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Ryan Joy
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WW: Tell us a little about you, your life?
RJ: My name is Ryan Joy Southworth, I am 23 years old,
born Jan. 18th 1981 in Tampa, FL. I currently reside in
Tampa, FL

WW: How would you describe your music?
RJ: I would describe my music as a blend of R&B/pop and
hip hop. Certain songs have different flares in it, i.e.: rock,

WW: What made you want to become a singer?  
RJ: Singing is something I have always enjoyed doing. My
dad was a singer in a band in the 70's so I guess I got my
musical flare from him...(Laughs). I was in chorus in
elementary school and middle school. I actually started
dancing first before I pursued singing professionally. I was
on a TV show called the Club TV as a dancer and then
formed a hip hop dance group with two other girls and we
traveled and competed in various competitions.

WW: Who are your musical influences?
RJ: Mariah is definitely an influence, Janet Jackson,
Madonna, Aretha Franklin, Jennifer Lopez...

WW: Very true, Mariah opened the doors for a lot of the
female performers we now see. What sets you apart from Britney, Christina, and other popular female performers?  
RJ: I think what really sets everyone apart is their own individuality. Everyone always tries to compare artists with each other, but if you truly sit down and evaluate each artist it's pretty easy to see the difference. I have also been blessed with industry people that aren't trying to make me just like everyone else.

WW: Do you have an album out? Where can we get it?
RJ: I don't have a full album out yet, I do have a CD of 6 songs for sale through my website currently for $6. We are working on finishing a full album and releasing it soon to the stores.

WW: Tell us about your first ever TV appearance on The Club TV.
RJ: It was a little scary. I had never been on TV before so I was always a little nervous, but once I got there and warmed up a little, it was great!! I had a blast!!

WW: Do you write your own lyrics? Where do you get the inspiration to write your lyrics?
RJ: I do write, I haven't recorded anything I have written yet, I am still learning and collaborating with various songwriters

WW: Good luck to you in the future RyanJoy!
RJ: Thanks so much:)