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WW: How are you?
M: I'm adjusting, I can't help but
miss my family and friends now
that all of this is happening, I
know my mind would be better
pacified if I had someone to act
a fool with.  But with my road
manager Robbie, my good buddy
and friend Merc, and all the
interesting individuals I meet
life is never dull.

WW: When were you first
interested in music, as a career?\
M: I've never really had a
moment in time where I've
thought, "hey, I get to make money and do what I love by singing the music I write?"  But If I had to say what my personal invite to the record industry was, I'd have to say it was my sister, Leticia.  She was the sibling that really helped me find my way into this musical venture and we have always had this promise that if either one of us made it big, that the other sibling would make it a point to mention the other family musical counterpart.

WW: Growing up who were your musical influences?
M: I'd have to say. . . . . . My dad, cuz he taught me how to sing, my mom, because she always sang with this broad chesty voice that I could never get enough of.  As far as artist go. . . . . .Lional Richie, Stevie Wonder, U2, The Delfonics, Diana Ross, The Temptaions, The Eurithmics, Madonna, Boys 2 Men. MJ & Janet (aka Damita Jo), Barry Manelo, Cranberrys, Bush, Musiq Soulchild, Floetry, Coldplay, Timbaland, My grandparents, Fleetwood Mack, Justin Timberlake,  Aliyah, Missy, Depesch mode, Ah-ha, Bjork, Telepopmusik. . the list just keeps going, and going, and going.

WW: Tell us about your band, Sons Of Hamrony.
M: Well, it was a boy band that got created by Kidd Kraddic, host of Kidd Kraddic In the morning in Dallas/Ft. Worth.  It was not meant to pan out well and there were 4 of us and were given a independent label to work with. We soon started opening up for Destiny's Child, Mandy Moore, Jessica Simpson, 98 degrees and a lot of other big names.  We had a great fan  base that came out of nowhere and plus I was also finishing up my Senior year in High school so balancing the two was a huge task. It was an almost accidental crash course in the music industry, that lasted for 2 years, 2 singles, and an album.  After that I had a mentor that got me interested in the medical field, so I got my EMT-B certification, then took a break from that to really give this music thing my full attention.

WW: Your album is titled "C About Me", where does this come from?
M: It is a title track to a bouncy song from the new album (in stores now). The song itself is just my polite and gentlemanly way of inviting impressionable ladies to look, and listen my way for something new and different.

WW: What can we expect from the album?
M: The melody's, harmony's, and uncluttered tracks that have been created for this album are a good representation of how R&B, Neo-soul, Rock, Alternative, & Pop, mixed with my Hispanic heritage, can come together to create music that most everyone can bob their head to.  There are a few messages in the songs that are there to learn from, for those with a hunger for knowledge.

WW: What can we expect from you in the future?
M: You can always expect me to wear my heart on my sleeve, and give each word & note as much meaning as my soul will muster to produce music best music possible. . .Just hold on for the ride.

WW: Any plans of touring?
M: Yup! Right now I'm on a tour called First look, also featuring Kaci Brown, and Fatty Koo promoting my new Album "C About Me" and together we are spokesman for the Verb campaign and staying drug free.  When this ends on the 21st, I go home for some turkey, then go on a European tour from Nov 26th-Dec 7th.  From there, to Atlanta for a show with Backstreet Boys, Will Smith, and the pussycat dolls. . . And they r some  . . . Well bred ladies.