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Sandra Phillips
we're wild about pop culture!
WW: Hey Sandra, welcome to! How are
SP: I am doing very well thanks! Glad to do this interview
with you.

WW: Tell us about your childhood. Did music always play
an important role in your life?
SP:  Yes, music has definitely always played an important
role in my life. I grew up with music in the house at all
times, so an appreciation of music came naturally. I
started playing piano when I was 8, and years later
picked up the guitar. 

WW: When did you know you wanted to become a singer?
SP: I would have to say that I probably knew I wanted to
become a musician shortly after I composed my first real
song, they were mainly instrumentals at that time, so the
desire to become a singer came later.  I've always been in
love with music – writing a song, for me is a very lucid
experience… allowing the composer to be inspired and
expressive which is very surmounting… it is during this
creative process that I feel the most complete.

WW: Who were your musical influences while growing up?
SP:  Growing up I was able to listen to a vast array of styles, my parents repertoire was expansive.   From James Taylor and Boz Scaggs to the Commodores (Taylor and Scaggs being two of my favorites).   As I got a little older I broadened my musical tastes even more and became intrigued with both folk and jazz at an early age.  I found myself in love with musicians such as James Taylor, Joan Osborne, Miles Davis, Yanni, Bobby Mcferrin, Ella Fitzgerald, Carol King, George Winston, and Phill Collins,  Later on in life I also started listening to artists such as:  Paula Cole, Sarah Mclachlan, Beth Orton, Hem, Herbie Hancock, Natalie Merchant, Diana Krall, Chris Botti, Eric Clapton, Boney James, Dave Matthews, and John Mayer -  just to name a few. 

WW: When did you write your first song? What was it about?
SP: I wrote my first song at the age of 8,  a simple progression on the piano, and one of the only songs at that time  with lyrics. The songs core element and meaning was basically encouraging the listener to have faith and stay positive. 

WW: Where do you draw the inspiration from to create music?
SP: Inspiration can be sparked at any given moment -  a phone call, news events, a relationship, or something as simple as watching falling leaves on an autumn day.  There are parts of my life written in most every song, but creating music also brings about the ability to confront and deal with reality by using the creative power of the mind and the emotions of the heart.   I enjoy creating music that envelopes the listener keeping them suspended within the moment, while also being characteristically well removed from reality – very eclectic. Each of my songs are inspired and motivated from my own personal experiences, whether within my own life or something I had the fortune to witness.

WW: Tell us about your newest single, Silently Pleading.
SP: Silently Pleading was written with the intent of conveying hope, and encouragement.  So many people in society today are hurting, confused, or feel broken with no where to turn… pleading for answers silently within.     Sometimes we hesitate in allowing God to take complete control of the situation, being so caught up in handling everything ourselves.  But at the end of the day, there is the realization that even through the unfavorable events in life, you are never alone.

WW: You have released several independent albums. What album has been the most personal to you and why? 
SP:  All of my albums have a personal perspective… but I probably would have to say that the album that is currently in the works will definitely be my most personal CD to date….      Over the last couple years there have been many circumstances that have continued to shape my life… and musically I have had the opportunity to have encountered and been exposed to a variety of many wonderful musical talents 

WW: What are your plans for the future; will you be touring?
SP:  Currently I am working on my next release – hopefully due out sometime this fall. This CD will be slightly edgier than the last – still encompassing jazz and folk-rock influences.  I have been working with some of the same wonderful musicians as on past albums (my band)  – as well as collaborations with other artists.  I have the pleasure of having Rob Perry from Houndsound Productions (a fantastically talented guitarist) guesting on a few tracks on this upcoming release! The collaboration of such talent helped turn some of my basic tunes into dynamic songs. As for touring, my concentration at present is on the recording of my newest project and I am taking one thing at a time right now –  but am looking forward to when I will be performing in front of live audiences again. 

WW: Thanks Sandra! Best of luck to you.
SP: Thank you so much for taking the time to do this interview with me, and also for your support!