WW: This is Jimmy of www.wildwritings.com! Thanks for taking out the time to sit down
and chat with Wild Writings. 
MM: great!

WW: Tell us alittle about yourself and Ad Astra Books.
MM: Well, on myself.  My name is Marc McKnight.  Born and raised in Southern Alabama.  I moved to Southern California to go to college in 2001. I go to school at Chapman University, and I'm a graphic designer

WW: Is Nightfall incluced in the 'Revolution on Canvas’  book?
MM:  Yes, I have 2 poems in the book.

WW: Can you tell us about your band, Nightfall ?
MM:  Well, we are a 4 piece from Yorba Linda, California. It's kinda crazy.  We all sing,  we all scream, it's like half four part harmonies and melodies, half death (most the songs).  And we are waiting right now; we have interests from a bunch of bigger indies and majors

WW: So what is your involvement in the book? You wrote 2 poems, did you work on the graphic design? 
MM: I made the cover, back and spine. Also with the first 500 books theres a poster that I made.

WW: So whats next for the band, Nightfall?
MM: Waiting on labels right now, as soon as that happens tour and record! (I'm taking off school to do this).

WW: Thats great, what would you describe your music as?
MM: Oh man, like I said before, it's a mix between catchy melodies and harmonies, with death. We have like half a song tahts like, I hate to compare this way, but Thricey just catchier, and then another half thats like as I lay dying. (the thricey but catchier may be a bold statement)

WW: Where do you get the inspiration to write your lyrics?
MM: See, it's funny how I write. Most people find something to write about (and object, person, or event) but me, i'll just feel like writing something, I sit down, and it comes out. And only after I'm done, I can read it, and figure out what i was writing about.

WW: Anything else we should know about the book or Nightfall? Where fans can get a copy?
MM:  First go to adastrabooks.com, and you can order (and now preorder) it there. As soon as it's release on Valentines Day, it will be in select Hot Topics. Then more places, like indie music stores, and eventually, who knows.

WW:  Alright well thank you! Once again this is Jimmy of www.wildwritings.com. Thanks for chatting with us, please give us some time to put together the interview and it will be on site soon!
MM: Awesome man! Thanks so much.
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