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WW: Hello, how are you guys doing?
Chris: awesome
JF: not bad
Tom: I'm doing fine thanks, how are you?

WW: Where did you all grow up?
Chris: Connecticut
John: I grew up in Stamford, CT
JF: Virginia
Tom: I was born in Canada, and I've lived in
Germany, California, and have spent the last six
years in Connecticut.

WW: How did your band get started?
Chris: Tom and I were both looking for bands, and we'd been friends for a while so we decided play together. Eventually John who is my king became a permanent member, and then after 2 bassists we added JF who rules.
John: I played with Tom like 4 years ago and it was sort of a lost cause because Tom was really into rap back then so we stopped. The band officially started I think about a year later when Chris started playing the guitar and started playing with Tom and quickly changed Tom's music preference. So I started playing with them too, we've been through a few different bassists and we're set with J.F. now, we're all good friends.
JF: We all met through an Internet dating service
Tom: Chris and I started jamming together mainly to kill time. John joined shortly thereafter, and JF just joined recently. Since the addition of JF we've become quite serious about our music and all that good stuff.

WW: Did music always influence you?
Chris: Not really, I actually wasn't that interested in music until 8th grade I guess, but since then it's taken over my life.
John: Yes, I always used to play air guitar in front of my mirror naked, and my sister was always blasting music in the room next to me so I've enjoyed the rock for quite some time.
JF: yeah, I've been searching for good music since I was 5.  I really like the Beach Boys back then.. not
Tom: I have an embarrassing music history, but since 6th grade music has been a large part of my life. Recently music has come to be even more important and a greater part of my life.

WW: How would you define your music?
Chris: A blend of fast punk, emo, and hardcore.
John: I don't really know we definitely bring the rock but we have a huge variety of influences that definitely change the shape of our music. Most people describe us as aggressive post-hardcore but all of our songs are very different so it's hard to just categorize us.
JF: I just say rock and roll.  I'd rather let people create their own definitions of what our music is from hearing us rather than telling them what we are. 
Tom: There are so many categories and subcategories of music I'm not even sure where our music falls. We play music with a lot of energy, emotion, aggression, harmonies, and melody. Each song blends a variety of those elements, and we like to mix in a good amount of screaming with singing.

WW: Where do you get the inspiration to write your own lyrics?
Chris: I pretty much just write about what's going on in my life, and whatever I'm feeling at the time.
John: I don't usually write lyrics for our music, Chris does most of that, but when I do write songs it's usually from times in my life that really standout and are important to me.
JF: I've only written one song that they want to make into a real song.but I guess season one of family members has had the most influence on me.
Tom: Chris writes the lyrics these days, but from what I've read he just writes about whatever he may be going through at any given time. I used to write lyrics, but my style didn't match his, so I don't do it so much anymore. I write about issues that are important to me, like the dangers of organized religion, individuality, and war

WW: Do you have any CD's out, where can we get them?
Chris: Not really, we recorded some stuff in the past, but we don't sell them anymore because they're old and we weren't good at all back then. We're putting the finishing touches on a new CD right now though which should be out by February.
John: We self released a few but we changed our sound a lot since then. We're actually in the middle of recording our new CD right now with Broken Wheel Records and that should be coming out mid February or early March. You can purchase them online, at shows, and it's going to be sold in a few FYE's around our area.
JF: Yeah soon, we're almost done with recording.  They'll be out around February and you can get them from our website, at shows, and FYE.
Tom: I'm tempted to lie and tell you we have no CDs, but unfortunately we do. It took us a while to find our style and sound, and we were pretty young when we recorded them, so our first CDs are pretty bad. I don't recommend you look for them. However, we're in the process of finishing our latest CD, which more accurately reflects the direction we want to go in. We're really happy with how it's turning out.

WW: If you had the chance to work with any other artist, who would you like to work with?
Chris: Dan Yemin (Paint it Black, ex-lifetime/kid dynamite)
John: I'd definitely love to play with Thursday or Thrice. They are a huge influence on the music I write personally. We are huge fans of BigWig as well. I'd love to play with them again now that we have improved since the last time we played with them.
JF: John Spencer, he's crazy.
Tom: Bigwig has been my favorite band for a long time now. I would love to work with them and learn as much as possible.

WW: What music are you currently listening to?
Chris: Right at this moment I'm listening to Count Me Out by Bane. Aside from that I've been listening to tons of stuff... too much to name
John: A Static Lullaby is in my CD player right now I think
JF: Zepplin 2
Tom: My favorite bands are as follows: Bigwig, Thrice, Strike Anywhere, and Story of the Year. There are also tons of bands I really enjoy, like Silverstein, Your Day Strong, Glasseater, etc.

WW: Thanks! Best of luck to you in the future!