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News Archive: January 2007
New Streaming Media
Check out the new Ciara featuring R. Kelly track, "Promise!" Streams can be found here.

New Interview Tuesday!
Check out's new interview with rock band Peper! Click here to view the interview.

Washington Controversy Hurts Grey's Anatomy In The Ratings
The fallout from Isaiah Washinton's continued inappropriate behavior is hitting ABC where it hurts the most - in the ratings. Up until this week, Grey's Anatomy had a dominating lead against every competing show in their timeslot.

However, last night's episode saw CBS's former powerhouse, CSI, trail Grey's by only 611,000 viewers, according to the Nielsen ratings. Additionally, CSI beat Grey's to become the #1 program of the night among key men.

As ABC continues to vacillate, advertisers will become wary of putting commercials on the now tainted Grey's Anatomy show. No word yet on when the network will announce Washington's fate. They've said they are "addressing" his hatred.

Anna Nicole Sued By Her Own Lawyers!
The crazy soap opera life of Anna Nicole Smith just got a little more insane. The blonde bombshell walking disaster is being sued by a Bahamian law firm that represented her in the weeks after her son's tragic death in September.

The lawyers have asked a court to freeze Smith's local bank accounts until she pays them their outstanding legal bills! The law firm claims they are owed $113,000.00 dollars.

Smith's new lawyer counters that her old legal team hasn't been paid yet because they have failed to provide an itemized bill.

And, Anna intends to file a "breach of duty" claim against her old lawyers, who dropped her as a client after having a falling-out with her. Her new lawyer argues that any damages would likely exceed the amount of her legal bill.

Buzz! Did you see that!?
Have you heard the rumors and seen the video of Paula Abdul's TV interviews? Fox says it was "technical difficulties" but many think Paula may have had substances in her system. Like any bona-fide ceclebrity, Abdul and Fox have written this off as a technical difficulty (remember that wardrobe malfunction?) You be the judge! See the video on our buzz page.

New Interview Tuesday!
Check out's new interview with new pop sensation Cali! Click here to view the interview.

Jennifer Aniston hits the Dirt!
It had been talked about, and now it's finally happening. Jennifer Aniston has announced that she will guest star in pal Courteney Cox's new TV show, Dirt.

Aniston will appear on the March 27th season finale of Dirt. The show airs Tuesday nights at 10 PM on FX. Aniston will play Tina Harrod, a rival magazine editor of Lucy Spiller, played by Cox. This episode marks the first time that Cox and Aniston have worked together since Friends ended in 2004!

Kanye West Shoots Down Reality-TV Rumors, Reveals Real TV Plans
When it comes to putting himself on television, Kanye West is more like Jerry Seinfeld than Flavor Flav. On Friday (January 12), he dismissed rumors that he is developing a reality show. He did confirm, however, that he is in the midst of putting together a traditional TV series with producer/director Larry Charles ("Borat," "Curb Your Enthusiasm") and legendary producer Rick Rubin.

"I wouldn't do something as cliché as a reality show," said West in a statement to MTV News. "At least give me the credit for being more creative than that ... For the last couple of years, Larry, Rick and I have been developing this pilot. It's a situational half-hour comedy. It's fictional, and loosely based on my life.

Fox Defends Paula Abdul
News Fox has issued a statement standing behind Paula Abdul, after the 'American Idol' judge appeared on several Fox affiliates touting the network's flagship show's season kickoff on Tuesday and appearing to be overly medicated. "All of us at Fox have tremendous respect and admiration for Paula Abdul," the statement reads. "She is a consummate professional who always gives 100% to everything she does.

Last week, during a satellite press tour there were intermittent technical difficulties, including severe audio issues in which multiple stations were speaking to her at once. Rather than getting angry about these difficulties, or stopping the tour, Paula forged ahead and decided to have fun with the increasingly challenging situation. Unfortunately, because reporters and viewers were unaware of the situation, her humor was misconstrued."

K-Fed Wants $50 Million In Divorce Settlement
Gossip Life & Style magazine reports Britney Spears estranged husband Kevin Federline turned down a $10 million offer in December to settle their divorce and is now asking for $50 million — about one third of the singer's net worth — to give up full custody of their two children Sean Preston and Jayden James. "She's been crying practically nonstop," a friend of Britney's told the tab.

New Interview Tuesday!
Check out's new interview with "Doin' Too Much" and "Walk Away" singer Paula DeAnda! DeAnda has been heating radio airwaves across the nation since last summer.

The Texas-native tells us how she was signed by Clive Davis, her childhood and musical influences as well as how she dealt with fame at the young age of 15! Can you guess what celebrity she can't wait to meet? Check out the exclusive interview here.

Justin Dumps Cameron, Hits It Off With Scarlett
Justin Timberlake has ended his romance with Cameron Diaz and appears to have already rebounded with his 'What Goes Around' music video recruit, Scarlett Johansson. "Justin decided to end it just days before new year," a source told the tab. "It seems he wanted a fresh start for 2007. They spent Christmas together in Colorado, you would have never known what was around the corner. Justin did love Cameron but things don't always work out the way you want them."

