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WW: Hello J, How are you?
J: Hey guys, I’m doing awesome. Things are a bit on the
crazy side, but it’s all good.

WW: What does your name mean, or stand for?
J: It’s my initial of my first name, Jorge.

WW: Tell us a little about you, your life.
J:  Let’s see, where should I begin.  I’m a pretty easy going
guy, easy to get along with.  I’m into playing tennis,
basketball, and bowling.  I love going out to small clubs and
lounges with my friends.  I definitely have a chill side and a
wild side.  My friends have given me the moniker “Dirty J”.
I’ll leave that one to your imagination.  Anyway, I would say
I grew up part of middle-class America.  Both of my parents worked, and my older brother and I were “latch-key kids”.  I definitely learned a lot on my own.  I think I was a pretty normal kid, you know, good and bad. 

WW: Where did you grow up?
J: I was born and raised in Queens, New York. Much respect to some of my fellow Q-Boro natives, like LL Cool J, Run-DMC, and NAS, just to name a few. 

WW: Did music always influence you?
J: Music has always been a part of my life. I think I was like 4 or 5 when I remember first listening to music.  I would sing along to songs on the radio.  I’m sure all of us can say that music has had some impact on our lives at one point or another.  As the saying goes, “Music is the soundtrack of our lives”.  Everyone has a song or two that reminds them of a particular moment or moments in their lives.

WW: Who writes the lyrics for your music?
J:  Well, I write the lyrics to my songs.  As far as the music goes, I will usually collaborate with the producer or producers that I am working with at the time.  I love the creative process.

WW: Where do you get the inspiration to write your own lyrics?
J: I get inspired by my life experiences most of the time.  Sometimes I get ideas when I’m just relaxing or even when I’m in the bathroom.  There really is no set time when I will just sit down and write a song.  The ideas just come whenever they want to.  

WW: Did you always know you wanted to be a singer?
J: Not exactly.  I remember I wanted to be an astronaut when I was a little kid.  I was into all that space stuff.  Go NASA!  But seriously, music and singing were always there, I just didn’t think that I would ever be in the position I’m in now.  It’s pretty amazing and exciting.

WW: How would you classify your music? Could you explain it for us?
J: I guess I would classify my music as R&B/Pop.  As far as explaining it, I would have to say that my music is a reflection of me.  I love all different styles of music and I think that I try and incorporate some of everything in what I do.  I’m just having a great time doing what I’m doing.  I hope the fans are having as much fun as I am.

WW: Do you have any CD's out, where can we get them?
J: No CD’s out yet, but don’t worry you’ll know as soon as it’s ready.  And you better be ready for it!

WW: If you had the chance to work with any other artist, who would you like to work with?
J: I would love to work with Michael Jackson.  He was one of my biggest idols when I was growing up. I think I would love to see his mind at work.  I think that he is one of the greatest all around entertainers in music.  There are others that I would love to work with, don’t get me wrong.  But MJ is at the top of the list.

WW: What music are you currently listening to?
J: Hmmm, let’s see what I have in my CD changer.  Jane’s Addiction “Strays”, awesome rock album,  Brian McKnight “U-Turn”, another awesome singer. Justin Timberlake “Justified”, great album.  The White Stripes “Elephant”, Notorious B.I.G., “Ready To Die”,  classic. We miss you BIG.

WW: What do you have in store for the future?
J: Well, definitely getting the album ready is a priority. We’ve also been getting a lot of show requests, so shows, shows, and more shows.  So everyone keep checking the site for show updates.

WW: Thanks! Wild Writings wishes you the best in your future music career.
J:Thank you so much for having me guys!  It was a blast!