WW: Hi Taryn, I'm Jimmy from www.WildWritings.com.
TM: It's great to chat with you!

WW: Where were you born and raised?
TM: I was born in Trail, British Columbia Canada and raised mostly in Washington State. My dad was an American musician who played gigs in Canada and my  Mom a waitress in a club. I'm sure you can figure out the rest!

WW: If you don't mind me asking, how old are you?
TM: That's okay... People ask me all the time! I'm 23.

WW: What types of singers did you like as a child growing up?
TM: Wow, I listened to so many. Most were from my parents record collection so like, Stevie Nicks, Heart, Juice Newton, Cat Stevens, and so on... Once I started buying my own music it was Mariah Carey, Michael Jackson & Taylor Dayne.

WW: How was school for you? Were you the 'popular girl' one  or the 'nerd?'
TM:That's a funny question! I was actually a little of both. I guess you could say I was nerdy because I wore glasses and had bad haircuts all the time but I was never teased or anything. I had lots of friends and was well liked by most people so popular might describe me too.

WW: When did you realize you could sing and write songs?
TM:I wrote my first song seriously when I was 8. I was making stuff up long before that but this particular time I called on my Dad to help me pull it all together. We finished it and recorded it together. It was called, "Lucky Charmer". I still have the tape!

WW: When did you realize you wanted to sing for a career?
TM:I never wanted to do anything else. I was surrounded by music my whole life with my Dad running a recording studio and being a very talented musician himself, there were always musical people around. I would sit in on their songwriting and recording sessions and just take it all in. When I was about 9 is when I think I consciously said, "Alright, this is it for me" and I've taken it very seriously ever since..

WW: How did your career start to take off?
TM:Well I toured with my family in a band for like 8 years so that gave me tremendous performance experience and during that time a lot of development occurred in my vocal style and writing ability. Basically, a career never really "takes off" because you're always working so hard but for me, timing is what it's all about. Things just start to happen for you when you're ready. 

WW: How did you land the theme song for Wisegirls?
TM:"Make It Go Away" was written last summer and the production finished in L.A. My creative partner Chris Landon and I started the demo then he completed it with his brother Dean a few weeks later. It was actually Dean who sent the song to Richie Zito (music supervisor of WG) and the rest is history.

WW: Have you seen Wisegirls yet? If so, what did you think?
TM:Yes, I have seen it. It is a truly great movie. I think there is a very broad audience for the film and it's no wonder critics have been so kind. I give it two thumbs up!

WW: Your ballads like 'Maybe' and 'Turn' are amazing. Yet your up tempo songs like 'Sit down, Shut up' are so well  constructed. How can your music be so diverse? Who  could you relate your music to?
TM:I'm happy  you feel my music is diverse because I'm working on making it more so! Actually, there is only person out there I relate it to and that's Pink. We're very different as well but her approach to music is like looking Into a mirror. I can predict her every move vocally before she opens her mouth. I would say it's because we're influenced by a lot of the same people and like to be as you say, "diverse".

WW: It's amazing that you write your own music on your new CD, 'How do you feel.'
TM:Where do you get the insperation?
I'm not one of those songwriters that speaks of writing a song like it's a complex, emotional process that must be nurtured and then re-written a hundred times. I have a very free approach to writing. Basically, if it's true to my personality and I like it, then that's enough for me. I stay inspired by just loving music and making sure I always enjoy the process.

WW: What can we expect from the album?
TM:I have a release out right now called, "How Do You Feel" which is really just a collection of songs that I felt I should give people the opportunity to hear. There is something for everyone on the record because it is so diverse. It has everything from techno pop like, "What's Up With That" to rock ballads like "Almost Sorry" and of course, "Make It Go Away" from the movie. I am actually working on what I hope to be my Official Release right now, so keep you're eyes and ears open for it!

WW: So the album, 'How do you feel' is out now, where can we pick it up!?
TM:It is currently available to order at my website www.tarynonline.com which will soon be www.tarynmurphy.com so you may have to check both to avoid confusion!

WW: Let's say Wild Writings grants you a wish to work with  any another musician - who would it be?
TM: I'd like to work with Mariah Carey on a creative level like to write together or have her produce a track for me but on the performance level, I would love to sing with Jonny Lang or rock out with Pink!
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