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Jake Thomas
we're wild about pop culture!
WW: Hello Jake! I'm Jimmy, Congrats on the success
so far!
JT: Thank you!

WW:  When did you start acting?
(Jake told us to visit his official site for more information) Jake
was on his mother's TV show and his father's radio show when
he was very young. In fact, Jake was on the Knoxville Evening
News "live" from the nursery of the hospital the day he was
born.  The TV station where his mother was an anchor
covered Jake's first days in depth. As he grew up he was
in TV commercials with his parents. When he was six the
family moved to Hollywood. One day Jake was in the office
of his mother's agent. The agents were very entertained with Jake and asked to represent him. So after six months of auditioning and nothing happening, Jake booked his first national commercial. Then 15 more followed! In the meantime, Jake would perform in plays in Beverly Hills' theaters with his parents. One day after auditioning for over 25 films and numerous TV shows, Jake booked a guest star role on "3rd Rock from the Sun!" After that, the TV and movie roles started happening.

WW:  What made you want to be an actor?
JT: I really have always been acting.

WW:  Now that your starting to become a household name, do you want to pursue any other careers?
JT: Not yet. Maybe directing later.

WW:  How did you land the brother role in Lizzy McGuire?
JT: Many auditions.

WW:  For those of us who don't know Lizzy McGuire (or live under a rock) explain the show to us.
JT: It's a TV show about the crazy McGuire family!

WW:  How was taping a full length movie different then taping a short television show?
JT: TV you work with the same people everyday for years. Film you work with people everyday for a few months then all of a sudden they are GONE!

WW:  Through working with Hillary so much, have you guys become good friends?
JT: Yes, we are friends.

WW:  What is your favorite movie?

WW:  What type of music do you listen to?
JT: Smashmouth

WW:  What's next for Jake Thomas?
JT: Not sure. I just shot a pilot called "Sixteen to Life" produced by Fox for the WB Network. We should find out if we are going to series in the next week or two.

WW:  Let's end the rumors: You and Hillary aren't really brother and sister, right?
JT: No.

WW:  Does Hillary really die her hair blonde?
JT: Beats me.