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Barlow Girl
we're wild about pop culture!
WW: You are all sisters, so could you tell us a
little about you and your family?
AB: We are the Barlow sisters-Becca, Alyssa,
and Lauren.  We’ve grown up in Elgin, IL-
outside of Chicago. Our parents are Vincent
and MaryAnn, Brother-Josh, Sister in law-
Sabrina, Nephew-Caleb and niece Emma.

WW: Did music always influence you?
AB: Yes, music has always been
the biggest part of our life. We we were raised
in a musical family and we took piano lessons
at a young age. We were always singing
together, and listening to music together. We
were raised listening to old Beatles tunes and
The Mamas and the Papas. Everything in our
family revolved around music.

WW: Who had the idea to start a band, and how were old were you?
AB: It was about 4 years ago. For 2 ½ years we were our dad’s back up band. We would travel the country playing kids music. Lauren began to play drums, Becca started guitar, and we started playing songs and writing together. It just came together. It was never really planned. My dad came to us and encouraged us to try our own thing. We never took it too serious, we just had fun with it. Once labels started looking we realized it was more serious.

WW: Where does the inspiration come from in your lyrics?
AB: Most the time inspiration comes from our journals. A lot of times, one of us will bring our journal down and say here is what I’m going through and what God has taught me this month. We get concepts from journal entries or out of family prayer.

WW: Could you explain your music for us?
AB: It is: personal, guitar driven, vocal driven girl rock.

WW: What music are you currently listening to?
AB: I’m really into Tree 63’s song, Blessed be the Name of the Lord. Taylor Sorenson, Silers Bald, Todd Agnew, all the people we are on tour with, we’re listening to their stuff now!

WW: Where can we go and get the new album?
AB: You can find it at any local Christian store as well as Wal-Mart and Target.