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Sarah Christine Pletcher
we're wild about pop culture!
WW: Hello Sarah! I'm Jimmy from How are
SCP: I'm good, thank you.

WW: Can you tell us a little about you, your life?
SCP: I'm 17, and I've always loved to act ever since I can
remember. I've always gotten involved in any sort of drama
programs around. That's how I became a Christian really too,
started by a drama program at church. I live with my mom and
my older brother, Bryce, near Seattle, and I'm hoplessly in
love with Jesus.

WW: At a very young age, you began to model and act. Was
this experience ever overwhelming for you?
SCP: When I was 10 I didn't really understand "the business"
much, but the only thing overwhelming was my mom trying to
calm herself before all my auditions in turn making me nervous!

WW: When you were 12, your parents got divorced and you decided to stop acting. Why did you decide to halt your acting career?
SCP: For a while I thought it was my fault and because of my acting an busy schedule because they would always fight over me.

WW: But obviously, you picked yourself back up and began acting again.
SCP: My dad decided I couldn't quit something I loved so much, so he had me put into a drama troupe with my church where we toured the greater Northwest.

WW: You will be in the new movie, Dusty's August, can you tell us about the movie?
SCP: It's a musical romance directed by Phil Frasier and it's really exciting! It's pretty fast paced from what I've seen so far, and I'm very excited for it's release. There hasn't been a press release yet and I'm not allowed to say much else.

WW:What's next for Sarah Christine Pletcher? Anything else in the works?
SCP: Well, I've had some more auditions and call backs but nothing is definite yet.

WW:Where would you like to see yourself in 10 years?
SCP: I hope to still be acting and pursuing God with all my heart. I hope for a lot of acting oppurtunities and jobs because I love to act more than almost anything. And I trust that God will put me in the right places, and I just hope I'll be fofilling God's will in my life.

WW: Well, good luck to you Sarah! Thanks for chatting!
SCP: Thank you!