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WW:  Hi! I am Jimmy, President of www.wildwritings.com
R: Hey I'm Coley aka Rigby

WW: Tell us a little about you, your life? What made you
want to become a singer?
R: Well lets see....I am 22 and I have been involved in
music since I was a little boy. What really made me want
to be a performer was the Disney show "Kids
Incoporated". At the age of 6 I began to play the drums,
by the time I was in Junior high I was pretty good and
joined my first band which lasted all the way through
high school.  During that time I taught myself how to
play the piano and learned how to play guitar by
watching my good friend, Mark play.  After going
throughmany musical endevors I eventually put out my
solo album "Goodbye Repetition" and released under the artist name Rigby.  I didn't want to be Coley O'Toole for the sake of oneday having a full onband to play the material.   

WW: How would you describe your music?
R: To me my music is pop rock, but not the cheesy nonsense.  It's honest music.

WW: Who are your musical influences?
R: Because I enjoy many styles of music it's hard to say who I am most influenced by.  I think collectivly my music is bits and peices of what I listen to on a regular basis.  If I had to choose Mighty Purple has probably been the most influential.  Their songwriting ability is amazing.

WW: What can you tell us about "Goodbye Repetition"
R: This album is a personal diary more or less. I felt these songs from the beginning.  Writing them I knew they were all tied together while still being completly different.  It's music that's not geared towards one consumer market.  I love these songs and still because they are so dear to me I hear the imperfections or what may have worked better but that's the best part really.  That's what makes it real the first instinct I didn't need a flawless album to get my point across I needed open ears. People who were willing to listen and when they did I believe it helped them remember things in their life.  This album speaks to me.

WW: How does it feel to have such support from your home state, CT?
R: The support from everyone at home has been amazing.  I can't believe how many people are and have supported me and the music.  I am very lucky to know or to entertain such wonderful people. That's what gives me the strength to continue the love that is coming from home.  If it were not for my friends who stuck by me from day one I would not be here right now. Fans can get the album at CDbaby.com.

WW: Where do you get the inspiration to write your own lyrics?
R: My lyrics have been described as introspective and I do agree for the fact that I write about the trials and tribulations of my life or of people who are dear to my heart.

WW: Do you prefer touring on the road, or working in the studio?
R:  Touring is the best. I hate the studio it's just not me, I love to perform live.  Touring is something I think every band or musician should experience. It teaches you a lot about yourself and your music.  Plus it's so much fun waking up in a different city everyday.