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Lisa Campbell
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So there I sit, in Lisa Campell's Studio. Well, not her studio,
her family's. I wait and chat for a bit, and then Lisa comes
in. She seems very 'girl-next-door', has brown hair, and even
though it was getting late, she seemed full of energy.
Wearing casual jeans, a tank top, and a trendy sweater, we
go into a new part of the studio, grab two stools and begin
to talk. We have never met, but she's very approachable
and friendly. Even though she sits one leg under the other,
smiling and ready for anything, you can see she is excited
for her first ever interview.

After Lisa told us some things she has in store forthe future,
we can guarantee  you that this won't be Lisa's only

WW: Tell us a little about you, your life?
LC: Well I'm a Bullard Haven grad, from Bridgeport, Connecticut. No one big has really come out of Bridgeport yet. (laughs)

WW: When did you start singing?
LC: I love to sing and I started when I was 11. I just really loved the stage and always wanted to sing. My dad actually taught me everything I know about music, he is the type of get up and go person. He inspires me everyday and always makes me want to do my best.

WW: Do you have any musical influences?
LC:  Yes, Celine Dion. I love those heavy ballads that get to your heart. I think if a song can make you cry, then the artist's work is done. It's like, the ultimate emotion, you know? But also Aretha Franklin is an influence, as well as Pink. More of Pink's voice then lifestyle.  I think she has a fantastic voice, even though she really isn't my style of music. I would be closer to the Celine Dion style.

WW: When did you realize you wanted to sing for a career? 
LC: As I got older, I tried different things such as cooking but nothing ever stuck to me as much as music did. I always came back around to singing. I realized I wanted to sing for a career before I was a teenager.

WW: Do you write your own lyrics?
LC: No, my dad writes my lyrics. I really leave it up to him because I am really not good at writing the songs. However, we do collaborate on the songs. It's easy for him to write it because he knows me, he knows things I go through. So it's a collaborative thing.

WW: Where does your dad get the inspiration to write your songs?
LC: From real-life experiences. He may write about something that happened to me, or something about my life. I recently got married, so my husband has also been an inspiration for my music. He is really my biggest supporter.

WW: What other artists do you look up to or appreciate?
LC: Lena Horn, she's before our time really, very old school. Also Celine Dion, she just inspires me and drives me to do better. The way Celine delivers the songs makes me want to go that extra mile.

WW: You're a new artist, and it could possibly hurt your career if someone was to download your music on the internet, how do you feel about file sharing through the internet?
LC: I know. Well I know I don't download on the internet. Even if I like one song, I will buy the CD that includes the song. I believe it takes away from the hard work that goes into the music. It's not that I want to make a million dollars, but please have respect for the music. (First hand, Lisa can relate to this point. All of her songs were made by her and her father, in their studio in back of their house.)

WW: Will you be releasing a CD soon?
LC:  Well I am looking further into my music career. Right now we have some high powered lawyers working with some larger labels.

WW: And who will your 'target market' be?
LC: Not teeny bopper. I think we will target ages 18 - 50, the age group that is not being catered to right now. I will try and be stylish, but not half naked.

WW: What's in your CD player right now?
LC: Celine, of course. (laughs) Beauty and the Beast, Phantom of the Opera, (She later admits she would do Broadway in a second if she was ever asked.) Backstreet Boys and Nsync. I love those guys. Backstreet was a great group, and I liked Nsync as a group. I also have a little Frank Sinatra, I'm Italian so I got to have him!

WW: If you could work with any other artist right now, who would it be? 
LC: Can I pick a few?
WW: Sure, why not. 
LC: Barbra Streisand. She's just excellent. I would love to do a love song with Luther Vandross, write with Brian McNight because he writes awesome. Also Elton John, he's awesome!

WW: Do you have a message to any fans, or soon to be fans?
LC:  Wow. That's like, the big one. We wait for some time, Lisa is truly finding the right words for her fans. I don't want to leave them with the wrong message. Lisa begins to think again and then slowly says, follow your heart. Definitely. Keep God first in life, and then all other things will come. Always perservere.