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WildWritings.com Presents:
Pink Spiders
WW: Pink Spiders! Welcome to
PS: Thanks for having us!

WW: How did you all meet?
PS: We all met playing in bands in the
Nashville scene over the years

WW: Did music always play an important
role in your lives as you grew up?
PS: Yeah as a kid I used to take my
parents records and pretend to be a dj.
I would sit and listen to old classic
records for hours, the Beatles, Motown,
anything I could get my hands on.

WW: When did you all know you wanted to go into the music industry?
PS: Going into the industry was never a conscious decision. We just wanted to play music and be a band and have a good time.

WW: What was the toughest part about finally getting signed to Geffen Records?
PS: Getting attention in the current musical climate is definitely the hardest part for a new band. It took a lot of hard work to get the name out on the Pink Spiders.

WW: How would you describe your music?
PS: Rock n Roll for the Nintendo generation.

WW: Where do you draw inspiration from to write your songs?
PS: Life on the road is the basis for almost all of our songs. Nearly every song I've written in this band came while we were on tour

WW: Tell us about your newest album, Teenage Graffiti.
PS: Its a return to classic pop/rock n roll songwriting. There's an emphasis on the album as a whole and its an honest portrayal of life, both the good times and the bad. There is absolutely no filler on Teenage Graffiti

WW: Will you be touring soon? What can you tell us about that?
PS: We are always on tour.

WW: Where can we find you guys in the upcoming months?
PS: We'll be on the road.

WW: Best of luck to you! Thanks!
PS: Thank you!