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Kristin Herrera
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WW: Hello Kristin! I'm Jimmy from WildWritings.com.
How are you?
KH: Hello Jimmy! I am fine, just stressing a little
because semester finals are coming up.

WW: Can you tell us a little about you, your life?
KH: I attend a Christian school in LA, and I spend a
lot of time with my family and friends. I am really
into sports and fashion. My favorite sport would
probably be basketball. Last summer I took surfing
lessons and enjoyed it so much, I definitely want to
work to perfect myself in that sport. I love
shopping and listening to music. My favorite type of
movies are comedies.

WW: By the age of six, you were already filming
commercials! What sparked your early interest in
KH:  I guess it all first started with dance lessons. I was performing with a dancing troop on stage and we were asked to work in a "Dr. Pepper" commercial, and well it never stopped there. My mom noticed how much I enjoyed myself so she signed me up with an agency.

WW: You also have appeared in hit shows like "ER" and "7th Heaven." Was the processing of filming television shows at such a young age overwhelming for you?
KH:  No, if anything it's been very enlightening for me. I have played roles that have been very tragic. One time on a cable show titled "The Division" I was the daughter and caretaker of a heroin addict that later OD'd in jail. In another role on "7th Heaven" I was a young girl who was put in several foster homes before finding my permanent adopted family. At that time, I never put much thought into how life could be living under those circumstances. It just made me think very deep within my self.

WW: Tell us about your new show, Zoey 101.
KH:  Its about an all boys boarding school which finally decided to let girls in. It is hard for the boys to adjust having girls in the school and there are some challenges so we are constantly trying to let the boys understand that they are our equals.

WW:  Your character, Dana, is the strong willed "mean girl." Is it fun to play this character? How does this differ from you?
KH: Yes, it's a fun character to play because she is the complete opposite of me, which makes it a more challenging role. As for myself, I am very strong-willed when it comes to family and friends. We both love basketball.

WW: You're working alongside Jamie Lynn Spears. How has that experience been?
KH: Working with Jamie has been very exciting. It's fun because we both share the same interests. That's what made it so easy for us to become friends. We had sleepovers, went shopping, and went to the movies. She has an incredible sense of humor.

WW: Has Britney ever stopped by the set?
KH: Yes, and when she did you could really see how much Jamie and Britney love each other.

WW:  Besides acting, what other interests or hobbies do you have?
KH: Well, like I mentioned before, I love basketball and snowboarding. I also like horseback riding. I am really into sports

WW:It seems nowadays young stars are taking over the acting and music industries! Do you want to be a singer in the future?
KH: I think it would be fun to be a singer, but the problem is, I'm not the best singer. I think I will stick with acting!

WW: Well Kristin, good luck to you and the new show!
KH: Thank you for interviewing me. Maybe hopefully I won't be hated as the "mean girl," and people will realize that it is just a character that I play and that my personality is totally opposite to my character 'Dana.'