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Ian Erix
we're wild about pop culture!
WW: Hey Ian, welcome to! How are you?
IE: Hot!!! We hit 90 today in NY and I got a little fried.

WW: Did music always play an important role in your life as
you grew up?
IE: Yeah, totally.......I was always dancing and singing along
to my favorite stuff when I was little....I wouldn't shut up
actually!!! And I was writing songs from the time I was 5, or
I was trying to at least!!

WW: You started DJing at age 9. How did you break into the
IE: I was at my brothers birthday party and I was bored with
it.  Somehow I ended up on stage....Not really sure how
it happened.  I took over the entertainment and then the
whole dj/mc thing spiraled from there.

WW: You once had a management company that was trying to mold you into something your not. How did you handle that situation?
IE: It wasn't fun....I just stuck my ground and waited for the contract to expire.

WW: How did it feel when you became popular overseas?
IE: I was totally stoked! After dealing with a lot of crazy nonsense it was a big validation for me.

WW: Tell us about the events that led to the recording of your debut album.
IE: There's a lot of back story but the short version is I was in Europe doing some promo stuff for a reality show that I was filming in Germany.....The shoot got delayed and I had about a week to myself to hang in London.  I got hooked up with a music publisher while I was there and she sent me to Scandinavia to work on some of my tracks.  I clicked with one of the producers I met and I ended up recording my whole album with him in Denmark.

WW: How would you describe your music?
IE: I don't know.....It's got a bunch of different elements and everyone has their own take on it but it's basically pop-rock or pop-punk to me.

WW: Where do you draw inspiration from to write your songs?
IE: Never really thought about it......No place in particular...I just write 'em, I don't have any one method or muse.

WW: Tell us about your newest album.
IE: Hey, that's another one of those questions!  I don't wanna bang my own drum but I think it came out halfway decent!!  It's called "For Conformity".

WW: Best of luck to you! Thanks!
IE: No prob, it was mostly painless!