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WW: Hello, this is Jimmy Tickey of  How are you?
J: I am doing great thanks.

WW: Tell us a little about you, your life?
J: Well, in a nut shell I was born and raised in a small country town one hour south of Dallas, TX. After graduating high school I moved to Dallas where I began singing at the Potter's House with Pastor T.D. Jakes. Immediately following, I began singing with God's Property.

WW: When were you first interested in music as a career?
J: Interestingly enough, I knew that music was my career choice at the age of 12. I knew exactly what I wanted to do no matter what the cost. I remember making a vow with God
that if He would use me and make me the best that I can be, then I promised to use it for His glory.

WW: At age 13, you received regional acclaim via a ministry-focused Tejano band. Can you tell us about that expierence?
J: A cousin of mine had a band called Streets Of Gold from Lubbock, TX that I traveled with. Another cousin of my dad's had a band that consequently my father was a part of at an earlier age called Embajadores De Cristo (Embassadors Of Christ). My cousins and I were doing what we thought was grown folks business even though we had to set-up and tear-down. Now that I think about it, they just used us. (hahaha) I knew that it was all a part of bulding me for my destiny. I know that sounds funny for a 13 year to say that, but it's so true.

WW: Who are your musical influences?
J: Vocally speaking, I love to listen to Kim Burrell. She is absolutely one of the greats of our time. She is under-rated in my opinion. Brandy, Michael Jackson, and Usher are amongst my modern day favorites. Ellas Fitzgerald, Marvin Gaye, Gladys Knight, and of course Aretha Franklin are my old school favorites. However nothing compares to my forever reigning champs BeBe & CeCe Winans. I love them. They are the reason that I do what I do and how I do it. If I could do a tenth of what they did, then I am very happy.

WW: How would you describe your music?
J: My music is by definition R&B based with pop influences. I would probably say that I agree with that. In case you weren't able to tell, I love arranging vocals.  That's one of my passions. I guess that's the reason I can listen to Brandy, Michael, even Destiny's Child because of the arrangements done. On a spiritual level I want what I do to be like the staff that Moses used on the wizard he came against. When both of their staffs turned into serpents. But because Moses had God on his side, his staff ate the other staff. I believe our music should be on the same platform as the worlds music to an extent where they move the same way, maybe even look a little similar, but our music has the annointing which is what destroys the yoke.

WW: You were a part of the multi-platinum group God's Property, can you tell us about the band?
J: God's Property was one of my most memorable musical experiences if not the most. I have many life long friends with GP. They taught me pretty much everything I now know. Of course I've put my own twist to it, but it's all the same boot camp. Robert "sput" Searight was the MD for the group. While he and I worked on my album, I realized we had a certain chemistry that I haven't really experienced with any other producer/arranger. I can't wait to be able to work with these guys again.

WW: What do you hope people walk away with after they listen to your new album?
J: My hope is that people really get my heart. I have a heart for God and for His people. The songs that have been written come straight from my heart, personal experiences, and just life itself. I know that I talk about unconventional topics on this album such as "Don't Walk Away" which is about a couple going through the intial stages of divorce. However, the reality is that 50% of our Christian marriages are ending in divorce. To ask why is just as imortant as the question what are we going to do about it. As a church we deal with many real life issues that we just can't keep sweeping under the rug. Our children are being molested and abused now more than ever. Our parents are being tortured mentally by not knowing what to do with their children. I don't mind writing about these things if does nothing more than bring them to light so that we can deal with the issue. I recently sang "Don't Walk Away" at a youth festival. An older woman came up to me afterwards only to tell me while she was crying that she experienced this situation in her life. She thanked me for even bringing something like this to the forefront and for "acknowledging" that this is a real situation for us.

WW: You also are about to start filming your first major movie role in a feature film called Woman To Woman - have you always wanted to become an actor?
J: I have never really thought of myself as an actor. Not at all. After reading for this part, I have really thought twice about it. I can really see myself doing this acting thing. Even now, I will watch movies and things like that only to analyze whether or not I could do that. It's funny, but I really think I can get into this for real...

WW: What can we expect from you in the future?
J: Man, I'm just trying to make it to the next day...LOL Just kidding. I really want to see the vision God gave me come to fruition. The music, film, dance, all that is great and I have a great passion for it, but I have a greater passion for God's will in my life. I don't just say that either because I'm being interviewed. I really mean this. My prayer is that God give me the wisdom to fullfill His purpose in my life. We all have something to do in the kingdom, but we must take heed to His voice and only His voice to accomplish that good and perfect will He speaks of. Hopefully you'll see me at a later date and at a higher dimension. After all, that's all that little 12 year old boy wanted...

WW: Thanks Jontez! Best of luck to you.
J: Thank you for your time and I hope to visit with you again soon. God Bless!