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Gregory Scott
we're wild about pop culture!
WW: Hello Gregory, how are you?
GS: I'm doing great, thanks!

WW: How would you describe your music?
GS: I really wanted my first album to be a great pop album,
and I'm really proud of how it came out. It mixes in some R&B
and electronic elements, but I also feel like it's got some
real intelligence and musicality to it as well.

WW: What made you want to become a singer?
GS: As cliche as it sounds, I've just always needed to do it.
Here I am...

WW: Who are your musical influences?
GS: I grew up on Madonna and Mariah. Steven Curtis
Chapman absolutely blows me away. I could go on forever,
but I'll spare you.

WW: Tell us about The Electricity Tour. What can we expect?
GS: Expect an incredible show! When we return in March, we'll be at a bunch of theaters with incredible sound and lighting, plus my full band and dancers. I'll be doing some new material that no one's heard yet, and maybe a surprise duet...

WW: Congrats on your 3 nods at the LA Music Awards! How did you feel when you were nominated for Pop Artist of the Year, Contemporary Christian Artist of the Year and Music Video of the Year?
GS: It's such a thrill to be recognized by your peers in that way. I actually won
Contemporary Christian Artist of the Year which was amazing since my Christian album isn't finished yet. I think that really bodes well for how it's going to come out.

WW: When can we expect a new album? What can you tell us about it?
GS: I hope to have the production done by late March. Sonically, it's got more of a rock sound to it, but it's still about writing an incredible song and going from there. I think people will really get a lot from this album. I'm pouring my heart out about my faith, my hopes, my struggles, and feelings.

WW: Best of luck to you!
GS: Thanks so much. You too!