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Mandi Leigh
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WW: Tell us a little about you, your life?
ML: My name is Mandi Leigh. I am a twenty year old
recording artist, currently living in California. My life right
now, I am focusing all my time on working hard to be
succesful as a singer, writer and actress.

WW: What made you want to become a singer?
ML: Just being inspired by music since I was a child
Knowing that I felt content, and expressive by singing.
It just fits with

WW: Growing up, who were your musical influences?
ML: Growing up my family listened to country music. And alot of artists go by what they grew up listening to, but once I was on my own I got into edgier stuff, and alot of r&b. Whitney Houston, Brandy, JLO.. those are my influences musically.

WW: You have signed with ERA Productions, How has this experience been? 
ML:  The experience has been great so far. They really understand what I want to put out there as a musician. We are making some hot tracks, and so far it's coming along fantastic.

WW: Can you describe the sound of your new solo album?
ML: It's got a pop foundation. My heart is in performing a full show, dancing & singing. But it has urban, rock and r&b influences. A diverse album, hopefully I can bring a new sound.

WW: How was the filming of your first video ever, "Devil In Me?" 
ML: That was an amazing experience. I got to see how much hard work is really put into that type of project, how many people contribute. I won't forget those 2 weeks. It was a lot of fun. And I got to act as well as sing and dance.

WW: Maybelline just notified you and told you that you were chosen out of over 10,000 entries as a semi-finalist for the Maybelline 5, a group of fashion savvy women who offer fashion advice to girls around the U.S. This must of been great news! What were your first thoughts?
ML: I was so happy. I'm still waiting to hear from Maybelline, but all I am thinking is how amazing it would be to be a part of the Maybelline 5. I love talking to people about my passions, and along with my career in the entertainment industry, fashion is a huge thing to me. It always has been.

WW: Wild Writings wishes you the best in the future! 
ML: Thank you so much! I had a great time! Everyone thank you so much for your support and check out mandileigh.com! See you guys soon!