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WW: What's up Bitter:Sweet? Welcome to!
Tell us about yourself. Where did you two grow up?
Shan: We both grew up in LA actually. Kiran was born in Bombay, India and moved to CA when he was little and I've been here since the beginning.

WW: How you two met is such an unbelievable story! Can you share it with us...
BS: We actually met on Craigs List believe it or not. Yes, it's true. Kiran and I were in a pretty strange place when he placed that add. We had both been a bit frustrated with our recent experiences in the music business, and as a last effort, we both needed to break away from everyone we knew in our respective circles and remember why we were doing this make music we just really wanted to listen to.  Upon meeting, we realized we knew many of the same people and had recorded one wall away from each for over a year.  We tried writing one song together just to see how it would feel, and that song became the first song on our record. Our chemistry was just amazing.

WW: Did music always play an important role while you were growing up?
Shana: Absolutely. I grew up in very musical household. There was no escaping it! My dad was a big time musician and there were always people jamming at my house until all hours of the night since I can remember. In fact I rebelled for a while by doing everything I could to not be musical. That didn’t last long though. I’ve been singing and making up diddies since I was 3 years old.
Kiran: Oh ya….My mom was always playing such eclectic music in the house. From Indian to disco! Her records were a big influence in my life.

WW:What sparked your interest in music?
Kiran: girls.
Shana: My dad.

WW: How would you describe your music to our visitors?
BS: Shag rugs, chia pets, a great bottle of vino, Doris Day, late nights in Paris, a splash of bossanova with a Spoonful of electro, love affairs, and some Billie Holiday for good measure.

WW: Where does the name Bitter:Sweet come from?
BS: We had such a difficult time coming up with a name that could capture the essence of the stories told on this album, and in our lives.  Ironically, we had both thought of the name separately and we knew that it was meant to be. Life is after all Bittersweet.

WW: Tell us about your most recent album.
BS: Our album is for anyone with an open mind looking to be turned on! A feel good record with a freedom and a sensuality that pulls from so many of our influences.
We just adore it.

WW: What has been the toughest aspect of being in the music business thus far?
BS: The industry is afraid to take risks and develop artists like they used to. With record sales down and stores like Tower going out of business, it seems that they are only interested in formulating somethingthat will guarantee them to make money without having to be creative. It's really sad. That's why it is so important to slip through the cracks any way we can as an indie band to get to be heard. People will still find good music if it's out there and that's what we count on to survive.

WW: What's the next thing you have planned?
BS: We’ve been busy writing and recording our next record and have plans to tour as much as possible this year to promote “The Mating Game”. 2006 was really an incredible year for us and this year we are ready to take this thing to another level. It’s such a precious moment in time for us and although we are constantly looking for what’s next, and how can we get our music out there even more, we feel so lucky to be where we are right now. We must savor it!

WW: Best of luck to you!
BS:  Thank you! xoxo