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Jennifer Marks
we're wild about pop culture!
WW: Tell us a little about you, your life?
JM: I live in NY with my awesome husband and my
dog Mr. Higgins (who is the best).He is a Norfolk
terrier and he wakes me up around 6:30AM almost
everyday.  I take him for a 40 minute walk around the
neighborhood.  He greets all the kids at the bus stop
and then comes and gets coffee with me.  I
appreciate these mornings as I travel a lot and my
schedule is very sporadic.  In my spare time I love
going to the movies and hanging with my friends and
family. I also love reality shows and watching The
Price Is is fun to watch people win and freak
out when they do. 

WW: What made you want to become a
JM: I was a tomboy as a kid and as I got older the
boys were tackling me for other things besides for
the ball so I had to give up football and find some
other things to focus on. I was looking for something
to do.  Singing became my outlet.

WW: Growing up, who were your musical influences?
JM: The Beatles, Fleetwood Mac, Carol King, Prince,
Elvis Costello, The music from the 50's and Disco music.

WW: Where do you get the inspiration to write your own lyrics?
JM: I love writing and find inspiration in everyday life.  It could be my own story or someone else's...I try to write about things that everyone can relate to.

WW: What can you tell us about your new album? 
JM: My biggest goal in making this CD was to be honest.  There are songs that are upbeat, songs that are romantic, and songs that are bittersweet and even is all genuine...there is no bull.  I had a great time writing and recording it and just hope that people have a good time listening to it.

WW: To those of us who aren't familiar with your music, how would you describe it?
JM: Rock/Pop.  A fudge brownie sundae with the works.

WW: You are currently touring on the road, which do you prefer - touring or recording in the studio?
JM: I really enjoy working in the studio but I love getting out on the road and performing.  I like getting the chance to talk and interacting with people.

WW: Any message to soon to be fans?
JM: Thanks for listening.  You are the best!!!

WW: Good luck to you in the future!
JM: All the best to you as well.  Thanks for the support!