And earlier this week, the former *NSYNC star met up with Johansson at Social Hollywood following the premiere of 'Alpha Dog'. "When she met Justin they looked very close and chatted away for ages," a witness explained. "There were other people trying to speak to Justin but he kept his attention on her for around an hour. They looked very intimate. But he's still trying to make it look low key—because he left with his mum Lynn later through a back exit."

Precious Mimi Caught on Tape!
An obsessed Brazilian fan went all the way to Aspen to meet her idol, and what did she encounter? More than she could ever bargain for!

Click here to see a priceless hidden-camera clip where Mariah is drinking the champagne and totally hitting it off with some fans!

Cancellations Are In The Air
Megan Mullally's low-rated talk show has been cancelled. NBC has halted production on the show, and any remaining original and repeat episodes will air through the month of January.

People would have been more interested in watching Mullally's Will & Grace character, Karen, grill guests. But Megan didn't wanna go the Jimminy Glick route.

Busta Busted...Again
Busta Rhymes was arrested Wednesday night after police say a man complained that the rapper had beaten him in a dispute over unpaid wages.

In August, Rhymes was charged with assault after beating a fan at a concert in NYC.

Lindsay Lohan Hospitalized
Lohan has undergone emergency surgery to remove her appendix. Lohan was not feeling well and went to the doctor Wednesday, January 3rd.

After several tests, she was diagnosed with appendicitis and on Thursday her appendix was taken out as a precaution.

Or at least this is the latest excuse Lindsay's camp is giving for her recent hospitalization.

In the past, they have blamed everything from "heat exhaustion" to "asthma attack" to "falling down" and "cutting herself."

Justin Timberlakes'  New Ladies!
Justin Timberlake has wasted no time in finding female companionship since he dumped longtime girlfriend Cameron Diaz recently.

The SexyBack singer spent New Year's Eve at an ultra exclusive bash in the home of also newly single Kate Hudson, who has a thing for musicians herself.

Though that relationship may be just a friendship, another new Timberlake relationship with an equally bodacious blonde might be a tad more special.

Mr. JT recently cast Scarlett Johansson - who is also recently separated (from Josh Hartnett) - to play the female lead in his new music video for What Goes Around (Comes Around).

That shoot wrapped last week, but the pair have continued to spend some quality time together.

Be on the lookout for Natasha in 2007!
During her junior year in high school, while working at a Subway sandwich shop, Natasha was introduced to Grammy Award-winning super producer Rodney Jerkins.  Making up routines and dancing to videos in the mirror prepared her for an amazing audition for Jerkins.  After seeing her sing and dance just once, Jerkins invited Natasha to his Darkchild studio to record what would ultimately become her first two smashes, "So Sick" and "Hey Hey Hey."  A short time later she was signed to Jive Records through Jerkins' Darkchild Entertainment.

"I've never seen a new artist like Natasha," says Jerkins.  "She's already doing things that it took a decade for more established artists to learn."

"This is a dream come true for me," beams Natasha.  After years of dancing in the family room of her parents' Galloway, NJ home she finally puts her moves to work in her debut video for "Hey Hey Hey."  Currently a senior in high school Natasha is excited to rep for the Class of 2007 as she begins her career as a recording artist!

Her new streams are posted on the Introducing page.

Nick and Vanessa Pucker Up! F* word Flies!
Nick Lachey was a surprise guest at MTV Goes Gold's New Year's Eve celebration. And, as the clock struck midnight on Sunday all eyes were on the singer and his VJ girlfriend, Vanessa Minnillo.

Lachey whispered something sweet in Minnillo's ear and the former beauty queen began crying. Then, the couple shared a very public and tender kiss for the whole word to see!

Nearing the close of the broadcast, Minnillo let loose with the F word and was pulled from the broadcast for the finale goodbyes. Ouch! Click here to see the video!

He's a Sweet Talking 'CandyMan!'
Did you catch Christina Aguilera's performance of 'Candy Man' at Dick Clark's Rockin' New Years Eve Party? If not, we are streaming Aguilera's 6 minute performance on the Buzz page!

Britney Spears Rings In 2007 At Pure
Multimedia Video of Britney Spears welcoming in the new year at Pure in Las Vegas last night, before she was either escorted or carried out, has been posted online. Watch the highlights here!

In related news, Britney Spears' manager Larry Rudolph insisted to The Associated Press Monday that reports the singer collapsed at Pure nightclub on Sunday night were untrue. "By about one o'clock, she was just done, so we took her out," Rudolph explained. "She was not drunk. She was just tired and falling asleep."

Mariah to Pose for Playboy? Clothed?
Page Six of the NY Post writes that Mariah will be on the cover of the March issue of Playboy (fully clothed). Please note that at this time that this is unconfirmed by Mariah Carey's management.

Can't wait to see Mariah Carey naked in Playboy? Sorry, you won't. The voluptuous singer is set to appear on the March cover, but she didn't pose nude. "They are outtakes from an album cover shoot," said an insider.

New Year's Clean-up!
The Interview Archive has been remastered. Interviews are now categorized in alphabetical order and each interview page has been updated to the current site design.

Happy New Year!