WW: Did music always play an important role in
you lives as you grew up?
Falcon: Always...my dad was a record promoter
in the business for 30 years and worked with
industry pros. He started his own promotions
label and brought me so much free music that
music kind of consumed my life automatically.

WW: When did you know you wanted to go into
the music industry?
Jade: We actually recorded a lot of
material...currently 20 full albums.  By the
19th album we felt our sound was exactly what
we wanted it to be and that's when we got
really serious about it.

WW: How did you guys meet?  
Falcon: We all live in Houston and were already friends...it was simple.

WW: How would you describe your music?
Kane: Female-fronted heavy, modern rock/alternative music with commercial qualities.

WW: Where do you draw inspiration from to write your
Falcon: Real life...we've gone through the craziest things that nobody would believe...severe painful situations which are evident in our song "Silent Tears," motivational feelings like in "Call to Fly," fear of horror and terror which you can hear in "Fear the Evil."

WW: Tell us about your most recent album.
Jade:  It's a mixture of feelings and emotions set to songs that range from really heavy to a
soft ballad that rocks in the end.  It has several radio friendly hard songs and lots of melody.

WW: Where can we find you guys in the upcoming months?
Krystal:  We're touring through Texas right now, but plan to venture further out and maybe play Austin, Corpus Christi, San Antonio, etc.

WW: Thanks Stage Dive!
SD: Best of luck to you!  Thanks, Jimmy

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