and decided to get together and write, we started doing demos, getting to know each other, and before long, it was made very clear to both of us individually that this was a divine appointment. We approached the label about a duo and they were pumped.  It's an awesome thing we're doing...

WW: Obviously, you get along great now. At first was there any hesitation to go into this band with someone who you hadn't known that long? Or did the friendship just happen?
ATS: At first there was a little hesitation, especially because at first glance we're so different, but after a while you see more of the similarities and embrace the differences that make us unique as individuals and helps set us apart as Across the Sky.

But really God's hang was on this relationship from the beginning and we thank him daily for bringing his about.

WW: For those of us who don't know your music, what can we relate it to?
ATS: It's hard to say, but it's a great blend a good pop music and melodies, combined with a rock flair.  I play guitar and Justin mainly plays piano, we
harmonies and switch off leaders, all with a real band vibe behind us.  I've heard comparison's from Jimmy Eat World to John Mayer to BBMak.  It's fun, energetic music.

WW: You have been on the road and recorded in the studio. Which do you
ATS:   Good question because both have their unique draw. We'd probably have to say playing live though, because of the energy we get from the audience, the off the cuff attitude we do in between songs, just the entertaining, laid back atmosphere is a lot of fun..

WW: Good luck you you two in the future!
ATS: Thanks so much, look forward to talking with all you soon!