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Julie Berman
we're wild about pop culture!
WW: Hi Julie, welcome to! How are
JB: I'm great. Just got back from a weekend in San
Francisco with my boyfriend.

WW: Tell us about your childhood. When did you know
you wanted to become an actress?
JB: As I found myself doing more and more commericals
as a kid, it dawned on me that performing could be
turned into a profession.  Not only was this something I
could do for fun, but it was something that I could do
forever and make a living off of it.  Acting is something
that made me unique among my friends and I liked
having a dream that other kids hadn't discovered yet.

WW: You were signed to an acting agency at the
young age of 3. Do you have any memories of being
JB: Barely. I remember I was sitting on the couch
upside down when I interviewed with Kelman/Arletta,
and they were eating it up.  They loved how
comfortable I was just being me.

WW: You switched acting agencies as a child. Why?
JB: At that time, I had a manager who thought it was best for me to make a move into a bigger and better known agency.  My career was moving forward, and I wanted to be exposed to more auditions than what Kelman/Arletta were able to gain access to.

WW: Did you continue with schooling as you were working on several
television and movie sets?
JB: I went from pre-school through college without ever taking a break from
school.  Sometimes it was hard to do both, but I was fortunate enough to have fairly understanding teachers.  I had to work extra hard on my own time to make-up the work and prove to my teachers that I wasn't taking school for granted.  I think for a long time, I saw acting as a hobby rather than a priority.  First and foremost, I was a student.  I never questioned getting the work done nor ultimately getting my college degree nomatter what happened with acting.

WW: How did it feel to become a recognized actress before even attending
high school?
JB: It was weird then, and I still find it really weird now.  People are so
nervous when they come up to me - I can tell they have to build up courage to just ask, "Are you that girl from 7th Heaven" or "Do people tell you that you look like Lulu Spencer?"  I don't see myself as some recognizable person so it catches me off gaurd when people get nervous around me.  But it's all fun - the fans are all nice and supportive of what I do so I couldn't ask for better immediate feedback!

WW: What are your plans for the future; more television shows?
JB: I want to do more!!! I am having so much fun and I hope to do as many
different shows/movies as I can! I love the opportunities to play different characters and challenge myself.  So now that school is wrapped up, I can focus on more auditions and hopefully get more gigs.

WW: Would you want to make the jump to the 'big screen' one day?
JB: Absolutely.  That's always been the ultimate goal.

WW: You became involved in the industry at such a young age. What has been the most valuable lesson learned?
JB: Never take yourself too seriously. 

WW: Thanks Julie! Best of luck to you.
JB: Back at you.