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WW: Hello, I am Jimmy of www.wildwritings.com
All: Hello! Whats up!

WW:  Growing up, did music always influence you?
All:  Absolutely!
Mike: Elvis definitely influenced me, so did Michael
Jackson. I always used to watch their videos.
All: We started performing pretty early too.

WW:  Tell us a little about yourselves, where you
All: We met in Orlando, and basically bumped into each other through parties, knowing different people, and having the same vocal coaches.

WW:  Tell us about your album “Keep It Natural?“
All: Well, it was #2 in Europe and #5 in Japan. We had a sold out tour following it which was the best experience for us. The genre is  a pop and rock mix, with a 5 part harmony. We all play instruments and have lead vocals. Our second album, “It’s only Natural” was made in the studio after the tour. It was released in Europe and Japan.

WW:  Where do you draw the inspiration for your lyrics?
All: From everything. Bad relationships, being on the road, anything life influencing.

WW:  You encountered a lot of success over seas in Europe, Austria, The Philippians and Germany, was the feeling overwhelming?
All: Well it was hard to see the success because we just kept going and never had anytime to sit back and see what was happening. We kept touring and working on being a good band.

The “Keep It Natural” Tour was a bit overwhelming. See the fans sing back lyrics to us was amazing.

WW:  Are you looking to break into the American Market?
All: Actually, 3 years ago we released a single in the states that has since gone platinum. We also went on tour with The Monkeys. “Put your Arms Around Me” and “What If” also went gold in the states. We did a lot of promotion in Europe and over seas, and now we are
looking to promote the albums in America.

WW:  For those that don’t know your music, how would you classify it? What’s your music like?
All: It’s pop and rock, with pop medleys. We have a 5 part harmony, but there is really something for everyone.  

WW:  At the end of last year, you toured - Do you prefer to be in the studio or on the road?
All:  They are two totally different things. One is creative while the other we get to see the audiences expression.

Our favorite is live but recording is creative because you actually get to make the record.

WW:  What’s next for you guys? Touring? New Album?
All:  We will be touring around the world, and planning on coming to the states.

We are involved in a new program called “Rock N’ Write,” which is used to teach kids to read and write. They will get to listen to and read lyrics from our song, “What If.” Then they get to write their feelings about the song, and what if things were different in
today’s world. Some students will also win trips across the country to meet us.

WW:  Do you often feel obligated to give back to people, through many organizations?
All:   Yes, we have always felt that way. We work with UNICEF and Make a Wish foundation. We like to help give back. Growing up we never knew kids were living on streets, so we try to let kids know about problems around the world.

Kids are the future, they are the ones who will shape this country.

WW:  Well, thanks Natural! Thanks for chatting with me! Good luck to you in the future.
All: Thanks! Bye!