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Paula DeAnda
we're wild about pop culture!
WW: Hey Paula, welcome to!
How are you?
PD: I’m great thanks for asking. I’ve been
traveling the world and doing mall tours, radio
shows, opening for headlining artist like Chris
Brown, Ne-Yo and others.

WW: Tell us about growing up in Texas. Did
music always play an important role in your life?
PD: I loved growing up in Texas, its really a
great place to live. Music has always been a
very important part in my life; I’ve been singing
as well as playing the piano since I can
remember. At the age of six I started piano
lessons but realized that my passion would be
singing and I capitalized on it.
WW: When did you know you wanted to become
a singer?
PD: At the age of six

WW: Who were your musical influences while
growing up?
PD: Selena, LeAnn Rhimes, Jaci Valaquez,
Alicia Keys, Mariah Carey and Aaliyah!

WW:  Before being signed to Arista, you recorded songs and opened up for such acts as  Nelly and Frankie J. How old were you when this was happening? Did you ever feel overwhelmed?
PD: I was 15 and yes it was overwhelming but very exciting.
WW: Once you began to create buzz across Texas, was attending high school and living a 'normal' life difficult?
PD:  Attending high school was very difficult I began to book a lot of gigs across the country and found myself forced to start online classes. I am still living the normal life though when I’m in Corpus Christi. I still can do all the things I used to do.
WW: You're song, "Doin' Too Much" featuring Baby Bash is really picking up heat nation-wide! Did you know this song would be a run-a-way hit?
PD: I hoped it would but its been more of a success then I  ever imagined.
WW: Tell us how you got signed by J Records.
PD: Let’s see here... I made a demo for my manger Ed Ocanas and we got some air  play with What Would It Take then Baby Bash, Angel Noa and I, wrote Doing Too Much to the beat of Happy Perez, which became an instant hit, it went up the charts and labels started calling then Wendy Goodman from J Records set up a meeting for me to sing for Steve Ferrara (A&R), Then I sang for Clive Davis, Richard Palmese, Michael Williams, Steve Ferrera and others .. then got signed. That’s the short version if I had ten pages I could get into complete details.

WW:  What can you tell us about your debut album?
PD: It’s been fun and amazing to work with all the artists, so far its a overall great album that I personally have co-wrote on.
WW: Will you use your bilingual skills to record any Spanish language music?
PD: Right now I am focusing on my English but I would love to sometime in the future.
WW: Who's one celebrity you just cant wait to meet at an industry party or event?
PD: I can’t wait to meet Alicia Keys!
Doin' Too Much 
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Walk Away  
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