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WW: Hello, I am Jimmy of
JS: Hey Jimmy!!

WW: Tell us a little about you, your life?
JS: I'm a singer/songwriter from Long Island, NY. I released my
pop/rock CD: Lifetime Guarantee late last year.

WW: What made you want to become a singer?
JS: It was something I always just knew.  I couldn't imaging doing
anything else.

WW: Who are your musical influences?
JS: Margaret Becker, Faith Hill, Celine Dion, Sheryl Crow, Creed,
the older Mariah stuff...

WW: Please tell us about your debut album.
JS: Lifetime Guarantee is a collection of songs that convey a
strong, but relatable message. The music is pop/rock with a more classic feel - more true to what we were feeling while producing not necessarily the current trend.  I wanted to make an album with no 'filler songs'.  It was mixed and mastered by Grammy award winner Gene Paul (Norah Jones, Aretha Franklin, Roberta Flack...), it was such an honor to work with him...he was instrumental in bringing much of the nostalgic feel to the album.

WW: You wrote all your lyrics on your album, LifetimeGuarantee." Where does the inspiration come from?
JS : Ultimately my inspiration comes from my relationship with God. I write about what moves me to write. Sometimes its just simply the music that pulls it out of me - other times it's a conversation, an occurrence - the important thing is to always stay open - inspiration hits at the most unusual times!

WW: Each song on your album is affiliated with a Proverb, Psalm, or Bible reading. What exactly does this mean? Was song influenced by a proverb?
JS: Those scriptures are simply references that can back up the meaning of each song.  I always want to make sure my lyrics convey hope, truth, and encouragement - those scriptures are there for those who want to get more out of the songs - or a further glimpse into what I feel the song is about.

WW: You toured all last year, you must have gotten to see alot of America! How was that experience?
JS: Amazing! This past year has been real exciting because I was able to sing so much!! I've also gotten the opportunity to share the stage with some amazing performers.  :) Although I love both recording and performing - there is such an energy when you get to see other people react to your songs and are able to talk to people after the shows! I've met so many great

WW: What's next for you in the future?
JS: Lots of things!! We're gearing up to do heavy promotion for Lifetime Guarantee - which means more performances!! :) There will be many more releases to come - and even while I'm out there to support Lifetime Guarantee I'm writing for the next release!

WW: Well, good luck to you in the future!
JS: Thanks so much for taking the time to chat! Thanks to you and Wild Writings for the kindness and support!!