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WW: What's up Pepper? Welcome to!

WW: Tell us about yourselves. Did music always play an important role while you were growing up?
P: YES!!!! Big Time, all our parents were in bands, played music etc.......they are living vicariously through us, it’s very cool. My dad had a hair metal band in the early eighties called “THE LAW”, we ended up naming our label (LAW RECORDS) after his band.

WW: You grew up in Hawaii, correct? Do you miss home or get to visit home often?
P:  Correct, in a small town called “KONA” on the big island, it’s a magical place that we were very lucky to grow up in. Of course we miss it everyday, we have so much family and friends there, they do a great job at holding down the fort. We make it back home at least once a year for our festival we put on every year, THE KONA TOWN MUSIC FESTIVAL.

WW: When did you know you wanted to go into music?
P:  I got into music when I was really young, it was all I wanted to do, then I got burnt out. Through high school everyone pushed me to keep playing drums, but in all honesty at that point, by choice, I thought it would be the last thing I would do for a living. When I hooked up with Kaleo and Bret to form pepper I guess was when I thought we should try and run with this thing, so far so good..............

WW: How did you meet to form Pepper?
P:  All 3 of us in the band grew up together. The guys had hit me up to jam in that period of my life when I wasn’t into playing music, but then a few years later Kaleo and I talked at a party and planned to jam. It almost didn’t go further than that one jam because I was so rusty.

WW: What does Pepper mean? Any significance?
P:  Nothing deep. We’re not a band that’s likely to get all serious on you. The name is from a Saturday night live skit from the early 90’s where Adam Sandler, Dana Carvey, and Rob Schneider are perverted bus boys at an Italian restaurant. They take full advantage of their female patron (Kirstie Alley).

WW: How would you describe your music to our visitors?
P:  It’s a blend of all kinds of genre’s, but in a nutshell, it’s rock music with a twist of reggae.

WW: You've toured with 311, Slightly Stoopid, G-Love & Special Sauce and Snoop Dogg. Being in a band that has toured and recorded albums, which do you prefer?
P:  Until recording our latest album which is out now (NO SHAME), I had preferred touring, the studio always seemed more like “work”. But NO SHAME really put in perspective how fun the recording process can be, so now days touring and recording is up and up.

WW: Tell us about your most recent album, No Shame.
P:  Fun, Fun, Fun!!!!!!! We had a great time making this album, we worked with some really great people (Paul Leary, Nick Hexum, Tony Kanal, Mike Patterson). It worked out really well using multiple producers, we’d never done this before, it broke up any monotony or rut that we could of possibly fallen in. another new approach was recording one song at a time from start to finish, before we would record all the drums, then all the bass, guitar and so on. It’s the feel good album of the year, the groove remains constant throughout.

WW: What has been the toughest aspect of being in the music business thus far?
P:  I’d say the toughest part is when you have to prove someone wrong. It usually happens when you have a non believer. We don’t usually look at these “tough” situations as a bad thing though, just challenges to overcome. It’s a very satisfying feeling when they are overcome, we like to feel like we’ve earned what we’ve accomplished, instead of being handed things, it happens a lot in this industry.

WW: What's next for Pepper? 
P:  For 2007 we will just be touring endlessly. We have the headlining tour coming up, starting on valentines day in san diego and that goes through about the first week of april, we will bringing the mad caddies, and from our label, Law Records, the supervillains and splinta. Check out the dates at ALOHA!!!!!!

WW: Best of luck to you all!