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WW: Hello Mavin, I'm Jimmy from

WW: How are you guys doing? What projects are you working on currently?
M: We just finished recording a bunch of stuff for film and television stuff, and are now working on writing new material and playing live shows.

WW: Growing up, what type of music were you all interested in?
M: Everything from Derek and the Dominos, to Dr. Dre, to Guns 'N Roses and everything in between.

WW: Tell us about yourselves, were you always interested in music?
Yea, we all started playing our instruments at a very young age.

WW: Who initially came up with the idea of starting the band?
M: It was originally started by Chris, Pete, and Mike in Las Vegas.

WW: Once Badge was formed, the band name changed to Mavin - what caused the name change?
M: I (AJ Trauth) was filming “Say What Karaoke” at the MTV beach house when I was introduced as the lead singer of Badge. Meanwhile, there was somebody watching his TV in New Jersey who was in a band called The Badge. He got his lawyer on the phone who called our lawyer, and rather than fighting over it, we decided to change our name.

WW: You have recorded demos as well as performed live shows. What do you prefer, touring or recording?
M: Touring, touring, touring. It's a much more creative and rewarding experience and it gives us a chance to get in touch with the audience and feel their reaction to our music.

WW: Now AJ, you’re also in a very popular Disney TV Show! Can you tell us about it?
M: Well, I filmed that show for 3 years, and it is now in syndication airing daily.  It was a really great experience and I had several opportunities to play on the show and write some music.

WW: What's it like filming a popular Disney show and then later rocking out with a band?
M: It's sorta like filming a popular Disney show, and then playing in a Rock 'N Roll band.  With a show, it’s scripted.  With a band, you feel the audience, you get to express your music.  It’s cool.

WW: Mavin, your music will also be featured in the new Lindsay Lohan movie, Herbie: Fully Loaded. What can you tell us about the movie and the accompanying soundtrack?
M: The movie is about, you guessed it, Herbie the love bug, and should be pretty funny. We will be featured on the soundtrack with possibly more than one song. I think the movie is due out around August, and the soundtrack should be out about that same time.  So stay tuned.

WW: Thank you guys! wishes you the best.
M: Thank you. Fans can check out our website at for upcoming performances and also to download music.