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WW: What's up Cali? Welcome to!
Cali: Thank you for having me! Its such a
pleasure to come in contact with you!

WW: Tell us about yourself. Where did you
grow up?
Cali: I grew up in Knoxville, TN and lived there
until college. I moved to Nashville about a year
ago and I absolutely love it! I'm kind of a girly
girl but I love to snowboard! I have two siblings
and a cat named Celebrity. My favorite pastime
is going to the movie theater to watch new
movies! I love having girl night sleepover's with
my friends! And obviously, I can't live without

WW: Did music always play an important role
while you were growing up?
Cali: Music has always been in my life! I began
singing, dancing and acting when I was two.
Everyday after school I would go to rehearsals.
When I went to college for the first year, I
stopped performing. I became very unhappy
with life and wasn't my true self. I was made
to be a performer! I'm so thankful I found that
out at an early age!

WW: What sparked your interest in music?
Cali: The moment that first sparked my interest of being a recording artist was when I saw Britney Spears on TV for a music awards. Of course that was every young girls dream at the time of the booming Pop Princess's but that dream stuck with me. The production that was involved in her shows captivated me. There's something so powerful about telling a story on stage with lights, sets, dancers, and music! Especially when the music is your own.

WW: How would you describe your music to our visitors?
Cali: My music is positive Pop with a slightly R&B flavor that addresses meaningful topics. It's fun, fresh, and uplifting. And I should not forget, incredibly easy to dance to!

WW: Tell us about your most recent album.
Cali: My album is self-titled Cali because every song is about a different situation in my life. It's my story of who I was and who I have become. My goal was to give my audience something real that they could relate to, hopefully forming a connection between the two of us. All the songs sound completely different as well. No matter what style of music a person enjoys, everyone can find at least one song they love.

WW: You were the co-headliner of Camplified Tour with Kristy Frank. How was the tour experience?
Cali: It was amazing! We went around to different summer camps and performed for hundreds of children each day. The highlights of the tour were visiting Paul Newman's Camp Hole in the Wall and Camp Horizon, a camp for children with dermatological diseases. In many ways, those camps were life-changing.

WW: Was it difficult to be on the road and away from home?
Cali: Being away from home wasn't difficult, but it was challenging living with nine people on a tour bus and only having one bathroom! Leaving home doesn't bother me because as an artist, I'm constantly touring. Every once and awhile, I'll get a few days off to explore the city where I'm performing. Which usually means I get to shop!

WW: Now that youve toured and recorded an album, which do you prefer?
Cali: I love touring. I'm all about putting on a show for people. Growing up I was always involved with some kind of musical, dance recital, or competition, so performing has always been my passion. I love creating a new album and seeing it come to life! But I get the most joy out of being on the road. 

WW: What has been the toughest aspect of being in the music business thus far?
Cali: When your a new artist in this industry, your always going to owe somebody money! But you have to spend money to make money, right? Plus, there will come a day when that won't be an issue anymore!

WW: What's the next thing you have planned?
Cali: Well, the world premiere for music video is January 20th on the Gospel Music Channel. It's my first music video so, of course, I'm thrilled about seeing it on TV. My album will also be distributed in stores this coming March. And you can always check me out on Radio Disney and request to hear my song!

WW: Best of luck to you!
Cali: Best of luck to Wild Writings as well! Hope you have an amazing 2007!