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WW: This is Jimmy of www.wildwritings.com! Thanks for taking out the time to sit down and chat with Wild Writings. 
Rich: (editor) Hello this is Rich Balling (editor) and Marc Mcknight (graphics) and Chris (marketing/editor) of Revolution On Canvas.

WW: Can you please tell us alittle about yourself?
Rich: (editor)  I used to tour in the RX Bandits and left to finish school. This summer I thought it would be cool to gather an anthology of poems by people in bands to get the spotlight more on the words that bands are writing since the industry is so image focused. Image and catchy hooks seem to be what matter more than lyrical, meaningful content.

Also we wanted to make reading fun and less intimidating. when someone reads a poem by Kenny from The Starting Line, they will be less inclined to be scared when approached with poetry at school.

WW: How did Ad Astra Books start?
Rich: (editor) Ad Astra was created out of this book. The book was the initial idea, and Ad Astra came together and thought it would be cool to establish an indie book company. And here we are!

WW:  What is your involvement in the book?
Rich: (editor) It is my baby, I put together the idea for it and approached Ad Astra.
I am also the editor

WW:  Oh ok, and what was the bands reactions when you approached them with this idea? Excited?
Rich: (editor)  Mostly yes. Over 90% loved the idea, and were willing to help.

WW:  Thats great. When will the book be out, and where can we get it?
Rich: (editor) The release date is Valentine's Day. It will always and for sure be available at adastrabooks.com. Select Hot Topic stores will carry it as a test. If it does well there then there will be many more doors opened for the book

We are also aiming to get it into indie record stores, etc.

WW: What bands are included in this book?
Chris: (marketing/editor) The academy, in reverent fear, Finch, This Day Forward, Brazil, Midtown, The Locust, Gatsby's American Dream, Silverstein, Christiansen, Taking Back Sunday, NOFX, Hey mercedes, The Autumns, further seems forever, Helicopter Helicopter, Rise Against, Saosin, The Bled, the Format, a Static Lullaby, and Hellogoodbye.

That was kind of an arbitrary selection, just what popped out from the table of contents

WW: Thats great - so whats the aim of this book? To showcase lyrics rather then images and bands?
Chris: (marketing/editor) Yeah, kind of to establish a bridge between the two mediums, both of which we feel are suffering on the mainstream level, music and literature seem to be this kind of flash-bang, vapid industry. We want to take the cream of the crop from one and move it to the other.

It's been decades since there has been this kind of substance and lyrical integrity in music. We want to demonstrate that; give some lasting power to our genre, and hopefully get kids into reading.

WW: Is the target market for this collection teens?
Chris: (marketing/editor) It's unavoidable that it would be, I mean, this is their culture, you go a few decades back and sell a 20 year old kid a copy of Bob Dylan's writing, it's the same thing, it's their music. Well, kid meaning young person in the scene. It's a great way to substantiate the genre, to show there is meaning, something below the screaming worth listening to.

WW:  Can you tell us how Ad Astra Books hooked up with We The People Records?
Chris: (marketing/editor) We the People Records is Ad Astra Books basically, same people, same ideas.

WW: Yes, and how much will the book cost?
Chris: (marketing/editor) 8 bucks opposed to the 15 dollar paperback you see everywhere else, and most of that is going to getting it out there, we're certainly not buying a new car any time soon.

WW: Anything else we should know about the book? Where fans can get a copy?
Marc: (graphics) For now, kids are gonna have to go to adastrabooks.com, and check out hot topic mid february and ask for it there, it's getting limited distro throug them, bless their hearts.