WildWritings.com Presents:
Ritz Murphy
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WW: Hello, this is Jimmy of
www.wildwritings.com.  How are you?
RM: I'm great Jimmy, how are you? Thanx for having me.

WW: Ritz, your name is so unique. Is it your real name
or a nick name?
RM: Well... It use to be my stage name, but it's been
so long, even my mom calls me Ritz. So whatdoes that
mean? (laughs)

WW: Tell us a little about you, your life?
RM: I'm from San Diego, Cali. Born and raised. I like
listening to music, watching movies, and playing X-Box
when I have time. Mostly, my life is devoted to my
music. It's a lot of work both physically and mentally to
have a successful career in this industry.

WW: What made you want to become a singer?
RM: I've always had this feeling deep inside that singing
was what I was destined to do. No other job, or work
I've done till now, has  ever made me happy. It always
felt wrong and singing feels right.

WW: Who are your musical influences?
RM: New Edition is my #1! I also like Boyz II Men, Silk, Babyface, Brian McKnight, and the list goes on and on.

WW: How would you describe your music?
RM: I call it Pop with an R&B feel. The R&B feel comes from my personal style. I'm an R&B singer in my soul.

WW: You recently sang background vocals for Columbia Records recording artist, Frankie J. How was that experience?  
RM: Real laid back. It was like hangin' with my friends for the afternoon. I've known Frankie for a while. We have a mutual friend we both grew up with. Of course serious work had to get done too.

WW: When can we expect a new album? What can you tell us about it?
RM: I'm hoping for a release this year, but negotiations always take longer than they should. The album will be "power packed". I've done a lot of the writing, so a lot of my heart and soul comes out in the songs. Anyone who wants to hear a preview can listen to snippets on my website.

WW: Wild Writings wishes you the best of luck!
RM: Thanx a lot Jimmy. I really appreciate the love and support you and your readers are giving me.