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Gabriel Carpenter
we're wild about pop culture!
WW: Hello Gabriel! Thanks for chatting with me. I'm Jimmy
Hi Jimmy. Thanks for interview me, this is pretty exciting.

WW:  I've learned that you moved a lot when you were younger,
why did you move so much? Did you enjoy it or find it hard?
GC: My family just never settled in one place. It was pretty fun
to go around the country and see different places, but then I
also had to make new friends and acquaintances every time.

WW:  When did you want to become an actor?
GC: When I was 17, I decided that acting is a really great
profession. Actors can be anything - a fireman, a doctor, a
lawyer, a businessman..

WW:  How did you break into the business?
GC: An acting agent discovered me in NYC, and decided to manage my future career. She really believed in me, and that I could succeed as an actor.

WW: What movies have you been in?
GC: My first movie appearance was in KIDS (as one of the background skaters). Then: Coming Soon, Drive Me Crazy, My Sister's Wedding, and Riding In Cars With Boys.

WW: Have you made any television appearances? What shows?
GC: I have been in such shows as New York Undercover, Sabrina: The Teenage Witch, Freaks And Geeks, Third Watch, Boston Public, Law & Order, and ED.

WW:  Has meeting other actors like yourself enabled you to perform better in front of the camera?
GC: I watch other actors and learn from their skill. I think it's also important for actors to support each other, that way the pressure of competition is lessened.

WW:  When did you want to become a model?
GC: I never thought about becoming a model. Acting was my first, and foremost interest.

WW:  How did you get involved in modeling?
GC: An agent from a modeling agency approached me one day. I thought modeling would be a fun thing to try: traveling around the world, meeting artistic people, wearing the most beautiful clothes. Plus I get to be in front of the camera, like an actor.

WW:  Who have you modeled for?
GC: Magazines: Vogue, Arena, Hair Salon. Designers: Nautica, Cynthia Rowley, NFL, Aveda.

WW: I see you like to skateboard, is this a hobby or do you do it professionally?
GC: It is a hobby now. When I was younger I actually thought about doing it professionally.

WW:  What are you currently working on? Any new movies or television shows?
GC: Just tons of auditions, and I am not filming anything now.

WW:  Do you have any advice to young adults who want to become a model or actor?
GC: Be intuitive, and understand what goes on around you and inside of you. Read, learn, experience life.

WW:  What actor would you like to work with the most?
GC: At the moment, I wish to do something with Cate Blanchett. She is a great actress.

WW: Well, Thank you  Gabriel! will be supporting you throughout your career!
GC: Thank you so much guys! I will try to do my best.