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WW: Hey Nicole! Welcome to! Tell us about your
childhood; where did you grow up?
N: I was adopted into a large family
when I was just a baby, I grew up
with lots of love and support. I was
always encouraged to do what I love.
Singing has always been a huge part
of me..

WW: Did music always play an
important role in your life as you
grew up?
N: Yes! Its the one thing I knew I
could do really well.. I played the
piano for 12 years and the violin for six years. I was in a children's orchestra:) Music always came very naturally to me, I understood it, and it made me feel smart and confident.

WW: When did you know you wanted to be a singer?
N: When I was 5 and my dad would rent me Whitney Houston music videos from Blockbuster. We watched Star Search every Sunday! My dad would always sing (in perfect pitch) and my older sister would always sing in church, at family parties and talent shows. She made me want to be a performer..

WW:  How did you feel when you were signed to Universal Music Group?
N: Unreal..

WW:  What has been the toughest aspect of being in the music business thus far?
The "Hurry Up and Wait" part. And Dealing with fake people...

WW:  How would you describe your music?
N: R&B/Pop with a little old school flare:) My music is very playful and innocent..I wanted it to be something that kids could listen to without their parents having to cover their little ears.. and also something that teens and adults could enjoy as well..

WW:  Where do you draw the inspiration from to write your music?
N: My heart, life, and past experiences.. And of course, artists that I love and listen to.

WW: When can we expect an album from you?
N: Soon!! Hopefully by the end of September 2006

WW: Best of luck to you Nicole!
N: Thank you so Much!
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