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Paul Couture
we're wild about pop culture!
WW: What's up Paul Couture? Welcome to!
PC: Thank you, its a pleasure

WW:  Tell us about yourself. Where did you grow up?
PC: I've grown up all over. I was born in San Diego, lived
in Baltimore for a bit and went to  High School & College in

WW:  Did music always play an important role while you
were growing up?
PC: The crazy thing about music is, no matter where you
are it helps you identify with people and the culture. So
'd say it definitely played a major role. My mom says
before I could walk I'd crawl over to stereo and tune in
the jazz station to put myself to sleep. I dont know how
much of that is true...

WW:  Who are some of your favorite artists/producers?
PC: Oh man, thats a good one. Quincy Jones, Dre, the
Neptunes, Timbaland BEP and Kanye are obvious. But I
admire Stevie Wonder for becoming the first Artist to win a grammy for producing his own album. As for Artists, the list is endless. Everyone from Tribe Called Quest, Fugees, Puffy & Mase to Prince I guess. I like current artists as well like Young Dro, Jet and The Wreckers.

WW:  What sparked your interest in music and music production?
PC: Actually I kind of avoided  music for  the longest time because my dad was pretty successful  in it, so to me it had already been done. When i moved to L.A. a friend of mine needed a demo for an audition with BET. I said i didn't know anybody, but i could see what we could come up with. From that day on was I hooked.

WW:  How would you describe your music to our visitors?
PC: My music is more of a feeling. Like back in the  late 90's when  the general tone of music was  more exciting and fun. It was still cool to have a good time back then.

WW:  Tell us how Nicky Hilton selected your music for her Chick clothing line runway show.
PC: That was a true blessing. I met Nicky through a friend and some people you just instantly click with. The first day I met her she invited me to Paris's b-day party at her house and i was shocked. I didn't want to push my music on her, cause i didn't want our friendship to be about hookin' me up. But she heard it through our friend and was excited about it. Nicky and Cynthia have been amazing.

WW:  How did you feel when your music was featured on shows such as That's so Raven, Lizzie McGuire, Gilmore girls and MTV Spring Break '06 South Padre Island?
PC: Well the funny thing is  I was actually acting on those shows. I wasn't sure how well that would  transfer over to music, especially hip hop. But people actually respected it for what it was. Acting. MTV spring break was out of control, watching 4,000+ kids a night from all over the US reacting to your music is a crazy feeling. It lets you know you're doing something right.

WW:  What has been the toughest aspect of being in the music business thus far?
PC: I'd say just overcoming doubt.  Everytime you step back into the "real world" after a big event or show, you feel kind of lost. after a couple weeks the high wares off, the phone stops ringing you feel like you're back to step one. This isn't a 9 to 5 where you just show up and get paid, you have to be in demand. If you're not in it for the love, then this business will eat you alive.

WW:  What's the next thing you have planned?
PC: I'm wrapping up my album and working on  a couple of  very talented  Artist's albums.  Paulina Gretsky (Wayne's daughter) and Chantelle Paige...she's like the princess of myspace music ha ha! As well as Young Chose in Atlanta and the Knight Ridaz in Austin. All of the latest updates can be at my myspace:

WW:  Best of luck to you!
PC: Thanks Jimmy, the pleasure is all mine